Alyssa Milano Kidnapped


Alyssa Milano Kidnapped
It was just your typical Saturday afternoon in Hollywood. Alyssa Milano was doing what any young girl with money would do, that is she is shopping at the local mall. As she makes her way through the mall, she is constantly stopped and asked for autographs and pictures which is obliges grudgingly. As she does so she thinks to herself “do I really need this sort of aggravation when all I really want to do is shop and pick up some really neat things?” As she is ready to leave and head home, she is walking in the parking lot towards her Hummer, her arms full of bags from the day’s shopping. As she nears her car, there is a black van parked next to her. As Alyssa puts down a few of her bags to get her car keys out, the side door of the van opens and out jumps to hooded figures one of which puts a rag containing chloroform. As Alyssa struggles to free herself from the inevitable, she slowing succumbs and passes out into the arms of the second hooded figure. They quickly dump her into the back of the van and grab up all the bags on the ground so as not to leave any clues of a struggle.
As the van makes its way out of the parking lot the driver comments on what a fine piece of ass this is, and are we gonna have fun getting her ready to be put on the market. After an hour or so the van pulls into the garage of a deserted mansion. They pull Alyssa out of the van still unconscious and carry down the stairs to the basement where she is dumped into a small room containing only a mattress. After what seems like forever, Alyssa Milano slowly comes to her head pounding like a hangover from a nights partying. She comes to realize that she has been kidnapped but isn’t sure why or for what reason. Slowly the door opens and in walks 3 hooded figures which further heightens her fears. As the self appointed leader informs Alyssa, “You have been chosen to be trained for sale at an auction in the Middle East”. “Your training will be determined by your cooperation, the more you resist the harder it will be for us to train you”.

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   Alyssa responds immediately saying “you’ll never get away with this once my manager knows my car is still in the parking lot he will have the local police and FBI out looking for me”. She is then informed that that isn’t going to happen since they took her car keys and moved the car to a garage outside of town where no one will find it. As fear once again takes over, Alyssa Milano tries to reason with her captors telling them that her manager will pay whatever amount of money they desire for her release. The hooded leader looks at his 2 accomplices and laughs saying “she doesn’t get it”. “Oh well enough talking it time for you to rest as your training will begin tomorrow and we wouldn’t want you to be too tired”. They walk out the door locking it behind them leaving Alyssa to wonder what her “training” will consist of.
Early the next morning, Alyssa is startled by the door opening up, and in walk 2 of the hooded kidnappers, this time they are dressed in leather and Alyssa couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge between their legs. “Good morning Alyssa Milano, we hope you slept well last night for now its time to begin your training. Alyssa backs herself against the wall and curls up into a little ball as if to become invisible. The 2 men grab her by the arms and lead her down a long hallway and then down a flight of stairs. As they reach the bottom, there before her is a huge metal door, one of the captors knocks on the door and soon it opens and Alyssa is led inside. Once inside, she becomes mortified at the equipment inside. The is an X cross on one wall a stock in the middle of the floor and chains hanging from the ceiling as well as chains anchored into the floor. On the far wall Alyssa eyes become huge as she notices the various implements of torture, such as the bullwhip, a riding crop, several rattans as well as an assortment of canes. The 2 men holding Alyssa Milano by the arms turn her towards a desk.

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   Seated behind the desk is the leader, he informs her that she is to be trained as a sex slave and will be sent overseas an auctioned off to the highest bidder. A cold fear sets in as Alyssa tries to sort out the latest information. Before she has much time to think the 2 men lead her to the middle of the floor, the captors holding her left arm raises it up and clamps it into the chain and cuff suspended from the ceiling. Despite her protests, she is simply no match for the 2 brutes, once her left arm is secured; the right arm is raised and locked into place. Alyssa valiantly tries to free her arms but it is no use. She suddenly feels hands grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart. She then hears the click as her legs are locked into the chains anchored on the floor. Now fully stretched out her arms starting to ache she is frozen by the leader approaching her with a knife the largest she has ever seen. Alyssa, he says “you won’t be needing these clothes any longer so we will help you out of them. He approaches her and grabs her silky white blouse and with one swoop of the knife cuts it in the middle from her belly to her neck. As Alyssa shrieks in terror, he proceeds to cut along the shoulders and watches as the blouse falls to the floor. He then takes the knife and grabs one of the pant legs and proceeds to cut from the ankle to her thin waist. He does the same to the other leg and now the pants join the blouse on the floor. Clad in only her bra and panties, Alyssa once again begs for mercy and again tells them that they can have all the money they want but not to hurt her. The leader laughs and puts the blade of the knife in the front of Alyssa Milano’s designer bra and with one motion cuts the bra in half, cutting the straps and allowing it to fall freely to the floor.

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   Ashamed, Alyssa tries to turn away from her captors to no avail, the hooded figure grabs her by the hair and turns her towards him as he puts the knife to her panties and cuts them away as well. Now completely naked and exposed for the world to see, one of the captors comes into the room with a movie camera telling her that they will be taping the session to send overseas so potential buyers can view her training.
Now it is time to begin your training. The words struck fear into her heart, as the leader walked over to the wall with the torture devices. Staring at them briefly, he decides and selects a 9’ bullwhip. “We will begin with 50 strokes of the bullwhip, 25 to your back and 25 to your front” “Where would you like us to begin, or should we choose?” “Alyssa cries out in fear, you can’t do this the police will catch up with all of you” “Never mind the chatter, since you can’t decide, I will” “We will start with 25 lashes on your back and ass. He slowly walks behind her, leaving her to wonder when this horrible deed will begin. As he raises the bullwhip he sends it hurling in the air and “Woosh” it strikes Alyssa right across the back and winds around her. Alyssa yells out in pain “please stop this” but the second blow comes quickly taking the air out of her lungs. And so it goes by the 18 lash, Alyssa Milano’s back and ass are marked with the signs of the bullwhip. As the last 5 lashes are applied, the 2 captors standing in front of her, drop their leather pants and there 8 or 9 rock hard dicks are exposed. This site brought Alyssa back to her senses, again fearing the worst. The leader, who had just finished whipping her, informs her that they are just looking and not allowed to touch her. This is some relief to a frightened Alyssa. As the leader walks in front of her she is reminded that she has 25 lashes coming to her front.

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   She recoils in fear but unable to move. Now she is able to see as well as hear the awful sound of the bullwhip passing through the air on it’s to a designated spot. As the whip is sent towards her, it strikes her in the stomach and again knocks the air out of her. Alyssa is given a few seconds to recover and then the 2nd lash is sent and lands squarely on her 34B tits. As Alyssa looks down she sees an ugly red welt across both of her tits, but once again the whip is hurled toward her and this one directly on both nipples causing her to jump back and pull even harder on her shackles. The beating continues until all 25 lashes have been applied. Her bruised tits are bleeding from the beating and her nipples are on fire. The captor tells her that she will have time to rest before the next session. Alyssa is taken down and led back to her room. She lay down and as she was about to fall asleep, the door opened the 2 hooded captors naked walked into the room. Alyssa reminds them that their leader told them could look but couldn’t touch, to which she is told that that only applied to her being shackled. As the men approach, Alyssa feels a sickness in her stomach of what was about to take place. She is roughly pulled off the bed and made to kneel in front of one of the captors. “Open you mouth bitch or I will force it open” Slowly Alyssa opened her mouth and the guard slammed his 9” rod all the way down her throat causing her to gag. “If you don’t swallow all of it, this mornings session will seem mild compared to what the next one will be”.


   As Alyssa worked this rod in her mouth, she could sense the explosion was coming shortly and then it happened. With one thrust this 9” rod let go its fury inside Alyssa Milano’s mouth again causing her gag, but remembering the warning she had received swallowed all of it as disgusting as it was. Having finished the one guard off, Alyssa is dragged to her feet and pushed face first against the wall causing her tits to rub against the rough concrete and causing extreme pain again. “Spread of legs bitch”, the second guard tells her and instinctively she spreads her legs as wide apart as possible. Without warning the 2nd guard rams his 8” pole into her virgin asshole causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. He continues to thrust in her until all 8” are buried deep inside her ass. As he begins to hump she continues screaming until all of a sudden she fells a warm sensation in her ass as the guard unloaded inside her. “Now that we’ve had some fun its time to clean you up and get ready for tonight’s session.
Alyssa is led to a shower and shoved inside and the water is turned on, to her displeasure only cold water is coming out of the pipes and she shrieks in horror as the water splashes on her cuts from the whip. After the shower she is taken back to her room and immediately falls asleep. She is awakened by the door opening and is startled hoping that the guards are not coming back to harass her again, instead they bring a meal and tell her she should eat all of it because it will be a long night. After dinner she is once again led down to the torture room, this time she is strapped to a chair making it impossible for her to move at all. As the leader enters the room, he tells her that her training is going well and that she may be leaving sooner rather than later. “Since you seem to have recovered from this morning session rather well, we will now begin tonight’s session. With that being said he approaches her and places to 2 alligator clips on Alyssa’s already sensitive nipples.

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   With a loud scream she jerks back in the chair as if to relieve the pressure. He then takes 2 more clips and places them on either side of her bruised pussy again causing her to yelp. Having done this he informs her that she must endure a different sort of pain as her potential master’s desire women who are able to endure multiple tortures and pain. Having said that he hooks the ends of the alligator clips to a device she has never seen before, with a flick of the wrist jolts of electricity course its way through her nipples and pussy causing her to jump in the air chair and all. After a few second brake the procedure is started again this time it is left on for a longer period of time. After this one, Alyssa Milano’s bladder lets loose and she pisses all over the floor. As soon as this happens, the clips are removed as well as the bindings and Alyssa is told to get on the floor and clean up her mess. Weakly she gets on the floor looking around for something to clean the floor with when she is informed that she will clean it with her tongue. “I will not”, she said defiantly, crack a 2” thick cane is dropped across her ass, and she is again told to clean up the mess. Quickly she puts her face on the floor and laps up her own urine. Having done that, Alyssa is now told that she is to endure one more session tonight and having passed it will be cleaned up and shipped out tomorrow. Two of the guards grab her and force her face down on the ground. She then hears a whirring sound and sees 4 shackles descending from the ceiling. The shackles are then attached to arms and legs and she is hoisted off the ground spread eagled face down. When she is off the ground several feet, the leader tells her future owners desire women with strong breasts and in order to prove there strength she will have clamps placed around her breasts and buckets will attached to the clamps.

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   The buckets will then be slowly filled with water, causing her breasts to stretch. Alyssa looks on in disbelief  as the clamps are firmly attached to her breasts. Just the clamps alone cause her swollen and tortured breasts pain, but the pain increases 10 fold when the buckets are attached. Her breasts are already beginning to stretch before the water is added. As the water fills the buckets, Alyssa Milano’s breasts feel as though they will fall from her body as the pain increases with the amount of water. After the buckets are half filled, her tits are stretched almost 6” and she continues screaming. Once 5 minutes have passed the buckets are removed as well as the clamps. “Well Alyssa, the captor informs her, you have passed all the tests and video will be sent to various persons overseas for them to view and then you will become the sex slave to only the wealthiest” With that having been said, Alyssa Milano is led back to her room, dressed in an elegant evening gown and put in the van and transported to the private airstrip where she is wisked off to a country unknown to her where she will be sold to the highest bidder.

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