This really shook me up! pt 2


Mum now shook me up even more than my son had. . .

On arriving in the kitchen for my tea & toast I was shocked to note my own mum seemed oblivious to what was still tenting from the front of my son's shorts. I wanted to say, - that's disgusting - but bit my tongue and my toast instead. I still had the dilemma of the night to deal with. As son's do,he finished our and his breakfast and promply left us to it.

"I think our boy's growing his horns. Did you see that,it looked like a horn in his shorts,he done that on purpose don't you reckon?" - I felt myself flush up - "Why didn't you say about it to him then?" - Then my mum threw the first shock of the new day at me. - "Why? because the new young buck was trying to impress us old row deer that he had what it takes to impregnate his females" - "Mum at times you can be so crude" - "Come off it darling,crude my ass,me a widow this last five years and you a divorcee for over two. Surely you're not trying to tell me his hard little. . . NO, not so little,lets say,young cock didn't give you a twinge or two"

To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement,it made me feel wobbly. More was to follow, - Now yes,me and mum had had our moments,she even told me,or rather helped me pick the bloke that took my cherry, - I remember it so clearly, "No don't waste your time with the stupid little sods,get a real man for your first go,you know one that will fuck you and bring you off with an orgasm enough to knock your hat off if you wore one" With her help,I did and he did!

Now here I am in a conversation with her that took our relationship to a new echelon. - I thought,thanks mum here goes nothing! - "Strange you should say that mum,but this seems to be related to something that happened during the night.

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   - I then told her about the happening - Mum chuckling now - "Blime,you as well? Come up here a minute" - I followed her up to her room. She flashed the curtains right back, - "Get down over there and look towards the light of the window. - I did - See anything?" There it was, the tale tale sheen of silkiness left by dried cum. - "See it,he got to me two days ago" - "What did you do?" - "What would you expect of a sex starved widow? I opened my legs as far as I dared and let him get on with it" - "I'd ommitted to mention that that was what I'd also done by just skipping over that bit.

"Christ mum,what do we do if he does it somemore" - "I've already decided,tell you what,when he,if he comes into your room for more of the same or mine. Whichever he goes for,instead of leading him back to his own room or letting him wander back on his own. Either me or you lead him into the other's room and guide him into bed as though its his own. I bet you he'll fuck whoever he's left abed with. Reason I'm saying this is,I think he's faking the sleepwalking thing. Surely,cumming as hard as he did,he'd wake up like men do if they have a wet-dream" - I knew all about that when dad woke up embarrassed as he cum between my legs once and although mum denied it at the time admitted later she'd watched him dry fucking me after I'd slipped into their bed between them when a teenager.

Still in shock at mum's blatant exceptance of the situation,I did feel much more at ease in my mind,now I'd concurred with her. That night nothing happened except he continued to walk around with a tent in his shorts most of the time. The night after,was altogether different. I being alert to any sound heard his door and my mothers open and stay open. In no time I heard the almost too silent sounds of him wanking then coming off as my mothers bed sounded the sounds of her cumming.

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   Quietly I heard more sounds as mum getting out of bed pushed my door open as she led my son into my room. - Hewalked zombieish and let her lay him at my back. - "Have fun" was whispered by her as she left my room but she didn't close the door. I lay now almost not daring to breath as I waited to see if he really was asleep or faking to get a chance at our bodies.

Part 3 for what happened next. .

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