When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play.....


"Let's look at it!" Ashley had said. Carrie agreed. Ashley hoped Carrie was secretly bi too, maybe then she could touch her sexy body. Ashley looked at the book, and she got even more horny, seeing girls eat girls out, girls touching, licking sucking biting other girls. She didn't even notice her hand slip into her own pants and start masturbating. It was at this moment she looked over at Carrie, to hell with it, if Carrie was bi or not she was going to have this sexy bitch. "Carrie, have you ever let another girl touch you?" She asked"NO!" Said Carrie. Knowing she was stronger than Carrie, Ashley got up. "I have to go to the bathroom. " She said. Ashley went in to Carrie's room and got two belts, then she went back to the bedroom and shut the door secretly locking it, as she came back in. She went over to the bed, like she was going to climb over Carrie, and she sat down on her. "Ashley what are you doing?" Carrie said a little scared. Ashley belted both Carrie's arms to the bed posts. "Shut up! I'm bi didn't you know and you Carrie are so hot! Look at you. "She said as she took off all of Carrie's clothes, then all of her own.

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  "Please don't. " Pleaded Carrie. As Ashley opened her slit enough to reveal Carrie's clit. Ashley rubbed it gently with her thumb. Then flicked it twice with her tongue. "Everyone at school thinks you're a slut, for tonight your my slut. " she said as she kissed down Carrie's body. "Please Ashley" Carrie cried tears running down her cheeks. Ashley laid down beside carrie on her side. She started sucking Carrie's breast, fingering Carrie's cunt while masturbating. At first she was getting a thrill but now she was getting nothing. "Act like a little child. " Ashley demanded. Why. .

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  " She asked. "Because I said so bitch. " Ashley said. "And call me mommy. " "Ohhh mommy what are you doing?" Carrie asked Ashley started eating Carrie out again. She licked circles around her clit clock wise, counter -clock wise while inserting two fingers in her slit. Then she slid her tongue inside of carrie as far as she could. "Mommy. . . no please stop. . . . .

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  " Carrie screamed. Carrie was getting more turned on by the minute, her mother did this with her everynight since she was a child, at first she hated it now she patiently waits for it. . . . "Mommy what are you. . . . . . . . ooooh I like that Ashley. Yes Ashley yes more more.

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  . . . "Ashley looked at Carrie"You like it?" She asked. Yeah I don't know why but I do, and I want more. " Ashley fondled Carrie's firm breast, and nibbled on her nipples. . . . she untied Carrie and begged her to finger her. Carrie fingered around and inside ashleys slit she pumped her fingers in and out of ashleys cunt. Ashley moaned and Carrie muffled it out with a french kiss. "Carrie I'm Cumming!"Ashley moaned. "ME TOO!" Carrie screamed and the two of them let go. .

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  . . . . . . . . To be continued.