Truth or Dare Party


Truth or Dare Party

It was senior year of high school and we were all about 18, give or take a year or two…well, take rather than give. There were a few at the party who were juniors but for the most part it was all people from my class. We weren’t from a big school or town, about 200 in our graduating class. It made it big enough for there to be several cliques among the student body, as most high schools have. I was lucky enough to have many good friends in my circle. I would describe us as the smart, nerdy, but still socially competent group. When I say smart I refer to the general average, I myself, an introverted young man, certainly fell more into the nerdy category. My group of friends probably had about a dozen people in it.

One of the friends in this group was David. David’s dad was something of an eccentric who had a large house that was in disrepair and he was rarely there. The house wasn’t falling apart, but it was littered with beer bottles and exhibited a lack of cleanliness. All this made it quite a good party house. Well more than just our most common friends would come to the parties we had there. Such was the case at one party where a game of truth or dare became something a little bit more than what I had expected.

Truth or dare was a common game played at these parties and I was always excited for it. I have a rather strong libido and am always pretty horny, especially when I was 18.

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  Often I would get to see a pair of boobs or two and once even got to kiss a girls breast, exciting stuff for an 18 year old who’d never had a girl friend. This night started like all the rest. The usual crew would go to an empty bedroom in the large house and lock themselves in. Attending this game was myself and David for the men. For women it was Christine and Jessica for the women. I’ll get to describing everyone in a bit. This was a smaller group than usual but the four of us were excited, we were probably the four most open minded and horny people at the party and we were glad not to have any of the more timid people with us like we usually had.

The game started off fairly tame. Christine went first. Christine was in a steady relationship with David, she was fairly tall, not slimly built but in no way overweight with very ample breasts that looked great in the low cut shirts she always wore. She was also very open minded and perhaps even more sexually driven than I. She asked me, “truth or dare. ”“Truth” I responded. “Who in this room would you most like to fuck?”I considered the choice and I had to answer “Jessica. ”Jessica had the most traditionally attractive body in the room.

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  She was about 5’ 10” with a very toned and thin stomach with breasts that looked just a bit too big for someone as athletic as she. Still they were just a little over a good handful. Her legs were also toned and very smooth looking with a gorgeous, rounded ass on top that looked fantastic.

The game continued on in a normal pace. The normal stuff had been asked and dared. By this time most of us were wearing fewer clothes, being dared to play the rest of the game minus certain articles of clothing. It was Jessica’s turn. She was currently wearing just her bra and a plaid school girl skirt. “David, truth or dare?”David quickly replied “Dare. ”“I’m surprised none of you guys have asked two of us girls to kiss. I dare you to kiss Joe (which is me) with tongue for 20 seconds. ”David looked at me. David and I work the closing shift at a sandwich shop in town together and have both confided in each other that we’re bi. An odd thing, it seems, in our small group of friends for us both to feel this way, but we do. David, who was wearing only his boxers, moved over to me.

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  At this point I had never French kissed anyone so when David thrust his tongue into my mouth it was my first experience with such a thing. The rest of the group counted 20 seconds as David and I kissed. The kiss had gotten me aroused and since I was just wearing just my briefs my erection was clearly visible to all. I don’t know how many noticed, but I know I was turning pretty red.

David looked at me with a sly smile. “Truth or dare?” he asked. “Truth” I said. “Was that your first French kiss?” and as he said it he giggled a bit. He knew it was. “Yes” I answered ashamedly turning even more red. “Oh my God really?” exclaimed Jessica. “Yea” I answered muttering. “Ok” she said with excitement, “do me next. ”I looked at her and said “Truth or dare?”“DARE!” she said exuberantly. “Now dare me to kiss you” she said.

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  I looked at her and smiled. “I dare you to take off your bra and kiss me. ”I sat back for a split second then added “and keep it off for the rest of the game. ”Jessica smiled seductively, stood up and quickly unclasped her bra. Her beautiful breasts didn’t fall out, they were uncovered and stayed almost exactly where they had been except for separating a bit. They were incredibly pert and despite their size didn’t sag one bit. She took a few steps over to where I was sitting, knelt down and grabbed my shirt. She lifted it up and off over my head “tit for tat” she said. Everyone else in the room cheered. She then pressed her breasts against my chest and planted her lips on mine. She started kissing me very sensually. Unlike David who had thrust his tongue into my mouth Jessica slowly licked my lips and slid her tongue into my mouth with delicacy and tenderness. Soon I had slid onto my back and she was on top of me, kissing me, and pressing her body into mine. I don’t know how long we kissed but it felt like a couple of minutes. The whole time her hips, behind that sexy little school girl skirt, were pressing up against my crotch and my penis was now straining painfully to break the bonds of its confines.

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  Finally she got off of me, her hair falling down her face in an incredibly sexy way. She walked back to her spot and sat down. “Christine” she said.

“Dare” Christine replied before Jessica could even ask. “I dare you to go kiss your boyfriend the way I just kissed Joe. ”Christine, who was wearing her bra and panties, which were both black and a bit lacey, walked over to David. She took off her bra and the two of them engaged in a kiss very similar to the one that Jessica had given me. Christine’s boobs were a bit bigger than Jessica’s and just a bit saggier as well but incredibly sexy. They had big red nipples where as Jessica’s were very small and pink. When Christine got off of David she said “Man, this is getting me worked up. ”“I know” replied Jessica. “Just that one kiss and watching you two and I’m getting wet. ”As soon as she said it she blushed and looked ashamed. I don’t think she had really meant to say it out loud. “Well you’re not the only one” said Christine.

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  “I’m like a sieve down there and it’s pretty obvious that David and Joe are rockin’ hardons. ”Everyone laughed a bit, easing the tension.

Now everyone in the room was wearing just their bottoms; Jessica in her skirt, Christine in her black panties, David in his boxers, and me in my briefs. Christine looked at me. “Truth or dare?” she asked. “Hold on” said David. Everyone looked at him. “I say from now on you have to do a dare. You can do a truth too if you want, but you have to do a dare too. ”I was very grateful for this; I wanted more of this contact with these beautiful young women and I figured this was David’s reasoning as well. Everyone agreed and I looked at Christine. “Ok” I said. “Hit me with a truth and a dare. ”

“Ok, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. .

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  ” at that everyone else chimed in exclaiming that whatever she asked I did, in fact, have to answer. “Ok, she said, maybe I won’t ask it then. ”Again everyone goaded her to ask her question. “It’s ok” I assured her. “You’re some of my best friends, I’m not afraid of anything you ask me. ”“Ok”She paused. “I noticed…well I noticed when you and David kissed that you got an erection. Um, are you gay?”“Haha” I laughed. “No I’m not gay. I am, however, bisexual. I like women more and I don’t know if I’d ever date a guy, but I also definitely like penises. ”David obviously already knew this and Christine and Jessica seemed only moderately surprised if at all, I probably am fairly obvious in my tastes.

“Ok, I dare you to take off your underwear, go over to David, take his off, and touch penises. ”Christine of course knew that David was also bi. My heart jumped a bit, I couldn’t believe that she’d asked that.

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  I was so excited. “Ok” I managed to choke out with a large lump of anticipation in my throat. I stood and slowly took off my briefs. Finally my penis was allowed to breathe and it quickly sprung to its full erection of 6 inches given the excitement of the situation. I walked over to David, feeling awkward with my heavy penis bouncing between my legs. I bent down and David raised his legs for me to pull off his boxers. I did, and behind them his penis also sprung out. His was probably about 2 inches longer than mine, it looked so long but it was a good deal less wide than mine. I, though, have a pretty wide penis. Out of curiosity I had shaved my cock and balls some time ago and liked the way it felt so I had continued to shave it. I left a tuft on top as it looked strange given my fairly prevalent chest hair when I had shaved it clean. David, on the other hand, had no body hair and to my surprise his cock and balls were shaved completely clean. This looked amazing to me and I was afraid that just touching my penis to his was going to make me cum. I knelt down in front of him holding my penis. I leaned forwards and gently grabbed his erect dick.

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  It was warm and soft and made me feel incredibly turned on. I leaned even more forwards and gently touched the tip of my penis to the tip of his. Despite myself I let out a short, breathy, gasp of pleasure. “How long does he have to hold it there?” asked David. “That’s good enough” said Christine in little more than a whisper.

I went back to my spot and sat down. My head was spinning, I felt dizzy and all I wanted to do was cum. The girls both cheered. As my mind settled down I looked at Jessica. “Ok, truth and dare. ”She nodded at me. “Earlier you said you weren’t a virgin, have you ever had sex with a woman?”She looked at me and smiled. “Nope, but I really want to. ”“Ok, I said, I dare you to take off your skirt and panties, go over to Christine and take off her panties, and touch your vagina to hers. ”Without hesitation Jessica stood up.

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  She quickly dropped her skirt to reveal a green g-string underneath. It was only visible for a second before she stripped it off too. All four of us were now completely naked in front of each other. Jessica’s toned stomach continued to her pelvis which had defined lines leading to her perfectly shaved pussy mound. She walked over to Christine giving the rest of us an amazing look at her round ass. She bent down and slowly pulled Christine’s panties down. None of us could really see what was happening until Christine lifted herself up onto her arms and Jessica slid her legs in between Christine’s. Slowly they slid together until they were in a scissor position and their pussies were touching; now it was clear that Christine too was shaven clean.

Jessica backed away and sat back down. “David” she said. “Answer this, would you like to have sex with me?”David glanced at Christine. She gave a slight nod and he easily answered “Yes. ”“Ok” said Jessica. “My pussy is soaking. I dare you to come over here and put your dick in my pussy for 5 seconds.


  ”David and I just stared at Jessica, we could hardly believe she said that. I noticed that Christine wasn’t shocked, I wondered if she and Jessica had talked about this beforehand. “What?We’re all horny as hell, why not do something about it?Plus Christine says you feel great. Get over here. ”she said demandingly. David stood and walked over to Jessica. He got down in front of Jessica who spread her legs for him. We all got a glimpse of her beautiful pussy before David slowly slid almost the entire length of his 8 inch penis into her. They both gasped a bit. Once he was in to her wall Jessica wrapper her legs around his back. “My god you’re so long. That’s amazing. ”She said in a very airy voice. She released him and let him slowly pull out of her which drew gasps from both of them again. David returned to his spot, penis glistening with Jessica’s juices.

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“No truth, just a dare Christine” he said to his girlfriend. “I dare you to come over her and suck Jessica’s Juices off of my dick. ”I couldn’t help but let out an “ooooo nice. ”Christine came over and quickly got to work on David’s cock. She started by licking it but quickly started sucking on it, hard from what I could tell. A couple times she managed to dive down all the way on David’s big cock. I was amazed. “Wow” I exclaimed quietly. Christine stood up and looked at me. “Got it all off” she said. “Joe, truth and dare. Would you like to have a go at this thing?” she asked, still holding David’s penis in her hand. “Oh yes yes yes I wanna see this!” said Jessica excitedly. I looked down at David’s dick. “I could give it a shot” I said.

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  “I dare you to suck off my boyfriend. I dare you to suck him until he cums in your mouth and I want you to swallow it. ”That was a lot to take in. “So I just had my first kiss with a guy and now you want me to have my first oral sex with a guy?” I asked. “Yes yes do it!” said Jessica more excited now. “Ok, I’ll do it. ”I said. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but David’s dick did look amazing.

I slowly got down on my knees in front of him. I bent down to get my mount closer to his dick but I realized I’d need to lie down. I got on my stomach between his legs, angling my hips so my hardon wasn’t pressing into the floor. I slid myself forwards and gently grabbed his dick in my right hand. “Go on” he said. “Just try not to use your teeth. ”I’d watched porn so I tried to imitate what I’d seen girls doing to guys.

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  I slowly liked his balls. They were tight and the skin was cold. I kept licking them, they tasted like, well like balls I guess. They tasted like they smelled, like what semen smells like. That and skin of course. I slowly started moving my right hand up and down on his long shaft while licking his balls. I slowly started putting them into my mouth and gently sucking on them. I did this until they were warmed up. “God he’s better than you Christine” David said. This made me chuckle a bit and I had to stop momentarily.

When I looked up I noticed that both Christine and Jessica were hovering right over me watching me go. Now I moved my left hand in to gently place on David’s balls. Continuing to slowly pump David’s shaft with my right hand I lowered my lips over the tip of his dick.
    This tasted more just like skin and the pre-cum that was oozing out of his hole didn’t really taste like much of anything. I slowly started moving my lips farther down on his head, putting more and more of it into my mouth.

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      I couldn’t get very far compared to Christine. I kept wetting my lips and spitting onto his dick while it was in my mouth. I slowly squeezed his balls with my left hand, squeezing and releasing just a little bit over and over again. I sped up the speed of my right hand and continued bobbing my head up and down on the head of his cock. I used my tongue on it as I went; licking around his hole and the mushroom head of his circumcised penis. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe I was doing this and I was loving it. I loved the gasping and quiet grunting sounds David was making. “Holy shit I’m not gonna last long” he said. Just then his ass flexed and he pumped his hips up forcing his cock farther into my mouth than I was prepared for. I gagged a bit but kept his dick in my mouth. I continued to move my hands and mouth and I started to feel his dick pumping. I’d jacked off enough to know that feeling in my hand. I squeezed my lips over the head of his cock and closed my eyes. I didn’t know what his cum would taste like but I was determined to swallow every bit as I had been dared to do. His spunk started squirting into my mouth.

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      The first thing I noticed was its warmth. Then I noticed its creamy consistency. David shot wad after wad into my mouth. I think he had to have pumped 7 or 8 times into me. He was moaning loudly as he did it. I myself started moaning as his seed was shooting onto my tongue, I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing. I just wanted to milk his dick for every drop of his cum. I kept pumping him until he was spent.

    I then carefully removed my lips from his dick, not spilling a drop as I backed away. “Let me see” said Jessica looking at my mouth. I tilted my head back and just now started to notice the taste. It wasn’t bad at all, it was actually pretty mild. It almost even tasted good, I was surprised seeing as how disgusting some of the girls in the porn I’d watched seemed to think it was. I opened my mouth for all to see. The load was huge and I had to be careful not to spill any.

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      “My god” said Jessica. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a load like that. ”“David has good balls” smiled Christine. “Swallow up now” she added. I closed my mouth and let the warm cream run down my throat. It was nice, really it was. From that moment on I was hooked, that was the start of me loving to give blow jobs, but that’s a different story. “That was a lot of fun” I said. I knew I had a stupid smile on my face but I didn’t care. “How’d you like the taste?” asked Christine. “I liked it a lot” I answered inarticulately.

    “FUCK I’M SO HORNY” said Jessica. “Joe, you want to lose your virginity right here and now?”My mind was still trying to recover from the experience of giving David head but it was working enough to know what Jessica had just said. “You serious?” I asked. “Yea I’m fuckin’ serious” she answered back, in a voice that sounded stern.

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      By that time I had risen back to my knees but then she pushed me down onto my back. “I’m gonna fuck this virgin. You guys are welcome to watch, or go, or even join in if you want but I can’t wait any longer. ”She knelt over me, her beautiful shaved pussy just inches above my throbbing cock. “I’m clean and I’m on the pill. If you cum in me that’s fine but if you can help it I want you to tell me when it’s coming so I can get it in my mouth. ”“Ok” was all I could think to say.

    She slowly lowered herself down towards my cock. As she got right above it she reached behind her back and firmly grabbed my dick. This made me gasp for air. Jessica laughed a little “oh this is gonna be fun” she said. With her other hand she spread the lips of her young pussy. As she lowered a little bit more the tip of my dick touched her opening. It was warm and unbelievably soft and wet. “Ooooh” I moaned lowly.

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      She slowly slid herself down onto my shaft. It was an amazing feeling. Her 18 year old pussy was so tight and soft. “Oh my god, you’re so wide, holy shit!” she said. Slowly she lowered herself until I was in her up the hilt. “Oh yes, all the way in. How’s it feel?” she asked. “Amazing” was all I said. I couldn’t think of anything else to say, my mind was in pleasure overdrive. Jessica slowly started going up and down on my dick. I could feel the part of my brain that received and processed pleasure. I thought it was going to explode.

    As Jessica started to establish a steady pace on my dick Christine came over and knelt over my head facing Jessica. “Eat my pussy Joe, lick it. ”She lowered herself just enough so that my tongue could reach her slit.

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      I could tell that she and Jessica were now kissing each other. I have no idea what David was doing, but I didn’t really care. Ravenously I licked up towards Christine’s vagina. I furiously flicked my tongue back and forth just inside her pussy. I tilted my head back “Lower!” I shouted. Christine obliged me and sung her pussy right onto my face. My nose was buried in her amazing ass cheeks and not my mouth was encompassing her clean cunt. I rammed my tongue into her and started lapping up her juices. They were even better than David’s cum. I was in exctasy. I had no idea if I was actually pleasing Christine but all I wanted was to feel Jessica’s amazing pussy around my dick and to taste every millimeter of Christine’s pink I could reach with my tongue. I was grabbing Christine’s legs. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts. That was all it took. I felt the cum in my balls about to shoot itself into Jessica.

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    At just that time I felt Christine’s legs shake. I kept licking like mad and then felt a wave of warm liquid splash over my face. It tasted amazingly sweet. I lapped up as much as I could. This was more than enough to push me over the edge. I tried to say something to Jessica but there wasn’t much time and as I tried to say something it was just muffled by Christine’s spasming vagina. My body was then pushed into the most amazing orgasm it has ever had. I felt the cum absolutely explode through my dick. I bucked my hips very hard lifting Jessica off the ground. “Holy shit!I can feel his cum inside me. My god how much is there?I’ve never actually felt that before!”As wave after wave after wave of cum ejaculated from my dick into Jessica’s soft pussy I could feel it slowly drip down on all sides of my dick. As my orgasm subsided my hips went back to the floor. Christine’s orgasm passed as mine did and she slowly dismounted my face. Now I could get a look at Jessica on top of me. Her hair was frazzled and her body was beautifully glazed with sweat.



    “Man you just got cummed on good” she said referring to my drenched face. “I got one more treat for you. ”She slowly lifted herself offof my softening dick. She placed her hand over her pussy and knelt over my face. “Like me out sexy, eat your cum out of me. ”I mindlessly obliged, too exhausted to think about anything but wanting more of anything that was sexual. I eagerly lapped at her pussy licking all of my own warm cum out of her. It tasted even better than David’s since it was mixed with Jessica’s amazing pussy. Then I felt a mouth on my now flaccid dick. It was gently licking and sucking all of Jessica’s pussy juice and my leaked cum off my penis. “Yea clean him good baby” Jessica said. I didn’t know if it was Christine or David, I didn’t care. I continued licking Jessica. She told me up, down, left, right, harder, and softer. “Damned if I’m gonna be the only one who doesn’t cum tonight” she said.

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      Soon she started to shutter just like Christine. Jessica didn’t shoot cum all over my face but her orgasm seemed to be even more powerful than Christine’s.

    She got off my face and after a minute ortwo she stood up. She grabbed my hand, lifting me to my feet and leading me to the big bed that was in the room. David and Christine were already on it, watching Jessica and I finish. All four of us now lay naked and spent on the king size bed. All draped over each other the four of us fell asleep, but not before Jessica said. “We’re gonna do this again, and next time fuck the truth or dare, we’re just gonna get right to the fucking. ”
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    Δεν μπορείτε να αποφασίσετε από πού να αρχίσετε; Ποια καυτή γκόμενα να διαλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας προσφέρει τα χρήσιμα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν ατελείωτο κατάλογο με πρόστυχες καυτές γκόμενες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα καυτά σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Γοητευτικές ξανθές, γοητευτικές μελαχρινές, καυτές κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να εντοπίσετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό σεξ; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι επιδέξιες γυναίκες θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους συναρπαστικούς οργασμούς τους και την ανεπανάλιπτη δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε επισκεφθείτε την.

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