Sir William 2 (Very Bizarre Fictional Story)


When we last left our hero, Sir William, we found him at the mercy of a huge hidious beast with belly mounted tentacles. Further more, we found his godly cock about to be bitten off by the belly mounted mouth of this monster. Every well toned muscle in his naked body was struggling already to keep the monster's axe above his body. He had not the power to spare to reach down and pluck his horse hung penis out of the greedy tentacles of the monster. And there was the pain. His veiny blood gorged flesh was sticking straight up at the ready and the monster's tentacles were pulling it downward into the mouth on its belly. Obviously, a man's penis was not ment to bend downward while under the influence of an erection. And what of the monster in this case?
The beast was vile and brimming over with evil. It knew how important a cock was to the man it was attached to. Perhaps this was not the first time it had done something like this. It waited patiently and eagerly as its tentacles tried with all their might to pull his 17 inch long 2. 5 inch thick cock. It couldn't wait to sink its rotten sharp teeth into his beautiful manhood and destroy him. Then the moment came. His cock had finally been pulled down to level with its mouth. As a final ditch effect to prevent his dick from being bitten and crushed in the jaws of this monster, William moved his hips backward, pulling his horse hung cock just out of reach of the monster's mouth.

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   Just in the nick of time too, for as he did so he heard a chump, the sound being made by the monster's belly mounted jaws closing rapidly to crush his cock.
It missed it just by a hair, for William could feel the creature's vile lips up against the tip of his cockhead. The beast got only an empty mouth and this infuriated it. It moved its jaws open again and leaned its hips foward to match William's. It also reached some of its belly mounted tentacles around William's waist and pulled his hips foward. The monster could feel Sir William's cockhead tip pressing against the back of its belly mounted mouth. Angry about before, it decided to slowly close its mouth in order to savor the moment and to make it that much more agonazing on Sir William. It seemed to take an eternity for the both of them, but finally William could feel the tips of the creature's teeth pressing up against the swollen meat of his cock. This must've surely been the end now. The end of such a masterpiece of manhood.
But it wasn't. At that moment, before the monster's teath could make a mark on his cock, a voice rang out. "Stop!" it shouted. It was a shrill female voice that seemed to belong to and old woman. The creatured heeded the command and even released Sir William.

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   Even more mysteriously was that it suddenly vanished into thin air and the slime it had left on his body had vanished along with it. Free from any restraint now, William's swollen cock shot upward, as was typical of a man with such an erection, so much so that it made a distinct snaping noise as it made contact with his chest. He was about to grab it and check for any wounds but he found that his arms suddenly could not move, nor could his legs.
Typical of the magic that had stripped him naked of clothing and weapons and appearently sent that monster to combat him, it had mysteriously strapped him up to a vertical facing table without him knowing it. In the darkness, something stirred. Three forms appeared, and they were wearing dark cloaks. Sure enough, it was the trio of witches he embarked on a mission to kill. Each was old enough to appear ancient and hidiously deformed. One pulled up a horizontal laying table, as apposed to his vertical facing table, up infront of him. Another one reached out and her shriveled boney hands grasped his massive cockmeat by the shaft, her fingers not being able to reach all the way around it. "Yeeeessssss," she hissed, a forked tongue coming out of her mouth, "our spell worked perfectly. Our noble knight's erection shall not leave him as long as we will it to stay. And it certainly does suit our purposes at the moment. "
They all three began to cackle loudly as the one with a hold of William's cock pulled it downward, working against the force of his erection, and had it touch the table infront of him. William struggled against his restraints, but they were more than a match for him.

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   As the witch held his cock down with one hand, she reached and grasped his cockhead with the other. Using that same hand, she pryed apart the opening to his urethra as another witch placed something onto the table. It appeared to be a worm of some sort, but with two antena at one end. It reached its feelers into the air, seemingly to get a wiff of something, and to William's increasing tention, began to slowly slime its way towards his cock.
The witch closed the opening to his urethra and used that hand to help the other hand hold down William's erection. "It does indeed take much power to hold down a manhood such as yours, but it has your scent now so no need not to use both hands. " She said in her old raspy voice. Slowly but surely, the worm slimed its way over to William's cock, or more specificly his cockhead. He was fairly bright and could guess what was intended to happen. To suit some sort of vile sadistic purpose, the worm was to make contact with William's sex organ and then pry its way into his urethra, slime its way up until entire body was housed by his blood gorged cock and then do whatever it was that its parasitic nature required it to do. Once again helpless to do anything, it seemed this was about to be the ultimate violation of his cock. . . . or was it?.

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  . .
To be continued.
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