Deflowering the Princess


They all did another chunky line and were soon bouncing around the huge suite playfully. Natalie was holding a champagne bottle that every one was taking swigs from as they laughed. After a little while, Katie and Jennifer began to dance, still to Britney’s CD. The blonde didn’t notice at first but the girls were grinding pretty hard on each other as Natalie began to dance with her innocently enough. Britney noticed with a curious gaze, that Katie was grinding her thin waist into Jennifer’s sweet ass hard from behind while her hands held onto the brunette’s stomach and waist tightly. She convinced herself it was just normal “friend stuff” and seemed to forget about it as they all continued dancing around the room and acting goofy. The blonde’s heart was racing as she took a big swig from the bottle that Katie was now holding. Then Katie approached Jennifer as if to offer her some champagne but instead she poured the whole bottle over the actress’ beautiful face and down over her big pert breasts. They all laughed as Jennifer opened another bottle and chased Katie all around the room; eventually cornering the doe eyed beauty and spraying her thoroughly.
Britney then noticed Jennifer’s awesome breasts were plainly visible through her soaked white shirt and found herself admiring them. As if on cue, Jennifer peeled her sticky shirt off, as did Katie and they toweled themselves off as they giggled breathlessly. Britney’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as Katie began to towel off Jennifer’s tits, while joking in a manly voice “let me help you out there”.
She then screamed as Natalie suddenly poured a whole bottle of champagne over her head from behind. She tried to spin away but the older girl wrapped an arm around her waist as she emptied the bottle. Britney squirmed and laughed hysterically as the bubbly soaked her completely before Natalie let her go. They then cheered Jennifer on as she sprayed Natalie down, leaving all of them a bit of a mess.

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The naïve blonde was flying as she found herself eyeing Jennifer and Katie’s half nude bodies lustily. She’d never even considered fooling around with another girl before, hell, she’d only been with two guys in her life, but there was no denying the tingling in her panties. Again displaying perfect timing, Natalie began to dance close behind Britney with her hands firmly planted on her tight waist. Her head was spinning as she slowly began to sway in unison with the gorgeous brunette. Then Jennifer and Katie stepped in front of her and both shot her a sexy glare as they wrapped their arms around each other. Britney again gasped as they began to kiss passionately while Natalie ground her pelvis into her tight as rhythmically. She watched in a daze as Katie began to pinch and squeeze Jennifer’s perfect tits as they continued to kiss deeply.
Britney cooed as Natalie gently kissed her neck as her hands softly rubbed her flat belly. Natalie then took one of Britney’s earlobes into her hot mouth as Katie removed Jennifer’s bra and began to suck her big breasts. The blonde moaned out as Natalie slid her hands up onto her firm C-cup tits and squeezed them powerfully. She watched as Jennifer took Katie’s nice nipples into her mouth as Natalie worked her breasts wonderfully.
Natalie then peeled Britney’s tight shirt off and removed the nervous girl’s satiny bra as Katie got behind Jennifer, facing the blonde only about a foot away. Jennifer and Britney stared deeply into each other’s eyes as Katie and Natalie both resumed their assault on their awesome tits as they began to kiss their necks. Britney had never been hotter in her life as she melted into her new lover; Natalie’s experienced hands tweaking and teasing the blonde’s quarter sized pink nipples. Her whole body quivered as she felt Natalie slide her hands down her bare stomach while simultaneously watching Katie do the same to Jennifer.

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A moment later her pants were gone, along with Jennifer’s and she stared lustily at the brunette’s neatly trimmed but thick brown bush. Britney yelped as Natalie gripped her g-string tightly from behind and yanked it hard, the blonde’s swollen pussy swallowing some cotton while she whispered into her ear, “Do you like her tits?” Britney shuddered deeply and hissed back “They’re perfect. ” “Do you want to touch them?” asked the elegant brunette. “Oh yes” panted the blonde and with that Natalie guided her trembling hands up to Jennifer’s round breasts. Britney immediately began to squeeze Jennifer’s firm breasts, gently at first but as her confidence and curiosity grew she massaged them harder. The blonde rotated her hips smoothly as Natalie continued to tug her g-string hard while she explored Jennifer’s sweet tits with wonder.
After a few minutes Natalie spun Britney around and backed her against a wall. She ordered the blonde to take off her shirt as she kept her beautiful face just an inch away. Britney’s hands shook as she unbuttoned Natalie’s blouse and slipped it off. “Now my bra” added the older girl, and Britney nervously reached around and unhooked her clasp, shuddering as Natalie’s pretty B-cup tits came into view. Britney moaned out as the girl started to grind her breasts into hers forcefully. The brunette then moved in to kiss the eager blonde but stopped just short, teasing her madly as she ran her tongue softly over Britney’s bottom lip. Natalie continued to drive her prey wild as she began to kiss her neck; running her fickle tongue up over her chin and around her open mouth repeatedly. She then took the blonde’s bottom lip between hers and sucked it gently for nearly thirty seconds before pausing momentarily and then finally planting a passionate kiss on her hot mouth. Britney’s whole body trembled as Natalie’s tongue washed over hers while they mashed their mouths together for a long while.

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Katie meanwhile had Jennifer bent over slightly and was stroking the girl’s wet pussy from behind with her right hand while her left held her friend’s head up tightly by her hair. Jennifer whimpered meekly as Katie jerked her head around roughly every so often and worked her dripping cunt like a pro.
Natalie then kissed Britney again as she peeled the blonde’s drenched panties off and began to squeeze her bare ass. The blonde then cooed as Natalie broke the kiss and started to stroke her steamy pussy gently. She then brought her face so close to Britney’s that their noses were touching and she stared unblinkingly into her new lover’s soft brown eyes as her delicate fingers picked up the pace. Britney was soon moaning loudly and squirming beneath Natalie’s relentless manipulations, her tight hips pumping and thrusting as the brunette massaged her flowing pussy. “Are you gonna come for me, Britney?” The blonde didn’t answer, or simply was unable to. Natalie’s fingers were a blur as Britney’s moans and gyrations continued to grow. “Yeah, let me hear it, you little slut, let me hear you come” hissed Natalie. As if on cue, Britney’s cherubic face contorted and her entire body began to quake as her orgasm hit like a runaway train. Natalie kept her pinned to the wall and continued talking “that’s my little whore” as Britney’s orgasm rumbled through every part of her twitching body, lasting over a full minute. Natalie kissed Britney deep again as she finally slowed the pace of her tireless hand.
The blonde sighed deeply and opened her pretty eyes to see Natalie smiling sweetly at her. The two of them watched as Katie pumped two fingers into Jennifer while still holding the brunette’s hair tightly. A few moments later they all made their way over to the big sofa where Britney and Katie sat down next to each other.

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   Jennifer quickly straddled Britney’s lap as Natalie knelt down in front of Katie and spread her long legs wide.
Jennifer interlocked hands with Britney and made slow circles as she stared coyly at the beautiful blonde. Natalie slowly started to kiss the inside of Katie’s thighs as Jennifer pinned Britney’s hands to the back of the sofa. “So you like my tits, huh?” she asked teasingly as she moved her beauties inches from the blonde’s dazed face. Britney nodded dumbly before Jennifer brushed her breasts across her face one time. The brunette then pushed one big breast against Britney’s mouth and gasped as the blonde closed her lips around her sensitive nipple. After a brief moment she pulled back, her titty jiggling back into place after slipping out of Britney’s hot mouth as she kept the girl’s hands pinned and stared at her with a wry smile. She then leaned forward again, holding her stare as Britney started to suckle one of her gorgeous tits lovingly.
Jennifer then let Britney’s hands go and cradled the blonde’s head as she sucked on her breasts hungrily. The blonde immediately grabbed her friend’s tiny ass as she alternated on the whimpering hottie’s luscious nipples. Jennifer then reached back and began to stroke Britney’s soaking honey-blonde pussy as she watched her lover closely. Britney whimpered as she sucked and felt the actress’ magnificent breasts passionately.
After a few minutes Jennifer pried Britney’s head away from her chest and slid her glistening fingers fresh from the blonde’s wet pussy into the girl’s mouth. Britney groaned and stared up at Jennifer as the brunette fingered her mouth smoothly. Jennifer then slowly pulled her fingers from the girl’s mouth and guided her hand down to her hot pussy.

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   She kept her stare locked on Britney’s soft brown eyes as she began to lightly rub her swollen lips with the blonde’s trembling fingers.
She soon took her hand away and panted as she started to ride the younger girl’s inexperienced but eager hand. Britney stared up at the gorgeous actress in wonder as she manipulated the brunette’s enflamed clit excitedly and began to squeeze one of her tits tightly. It wasn’t long before Jennifer was moaning out and riding Britney’s hand frantically, her big tits bouncing and brushing the blonde’s beautiful face often. Only after a wild ride did Jennifer finally slow down, cradling Britney’s head and kissing her passionately as she did so.
They broke after a long kiss and the brunette kept her face close as she purred “do you want to taste me?” Britney shuttered at the question and nodded slowly. Jennifer then stood up, putting her beautiful, inviting pussy right in Britney’s line of sight as she slid both her hands down and spread her puffy lips. The blonde could only stare dumbly as her friend lightly started to rub her clit, cooing as she did so. Jennifer stared down at Britney and asked teasingly, “Do you want to lick my pussy?” Britney could take no more and moved her flushed face towards Jennifer’s luscious cunt, only to be stopped by the brunette’s hand. “First you’re gonna lick my ass, bitch” snapped the brunette as she spun around, offering her tiny, firm ass.
Britney never hesitated and began to squeeze and kiss her friend’s tight ass cheeks. Jennifer sighed as Britney soon spread her cheeks wide and softly fluttered her tongue over the girl’s puckered brown asshole. Britney was on fire as Jennifer pushed her sweet ass back into her face steadily. She then slipped her tongue into the brunette’s ass, eliciting a moan as she began to probe deeper. After a short while Britney had Jennifer gasping and whimpering as the brunette ground her ass hard into the singer’s pretty face, forcing her tongue deep inside her.

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   Jennifer was moaning loudly as Britney tongue-fucked her ass and the brunette leaned back harder and harder until she was practically sitting on the blonde’s angelic face.
Katie meanwhile was going nuts, flopping around and wailing while Natalie held her long legs wide open and devoured her flowing pussy expertly. After a long while, Jennifer pulled her hot little ass from Britney’s mouth as Katie grabbed Natalie and kissed her lover deeply.
Katie and Natalie then pulled the panting blonde down off the couch and laid her down on the soft carpet. They quickly positioned themselves between her trembling legs as Jennifer lay down alongside her and wrapped one arm behind the younger girl’s neck and began to kiss her slowly. Britney’s whole body quivered noticeably as the two girls began to gently kiss all around her neatly trimmed dirty blonde mound while Jennifer squeezed one breast and suckled on her smooth neck.
“So there it is …” teased Katie “…the holy grail” she joked, referring to Britney’s steamy cunt as she playfully bit Natalie’s earlobe. She then lightly traced her index finger over the blonde’s swollen pussy lips a few times as Natalie watched closely. Jennifer meanwhile was sucking passionately on the Sapphic virgin’s mighty breasts, alternating on her hard pink nipples. Britney then gasped as Katie slowly sunk a slender finger deep inside her and rotated it deliberately before just as slowly pulling it out. The doe eyed brunette then slid the same finger right into Natalie’s mouth. Natalie groaned lustily as she sucked her friend’s finger clean. “Does she taste as good as she looks?” asked Katie. Natalie responded by diving eagerly into Britney’ sweet pussy. Britney moaned out and her body spasmed as her lover’s mouth connected with her heat.


   A few moments later Katie pulled Natalie’s beautiful face away and started to lap at the blonde’s dripping cunt.
Britney was lost in an ecstasy she hadn’t known was possible. Jennifer squeezed and tweaked her tits roughly while cradling her face and talking to her while Natalie and Katie simultaneously ate her out wildly. The two brunettes washed their tongues over the blonde’s drenched snatch as they each began to finger her tight cunt. Britney’s breathing was wildly erratic as her orgasms began to flow together. The lithe blonde came for nearly five minutes straight, thrashing her hips so spastically that they had to hold her down as they continued to assault her.
The three then wordlessly got up and sat down on the couch with Katie in the middle. They spread their legs, Jennifer and Natalie draping their inside legs over Katie’s. Britney needed no further instruction as she collected herself and slowly crawled toward the couch and the three beautiful pussies awaiting her. As she got to the couch Katie spoke. “Kiss my feet. ” Britney quickly grabbed hold of the beauty’s right foot and began to lightly kiss all around it. The three brunettes watched intently as the eager blonde started to suck hungrily on Katie’s pretty toes, sliding her tongue between and around them actively. A few moments later Jennifer pushed one of her delicate feet into Britney’s face, quickly followed by Natalie and soon Britney was kissing and licking all of their feet lovingly. Britney’s unbelievable passion continued to mount as she went from foot to foot and toe to toe trying to please her new lovers.

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Katie then wrapped one of her feet around the back of the blonde’s head and pulled her slowly between her legs. Britney was mesmerized by the beautiful perfection that was Katie’s pussy, growing closer by the second. The sight and sweet musky scent were nearly more than she could handle as she tried to keep some semblance of her senses. In an instant Katie let out a trembling groan as Britney’s bubble gum tongue ran up the length of her enflamed labia. Natalie and Jennifer stared down lustily as Britney focused all her attention on Katie’s gorgeous cunt. As her tongue probed deeper into the beautiful brunette’s soft pink flesh, Britney swore she was tasting honey or something even sweeter, if possible. Katie’s chest heaved erratically and she grabbed Britney’s head tightly and watched as the young girl’s tonguing grew in confidence and fervor.
It didn’t take long before she was sucking and eating Katie’s pussy wildly, savoring her sweet juices as they trickled over her chin and down her throat. The beautiful brunette’s hips began to thrash as Jennifer and Natalie started to suck her eraser sized nipples and Britney ate her like a pro. Without warning Natalie pried the blonde’s head from Katie’s burning pussy and jammed her between her legs. Britney began to devour the new soaking cunt offered her as Natalie moaned loudly. “I told you…” panted Katie “I told you she wanted pussy. ” Her beautiful friend could only whimper and moan as the blonde went to town on her flowing snatch. Jennifer could take no more and violently yanked Britney’s head and jammed her pussy into the girl’s glazed face. The eager blonde began to stroke Katie’s juicy cunt as she ate Jennifer like an animal.

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After a short while she returned her tireless mouth to Katie’s cunt as she began to finger both Natalie and Jennifer. All three gorgeous brunettes were moaning and squealing as Britney alternated eating and fingering them for about twenty minutes, bringing each of them to at least one climax. Britney, for her part, was in heaven. She reveled in eating out the three beautiful actresses; loved their smell, their taste and loved making them moan and come. Her only regret was not having tried this sooner, though she figured with this night alone she was making up for lost time.
Jennifer then slowly slid off the couch and pushed Britney gently down on all fours, resting her glazed face on the soft carpet. She knelt over the blonde’s arched back facing her hot, tight ass and began to softly caress her firm round cheeks. Britney just sighed deeply and smiled as Jennifer massaged her sweet ass lovingly. “Does that feel nice?” the brunette asked sweetly. Britney murmured lowly “mmmmmm…hmmmm”.
As soon as Britney’s answer ended Jennifer, without warning, landed a hard crisp smack on one of her prone cheeks. The blonde yelped in response to the stinging blow but did not complain. Jennifer then suddenly cracked her other cheek even harder, this time causing the blonde to jerk her whole body, before returning to her gentle massaging. It didn’t take long for Jennifer’s blows to come more frequently and with more and more force. Britney squealed and panted as the brunette spanked her hard for a few minutes, turning her pale ass cheeks a bright shade of red, before kissing them all over to relieve some of the stinging.


Jennifer then suddenly moved off the blonde and as she turned around, Britney got the shock of her life. Katie and Natalie were standing there wearing identical huge black strap-on dildos. The young girl’s brown eyes bulged at the unthinkable sight as Katie slowly approached her and sat her down on the couch, while taking a seat right next to her. She tried to say something but was cut off before she could start by a long, deep kiss from her gorgeous friend. As they kissed, Katie guided Britney’s hand down to the dildo and she instinctively gripped it’s impressive girth. As she broke the kiss, the older girl said softly “Watch” as she nodded toward Jennifer and Natalie.
Britney held onto Katie’s dildo as her focus shifted to the two other girls, who were locked in a hot kiss themselves. Jennifer then effortlessly dropped to her knees as Natalie held her head and took her ten inch tool in her delicate hand. She began to slide the dildo gently all over Jennifer’s pretty face before gently slapping the girl’s pouty lips. The beautiful girl’s demeanor then changed instantly as she pulled hard on Jennifer’s hair and slapped her face harder and harder. The prone girl whimpered until she was gagged as Natalie shoved her strap-on deep down her throat and began to fuck her mouth spastically.
Britney watched closely, in a trance, as Jennifer struggled to swallow as much of her lover’s dildo as she could. “Stroke it,” whispered Katie softly as she started to tweak one of Britney’s hard pink nipples. Almost semi-consciously the blonde began to glide her hand up and down the length of the huge rubber cock in her hand while her eyes remained fixated on the other two girls.
Natalie relented a little and allowed Jennifer to slurp away at her own pace, which was still frenetic but a little more controlled.


   Britney was unaware of her own pace quickening in time with Jennifer’s but Katie noticed and allowed herself a sly smile.
After a long while Natalie pulled her dildo from her lover’s mouth and roughly pushed her down onto the floor. Jennifer panted wildly and stared up in desperate anticipation as her friend knelt between her legs and began to rub the huge black head against her velvety cunt lips. The dominant brunette then reached down and started to twist and pull one of Jennifer’s beautiful tits hard, eliciting louder whimpers and squeals.
Britney continued to watch in amazed ecstasy as Natalie suddenly and forcefully buried the giant cock to the hilt in the writhing girl beneath her. Jennifer squealed like an injured animal and reached up to grab Natalie’s thin torso. The younger girl slapped her hands away and pinned them to the carpet over her head as she started to drive the massive length of the rubber monster at a frantic pace.
Britney then felt her pussy loose a new flood of fragrant juices as Natalie locked eyes with her and continued to pound Jennifer ruthlessly. After an unbroken stare of a couple minutes the brunette said nastily “What the fuck are you waiting for, start sucking bitch. ” Britney immediately got up on all fours so she could still watch the other girls and began to slurp away at Katie’s swaying monster. Katie began to stroke the blonde’s dripping pussy as she blew her noisily.
Katie then quickly jumped up and sat Britney on the couch as she spread her lover’s sexy legs and knelt on the floor before her. Natalie meanwhile turned Jennifer over on all fours and tied her hands behind her back with some discarded piece of clothing. Jennifer screamed again as her lover then picked her head up and resumed fucking her savagely from behind.
Katie held Britney’s legs high and wide by her ankles and said, “Play with your pussy.

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  ” Britney stared up at her with much the same look Jennifer had given Natalie just a few minutes before and started to rub her glistening slit. Britney then groaned throatily as Katie slipped two slender fingers inside her and began to fuck her smoothly. After a minute or two, the sweet brunette pulled her fingers from Britney and fed them to the blonde as she simultaneously pushed half the mighty dildo up inside her. Britney’s eyes rolled back in her head and her arms reached out blindly, her hands gripping desperately at the air as her senses overloaded.
Jennifer watched through her squinted eyes as Natalie held her whole upper body up by her hair and continued her brutal fucking from behind.
With each steady thrust, Katie drove the giant dildo deeper and deeper into Britney’s impossibly tight cunt until she was rhythmically fucking her with it’s full length. Britney was gone. Her whole body was in spasm as her little pussy stretched to accommodate the invading monster. She became unaware of everything except the amazing sensation of Katie’s powerful fucking. Her entire body wrenched tightly as orgasm after orgasm shook her to her very core like tremendous earthquakes leveling a city. Katie continued her relentless pounding, holding tight to the blonde’s bouncing breasts as she stared at her beautiful contorted face.
Katie fucked Britney like that for about ten minutes, the blonde girl coming the entire time, only faintly feeling the huge dildo finally slip out of her numbed cunt. As she slowly came back to her senses she was greeted by a long warm kiss from Katie who afterwards smiled sweetly and stroked her face lovingly. She became aware of Jennifer on the couch next to her with Natalie’s dildo still lodged in her abused pussy as the two brunettes kissed each other gently. Her whole body ached from her ridiculous orgasms and her pussy was throbbing but her overriding feeling was of total fulfillment.

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The four stars lay together on the couch for some time, kissing gently and cuddling each other as the awesome sexual inferno they had kindled slowly burned out … for the time being anyway.
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