My 1st Bisexual experience (Part 2)


The following day Mick rang me about 10am, he said he wanted to suck my cock and if he came over would we be able to go to the shed, I of course agreed, the thought of him sucking my cock had me instantly hard, I wanted to go back to my room and have a wank, but decided against it, it took Mick about 20 mins to get to my house, it seemed like hours, I had told him to come directly to the shed and nock 4 times so I new it was him.
I went to the shed to wait for him, I stripped completely naked, my cock sticking out like a pole, I lay on the bench just stroking my cock gently, it felt like it would explode at any minute, finally the knock came to the door, and a voice said its me Mick, I opened the door and in he came, I could see his bulge in his jeans, when he saw me naked he said fucking hell, your keen! I just knelt in front of him and pulled his cock out, I wanted to taste that hot cock so bad, I slipped it between my lips and took it as far down my throat as I could, it felt fantastic, I relaxed the back of my throat and pushed my head all the way down, I gagged a couple of times, but soon got used to it, feeling his cock down my throat was amazing, I pushed it all the way down until my chin was against his balls, Mick let out a long sigh and started pumping his hips, I backed off and started sucking the tip of his cock, running my tongue around the head, he was so horny, he kept trying to push it down my throat again, I took his cock out of my mouth and told him to get undressed and lay down, he did in record time, there he was laying on the bench with his cock standing strait up, I stood close to the bench and took his cock in my right hand, squeezing it and wanking it slowly as I wanked my own cock with my left hand, Mick took hold of my cock, he massaged my balls and cock like a professional, it felt fantastic, as I leaned over to take his cock in my mouth, he pulled my hips closer and I felt my cock enter his warm mouth, it felt great. He sucked my cock right to the back of his throat, I felt my cock sliding right down his throat it was amazing, he didn’t gag he just took it all, I can remember wondering if he had done this with someone else before me, as we sucked each others cocks, it seemed like a race to see who could make the other come first.
Then I felt my own orgasm nearing, I stopped sucking his cock, stood up, I took hold of the back of his head and slowly fucked his throat, sliding it all the way down, holding it there for a second then back out and in again, Mick took it no problem, never once did he gag, then as my cock erupted I rammed it down his throat, shooting my hot cum in burst after burst, he swallowed it all, It was fantastic, the first time I had ever been given deep throat, when I finally recovered, I turned my attentions back to Mick’s cock, I wanted his cock as deep down my throat as he had mine, I wanted his hot salty spunk, I took his cock into my mouth and gently sucked and played with the head of his cock while massaging his balls, Mick was going wild, bucking his hips, trying to ram his cock deeper, but I kept control and teased the head of his cock, his breathing was heavy, he begged for me to take it down my throat, slowly, I slid it all the way down my throat, when my chin was against his balls, I held it there and gently wiggled my head, Mick went wild, he bucked his hips, fucking my throat, I slid is cock right out of my mouth, then back in, he finally could take it no more, he took hold of the back of my head and fucked my mouth like someone possessed, when he erupted his spunk shot into my mouth choking me, there was so much of it, I couldn’t swallow quick enough, it was escaping from my mouth, running down my chin and all over his balls.
When his climax finally subsided he lay there totally fucked, he said that was fantastic, the best blow job he had ever had, his remark seemed a little strange as Mick was quite shy with girls and to my knowledge he hadn’t had a girlfriend yet. I said, have you ever done this with anyone else, he seemed uneasy and said, no this is the first time.
We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed, as we where having a cigarette Mick asked if I had ever done it with another lad before him, I said no, I hadn’t even thought of it until we had started the wanking together and he started suggesting sucking each other cocks and wanking each other, I asked him again if he had, and he said no, but I was sure he had, but I didn’t push it.
The following few days we didn’t see each other, Mick’s dad was very strict, his mum had died when he was younger and his dad had brought him and his sister up, when I had been at Mick’s house after school in the past, Mick totally changed when his dad got home from work, his dad would come in and start questioning him to see if he had done his chores, it seemed both Mick and his sister where frightened of him.
Friday Morning and I rang Mick to see if he wanted to come over, he said he didn’t think he could as his dad had grounded him, he told me to hold while he asked his dad, a few minutes later he came back to the phone and said dad said he had chores to do and was grounded so he couldn’t go out, but Mick whispered if you want to you can come here later as his dad was going out at 7, I said I would be there for 7.30.
Well, as I’m sure you are all aware I’m new to this, I don’t profess to be a writer, so what you get is just what happened, as usual your comments and feedback are most welcome, if there is enough interest then Ill tell you all about what happened that night when I went to Mick’s house, and finally how I found out why Mick was more experienced than he would admit.

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