Sex With Strangers 3 (Part 2)


We drove home in silence. I was lost in my thoughts of just sucking some guys dick for drugs and really loving it, and I have no idea what was in Emily's mind. And I never thought to ask. She had used me to get what she wanted, and led me to suck off one of her connections cocks. She owed me. Once home, we settled down and did what was to become our weekend ritual. Drugs. Booze. Movies. I have no words to describe her other than she is the nasty, hurting, pained, slut that I've always wanted. And here she is sitting in my apartment as my room mate. She wore no bra, I could see the outline of her breasts beneath her white tank top. Her nipples were dark and enlargened. She always wore black stretchy pants to bed, and since we were not going to sleep much, I knew that she never wore panties under them. I got into my sleep ware, t-shirt and flannel pj bottoms. We did another line together.

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   We usually share 50/50. But I usually give her more because, well. . . you never know!Half way through our movie, she asked me "What did you have to do?" I knew what she was talking about, but I remembered that she set me up and wanted her to admit it. I replied "Let's just say I know what your pussy tastes like. " and she was quiet for about 10 minutes. I knew she wanted to think about what she had done. Then she said "did you like it". "Hell Yeah!" I said. Thinking that would suprise her, and open her up to suggestive things. She admited that she hated sex, that she never liked the feel of a cock in her, but she prefered having oral sex preformed on her. She guessed that I was the 'type' of guy that pleased. Oh she was right. It didn't take a brick falling on my head to get the clue.

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   I asked her if she wanted me to eat her out for the rest of the night, or untill she said to stop. Even in the dark, I could see her face get red and heat up. I didn't even wait for her reply. I was on the floor between her legs. I never once looked at her eyes, I didn't want to emberass her. I reached up to her hips and grabbed the lining of her black pajama's and she lifted her hips up. And with no panties on under, they followed her full hips down past her legs to the floor. I left them bunched around her ankles. She pivited her legs outward and exposed her pouty full cunt lips to me. Knowing that she was already fucked once tonight. . maybe twice. . who knows. .

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   her pussy lips were bloated and extended outward. I placed my hands against her thighs and moved my face up closer. I inhaled her sweet fragrant aroma. I've never been closer to God than I was right there! She opened her legs up letting her cunt stretch open to expose her inner wetnes. All this is frozen in my mind, that moment, that time is forever frozen in my mind.
    I blew air against her pussy, feeling and listening to her breath. With one long, wet, light lick, I ran my tounge from the botton of her cunt, up to the top and almost to her belly button. Her breathing and muscle movements showed me I had struck gold. I placed my mouth completly over her cunt, I increased my suction on her pulling her inner labia into my mouth. Running my tounge over and over producing more saliva, she gripped the sofa with both hands. For the next hour, I worshiped her pussy. I sucked her cunt lips, drank her juices as they poured themselfs out for me. I stuck my tounge in and out of her cunt as far and hard as I could. I don't know if she had one or two or however many orgasms. All I knew is I was commited to loving her for that night.

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       Some time after our 4th line of coke, when she could take no more, she petted my hair, and softly pulled my face to the side. She said she was tired and went to bed. I was satisfied in knowing I had serviced her very well, and was wondering just how she was going ot use me in the future. I found my passion. I found my lust and desire. I want to give oral sex to anyone that wants it. I want to be used. Use me. Please. drewritchey@yahoo. com.
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