Long time away first tale from wally


My name is Wally, and this is the story of mine and my wife Kristy's nastier encounters. Both of us had really wild times when we were teenagers, but hid it from each other really well for nearly 10 years. It started with some friends that lived next door. And soonturned into swinging, but on with the story. We became more and more comfortable after a couple years of group sex, and once sherealized I loved hearing of her adventures, even before the swinging, she just let it all out. Seemed to get more turned on asshe told me too. So I began to confess some of my really early experiences. I didn'thave nearly as many as her, but I had some really really surprisingones nonetheless. I almost expected her to be freaked out,but she really seemed to think it was hot in a sneaky and pervertedway. Ok here goes. . . I used to let my twin brother Darryl use melike a sex toy. We played around a bit doing oral on each other when we were real young. Then we seemed to kind of forget about itfor quite some time. But when we got around 15 things got going again.

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   Our neighborhood was mostly older folks, the 2 girls within10 miles wouldnt look at us. So we spent most of our after school time alone with the parents at work. As time went on it became a pretty standard routine. I would blow him to get him started, andsoon enough he'd want to fuck me in the butt. And that's how it always went. Lubed up and on my stomach, he'd pull my legs apart,and mount up for a quick fuck. Being young and usually stoned,neither of us ever took long to blow a load. Usually once he got in my ass he'd fire off in me within 2 minutes. When we were 18 it all came to an end. Besides our encounters athome, we were very different and publicly didn't get along well. This also served to hide our helping each other out with the hard ons through puberty. He ended up with the wrong crowd, and ended up in a legalmess. to make it short his wrong place at the wrong time sent him away for more than 10 years. Anyway, we decide on one of our intoxicated fuck sessions that when Darryl gets out of prison, we are going to bring him homefor a threesome and really clean out his pipes. I have a feelingshe wants to see us do it like old times, and with her strokingmy cock with a 6 inch dildo slowly banging my butt, I can't sayI have a problem with that.

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  Soon the time comes. Darryl meets up with us at Mom's house fordinner. Kristy doesn't back out a bit. She knows what's been onmy mind since that morning. We sneak kisses, very passionate ones right in front of him every chance we get. He's got his eyes on her and I can see it, that and the bulge in the front of his pants. After dinner we tell Mom we are going to my house to look at some movies and stuff. It's kind of a quiet ride as we all getnervous, knowing the things to come. We get to the house and after the usual bullshitting and a couple doobs, We settle into get things started. I take a little blue pill and hand oneto Darryl. He didn' even ask what it was, just took it. It was viagra. Always keep some handy to keep things up when we wantto get high and fuck for hours. Next we do a decent line of coke and finally, I hand out a little treasure I'd had put away for a while. 3 hits of real good lsd.

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   The lsd hadn't nearly kicked in before the coke had the 2 of us going. After some rubbing my crotch and hers, I pulled out my cockand she hesitantly began to suck me. I looked at Darryl onthe love seat. He didn't even pretend to be watching tv. I watched him stroke himself through his pants. When he finally peeled his very red eyeballs from the sight of my wifes pierced tongue running the length of my dick, he lookedat me and I nodded. He wiggled out of his pants and walked overto me and Kristy. I pointed behind her and she turned around toa pleasant surprise. Another dick, and in spite of us supposedly being twins, he has always had about an extra inchof dick on me, and in me come to think about it. She wrapped her hand around it and immediately went to work sucking hisvery purple dick head. It was great watching her do what shedoes best and the only thing Darryl had to say was mmmmmm. She kept stroking with her hand and looked back at me. Kristy stuck her tongue in my mouth then pulled me forward as she whispered for me to "help her out". She sucked him back in and then aimed the head my way, I went right at it like Ihad done it yesterday. I looked up at Darryl.

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   His head was backand eyes closed. Kristy stopped stroking and left the dick allto me. She stood up and put her mouth on Darryls. I felt hiscock leak into my mouth when he opened his eyes and began tofrench kiss Kristy. She had her hand down the front of her sweats now, I could see them moving as she rubbed her clit,gyrating her ass slightly. Soon she said something to him and his dick was pulled frommy mouth. She led the way up to our bedroom and shed her clothing as soon as we got it the room. She sat at the end of the bed and pulled him forward by his ass cheeks. Right back into her mouth with the raging, viagra steeled hard on. Inoticed a clear drop of fluid seeping from the end right before it disappeared into her mouth. I took up a spot behindher, rubbing her shoulders, then her clit as I rubbed myself. Soon she stopped sucking and laid back raising her legs. Hermouth now free I got to my knees and offered her my dick. Darryl went down and began to eat her already soaked pussy. She moaned on my dick and then I pulled out, freeing her upto breathe better and enjoy.

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   I kissed all over her neck for a minute then I felt her leg touch my back. I looked back to see Darryl pushing her legs back, I crawled forward and got to see him push his cock into Kristy for the first time. She grabbed me and kissed me as he easily went all the way in. I backed off a sec so they could get going. He backed his dick about halfway out then back in a few times to make sureeverything was good and slick, then he leaned forward and got a good hard rhythm going. Her hand slid down to her clit,and she got off in record time. Toes curled and everything. I stuck my dick back in her mouth, gently fucking her face intime with Darryls strokes. Soon he was drenched in sweat andpulled out of her pussy. He involuntarily bucked forward, making a wet squish as his cock slid up her slit. As it did this, it hit her still throbbing and sensitive clit. She jumped, and the head of his cock appeared above her pussy. Then it seemed to recoil like a WW2 antiaircraft gun and proceeded to fire a huge and long burst of hot semen, part of which made it all the way to my arm beside her head. I squirted hard all over my stomach as he rocked his dick upand down, squirting gradually less powerful shots down hertits and stomach. This was only an hour into our trip, so Iknew there would be more to come.

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   Darryl got up and staggereda bit as he left to go clean up a little. Kristy just pulledme forward to clean up a little. She knew that swallowing another man's load was something I'd never done, so she had me lick up some of Darryl's cum while she sucked my semi hard cock back to life. We took a break for a while, tosmoke and cool off a bit. Soon my boner was driving me crazy again, and Kristy was really getting tired. I knewshe would be going to sleep soon. We all headed back upfor some more sex. Kristy got on top of me for a ride and Darryl stood at her side feeding her a hard one. She rolledover to her back and I pinned her knees back, arms hookedaround my elbows. Darryl lay on his side with his dick in her face and she turned her head to the side and was right backto sucking. While I fucked her I leaned forward, kissing her and letting Darryls dick slide between our mouths. We alternated suckingthe smooth rounded head and touching tongues around him. Kristy got off hard and loud, and I came close, but held back.
    I rolled off of her and before she could move Darryl took myplace. He really fucked the hell out of her then.

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       She cametwo more times, and he just kept on pounding. Over 20 minuteswent by and she said she needed a break. I knew her pussy had to be sore. We all stopped and lay in the bed smoking and watching some porno. Finally she says she is real tiredand needs to go to bed. I was kind of disappointed since Darryl and I still hadn't gotten off and were sitting therethrobbing. She said she was just too sore but she would suckus off if we made it kinda quick. Well it didn't take longfor us to find out neither one of us could come quick from a blowjob. It just wasn't going to work being this fucked up. Kristy laid down and suggested Darryl and I finish things offourselves. Wouldn't be the first time, and she wanted to seeit for herself anyway. I sucked and stroked his dick witheverything I had, but had no more luck at making him squirtthan Kristy had. He seemed to be getting frustrated, and thenout of nowhere kristy handed him something. It was a tube oflubricating gel. He pulled out of my mouth and handed me the gel.

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       I took it and squirted a glob on my fingers. I felt nervous and excited as i worked the gel into my butt. I got on my knees and elbows and Kristy came down for a kiss. Then I watched as she went to Darryl and sucked him to full hardness. She aimed the head of his dick at my ass for himand stuck her tongue in his mouth as she guided it in. I knew it wouldn't be long now. As the pressure built fromhis thick cock working into me I could feel a wet spot forming under my dripping boner. But then, rather than theeasy build up I remembered, he just grabbed my waist and slid all the way in. I mean all the way to the point where it began to hurt. I grunted in pain and pleasure and Kristymoaned. She slapped my ass and I rocked back into him insurprise. Then he started to fuck me. Not a slow timid atthe verge of coming fuck like I remembered. This was not a hair trigger teenager anymore. I was getting fucked by amature 30 year old man now and I had no idea what I was infor.

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       Kristy lay back and watched, kissing me and rubbing onboth of us. Darryl kept a steady but hard rhythm, fuckingme like a guy fucks his wife of 15 years. I was moaninginvoluntarily now and my ass was on fire. I was starting to regret it and wondered how long he could last. It had beenwell over the 5 minute mark now, well past the 3 minutes it used to take him to baste my bowels. Kristy could see by the look on my face it was starting to mess me up. But she just reached under me and grabbed my cock. After all offifteen strokes I blasted off into her hand. My cum shot out with extreme force and Darryls cock increased thepressure. The cum squirted out so hard we could hear it. I let my arms go limp and slid down to me face on the bedas I accepted my fate. I let a grown man on some hard assdrugs use my butt. Kristy wasn't going to help, she'd made that clear. The only way it was going to stop was forDarryl to get off so I just had to take it. Soon he fucked me down flat on the bed and pulled out.

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       I sighed as his dick popped out of my ass. Finally he had came. I heard him take a big drink of coke, then I felt him put my legstogether. Then to my shock and surprise his still hard dick burrowed right back into my butt. He said he hoped Ididn't think he had come so soon. My butt was mercifullybecoming numb from the fucking. I guess he could tell a difference in resistance because he started to breathe hard and really laid into me. Full long strokes that seemed to go on forever. Then I felt him pop out again and with a muffled sounding grunt a big heavy splotch of sperm splattered on my back. Kristy kissed me and then him and rolled over to pass out. Darryl headed for the bathroom and took a shower as I went downstairs to tend to my very sore anus. This is my first dirty story. More to cum soon as Ithink them up and also have some prequels to this in mind. Feel free to alter this story or write your own using these characters. WALLY.



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