I am Queen Bea


Topic: I am Queen Bea
My name is Beatrice Benavidez and this is my story.

Last summer I was visiting my twin brother Anselmo, I hadn't seen him in years and he was still the awkward geeky boy who I grew up with. All that had changed since then were his multiple awards in bee-keeping. We hugged and exchanged greetings, and he showed me a room where I would be staying. The heat was sweltering and I stripped off my poncho to reveal my white spaghetti strap top that could barely contain my huge DD cup breasts. My mother had always said I was well endowed. By the time dinner came I headed downstairs, my tits bouncing at every step. My brother met me at the bottom of the steps and stared, he was only wearing his boxers and socks I could see his penis start to pulsate at the sight of my hard erect nipples (it was getting cold by then). He walked away awkwardly mumbling that dinner would be ready soon.

At the dinner table I was asking him about whether he ever has the chance to see anyone all the way out in the middle of the countryside. He said that he didn't mind because the bees always kept him busy. He then went on to elaborate "Did you know that when bees are cold they huddle together and produce a vibration so strong that it creates heat". This reminded me of my favourite secret in my dresser drawer that kept ME busy all those lonely nights. I was tired from my long drive and headed to bed after dinner.

I lay in bed trying to fall asleep but my brother's comment about the bee's vibrations had sparked the inner desire within me. I had just broke up with my long term boyfriend and hadn't been with a man for months.

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   By then my nipples were hardening and my warm pussy started to moisten. My clitoris was erect and pulsating like a bee's twitching antennae. I slid my hands down my crotchless panties and my warm aching pussy shivered at the touch of my cool fingertips. I purred but tried to contain myself, my brother was in the room next door. The window was open and I could hear the loud buzzing, the bees must have been cold.

A thought came into my head. . .

I could provide them with a warm moist cove. I knew that the bees would follow the Queen so all I had to do was attract the Queen Bee into their new hive. I found a honey facial mask that I thought would attract them, and lathered it all over my wet inner lips and sauntered towards my brother's study, my pussy juices already flowing down my leg. I knew that my brother kept a virgin Queen Bee in his study for research. I went over to the case and opened it, I had the small vibrating creature in my fingertips and slowly and carefully I coaxed it into my vagina. I opened the window and soon her buzzing attracted her suitors - the workers - into her new warm resting place. I gasped with pleasure as I felt the feet of about 20 bees crawling up into my vagina.

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   Their buzzing and the vibrations was creating a warmth and pleasure I had never felt, and I orgasmed as I was rubbing more honey over my clit and my tits. It felt so good. I could feel some of them exploring my body, their wings fluttering against my sensitive ass hole. My body writhed as I came again, I couldn't help it, they were all over my clit buzzing and vibrating and getting tangled in my wild bush. I had found a replacement for my old favourite toy. Suddenly the door opened and my brother walked in to see me naked on the floor with the bees all over my glistening body. He must have heard me moaning, I couldn't control myself. All of a sudden the bees started to get angry at the sight of this intruder.

I suddenly felt pain as their stingers dug deep into the walls of my sensitive pussy causing me so much pain yet so much pleasure. I yelped in delight as tears streamed down my face. My brother quickly rushed and grabbed a can of spray that would put his bees to sleep. I was relieved as I slowly pulled the bees out from my now swollen lovemuffin one by one, my brother helped as well. He grabbed a cream that would relieve the stinging and started to rub all over my thighs, I felt him stop as he approached my cunt. By then I was in so much pain that it heightened the sensitivity of my pleasure zones, I grabbed his hands covered in cream and rubbed them all over my swollen slit. I started moaning and I could feel his hands quivering at the touch of my pussy juices.

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   I could see his member growing hard and the stain of wet pre-cum on his boxers and he looked away shyly. I used my other hand to slowly stroke his throbbing smooth cock. I pulled down his boxers and was shocked as his 12-inch penis flung out like a Jack in the Box. I groaned "Mother didn't tell me you were well endowed too". He gained confidence and began to rub my hole with his cream covered fingers, my eyes rolled back and my hips jutted forward in delight. I orgasmed again. I could see Anselmo smiling at his achievement and he said "I know a better way of soothing your pain". He started to lubricate the whole length of his thick meat pole, my eyes widened at the thought of all of him filing me. He entered me slowly and I gasped, it felt so wrong yet right. The cream on his long shaft helped to quell the pain of the stinging as he slid in and out of my flower. I saw him wince in pain as the stingers began to hurt him as well, but it also made his penis swell even more. I could feel him growing with every pulse, pushing against the tight barbed walls of my womanhood. My pussy lips stretched to envelop his now engorged manhood. He let out a low moan and he started to pound the hole between my buns with his foot long sausage. His big warm hands started to caress my tingling nipples, squeezing them and rubbing them between his cold, creamy fingers.

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   His pace started to quicken and I could feel his muscular back tense as he gave one final thrust, planting his seeds into my fertile flower-bed which was dripping like warm honey because I had cum more than 15 times in that night.

He relaxed and fell next to me, panting "You will always be my Queen Bea".


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