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The production party had been going on for some hours now. All that was left were 10 management people that the sober ones had left behind. Everyone was talking loudly and laughing. Except Dave. Dave was watching Avril Lavigne, or more importantly Avril’s legs. He was drunk and full of lust. She was wearing the outfit for her CD ‘girlfriend’ and the looking damned sexy, as she always did.
Dave was concert organiser, he had arranged the offstage party and Dave wanted to fuck her. He scanned her legs from the knee high boots, up the lithe legs to the short tartan skirt. He thought about running his tongue up her inner thighs and eating her. “Dave! Not going to sleep just yet are you??” She laughed. She knew how much this guy had invested in her, and enjoyed the luxury of this place. He looked up startled from his ogling. “What? Erm a bit yes. ” She grinned “Do you want another drink? It’s my round. ” “OK Sure, it’ll wake me up” He smiled back.

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   As she got up, her bag fell over and her mobile phone fell out. He reached down and picked it up. Looked at it and plotted. Turning the phone off he put it in his jacket pocket. An hour and a half later, a lot drunker than before, Avril got up to leave. She waved goodbye and wished everyone a good night and such. Dave stood up. He knew this was the only time he would have a chance with the happily married pop idol. He had heard a few stories and gossip of too much drink and Avril, and he intended finding out for himself. “I’ll walk with you!” He held his hand out to Avril and she quickly grabbed it to help steady herself. Out in the open air, he pulled her closer as they walked and put his arm around her waist. “So Avril, how are you getting back to the hotel?” “I’m getting the limo to me at the radio station doors in half an hour” She started to search in her bag for her phone. Dave could feel its weight inside his coat. “Whats up?” he asked innocently. “My fucking phone?” She mumbled “My husband is out at his friends and I’m supposed to ring him on his mobile.

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  ” “I think I saw it on your dressing table when you was locking your door. ” “Oh no. Are you sure?” She looked fallen. “Positive!” He squeezed her waist “Come on, I’ll walk back with you!” Flirtingly she squeezed back and they headed off back to the dressing room. The Nightman examined their I. D. s and let them into the building. Avril kept constantly winding him up. “You alone with drunk little me in my dressing room” She winked “What will they say? Tongues will wag!” She giggled. Dave decided to make a small pass, letting his hand drop to her ass, he gave a quick squeeze and she giggled “Stop it! Come on!” Avril opened the door and Dave followed her in. She quickly looked around the room. As she bent over to look around the table and shelves, Dave made his move. His hand went up the back of her short skirt and between her thighs. She jumped up yelping and spinning around “Hey quit that!” Dave moved closer, blocking her against the desk “Sorry” he smiled “Couldn’t resist that!” He placed his hand on her waist and stared into her eyes. Avrils heart was still racing, but her drunkenness played the little joke off “Just you wait until Dick hears about it.

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   Pervey Dave made a pass at me” She laughed brushing his hand off her waist and turning back to check her desk again. Dave cock was hard in his pants, his heart beat heavily in his chest. Only one word went through his mind. Now! He moved his body forward and pushed her face-down over her dressing table. “Hey!” She screamed. One hand pinning her down, the other quickly reached down and flicked the back of her tartan skirt up and around her waist. He rammed his knee forward and stopped her from closing her thighs. “Dave no!” She begged “What are you doing?” His hand reached between her nylon clad thighs and ripped at the crotch. Her legs and hands started flailing, trying to get her attacker off. Grabbing her wrist he brought it up sharply behind her back, making her squeal. His free hand returned between her thighs and yanked her panty crotch aside. “Please Dave! Don’t!” Dave’s fingers groped her hair covered snatch and delved in deep. Inside she felt warm and damp, and Dave knew that he couldn’t go back now. “Relax Avril, you’ll enjoy it!” and with that he slowly started to fuck her with his fingers. Avril gritted her teeth against his invading fingers and silently begged for this to be over.

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   She thought of her husband, she thought of her daughter, she tried to think of anything else but what was happening to her. He could contain himself no further and withdrew his fingers. The sound of him unzipping his pants made her scream and fight anew. He ripped her pantyhose further and pulled her panties down and aside. She could feel his cock between her thighs, fiery hot and hard. “If you don’t relax, I might get the wrong hole!” She begged again and again “Please Dave don’t! I’m begging you. ” Through her struggles Dave continued to push further forward. Guiding himself, he forced his way between her ass cheeks, which made her scream louder. “Oh God! Dave! No please! No! Not there!” He leaned forward and hissed in her ear “Stop struggling and open your legs!” She hesitated and pushed forward again. Between her sobbing, Avril parted her thighs and Dave moved his cock further down. She could feel his fingers spreading her cunt lips wide and then she felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down her opening. She held her breath, waiting him. He plunged forward and speared her deep. It had been what Dave had been wanting since he had joined the business team for Avril over six months ago. She always wore short skirts, loved flashing bits of her body at the guys, someone need her to be made aware of what she was doing to guys, and here he was dick and balls deep inside her.

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   When he had surrendered to his lust he hadn’t cared about her struggling or pleading. He started to slowly pump his manhood deep inside her. She had stopped her screaming and fighting and just lay there while he fucked. Avril had her breath taken away by his entry. She was being fucked slow and hard, a good size cock inside her. She had imagined Dave to be small in the lower department, but this felt big. She lay there trying to get her mind back to what was happening while he fucked. Feeling no more resistance in her, Dave let her pinned wrist loose from her back and gripped her waist. He knew she didn’t want this to stop when he saw her hands move up grip the edge of her desk and push herself slightly back onto him. Avril’s thoughts swiftly floated through her senses. What the hell am I doing? Here he was fucking me. No, he’s raping me. God this feels good. Her mind was in turmoil. Her husband hadn’t even seen her in months and here was this guy who couldn’t get enough of her.

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   No, this guy was raping her. But despite her minds arguments, her body pushed back onto Dave again. He gripped her hips and pulled her back onto his thrust. She was his for the taking now and he was going to take every advantage he could. She felt him push deep into her and grind himself against her and she let out a small whimper . He did it again and she lifted her head up to moan. This time when he pushed forward she pushed back onto him and started to fuck him back. Avril was feeling herself coming close to orgasm. She knew she should stop, He was raping her for fucks sake! But he felt good, she was drunk. She needed this. She started to pant harder as she pushed onto him, little mumbles coming from her mouth. Dave rammed hard and deep, grinding himself. He could feel her clamping against his cock, making sure she felt everything. He could feel himself getting closer fucking her hard and deep. Holding himself inside and trying to twist deeper in.

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   Avril gripped the edge of the table, She could feel everything and she was enjoying it. Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was because she hadn’t had it in ages, maybe because she quite fancied Dave. Whatever the reasons, her body didn’t care and was almost at breaking point. She could feel the tingle from within, her knees were trembling “oh yess” she whisperedGripping her buttocks hard, Dave began to pound into her. Long strokes almost pulling out before impaling her again and again. He could feel her begin to orgasm as he brought himself to the edge. He was going to make sure she remembered this. With one hand he reached up and grabbed a handful of her long black hair. With the other hand he forced his thumb up her ass and then he came!Avril screamed as she felt him enter her backside, she felt his cock shuddering inside her, the warm cum pounding against her insides. Her thighs and cunt contracted viciously around him sucking him dry. She could feel holding himself in deep as the last cum pumped from him. The thumb was still in her ass, not as painful as she had expected, but still strange and unwelcome. Dave moved slowly inside her. He removed his thumb from her anus and let her hair go. Holding her hips, he pulled out and sat back onto her office chair, leaving her panting over the desk.

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   He sat there looking at the view. She looked great from this angle, knee length boots still on, legs slightly parted, ripped pantyhose covering just the tops of her thighs, skirt nowhere in sight. He grinned and took in the scene. Avril lay across the desk, panting. She couldn’t quite move just yet. Her energy levels were just gone. She could feel the warm afterglow of an orgasm that was beyond what she normally felt. “Oh God!That was soo good” She finally managed to say.
Dave smiled and said “Thanks girlfriend”.

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