An Interesting Evening


My name’s Nathan.   I’m a 22 year old, 5”10, healthy male who is in his final year of college.   My best friend is Brittany Powers, as she has long, blonde flowing hair with smooth curls, is 5”7, and just a nice person to be around, as she knows me like the back of my hand.   I can’t say if we’re dating, but I’m glad that she’s my best friend and my roommate.

We hang out together all the time.    She’s bi, and we talk about music, sports, girls, video games, and stuff in pop culture.   She may look like a girly girl, but she’s really like one of the guys in every venture we partake in.   Occasionally we hold parties at our apartment and invite some people, and it’s cool to hang out, play beer pong, and just chill as the night goes on.


One night, I head downtown as I get an invite from a friend to hang out and get a few drinks.   My friend doesn’t show up, as I texted Brittany about being at the bar, but our buddy is a total no-show.   I wonder where my buddy could be, where he went, but he ditched us, which left me hanging alone at the bar.


I then spot an ex-girlfriend at the bar, who looks rather stunning.   Her name’s Stephanie.   She’s a brunette, and is wearing a sexy red dress, and I go up to her in a bar, as she’s just receiving her drink.   


I tell Stephanie, “You look rather beautiful tonight.   How about a drink with me?”

She says slyly, “Sure, Nathan.

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    But tell me about the time where you dumped me two months after my birthday.   And the time where you got in a fight with Charlie.   I want to burst your bubble so bad!”

I say hesitantly, “ Well, I just felt we weren’t going in the right direction.   You kept making snide jokes about me about incidents that didn’t go well, and we just somehow stopped hanging out as much.   And I didn’t get into a physical fight with Charlie, it was a verbal spat.   We ironed it out, the next day. ”

She laughs and says half-jokingly, “Sure, whatever you say man.   We’re all hung over the day after the party, but I saw what I saw.   You’re so cool, Nate, I’ll see you later. ”

I say, “You can’t go for real, right?  I mean, I’ve barely had this drink.   Let’s hang out. ”

Stephanie responds coldly, “You know, I told you enough.   I’m going to go.   Bye. ”

I respond, “Wait, I haven’t even finished my drink!  Aw man.

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    See ya later. ”


I sigh, as I start to wallow at a table nearby the bar.

  A minute later, my friend Brittany walks in.   She looks beautiful as she’s wearing a plaid shirt with skinny jeans and comes in with her long flowing, blonde locks.

She says delightfully, “Hey man!  How’s it going?”

I respond cheerfully, “Not bad, my friend.   I’m hanging out, waiting for Doug…who’s a total no-show.   I never know where he is half the time. ”

She laughs, but then says sternly, “Who was the woman that just talked to you?”

I say, “Brittany, I can explain…”

Brittany says sternly as she furrows her eyebrows, “Please do, but I’m not judging you by this either way…. ”

I respond sadly, “Me and Stephanie were having a fallout.   I’m such an idiot, I thought I could rekindle something here, and she wanted nothing to do with me except to make snippy remarks. ”

Brittany continues to furrow her eyebrows, but looks on as a concerned friend.

I grab her shoulder, and say timidly, “We’re friends, right?  I’ll do anything for you, right here, and now. ”

Brittany says confidently, “Yes, we are.   Best friends.   And as a best friend, I say, come with me and man up.

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I ask, “Where we going, Britt?”

She whispers, putting on a light brown cowboy hat, “Call me Ethan right now.   And we’re going to the men’s bathroom. ”

We enter the men’s bathroom, as the group of men looks at the both of us as if we’re two gay men.   Brittany/Ethan pulls me into the stall as she unzips and pulls down pants, and resumes to start sucking on my dick.   (From here, I’ll use male pronouns to describe Brittany/Ethan. )

Her head bobs up and down, as I feel a great, stinging, slurping sensation from her mouth.

Loving every second, I say, “Oh my god…Br--…. Ethan.    You give such great head. ”

Ethan looks quizzically, as I look into his eyes, covered with long eyelashes.   He presumes to bob his head up and down.   I almost finish, but pull out as I cum outside his mouth.   He looks somewhat angrily at me, for not finishing into the back of his mouth, but is pleased at the experience that took place.

He says, “Now it’s my turn.   Return the favor, or I’m leaving.

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He opens up his pants to reveal a peachy penis-packer attached to his waist, as he’s been wearing it to pee standing up.  

I respond, “Can’t I suck your ‘hole so that you can rub your dick later on?”

He says, “Not now.   Suck my dick, friend. ” 

I start to slurp on his prosthetic cock, as he loves being in the commanding position.  I start to bob my head up and down upon his cock, but he stops me, as he pulls out briefly, to grab my head to kiss him.  


Smling, he then pulls my head to beneath it, as he slides my head into the beneath his penis packer.  Surprised, and pleasantly relieved, I start eating his pussy as he jerks his wang.    I start to enjoy this act, as I lick him more and even harder, as he bristles and brims with pleasure.

Buzzing, Ethan says happily as he grabs the tall of the door guarding the tall, “Mmm.    I love it when you suck my cock this much. ”

When I finish, his vagina spasms, as he cums into my mouth.   I release myself from him, as he manages to masturbate his dick and finish into the toilet, as he unloads liquids outwardly through his penis (packer) onto the toilet, as it drips down.

I say happily to him, “You’re my man, Ethan. ”


Later on, I bend over as I pull down my pants.  He grabs his dick and starts pummeling my ass hole, as he slaps my butt with eagerness while feigning fury.

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He commands, “Who’s your man, Nate?  Who’s your boyfriend?”

I yell, “You, Ethan!  I love it when you pummel my asshole!”

This goes on for several more minutes.   Later, he sits on the toilet, as I hump his (prosthetic) penis for several more minutes, facing and riding him, as we’re both loving every minute of this.

I yell, “Oh my god!!!!  You’re the best boyfriend ever!!!!”

As I hop up and down facing him, he slaps my butt, as he smiles with me.    We kiss each other’s faces, as I then grab his butt using a finger to plug away at his butt, as he proceeds to rub his pussy inside his penis packer.

Aroused, he starts to feel even more satisfied.   He replies cheerfully, “Thank you, Nate.   I needed that. ”

As he’s sitting down, he smiles at me, as he grabs me so that I bend down to kiss him. He gets up, and I stare at him blissfully.  


He smiles at me as we embrace in a warm hug.  We kiss once more in the stall, and proceed to walk out.

As we wash our hands and walk out, one guy yells, “You gay boys go home, now, you hear?” 

I reprimand the stranger, telling him, “No.   Ethan is my best friend.   He’s my soul brother. ”


Shortly we leave the men's restroom.

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    As we are plenty of feet away from it now, as we get back to the bar, we laugh it.  

I tell Brittany as I touch his/her face, “Damn, Ethan.   Or I mean, Britt.   You were the best man I’ve ever had, let’s do it again. ”

He/she laughs, and says,” Alright, Nate.    I'll be your boy.  You’re fun to hang out with, too.   Let’s have another beer and go home. ”


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