Topic: TORMENTING GRANDAD Tormenting grandad.
 I still enjoy doing it after at least ten years of once has he reacted except with his eyes to my tormenting him. A perfect gentleman perhaps.
 Here I am at twenty four and yet I still can't resist with my tormenting of my grandad. I reason that as he hasn't dropped me in it with mum or gran he must enjoy my smutty tormenting.
 It began after I'd walked in on him in the bathroom years ago. I was staying at my grandparents home and just walked into the bathroom to be stopped dead in my tracks with my face about a metre away from my grandads cock and balls. In a flash I had a memory photo of what I saw. With one foot up on a stool,grandad was washing his cock with his foreskin pulled right back and a big pair of saggy balls hanging below it. To me it was huge and the purple head looked frightening to me then. Grandad standing starker's was enough for a girl of my age that was enough alright but playing with his dick as I saw it,made me freak out.
 I shot back out and up the stairs with one hell of a screach. Gran and mum,responded,"God what's happened?" - "Its grandad,I've just seen his thing,he's all naked" They didn't see my side,both laughing, "Oh is that all,we thought you'd been stung or something" - "They were dangling and all saggy" - "Oh his balls, - giggling, they're not always saggy" and that was that,no more was said. But I had that vision and now what mum had said; 'They're not always saggy' I knew what boys balls looked like,as far as I could see they were in a tight wrinkled bag with a seam up the middle as though it had been sown by a sowing machine. But in that moment,no wrinkles and I couldn't see any seam.
 I suppose out of curiosity more than any sexual reason,I determined to see them again on grandad,this time when they were like my brother's.

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   All tight and wrinkly. Weekends came and went until,with warmer weather the pool was filled and as always grandad weathered the cold water and was first in,it was still so cool that he went in alone except for mum who had no intention of being done down by grandad. She went in,bravely ducked under the water a couple of times and quickly came out bluish and shivering like an autumn leaf on a tree.
 Before she managed to grab a warm towel from gran I saw mum's nipples were sticking out all hard like. "Christ,its freezing,you kid's! don't you bother in,ignore grandad,he'll freeze his nuts off just to prove he's tough. I followed mum up to wipe and change into clothes. "Mum,grandads nuts,is it his balls that you mean?" - "Yes love" Mum stood naked in front of me,with her oreoles crinkled so tight with the cold and her nipples sticking out proudly. I giggled. "What,What's making you giggle? Emma" - "Those,they're all crinkly and hard,do you think grandad's nuts will be all crinkly as well?" - "You can bet they will,always assuming they haven't fell off with the cold like the proverbial brass monkey's"
 The 'brass monkey' bit was lost on me as my fertile brain had other thing to think about. Alway's assuming grandad's nuts hadn't frozen off,I knew this would be my opportunity to peep at grandad and see if his balls were all crinkly and tight up like mum's oreoles like she had said all those weeks back. I was set on inobtrusively getting a look. I found grandad now out of the water and towelling down.  I could see it all looked small inside his trunks,so I concluded it must have become tight. Without further ado,grandad pulled down and kicked his old fashion trunks off. There it was,his balls were still attached to his dicky and solid tight,but OMG.

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   his dicky was shrunken so small compared to when I'd last seen it. He stood and wiped into his groins exactly like he always told us to do.
 Thus far he practiced what he preached. Then he wiped all in his bum groove and came back again to his penis. It was as though I was invisible. I had no intension of freaking and being laughed at by gran and mum,OH NO! I stood my ground and sneakily watched as grandad wiped and pulled at his foreskin.  This made me even more facinated,because as I watched, before my very eyes while grandads balls stayed tight his dick began getting longer and I mean much longer. The more he warmed it with the roughness of the towel the longer it dangled.  I was awe struck. By the time he said that's better,it was dangling at least twice as long as when I'd seen it in the bathroom. He put the towel round his waist, "Come on Em' lets get something hot to drink" He led,I followed.
 Again I had what I'd call now, an eyeful. The towel had - the way he'd tucked it, a slit at his back,in other words for modesty,he would not show his penis to the adult women inside through it the slit being at the front. As I was following I could see his bum crack and hard ball sac,bubbling along between his legs,but more to the point his dick wobbling from side to side in front of his balls. Another memory for the minds memory bank,this time in movie form.

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   I had reached puberty by now,but had no idea why I was taking such an interest in grandad's middles. But I knew it excited me,as did peeping at my brother peeing,well not only peeing, By now I'd worked out he spent a lot of time shaking his penis off to remove any pee dribble's like mum told me to use a tissue to do.
 But my peeping became an obsession after my brother shook it so much that a lot of milky stuff shot out the end of it. It had to happen, He caught me watching. "Why are you watching me wank off sis' its what boys do" - "What was that white stuff then? pee's like yellow water" - Crudely now, with a laugh, "Spunk,want some" He had some on his finger and wiped it on my cheek.  I jerked back and not thinking, "I'll tell mum you done that" - "Don't you dare,now you've watched me,I'll have to kill you" I ran screaming from him,I knew he was kidding but he knew equally I didn't tell mum everything unlike some of my friends. He looking down at me over the bannister with his cock poking through the rails. Ran the end of his finger over the top of his dick and flicked the residue at me.
 I was gone but quickly stopped and ran my hand along the original smear,looked and tasted his spunk as I knew it was,I wasn't that dumb. More a case of being facinated at how powerfully it shot out his dick. I tended to act innocent or dumb as some thought I was. I wasn't,I had found quite early on that this ploy let me find things out as people done things in front of me that they wouldn't if I had been so smart as I really was. Like grandad showing his thing growing longer,thinking it had gone over my head.
 So with puberty,came awareness.  I found boys were interested in my body,so as I thought,why not grandad.

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   I felt that I owed him because un-knowingly he'd shown me what a real man's penis was like as opposed to the boys smaller version that various boys seemed obsessed with getting out when near me and my friends. Yeah,we rubbed them for them and in turn they played with our titty's but we were not apt to let them touch us between the legs much,well that is except one. She even let them take it in turns to put their's in her while we looked on. Not just one mind,she let them have turns,one after the other. We were shy about it but kept looking.
 So armed with these experiences,I wondered one; If I could make grandad hard and two; If I could watch him shoot off like my brother. The third I thought about now as I'd started masterbating,but that's all,of course it was. THINKING! What it would feel like to have a real man's dick in me,a big one like grandad's not the one's my friend kept having.  I reasoned after all,those boys had to take it in turns and still she wanted more. My gran never needed another after grandad.
 So,I had this plan purely by accident. We would sit playing cards and my grandad always sat on a puffe opposite me,while anyone else sat either next or at the sides to me. When this had first occured to me was when my pubic bush was well grown,although I was very advanced in that area according to mum. Well my bush was a dark auburn and mum said my pussy was very mature for my age. She explained that it meant,my inner labia was becoming of woman proportions.

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   My flaps were quite pronounced and got very touchy by this time and went rather pinky brown when I played or felt fruity,which now was on most days.
 I had a tendancy to always wear dresses or skirts at weekends and as I liked almost see through knickers I thought nothing of sitting with my legs slightly apart. At first I thought nothing of grandad staring towards me a lot,in fact I thought he was trying to see what cards I had. He always seemed to have his cards just right to make everyone think he was looking at his own hand. Anyway,I tended to move my hand and he didn't take any notice,his eyes always stayed in the direction of his own hand. But I then noticed that when the sun shone very brightly he had an almost secret smile on his lips.
 It made me notice that the sun was warm on my inside thighs as it brightened. What I didn't notice was when the warmness happened I tended to open my thighs more. Understand I was not aware of doing this until I started to wonder if grandad could see my knickers. I closed and after a while opened my thighs. It was then that I realised,grandad was looking at what ever I was showing. So I played this game of peep for a bit and there was no doubt he was looking up my legs. I found a reason to get up and as the low table was moved,grandad was forced to slightly stand up a bit.
 I made a note of whether he had a bulge in his trouser's. He did but not a big bulge.

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   So I ran upstairs and pulling up my dress I looked to see what grandad could see of my panty's. I was doubtful if he could see more than the colour and mesh like material Then quite by accident of the moment the sun shone brightly through the window and I went scarlet.
    With my dress high up around my waist,I realised the bright sun penetrated my knicker material,clearly showing my bushy fur and as I was stood,the puffy darkness of my labia. I sat on the end of the bed and was relieve that when opening my legs my labia had disappeared under me somewhat but a clear groove of my pussy was still showing.
     I was shocked but excited. So started the tormenting of my grandad. I returned downstairs and sat back in my place. I now kept my legs open more than before and got hot as I watched grandad looking at my pussy fur. I took an opportunity when gran needed to move to pop out and supposedly have a swig of water. What I really done was put my hand up my dress and pulled my knicker's a bit to one side. I knew this was exposing part of my puffy pussy parts and just the smigging of my pussy's slit.  I sat not really interested in the card game,my focus was if I could get grandad hard.
     His eyes were rivetted to my thighs,and I knew by my sensations he could just see my naked slit. Then the game finished and I made an exaggerated opening of my legs, - which only grandad noticed. and kept them apart for him to get a good eyeball at.

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       I knew I'd affected his penis because he made awkward actions to let people past him. He definately didn't want to stand up just now. When he did eventually stand,there was a minimal bulge but a little wet stain on his trousers just down from the waistband. I knew he rarely wore underwear so it had to be juice. I was over the moon,I'd made my grandad horny.
     By our next visit,I'd made plans. I had a holely pair of panty's and I purposely wore them. To say holely,there was more hole than panty. I think some bleach or other had got on them and so my skin poked through in the most dramatic ways. One major hole was right where my pussy lips were and a couple of others were at the back allowing portions of my bum cheeks to press through. I put my plan into operation. Whenever grandad was anywhere near the stairs I made sure I was either at the top looking over or at the bottom going up. - Going up the bottom,my bottom was the factor I was showing. I even got a ball stuck in the apple tree,then got grandad to hold the stepladder while I climbed high up and wobbled a lot to make him look up my dress
     This time grandad couldn't hide his bulge,I had it showing time and time again over this long weekend. I knew I had him,as late on the second night I heard gran say, "Josh,what ever's got into you,how much longer are you going to be doing me? aren't you ever going to be satified" The bed remained on squeak squeak till I eventually fell to sleep.

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       Then I played my ace,literally. I talked them into cards,grandad fell into my torture trap. Appearing late from outdoors,he attempted to sit to one side. Gran done for him,in your usual place boy,I'm not having you sit next to me so you can cheat by peeping at my cards. Following a denial,he reluctantly took his usual place.
     I know you,I see you looking at Emma's then letting her win because you know what cards she has. I went all hot when gran said 'looking at emma's. For a second I thought gran had twigged what he was really looking at. So with holely panty's I tormented for the next hour. It broke up and I knew grandad was as horny as a rabbit. He just had to be,he'd spent a complete hour looking at what amounted to my naked young pussy. He disappeared very quickly and I was secetly on his case. He'd headed into the bathroom and listening intently it wasn't long before I heard the familiar sounds I associated with my brother wanking off.  I had first hand knowledge of the changes in these sounds and as I adjudged he was going to cum off. Quietly pushed the door open just as his cum squirted out and into the wash basin.

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       His trousers round his ankles and with his bum jerking as though he was fucking.  Eyes closed he neither heard or knew I was watching him.
     He squeezed the end to finish and as his body was partly turned away from the door,but not enough to stop me seeing the end spurt its cum. He opened his eyes and realising he was not alone just stood with a dumb look on his face. He put a shhh! finger up to his lips then wiggled it to say go out. I did. He caught up with me out in the garden. "What did you see Emm' anything?" 'No grandad,I'd just come in to wash my hands,the cards made them sticky like yours' "Yeah,that's right,my belt must have undone when we were playing and with my wet hands I thought it better to leave 'em down till I'd finished washing my hands. I was joyous,he wasn't daft,he knew I'd seen what he was up to. What he didn't realise I'd achieved another milestone. I had seen just how big my gran had had in the night and the sort of size I would get when I got married. That was an awful lot of sperm too,far more than my brother's.  
     So with many more times over the years of tormenting grandad. Here I was at twenty four,blatently flashing grandad with all around including my husband, not having a clue what was going on between us. From the side of his mouth grandad say's "You little bitch,you'll be the death of me one day" I grin, "Not today though eh?" He sat back down across from me as I once more opened my legs to show him my husband's sperm trickling in a tear from my now much larger pussy.

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       Compiritally, "how long ago?" I glanced at the clock, 'You know gramp,I saw you watching us and I saw what you were doing' a dirty flicker crossed his lips. "Another of our little secrets eh! You tormenting little hussy" I popped my legs open and shut a number of times until I could feel the spunk sticking on my inner thighs. "Little bitch you are" That dirty little grin again, "What would I do without you?"
     That's it.   

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