My Bisexual Life ( Chapter 1 )


My name is Gary.   My cousin, I'll call her Sarah, was always walking around the her house with as little clothing as she could get away with.   This was during the summer,  so no school.   I loved going to my Uncle's house to see Sarah.   We were often alone and it was during those times she would strut her stuff in front of me, knowing full well what she was doing to me.  
Sarah, this one day, had her boyfriend over.   Jim was her age, tall, slim, but well built, no hair on his body and he too loved to walk around with only short shorts on and no shirt.    I never looked at him in a sexual way, but I sure looked at Sarah in a sexual way.   Her in a skimpy bikini top, shorts that barely coverd her ass and the longest, most perfect legs, that I had ever seen.
They used to kiss alot in front of me and I would see Jim's hands touch her tits and ass.   They both knew it was turning me on to watch them, so they played around even more.   Sarah would lick his chest and stomach while stroking his cock outside of his shorts.   Seeing her spit trails on his belly was really hot and that was when I began to notice him in a more sexual way.   Why, I don't know, but I did like the way his body looked.   I even wanted to touch him, but even then, I knew it was wrong.
He left soon after and Sarah asked if I liked watching them play with each other? Of course I told her, yes!  She then asked if I wanted to touch her tits?  I just nodded yes and she removed her top.

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    She took my hands and placed them on both her tits and told me to squeeze them.   I was so nervous, sweating, my cock was so fucking hard, hell, I didn't ever want to stop touching her. She had me sucking her nipples, licking her belly, which was so flat and tight.   ( It was at that moment, that I realized, I get hard looking at firm, flat, bare belly's!!!!! )
Sarah let me lick and suck her tits and belly for what seemed like an hour.   When she made me stop, I realized I had cum in my shorts and didn't even know I had done it.   Sarah did and told me to clean up, cause her mom was due home any time.   Needless to say I spent even more time at her house.   She let me feel her up anytime I wanted and suck her tits when we could not be seen.
Jim came over one day and I had to watch him play with her tits.   This drove me nuts and Sarah saw the effect it had on me.   She said something to Jim, so he got up and went to her bedroom.   Sarah motioned for me to follow her as she also went to her room.   When I walked in behind her Jim was naked on his back in the middle of the bed and his cock was so hard and so big it really scared me.   I turned to leave but Sarah told me to stay and watch.
She stripped what little she had on and crawled between Jim's legs.

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        She then licked his strong looking thighs, passed over his cock and balls and sucked and bit his belly and chest, licking his nipples, then kissed his mouth, sucking his tongue into her mouth.   I'm staring at her naked butt, her pussy, her long legs, watching her tongue fuck Jim's mouth and I just exploded again in my shorts.   I didn't care, I just wanted to watch, never thinking they would invite me on the bed.   Sarah licked her way down Jim's body, to his hard and now dripping cock and took most of him in her mouth.   She grabbed his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other.   Her mouth, sucking his hard cock, now covered with spit, when she turned to me and smiled, looked at my wet shorts and told me to strip and get on the bed.   I did what I was told and got on the bed naked, next to them.   Sarah took my hand and placed it on Jim's cock and told me to stroke him while she sucked him.   I can't tell you how good his cock felt, so smooth, so hard, so fucking hot. My other hand went to his firm hairless belly and. . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I moved my hand back and forth all over his belly, chest and then his thighs.   Jim was moaning and telling both of us it felt so good.   I got on my knees and licked his belly button.

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        His skin felt so good that I was soon licking him and kissing his belly.   Before I knew what happened, Sarah grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my face.   She rubbed his cock-head all over my face and told me to open my mouth.   I knew it was wrong, but I did it. His spit covered cock tasted so good, that I was soon sucking it, running my tongue to his balls, then back up to take him in my mouth.   Just then I felt Sarah's hot mouth on my cock.   She took it all in and sucked me hard and fast.   In seconds I was filling her mouth with my cum.   She took it all, then kissed Jim, sharing my cum with him.   I watching this, with his cock in my mouth and then he shoots my mouth full of his cum.   I try to take my mouth off his cock but he holds my head right on it and I see his belly, god it was beautiful, flexing, tightening and sweating, his cum filling my mouth and me swallowing as much as I could.   Sarah came down and joined me, licking his escaping cum from around his shaft and the drips on his balls.   When he softened in my mouth, I removed his cock and turned my head away from them.   Both Jim and Sarah reassured me that it was ok and we would do this often if I wanted.   They both kissed me and both hugged me as I lay between their naked sweat covered bodies.

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        I soon fell asleep and woke up later with them both licking and sucking my 2 to follow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . .

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