(FULL STORY, ERROR CORRECTED) Thank You Mrs. Perry (A Kesha/Katy Perry Fable)


Thank You Mrs. Perry (For The Extra Ribbed Double Dildo That You Gave Me)


by: Videotone113


(Kesha Sebert, Katy Perry - MF, FF, Orgy, Slut, Cons, Oral, Anal, Toys)




DISCLAIMER- Do not read if you are under 18 or are easily offended by sexually explicit material.





AUTHOR'S NOTE- This is my first time writing and i would greatly appreciate any and all feedback, also i am planning a sequel, i will get to it when i can, if i get positive feedback from this one it will definitely jump start me to write the sequel faster, thank you and enjoy.




Kesha slowly awoke from the long drunken stupor she had experienced the night before, she found herself soaking in a cold bathtub completely naked, evidentially she was bathing (completely wasted) and fell asleep. The room was a complete mess, there were empty champagne bottles and articles of clothing strewn all around. Kesha pulled herself up a bit, the cold water falling down her naked tits, she looked around and saw that everyone had cleared out, she slumped back in the tub 


"wow guys thanks for waking me up" she said to herself as she laid back. Suddenly she felt a great sensation, an empty bottle of Jack Daniels had rubbed against her clit, this reminded Kesha that she had somehow managed to not get laid last night, she pouted a bit but then decided to take matters into her own hands, she slumped a little further into the bath and slid her right hand down into the cold water, she stroked her leg and then rubbed gently over her pussy. It felt so good, Kesha had gone hours without feeling someone inside of her and her sexual frustration was reaching a boiling point, she began slowly moving her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, she started moving them faster and faster. Kesha began moaning and breathing very deeply, she then took her other hand and began massaging her clit


"oh god yes" Kesha said as she closed her eyes, she continued to massage her now throbbing pussy as she removed her right hand and began sucking her warm juices off of her fingers, she then reinserted them now soaked with her own saliva and started moving them faster and faster, she could tell she was nearing an orgasm when she heard a loud knock at the door.


"FUCK!" she exclaimed to herself as she took away both hands, she pulled herself out of the bath and started dripping all over the floor, she quickly searched the room for a towel and found a couple used ones lying on the ground, she picked them up and dried herself off just a bit, and then scrounged for clothes, she managed to find a very loose deep v neck shirt, and a pair of panties (neither of which were hers) she decided that the shirt was long enough to act as a dress and she was fine to answer the door. The loud knock came again and she rushed out of the bathroom almost slipping on the water to answer it, her new pair of panties were beginning to get wet as her pussy was still dripping from her fun in the bath. She opened the door and saw that it was two hotel room service men, she motioned for them to come in, they pushed  silver cart in front of them with a tray on it


"ma'am your room service is here" the dark haired man said


"i dont remember ordering any room service" Kesha said uneasily, but it was not completely out of the realm of possibility that in a drunken stupor she had ordered something and then passed out and forgot


"there was a note attached with the meal, the blonde haired man said, he opened the envelope and began reading, "Kesha, i had an amazing time last night, you and i need to get together and throw parties like that more often, sorry i had to leave so early but i had a photo shoot in Paris i had to get to, i figured id send you up a little food and company so you wouldnt miss me too much, your best friend, Katy" The man finished and placed the letter back in the envelop and dropped it next to the plate, Kesha chuckled to herself as the events from the night before began to develop in her mind. Kesha and her best friend Katy Perry thought it would be fun to celebrate the release of Katy's new single with a big party, they invited tons of people and even had the cops called, she then started to vaguely remember getting in the bath with Katy and a couple of other girls from the party, but she remembered wearing a swimsuit, "oh well" she thought to herself as she let the memories end.


"that was so nice of her i am starving thank you" Kesha said as she pulled the cart a little closer, "i wonder whats on the menu" she said as she removed the top, she blushed with embarrassment when before her stood: a toasted club sandwich with no mayo, a bag of Funyons, a fresh bottle of Jack Daniels, and a 9 inch pink ribbed dildo, the two men also look obviously embarrassed.


"Mrs. Perry, paid us extra to include the uh… well you know" the dark haired man said as he looked towards the floor


"yes we hope you arent too upset, please dont tell the manager, Mrs.

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   Perry told us you would find it amusing" echoed the blonde man, Kesha wasnt upset at all, in fact the only thing that was upsetting her was the fact that she was still so horny from being interrupted earlier, this was the perfect gift, thank you Katy. Still Kesha was bored and thought it was time to have a little fun.


"this is HIGHLY insulting" Kesha said sternly, "how do you think it feels to have two complete strangers bring me this disgusting sex toy" suddenly both men looked up at her with terror in their eyes "i am a chart topping performer, do you know what could happen to my reputation if the media were to see this?" Kesha looked at them intimidatingly, the blonde man began to apologize but was cut off "and how do i even know this IS from Mrs. Perry? how do i know this isnt some idiotic scheme from two low life hotel employees like YOU"


"Kesha please…" the dark haired man started


"THAT IS MS. SEBERT TO YOU" Kesha barked


"I apologize… Ms. Sebert" the dark haired man said


"Please Ms. Sebert, we promise this was not our idea, Mrs. Perry paid us each 200 dollars to bring this up to you, she wrote the note herself, you can read it if you like" the blonde man said as he held the note out to her, but Kesha angrily slapped it away


"you have 2 options" Kesha started as she look at both men who were obviously completely terrified "option 1. i take this tray down to the front desk and inform them that Michael and Simon" she said reading their name tags "brought this item up to me in an attempt to seduce or even possibly rape me" both men jumped in fear and began begging for her not to


"OR" Kesha began "option 2. " both men waited to hear what option 2 could be, it HAD to be better than option 1 "you two show me how to use this thing" Kesha said this and gave the men a wink, the two men looked at each other and both decided to pick option 2


"alright then stand up and follow me" Kesha said as she turned and walked into one of the other rooms "AND DONT FORGET MRS. PERRY'S PRESENT" she shouted back, Michael (the blonde) turned around and grabbed the dildo from the tray and hurried to catch up with his friend. The two men entered the room and found Kesha sitting with her legs open on a couch, they both looked at her not knowing what to do, "well come on are you going to stare at me or fuck me" Kesha said raising her eyebrows, Simon stepped forward and grabbed the dildo from Michael, he got down on his knees and began massaging Kesha's warm pussy through her cotton panties


"mmmmm theres a good boy" Kesha moaned as she leaned her head back, Michael stepped forward so he could get a better view, Kesha continued moaning and began massaging her tits as Simon rubbed her hot pussy.

Kesha's panties started becoming soaked and Kesha called Michael to come over next to her


"take out your dick" she said between moans, Michael followed instruction and unzipped his pants, he retrieved his dick which was already rock hard, Kesha spit on her hand and slowly began stroking it, she then turned over so that her ass was in Simon's face and she started sucking Michael's dick. Simon continued to rub Kesha's soaking pussy through her panties which were now completely wet and dripping, Kesha reached down and started taking them off, Simon took his cue and removed them the rest of the way as Kesha returned to focusing on Michael's dick, she took her left hand and started massaging his balls as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, her soft pink lips moving slowly back and forth over his cock, Michael began to moan as Kesha slowly dragged the tip of her tongue up the bottom of his dick, she then engulfed the rest of his cock taking it all the way to the back of her throat, then suddenly she jumped as she felt Simon inserting the large dildo into her, she began bucking against it while simultaneously sucking Michael's cock.


"put it in my ass" Kesha said moaning as she removed Michael's saliva covered dick from her mouth, Simon did as he was told retracting the pink dildo from Kesha's puffy, frothing pussy and slowly inserting it into her ass, Kesha let out an audible moan and moved her right hand down to rub her clit, as Simon began moving the dildo in and out of her ass he moved his mouth over to Kesha's pussy and began shoving his tongue deep inside her hole, making her moan even louder.

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"oh god im going to cum soon" Michael said, Kesha removed his dick and told him to switch places with Simon, Simon came up and took out his rock hard dick and Kesha promptly stuck it in her mouth, Michael then knelt down and began licking Kesha's pussy and operating the large sex toy in her ass. Just as Kesha began to really get into the heat of things she heard a loud laugh coming from the open doorway.


"wow, not quite how i thought you'd use my gift but im glad you're enjoying it" all three stopped and turned around to see a voluptuous Katy Perry standing in a tight yellow mini dress and black high-heeled boots, "my flight got cancelled, the next one isnt until tomorrow afternoon, you cant imagine how pissed i was, but it looks like it was a blessing in disguise…that is if no one object to me joining in" Katy said as she put her hands on her hips.


"no way come on in, i was just teaching my new boy toys how to please a woman" Kesha responded still holding Simon's dick in her hand


"ohhhh sounds fun" Katy said as she unzipped the dress and pulled it up over her head revealing her massive tits held by a flimsy black bra and her pair of black lace panties, she walked forward and began making out with Kesha who turned around and took her hand away from her clit to massage her friends tits, Kesha started to re-jerk off Simon and Michael took a hint and returned to eating Kesha out and manipulating her ass. Kesha reached around and unclasped Katy's busting bra and released her tits, she tossed the bra across the room and started sucking at Katy's nipples, Katy reached across and removed Kesha's hand from Simon's cock and replaced it with her mouth, Kesha took her now freed hand and placed it between Katy's legs rubbing her pussy through her black panties, almost simultaneously Michael decided to take a brave step and place his hand on Katy's firm ass, she moaned in pleasure but then realizing it wasn't Kesha's hand she stopped and took Simon's cock out of her mouth.


"hey you can look but you can't touch, it looks like someone needs to be punished" Michael took his hand away frightened, fearful he would be expelled from the room. Katy climbed off of her friend and got down between her legs, she then pulled down her panties and tossed them away, she put her toned ass right in Michael's face, "well don't just stare at it, eat it!" Katy exclaimed, excitedly Michael followed his orders and began eating Katy's ass, Katy moaned with pleasure and began eating out Kesha, she also began operating the pink dildo still stuck in Kesha's ass, Kesha started moaning loudly, but then she noticed no one was paying Simon's dick any attention, Kesha led Simon over around the couch and next to her, she tilted her head and started sucking his dick, she started slow, sucking on his head, she took her mouth away and pushed her tongue out, she started licking all over his dick before shoving all of it back deep into her mouth, she started moaning with pleasure feeling Katy's tongue inside of her who was also moaning with pleasure feeling Michael's tongue deep in her ass, Kesha took Simon's dick out of her mouth and started jerking him off, she then lifted his cock and placed his balls in her mouth, gently she sucked on them while she stroked her hand up and down his shaft.


"mmmmmmm ohhh Michael yes, fuck my ass, come on stick it in" Katy moaned through a haze of ecstasy, Michael complied and slowly put his dick inside Katy's ass, he started fucking her roughly, moving her back and forth which added to the intense pleasure Kesha was receiving from her friend's tongue.


"mmmmm Katy yes oh god" Kesha moaned while Katy breathed deeply and grunted loudly basking in the pain and pleasure of the hard ass fucking she was receiving


"that seems like fun, i want a turn" Kesha said as she led Simon away from her mouth, she pushed katy off, pulled the large dildo out of her ass and turned over, she began waving her ass at Simon who spared no time shoving his spit lubed dick into her tight ass, Katy was now face down on the floor with her ass sticking high into the air still being fucked stupid by Michael, Katy's face was rubbing hard against the expensive carpet of the hotel room and she started drooling completely lost in her intense pleasure, Simon with a new found place of power grabbed Kesha by the neck and forced her head down into the couch, bending her completely over, he started fucking her like a jackhammer which made Kesha yelp out in pain however seconds later she yelled "DONT STOP, DONT STOP, HARDER" to which Simon eagerly abided, Michael feeling the same surge of power as Simon grabbed a large tuft of Katy's jet black hair and picked her head up, drool still falling from her soft red lips, her eyes half rolled back in her head, she looked almost zombified, as if in some trance of euphoric delight, Katy started to come back and lifted her arms beneath her to balance but Michael quickly swept them back down and her upper body collapsed with a thud, Katy didnt care thought, all she wanted was for Michael to fuck her as hard as he could, Kesha's face was buried deep in the soft cushions of the expensive couch, her forehead was drenched with sweat and tears were beginning to roll down her face, she was in absolute heaven, Simon reached down and began kneading her medium sized tits, he then took her right hand which was lying limp beside her and placed it on his ballsack, she knew what he wanted and so she began gently playing with them, Simon slowed his pace a bit to make this task easier, Michael continued fucking Katy into her stupor until he suddenly pulled out, he then picked Katy up and tossed her onto the couch next to her best friend, he turned her over so her pussy was exposed, he then slammed his dick hard into her shaved, well kept pussy and started fucking her like before, this felt even better to Katy and she began to tear up, Simon grabbed Kesha's head and turned it so she could watch her friend being fucked senseless, Katy lost in sexual intoxication started weeping and repeating "oh god, oh god" she started drooling even more and her hair began to stick to the sides of her face which was now covered in tears and drool, Simon continued to fuck Kesha's ass hard, Kesha took her hand off of Simon's balls and began feeling her friend's tits, just then Simon had an epiphany and pulled out.


"Michael, remember Requiem For A Dream?" Simon asked


"Yeah" Michael said as he pulled out of Katy, wondering why his friend chose now to discuss cinema, Simon looked over at the dildo Kesha tossed on the floor and the idea immediately clicked with Michael, Simon grabbed Kesha and put her on the floor, Michael followed suit grabbing Katy.


"whats going on?" Kesha asked distressed, upset that no one was fucking her


"get on your hands and knees Michael said to them both as Simon retrieved the dildo, katy tried getting on her hands but began to slip, still lost in a daze, Michael went over and helped her up, SImon handed him the dildo and without hesitation he stuck one end up Katy's ass, she jumped and yelped with surprise, Simon then took Kesha and led her like a horse over behind her friend, he turned her around and then backed her up until the dildo was going up her ass as well, the girls immediately knew was to do and they began bucking back and forth, the men decided to switch girls and Simon took his place in front of Katy while Michael walked over in front of Kesha, they both got on their knees and placed their hard cocks in front of the singers' faces and both began sucking, after a few minutes of this the boys were finally ready to blow their loads, without warning both men began cumming in their girl's mouths but instructed them not to swallow, they then pulled out and Simon pulled Katy off of the dildo and dropped her on the floor, her mouth still full of cum, Michael pulled the dildo out of Kesha's ass and tossed it aside, he then lead her over to where Katy was laying and told them to make out, to which they eagerly began doing, cum began splashing out of the sides of their mouths and within seconds they started scissoring, cum getting everywhere and the two girls completely lost in ecstasy.


"oh god, oh god, oh god im cumming, im cumming!!!!" Katy began yelling, Kesha started screaming as both girls exploded in orgasm, they then fell to the floor and let the cum drip out of the sides of their mouths, both had passed out, Michael and Simon were quite pleased and Michael went back to the cart to grab the camera he had brought (just in case something should happen), the duo snapped plenty of photos for their own collection and then both fucked the unconscious girls a few more times spilling even more cum over them and in their asses, finally content the men got dressed and headed back out into the hotel.


Several hours later Katy and Kesha awoke, completely naked, covered in cum, sweat, and tears, lying next to them was a soaked pink dildo, immediately the memories came flooding back to them and they both laughed.


"wow, my flights needs to get cancelled more often" Katy joked


"yeah i know, its too bad you are leaving, id really love to have some more fun" Kesha replied somberly


"well it actually just so happens that Russell has an audition in 2 days and can't come to Paris with me tomorrow, so i have an extra ticked, are you busy?" Katy asked seductively


"me? busy? never" Kesha replied, the two giggled and then kissed and went to clean up, both were very excited about the sexual possibilities of The City of Love but neither could possibly begin to imagine the things that would happen, but that story my friends, is for another time.


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