My Friend Chuck


when i was growing up i had this friend who for even as young as we were was very well hung. there was a few times when we both while sleeping over at his house would play with ourselves. there was this one day that we both wanted to go to the movies and had no ride which my friend went to his older brother and asked him if he'd take us. as i was waiting for him to come back with his brothers answer he came back and told me that his brother was willing to give us the ride if i would jack him off. i have never done this before and took a few minutes to decide if it were worth the ride and then thought what the heck. how bad could it be. when i went into his brothers room he had already had his pants off and what i saw was the biggest cock i ever saw. it was a good 12 inches of cock. still not wanting to do this but wanting the ride i went over to him and wrapped my hands around that monster and started to work it up and down while my friend watched. it didn't take long before he shot his load and what a load it was. i have never seen another guy cumming before. as i grew older i always thought back to that day and wondered what if. what would it have been like if i had went down on him or even let him stick that big pole up my ass. then came the answer i always wanted. it was a guy that i worked with and he was from out of state and knew very few people. he had played football in college and was well built and very hairy.

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   when we got off work one day he had asked me if i could give him a ride to the book store where he could get a magazine to jerk to. i said sure and so we went. when we had gottn back to his place he started to look at his magazine and started to rub himself to where he eventuall let his cock loose. he looked at me and said that he was so horny that even i would look good naked to him. not really sure if he was just kidding i said that if it would help then i'd get naked for him. and so i did. he started to jerk on his cock as i watched and then finally said i would jerk u off if u like. i know that jerking off always feel better when it's someone else doing it. well he didn't turn my offer down and so there i went to my knees between his legs and slowly took hold of his member and slowly started to jerk him when all of a sudden without even thinking i went down on him.
    not believing what i had just done or what my friend was thinking i couldn't stop. he was face fucking me and i was loving it. then the moment came when not knowing what to expect when he came he started to give me a load down my throat while holding my head so i couldn't go anywhere. after he was through we sat there a few minutes when finally i started to put my clothes back on and he told me to wait. that after that he was wanting to fuck me in my ass. never before have i but i was willing when he got me on all 4's and started to part my ass with that huge cock.

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       it hurt at first but soon to have been worth it. the feeling was one of the best i ever had. even though i was married this went on for another few months before he had finally left to go back home. i miss having that with him. i am hoping that one day i will be able to have that experience again. that taste of cum and cum running down my ass is all i can think of anymore.

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