Seduction pt 5


I knew my time had arrived. Mum admitted, - after I told her I'd laundered her panty's - that she'd been in the granny flat with someone. Although she remained vague about it,she told me he'd had more than she'd bargained for and the blood must have been because of his sizes. I said nothing but worried that my stepdad's cock may do the same to me.

Having let it lie for a while, I casually said, - "Mum that size stuff you said about. Will it happen to me first time?" - "No that's different,that bit of blood is because the blokes broke you in,christ Soni' I had that years ago! No what I had was when he rammed it hard right into my womb" - "What did that do then?" - "Crudely,his cock opened the neck of my womb up like a tin opener. My uterus is pretty open anyway,but the force he lunged it in me with took the great fat end clean into my womb,I tell you,he fucks the hardest I've ever felt"

The grin on her face told me he'd made her cum the hardest she'd ever felt and all! - I sensed she wanted to drop the subject for whatever reason,so I left it at that. - "Oh,we're off earlier tonight mind,dad knows,may even be gone before he's home. Even perhaps before you get back" - "Oh,right,I'll see to dad!" - She thought I meant his tea. - MMM! Like hell I did,that would be the last thing on his mind,or mine. - Looking at her seriously, - "Mind how he goes" - "You little witch,don't you go indicating anything I told you to your dad!" - I corrected - "Stepdad" - "You know who I mean"

The fact that mum was at it,seemed to make it more okay that I was also,with my stepdad. College was a shit,the only relief thro' the day was telling Lucy,tonights the night,he's going to fuck me. - "Come on witch,how can you be so sure?" - I just shrugged my shoulders. - "I just know he's in my spell" - She chuckled, - "No, come on,I know we keep saying the witch stuff about you but you can't really put a spell on him to make him fuck you,or not tonight,you can't be sure of that" - Feeling really dirty I responded, - "Just you wait and see,I'll show you just how much bigger my pussy hole is in the toilets tomorrow"

"Don't be daft,it'll shrink back by then. . .

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   It will wont it?" - 'Course I had no idea,but with my usual bravado, I lied. - "Probably be as big as mum's after what he's going to give me tonight" - Incredulously Lucy looked at me. - "You've actually seen inside your mum's at how big the hole is?" - I needed to end this now - "Of course,it was wide open the last time he pulled it out of her" - "What you seen him in her,then pull it out? Did you see all his cum in there?" - The lie had to stop - "Yeah,it was all full of it,it looked like this" - I opened my mouth with a load of spittal all over my tongue. - "But a lot more" - "i'ah, you filthy bitch looking at you mum's pussy dribbling & full of cum"

Filthy bitch my eye, I knew my friend well enough,our talk was making her panty's wet, just like my own. I was tempted to suggest we bunked off to the copse and mutually masterbated,but decided I didn't want to spoil tonight by cumming now. We left each other later in anticipation of what was going to happen to me. As I came into the hallway my heart dropped. Mum was still there and I thought the worst. - "Blime mum,I thought you'd be already gone by now" - "I thought so too" - She nodded towards upstairs, - "Its that horny sod,he kept chasing me as I got ready,waving that bloody thing of his at me. Last thing I want is his syrup stuck all over my best panty's" Winking, "If you get my meaning"

Then she was gone. - My heart pounded,he's already horny as hell according to mum and I've not even had a chance to wind his penis up. There it was,my pussy drooling over the anticipation of him doing it to me. I went upstairs quietly and immediately went into shock. There he stood with the bedroom door open,not a stitch on. I never realised just how hairy his ass and thighs were.

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   From the back it looked like my first fuck was going to be from a gorilla. Yeah,I knew he had a hairy chest,I even knew he had plenty of hair on his thighs,but it just never occured to me about his ass.

Turning now, - "Oh its you Sonia,thought it was mum back, just couldn't resist one last look I thought" - He grinned, - "Had her glad to get out of here,needed the coast clear as soon as possible! You know what I mean?" - I did indeed as I took in the view of his cock hanging like a spout on an old village green pump. "If you'd been in a bit earlier,you'd have heard her screaming as this old man of mine chased her at full mast,of course she wasn't to know I was only funning,got to save it for us tonight" - Devilishly,I tantalized him. - "You don't know,I might not be in the mood,you carrying on with mum like that as soon as I'm out of sight" - "Sonia! You ever thought I might be inclined to rape you if you pulled that stunt?"

"Enough woman,go down and pull the curtains and put the light on ready,then go and change. Oh one more thing,only one item of clothes on your bottom please,Its stupid making me wrestle with PJs and your panty's" - "Don't be daft" - "What daft?" - "Pulling the curtains this early,people might wonder what's happening" - "Ah,I'm glad you thought of that,Okay leave the curtains and light until later" Fuck,he's talking so matter of fact,you'd think I wa his wife being prepared to get a fucking. Nonetheless my pussy was tingling,I knew I was going to get my first cock inside me and he's already decided that I know exactly what's going to happen.

I thought about his demand I only wear one item over my sexual charms. Fuck him,I'm wearing both. But no panty's, Oh No! Its - Shorty PJs under my hotpants. I pondered whether to leave my tits naked,after all he'd just stood and let me stare at his penis, tormenting fucker! No,although my pert tits had no need af them,I decided I'd put them in a see through tiny bra' - He came down to find me sat with my legs all pulled up on the settee sideways-on allowing at least one of my bums cheeks to peep out from my bottoms. The loose legged PJ bottom allowing a tormenting glimpse up past the higher but tighter hotpants leg.

Equally,I saw his mind had been working as well. Gone were his trousers from other times and in their place was a very large legged pair of navy blue shorts. Now understand,he had pretty large thighs especially when he sat in a chair with them pulled up with his feet into the seats squash.

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   Which he tantalisingly done on sitting down. - "Hey witch,that wasn't what I said,you've got two on" - "So what,you can't dictate how I wear my clothes,anyway,I've done it for you" - "Oh,hows that work then?" - "Wait,I'll show you in a bit"

To be honest,I just wanted him to sit in with me and start playing,but as he hadn't I scoured the whiteness of his thighs trying to see if his tackle was anywhere to be seen,or even if these shorts was all he had on. He realised I was trying to see. - "Ha! Ha! Upstairs wasn't enough for you eh?" - The bastard,let one thick thigh fall away to the side. There it was,no boxers,but a dark shadow of crinkly bulb shaped flesh became visible. Innocently I thought at first it was the bulbous head of his cock covered by his foreskin. but now making no secret that I was looking,I realised it was the squashed sideways bulge of his ball sac. They'd been more or less hidden upstairs by his dangling cock but now his knob was somewhere hidden while his balls were there in all there glory for me to study.

I thought,yeah he has a big dong,but those balls must have a lot of cum in them,more than the oath I'll bet. I Wish Lucy was here to see them. Not satisfied with that ,he moved his leg some and his cock dropped alongside his sac. He is a bastard,the bulbous end was hardly inside his shorts,It was clearly half hard and purple as it filled with blood to torment me. A wicked grin came over his mouth as he twitched his cock at me. It rose then fell several times before he changed tack. - "These gymnastics you perform when you secretly want to tease me in front of your mother, How about teasing me now" - I didn't hesitate,leaving the settee, I squatted on my back with my crotch facing him.

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   - "You mean like this, 'the crab' yeah" - I raised my back in an arch. I heard him breath in a very deep breath, - "Yeah like that. How long can you hold it like that?" - "Probably as long as you like now we're on our own" - "Those bloody hotpants" - "Yeah,they feel tight and all. . . there's a popper on them,I could breath easier if its popped open" - "Hang on then,I'll pop it for you"

I heard him move and knew he was stood at my bottom,As I felt him trying to pop the thing I partly dropped the arch because I knew he couldn't pop me open unless I did. - "No don't drop the arch thing its beautiful to watch you" - slackening the crescent of my body had also loosened my bra top and as I pressed back up I felt my top let go and knew my soft but firm tities had fell out of my bra and lay naked above my chin. I heard him suck in his breath, - "Christ Soni' your tits have fell out now. . . what a fucking sight" I heard my zip click a bit as my body stiffened back into the full arch. - "Fuck your zips giving way" - "No! Its trying to open some because of my swelling" - "Your mound of Venus you mean,Christ you're right,you'd never believe how pronounced it is with you in this positon. " - I knew where this was going as I felt him helping my zip to undo even lower. - I felt the zip or rather his hand smooth across my mound,I also felt the cunning hands hook a finger on each side of my hotpants and gently tug them down towards my legs.

As though he was saying SSSH he eased them off of my PJs although I knew the softer-looser PJs were trying to drag with the hotpants.

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   As his breath whistled thro' his teeth I could feel every part of my pussy and pubis as the material slid off them. - "Don't collapse or jump,I'm just looking" - I didn't do either as I felt the wamth of his breath coming very close to my exposed parts until with a delicate kiss he put his lips on to my pussy. He was lucky,this sensation nearly made me piss at his face as my ass cheeks clasped tightly together. I wanted to say do it but I resisted asking him to fuck me.

Almost in a hiss now, - "Fucking hell Sonia,what with your tits hanging out and me kissing your pussy,I'm going to cum off if you don't stop me!" - Reluctantly I said, - "Stop now,its making me dizzy" - It wasn't but I had one more card to play. - He'd pulled back and waited as I now turned my crabbed body around like the hands of a clock. At one stage in turning I felt the clothes drag down off my ass cheeks just as my back stance changed into a forward arch. I knew he'd followed my body round and he confirmed as much as his fingers traced down the crack of my ass right into my soaking pussy groove. - "Stop now,I want to get on the settee under the car rug"

As I now collapsed on the floor,I knew he would have prefered to continue because his shorts were not only tented but had a dark blue patch on them where his precum had soaked thro' - "Do you think we can all get under that rug?" - He grinned as he looked at his cocks hardon. - "Sonia,you really are a witch,look what you're doing to this dead serpent" - "Dead huh,better forget doing anymore,I'll go down the field and find a live one" - "Like hell,come her you bitch,I'll show you what's dead" - He had me on his lap bum to belly and I felt it pressing thro' my legs up my belly. - "Stop no,I didn't mean it,NO NOT like that I want some playing like we do" - Well behave then,remember what I told you earlier,I'll rape you in a minute"

Although I'd pulled my panty's up before this,he equally had taken the chance to pull my hotpants off me. So as I still sat on his lap,he'd gathered up my breasts one in each hand. - "Fuck Soni' this would be a lovely way to give it to you" - I wriggled free,grabbed the rug and fell onto him and the settee without worrying whether I crushed his balls or cock. Honestly I was rampantly horny and wondered just how long I could hold back from ravishing him. We settled down now both breathing heavily.

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   He smiled and I grinned as I pushed my bum against the side of his naked thigh,the leg of his shorts had risen up nearly to his groin and with me now having only my skimpy PJs on, our skin was hotly against each other.

I let my eyes close and my head lay back as he started to feel along the loose leg. But instead of touching my pussy right on the skin he slid his fingers over the smooth texture of the PJs and slid into my pussy slit. Gently now he slid his fingers up and down it as I could feel my love juice getting the material wetter and wetter. I was desperately trying to not let him hear my gasping panting as his fingers worked there magic through the softness of the PJs until I could contain myself no longer and raising my bum up I pulled the damn things down off my ass and cunt. Plonking back down now his hairy thighs tickled my bum and right into my pussy slit. I also felt that my bum was up onto his lap slightly instead of alongside his thigh.

"Lift up again"- I did,making a low arch across his belly and hips. Fidgeting , - "Okay come down now" I marvelled at the new feeling,everything was warm flesh now,he'd got rid of his shorts and I had no doubt at what I could feel against the inside of my thigh. Squeezing my thighs closed,there was now no doubt,that was his hardon in between my legs and about three inches below my pussy. I trembled as I felt both his hands press at the insides of my thighs as he prised them apart. Then smoothing right into my wet slit he sought out my bean and started rubbing me. Try as I may,I just couldn't keep my legs together until I had them so wide open I couldn't open them anymore.

He knew I was cumming, of that I had no doubt as holding my breath it eventally burst forth as I inadvertantly humped my clitoris at his finger while sceeching out loud in my orgasm. Under the sensation of this orgasmic magic I felt him lift my ass up and knew he'd turned in towards it.

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   As he placed me gently down on himself I felt the huge bulbous head of his penis pressing hard into my slit right up against my quims hole. With me purring I felt the precum and slipperiness of my love juices let my pussy slip over the fat end,then with a nudge of his hips he slid inside me. I could hear his panting and could even feel the pulsing of his penis head as it stayed exactly where it was just inside.

"Fuck Sonia,I have to wait,if I move it I'll cum off you're so tight" - Wait! I consciously relaxed my belly and I felt him slipping deeper up inside me. I knew the sensation he was giving me was making me continue to orgasm and with a grunt I felt him thrust and spurt cum up in me. Now having cum, he started to pump me and with a my long loud screaming he took me to heaven,my orgasm made me lose all sense of time until I felt him shoot off again. Then we stopped,me revelling in my first time while he pulsed deep inside of me relaying how my quims muscular activity was milking every last sperm from his body.

My throat felt all dry. - "Lets stay like this can we?" - He nodded yes and I closed my eyes and fell asleep. It was dark when I came too and he still had it in me but it was soft now. I moved and he grunted, - "No not yet,let it stay in a bit longer. I let my pussy squelch back on his lap and realised that he'd not hurt my cunt or split it and I remembered he'd pushed all of it in as I'd felt his pubic hairs tickling and dragging in our juices right in my pink pussy slit as it opened to his big fat cock. I was now conscious that his ball sac was soft and lying like a spongy mess around the softness still inside me. Lifting and feeling it slide out of me,I giggled on rolling off of his lap and looking at his now sloppily wet softness as it nestled between his closed thighs. - Opening his eyes - "What?" - "That thing of yours.

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   Its all dead now don't you reckon" - "No,'course not its just lazy and sleeping in,but you pushed it out of bed" - "What now?""A hot drink then I've got a surprise for you" - "A surprise,don't tell me,its to do with sex I bet!" - "Naturally,but I bet it'll make you want to do it somemore" - I said nothing but I didn't need a surprise for that I already wanted to do it somemore,but I admit I needed a drink. My throat was parched.

Me too. . . see you in pt 6.