Chloe Moretz, A Day In The Park


This is a work of complete fiction.   It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you.   No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where.   All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.


This story is based on the idea Chloe Moretz isn’t a celebrity.


Story Code: M/f, Oral


Chloe Moretz: A Day In The Park

By Muhabba


     “Hey mister, ya got any candy?”


     Tony looked up from his sandwich and saw a young girl standing about 4 ft. from his bench.   “Swell,” he thought.   “No sweetie.   I’m afraid not,” he said trying for a warm smile.   He’d chosen this secluded section of the park he found yesterday specifically to get away from people and enjoy his lunch in peace.   Specifically people this young girl’s age.   It wasn’t that he didn’t like children, it was just that he got enough of them managing his toy store.

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     The girl looked at Tony with a raised eyebrow, almost like she didn’t believe him.   She walked up closer to him, only a couple of feet away now and placed a hand on her hip and stared at him almost like she was deciding if he was lying or not.   She was a young girl, maybe a teenager, with curly blond hair, teal colored eyes and pink, pouting lips.   She was dressed in a school uniform with Mary Jane shoes over knee high socks, a plaid dress that reached just above her knobby knees, a white blouse with matching blazer.   She glanced up and down at him with a look of disbelief.


     “Are you sure you don’t have any candy, mister?” the girl asked.   She couldn’t figure out if he was lying or joking about the candy.   Why else would he be here?  She walked right up to him with a quick hop and landed right at his feet.


     Tony sighed with exasperation.   “No sweetie.   No candy today. ”


     “I’m Chloe.   Chloe Moretz,” the peppy blond said.


     Tony rolled his eyes and wrapped up his sandwich.   “Looks like I’ll have to finish in the break room,” he thought.

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    “I’m Tony. ”


     Chloe bent over at the waist, her face only a few inches from Tony’s.   “Are you suuuuurrrrrre you don’t got no candy, mister?” she asked again with a smirk.


     Tony reached into his lunch sack and pulled out a smaller bag with 2 cookies in it.   “No sweetie.   No candy.   Just a couple of cookies.   Now if you’ll excuse…”


     “That’ll do!” Chloe chirped falling quickly to her knees on top of Tony’s shoes.   Her small hands went to his belt and pants and began undoing them with skilled fingers.


     “Hey!” Tony yelled in alarm, reaching his hands to push the girl off of him.   “What are you doing you freak!”


     Chloe continued pulling at the front of Tony’s pants while her other hand swatted at Tony’s hands.   “I’m earnin’ my cookies, mister,” she said with all the enthusiasm a young girl can have.


     “What?  No, hey, stop… Ow!”  Tony’s hand recoiled for a moment as Chloe began pinching it to keep it away.


     “My cookies,” Chloe said and giggled.   With practiced ease she got the front of Tony’s pants open with only one hand, revealing his boxers.

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    She quickly pulled down the front of his boxers and freeing his soft cock.   The instant his dick hit open air she grasped it delicately in her small hands and pulled it into her warm, wet, eager mouth.


     “What the Fuckkkkk… oh wow,” Tony gasped.   He had no idea what was going on.   He lost all rational thought the instant his cock touched the beautiful, young girl’s tongue.   He struggled weakly at first, still stunned the small schoolgirl had fought him to suck his dick.   For cookies.


     Chloe sucked Tony’s dick into her mouth.   It was soft and fit easily into her mouth as she sucked it in.   She wrapped both of her hands around the base as she circled the tip with her wet tongue.   As Tony’s prick started to get hard she began to slowly bob her head up and down while moaning.


     Tony looked around the secluded area of the park.   “Is this a sting?” he wondered.   When no one showed up to arrest him he relaxed back into the bench to watch the young girl sucking his prick.   She pulled her blond hair back from her angelic face and tucked it behind her ears.


    She didn’t even bother to look at him, all of her attention was for her task.   “Earning cookies,” he muttered.


     Chloe pulled her head off of Tony’s now hard prick but she continued pulling at the base with her small, delicate hands.   “Unless you got some candy,” she said as she looked up at him expectantly with her wide, teal eyes.


     “No, no,” Tony stammered, not wanting her to stop.   Needing her to continue sucking him.   “Just… just cookies. ”


     Chloe stuck out her pink tongue and gave a long, slow lick from the base of Tony’s shaft to the tip.   “What kind?” she said, suddenly serious.


     “God!  Just suck my cock!” Tony thought desperately to himself as Chloe’s warm tongue circled the head of his prick.   “Choc… chocolate chip,” he stammered.


     Chloe bent her head down and worked at his heavy balls with her talented tongue and pink, pouty lips, bathing them in her warm saliva.   “Any nuts?” she asked, still completely serious.   She removed her head from his groin but continued pulling on his shaft.


     “What?” Tony exclaimed.

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     Chloe reached one of her small hands below his shaft and began massaging Tony’s cum filled sack.   “Nuts.   Are there any nuts in my cookies?” she asked sternly, her voice had the tone of an adult talking to a confused child.


     God, he needed back in her mouth.   “No, no.   No nuts, no nuts,” Tony said in a pleading voice.


     Chloe stopped her hands and glared up at Tony over the top of his throbbing cock.   “Better not be,” she said in a cute, threatening voice as she replaced her hands back onto his shaft and jacked him more firmly.   “Or I’ll punch you in the balls. ”


     Tony moaned out loud as Chloe dipped her head back down and began kissing his churning balls with her full, pink lips.   “No nuts, I swear.   No nuts. ”


     “Good,” Chloe said firmly as she licked Tony’s balls.   “I don’t like nuts in my cookies. ”  She bent down and kissed the head of his prick, feeling his pulse as it throbbed though his cock head against her lips.

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    She felt him gather her hair up more to get a good look at her face as she blew him.   “I don’t know why guys like that,” she thought as she slowly ran her lips down to the bottom of his shaft.   When her lips reached her hands jacking his base she switched down and gave a long, slow kiss with plenty of tongue to each of his balls.   Since she was still so young she knew she’d never get an adult’s balls into her mouth but most guys didn’t mind.   She ran her pouty lips back up the bottom of his shaft and when she reached the top she gave a slow kiss to his throbbing head, making sure to give it plenty of tongue as well.   She then repeated dragging her lips down the shaft except this time she switched to one side and once again tongued his balls before going back up and kissing the top again.   She repeated this over and over again, making sure to rub her lips across every little bit of his hard meat as well as tonguing his balls and cock head.


     “Oh God.   Oh God oh God oh God,” Tony panted as the young girl ran her lips over every inch of his prick and he gripped her long, silky hair.


     “Ow!  Stop it!” Chloe exclaimed.   “You’re pulling my hair!”


     Tony quickly released some slack for Chloe’s blond locks.   “Oh.   Sorry, sorry,” he pleaded.


     “No pulling my hair unless you’re riding me,” Chloe said sternly, glaring at him from around his throbbing dick.   “And you ain’t doin’ that for just a couple of lousy cookies.

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     “Sorry.   Sorry,” Tony said, not quite getting the significance of the young girl’s words.


     “You can hold my hair but no yanking.   And if you get excited and pull my hair when you cummin’ I’ll punch you in the balls,” Chloe said menacingly.


     “Ok, ok,” Tony continued to plead, desperate for Chloe to go back to blowing him.   “Anything.   I swear. ”


     “Better not,” Chloe said threatenly as she leaned back into Tony’s cock.   She opened her mouth wide and let him see the warm, wet, pink insides of her mouth before bending her head down and engulfing his swollen prick.   With practiced ease she took his dick past her pink lips, over her warm tongue and into her tight, wet throat.   She began swallowing the hard cock, taking it deep inside her until her nose was pressed against his pubic hair.   She released her hold on the base of his dick and filled her hands with his balls, massaging the sperm filled orbs.


     “Fuuuuuuuccccck…,” Tony whimpered as Chloe deep-throated him.

     He could feel her throat gripped around his prick as she tried to swallow him whole and her throat rippled around his dick.   “Oh God Fuck Fuck Fuck…,” he panted.

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        “Where the fuck did a girl this young girl learn to suck dick this good?” he thought to himself.   This was easily the best blow-job of his life.   All he had wanted was to enjoy his lunch in peace, away from the store, and before he knew what was happening he was attacked by a beautiful schoolgirl who wanted to suck his cock for cookies.


         Chloe held her head down on Tony’s cock, continuing to swallow his dick to make her throat ripple around his shaft.   She kept her head down for over a minute until she felt her lungs begin to burn.   She pulled her head up enough to breathe through her nose and sucked hard on the shaft, rubbing her tongue alone the bottom as she pulled her head up.   When only the tip remained she swirled her tongue around it before bobbing her head up and down slowly.   She wrapped one of her hands around the base and started twisting her wrist with every tug as she began jacking the shaft.


         “Yesyesyesyesyes…,” Tony chanted.


         Chloe released Tony’s cock from her mouth with a wet pop.   “And no fucking my face.   I hate that shit,” she said sternly.   “Do it and I’ll punch you in the balls. ”


         “Ok.   Yes.

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        Fine.   Anything,” Tony gasped in desperation.


         With a loud slurp Chloe went back to sucking Tony’s cock.   Her full, pink lips stretched around his cock and rubbed along the skin.   She continued working the base of his prick and balls with her skillful hands as she moaned deep in her throat and her talented tongue danced around the shaft.


         The schoolgirl’s moans sent vibrations coursing across Tony’s cock.   “Ohhhhh fuuuuuccccck,” he moaned out.   “Best fucking lunch, ever!”  He used his hands to guide Chloe’s head up and down and keep her hair out of her face so he could watch her sexy lips stretched around his dick.


         Chloe began bobbing her head up and down faster as she sucked harder on Tony’s throbbing meat.   She worked his shaft harder with her hand, lifting up as her face went down and her fist met her lips.   She rolled and massaged his cum filled balls more firmly, rolling the heavy orbs around in her palm as she gave one of her expert blow-jobs.   She could feel his balls tighten and his prick throb and knew he was about to cum.


         “Fuuuuuck!” Tony yelled out as he started to cum.   It took every ounce of will power he had not to grip Chloe’s head tight and fuck himself into her skilled mouth.   “I’m cummmmming!”  He shot his load into her mouth, amazed as she swallowed his thick load and didn’t miss a single drop.

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         Chloe swallowed nearly every shot of Tony’s thick load until she drained his balls dry.   She pulled his spent and softening cock from her mouth and opened wide, showing him his thick load in her mouth.   She closed her lips and made and exaggerated swallowing motion before opening her mouth again and showing Tony that her mouth was completely empty of his cum.


         Tony slumped down into the park bench, his soft prick dribbling out of his pants.   “Wow, Chloe.   You were amazing,” he smiled.


         “I know,” Chloe said matter of factly as she stood up facing off to the side and straightening her dress.   She held her hand out palm up and made an exaggerated grasping motion, not even looking at Tony as she wiped her chin with the back of her other hand.   “Cookies.   Gimmie. ”


         Tony grinned at Chloe’s confidence as he pulled his baggie of 2 cookies out and handed them to the cocky girl.   He began tucking his soft prick into his pants and straightening his clothes.   “So what would I have gotten if I did have candy?”


         Chloe looked at Tony with slitted eyes and a wolfish grin.   She turned facing him and with the hand not holding the sack of cookies she slowly lifted her plaid dress, showing her reddened knees, her pale thighs and her bald, little pussy.


         Tony licked his lips as he stared at Chloe’s tight, hairless slit nestled between her slender thighs.


        He looked up at her face and her devilish grin.   “You know, I own a toy store,” he said with and expectant grin.


         Chloe’s eyes lit up with delight and a large grin spread across her angelic face.   “You know, I’ve got friends. ”


    The End.

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