Happy Birthday Star-Spangled Kid


This is a work of complete fiction.   It just popped into my  brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are.   No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you.   No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.   Please feel free to post this on any non-pay sites.   I just ask you let me know where.   Please to enjoy and feel free to comment.


Happy Birthday Star-Spangled Kid

By Muhabba


     Wonder Woman, Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid walked down the darkened corridor to the Justice League’s holding cells.   Power Girl and Wonder Woman were walking a little ahead of the frightened teenager, their firm and muscular ass-cheeks swishing back and forth underneath of their skin-tight uniforms.   Both of the older women had volunteered to take the young girl on a “special” patrol.   All the male members of the JLA and JSA had thought that the women were going to explain about certain dangers involved for female super-heroes.   Such beautiful women in such tight fitting uniforms were often in danger from threats ranging from potential stalkers to outright rape.   That’s what the male members thought anyway, the female members however knew better.


     “Ya know.   This is kind of a strange place to take a girl for her birthday.

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  ”  The Star-Spangled Kid giggled nervously.


     The two older women simply grinned at each other and continued to walk down the hall.   After another five minutes the three heroines reached the holding cells of the JLA.   The new holding cells had just been installed and a lot of it had been built and re-built by the ultimate escape artist, Mr. Miracle.   Wonder Woman typed in the security code to open the door and allow the two women and teenage Kid to enter.


     The Star-Spangled Kid had felt a growing unease since Power Girl had told her where they were going, and that unease had turned to outright fear the closer she got to the holding cell door.   Now her fear had turned to amazement.   The dark chamber was at least a hundred yards long and almost that wide.   Along the walls were special holding cells, each one able to respond to different criminals different powers, and in the center of the room was a wide variety of equipment that could only be the main controls.


     The young girl wandered around the room wide eyed.  “Wow!  It’s huge. ”  Star-Spangled Kid barely even noticed a warm buzzing in her tummy as she walked through the room.   She had noticed some of the cells had actual detainees.   She passed by cells containing Harley Quinn, The Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Captain Cold and the Trickster.

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    All of whom were asleep on their cots.


     As the Star-Spangled Kid continued to roam through the room the warm buzzing in her belly spread through-out her body, her nipples hardening and little virgin pussy warming with the sensation.


     Wonder Woman and Power Girl smirked as they watched the girl’s nipples beginning to poke through the tight material covering her developing tits.   The girl’s hands had began to trace over her body, along her hips and thighs, across her tummy and over her chest.


     “And how are you feeling sweetie?  Are you still nervous?” Power Girl giggled.   One of Wonder Woman’s strong hands had slid beneath Power Girl’s cape to the small of her back and had began tracing strong, slow circles down to her muscular ass.


     Star-Spangled Kid hadn’t noticed the two women moving up next to each other as he answered, “Now that you mention it, I feel great. ”  The Kid still hadn’t noticed her wandering hands as they spread across her chest to her budding young breasts.


     “That would be because of our guest over here. ”  Wonder Woman gestured to a cell with one hand as her other hand slid underneath the tight material of Power Girl’s costume to her firm ass cheeks and tiny puckered ass hole.   Wonder Woman’s middle finger darted in between Power Girl’s thighs to her now dripping pussy.   The finger slid between her plump vaginal lips and into her tight hole.   Gathering the slippery juices Wonder Woman withdrew her finger back to Power Girl’s ass hole.  She slid her finger as deep as it would go and then began sawing it in and out causing Power Girl to moan deep into her throat.


     Star-Spangled Kid slowly walked over to where Wonder Woman was pointing, her hands now traveling lower to just below her belly and just above her now burning pussy.

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    “Holy Crap!  That’s Gorilla Grodd!”


      The horny teenage girl was standing in front of the two equally horny women.   Wonder Woman pulled Power Girl around and kissed her, plunging her tongue into the other woman’s mouth as their large tits squashed together.   Wonder Woman slid her hands around to grab each of Power Girl’s muscular ass cheeks before drawing her hands up to cup each of Power Girl’s large tits.   Wonder Woman took a moment to squeeze and massage the large mummeries in her hands before dipping her head down to suck on Power Girl’s large, hard nipple through her costume.


     Wonder Woman spun Power Girl around facing away from her.   Now Wonder Woman’s slightly smaller but still larger than most tits were pressed firmly into Power Girl’s back.   Power Girl’s ass was now pressed against Wonder Woman’s groin and Wonder Woman began humping up against it.   Wonder Woman reached one hand to squeeze and massage one of Power Girl’s large tits and her other hand trailed down underneath Power Girl’s costume and between her legs.


     Wonder Woman plunged two fingers into Power Girl’s pussy as she continued to hump her own pussy up against Power Kid’s barely covered ass.   She licked the lobe of Power Kid’s ear before speaking to the child in front of them again.   “We have a special dampening field up to keep Grodd docile and also to keep him from using his telepathic powers.   It has a few side effects that we are feeling now. ”


     Star-Spangled Kid was barely even listening now.   Her delicate hands were running wild across her body.   All she cared about was the tingling and a warmth was running through her and that her costume felt about 3 sizes too small.

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    Her outfit, normally as comfortable as pajamas, now felt like it was squeezing her tiny breasts and was far too snug around her aching groin.   Mutter “uh huh” was all she could manage.


     “Power Girl.   Why don’t you show her some of the other side-effects?” Wonder Woman spoke as she released the overly endowed woman.


     Power Girl moaned in disappointment as Wonder Woman slid her fingers out of her body.   Power Girl took a moment to admire the teenagers plump, little ass before moving away from Wonder Woman and toward Grodd.


     The Star-Spangled Kid barely even heard Wonder Woman as her hands had found the spots  where they could do the most good.   One of the over-heated teen’s hands was currently palming and massaging one of her small, firm tits and the other hand was working between her slim, young legs.   The teenage girl had only recently discovered masturbation.   She had spent most of the time concentrating on the obvious: her hard nipples, erect clit, drooling pussy and once even her tight, tiny, little asshole.   She had found her g-spot nestled inside her wet, virgin pussy one time that she had gotten her cosmic rod to vibrate and used it to fuck herself over and over again.   So intent on getting herself off now she barely even noticed Power Girl walk by her and towards the unconscious Grodd.   Until Power Girl dropped her cape.


     Power Girl’s costume had worked its way up between her ass cheeks, covering little more that a thong.   Now nearly all of Power Girl’s muscular ass was exposed and Star-Spangled Kid could see each cheek sway back and forth as well as Power Girl’s pussy juice sliding slowly down the insides of her muscular thighs.

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     Star-Spangled Kid was transfixed by the sight of her teammate nearly naked from the waist down and could only gasp, “Wha…” before she felt two large mounds of warmth on the back of her head and a pair of firm hands on her shoulders.


      “Shhhh child.   Just content yourself to watch. ” Wonder Woman cooed into Star-Spangled Kid’s ear.   Wonder Woman had stripped out of her costume, leaving herself wearing only her bracelets, earrings, Tierra and boots.   Wonder Woman had stripped earlier as soon as Power Girl had begun to walk towards Grodd.   Wonder Woman had gripped her large breasts in each hand and given herself a hard squeeze.   She pursued her lips and cooed as she had tweaked each nipple and rolled them between her fingers.   Her eyes closed as one hand trailed down the front of her body to the glistening cunt between her legs and the other worked itself between her golden ass cheeks.


     Before Wonder Woman got too involved in fucking herself she remembered that she had come down here to celebrate Star-Spangled Kid’s birthday.   As the young Kid gasped out in surprise Wonder Woman drew her young body into her own nude one.   Due to their height difference Wonder Woman didn’t get the satisfaction of rubbing her sensitive tits against the smaller Kid’s back because the Star-Spangled Kid was on chest high to Wonder Woman.   Wonder Woman would have to content herself to visit her turn so she placed her hands on the Kid’s shoulders and started to give her a sensual neck and shoulder rub.


     Power Girl sauntered over to Grodd, loving the way that her costume felt snuggled between her ass cheeks.   Power Girl placed herself on the far side of Grodd so Wonder Woman and Star-Spangled Kid could see everything.

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    Power Girl grinned as she looked up at Wonder Woman now delicately massaging the young Kids shoulders.   Power Girl quickly removed her costume, leaving only her gloves, belt and boots and loved the feel of her tits jiggling now that they were free and bare.   “No to begin the show. ” She thought to herself.


     Power Girl started tracing around the hairless parts of Grodd’s chest with her finger tips before leaning over further and mashing her heaving bosom against the muscular villain.   Power Girl yelled out in pleasure as she dragged her massive tits back and forth across the ape before running one hand down into the hair covering his groin and grabbed his massive cock.


     Star-Spangled Kid leaned her head back into Wonder Woman’s chest and large tits.   She loved the feel of Wonder Woman’s naked tits pressing against the sides of her head and the feel of Wonder Woman’s fingers massaging her neck and shoulders.   Star-Spangled Kid could feel Wonder Woman’s breath in her hair as Wonder Woman reached underneath Star-Spangled Kid’s arm and towards the teen Kid’s aching tits.


     Star-Spangled Kid moaned in passion as her still developing tits were fondled by Wonder Woman.   Her rock hard nipples and her little virgin pussy ached with need as she was fondled by Wonder Woman and watched Power Girl start to jack off the gorilla.   Star-Spangled Kid reached behind herself and began to stroke Wonder Woman’s muscular nude thighs.   She reached farther and farther up the older woman’s legs until she could almost reach her ass before her hand trailed back down.


     Wonder Woman bent down, rubbing her massive tits across the horny teenager’s shoulders and down her back and whispered into Star-Spangled Kids’ ear.   “Yes child.

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    I hope you will enjoy your birthday gifts. ”


     “What?  No!”  Star-Spangled Kid yelped as Wonder Woman’s hands stopped kneading her sensitive tits.   But her sudden fear that all this was over quieted as Wonder Woman slid her hands down the Kids body to grip the bottom of her top and lifted it over her head, exposing her tender, young breasts.


     Power Girl had a firm grip on Grodd’s dick and started quickly jacking the massive tool.   The Gorilla’s dick began hardening and growing out of his fur.   The cock was massive and Power Girl started to lose her grip.   Having to bring down her other hand in order to maintain her grip, she marveled at the fact it was so large she couldn’t even fit both of her hands around it.   Power Girl looked transfixed at the sight.   She and Wonder Woman had both seen it several times since they had discovered the effects of the damping field, but she was still impressed every time.


     The dampening field had first been installed for a petty crook who was using his low-level telepathy to run a prostitution ring.   The first effect the JLA had noticed was how drowsy the field had made anyone in its vicinity.   A serum was developed to counteract the drowsiness and was given out to all the heroes and moon base personal, but another effect was soon noticed by certain people.   Any female given the serum had become instantly aroused while anywhere near the field.   The males had a lesser reaction but would grow more susceptible the longer they were near the field.   While the women were instantly aroused it would take the men days before succumbing to the effects.

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     Black Canary had been the one to bring in the pimp to the cells.   The technicians activated the field after the crook had been placed in the cell and then had left.   Black Canary had stayed for the first shift but found her desires overriding her morals.   She simply walked in, remove the legs pants, sucked him off and swallowed his cum.   By then the burning between her legs had become unbearable so she mounted the man, fucked him, and just kept fucking him.   She took his cock in her cunt, mouth and ass.   She filled herself with his cum until he couldn’t say hard any longer so then she had simply got up, cleaned herself up, dressed and left.


     Black Canary had told the story to Power Girl and Power Girl was astonished by Black Canary’s complete lack of shame.   Power Girl figured her invulnerability would protect her and had gone to investigate.   Power Girl felt the effects of the field as soon as she was past the door.   The crook was gone but three technicians were there.   She noticed one was female who seemed unable to keep her hands off the two males.   Power Girl walked over, grabbed the woman by the front of her shirt and kissed her as deeply as possible.   The two women dropped to their knees and began sucking the cocks of both of the male technicians.


     Power Girl switched back and forth on the men, knowing each one would love to face-fuck a super-hero.

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    The women knelt down side by side to Power Girl as the men came all over their faces and both men were surprised that they were still hard.   Next Power Girl laid down, naked, on her back as the men took turns fucking her tits and the woman ate out her pussy.   (Power Girl later found out it was the first time each woman had ever been with another woman)  After both men had coated her tits with their cum the female tech had gotten her off several times.   Power Girl then had the men fuck her pussy and ass at the same time while she ate out the female tech’s juicy cunt.


     When shift change approached they all simply cleaned up, got dressed and went on with their jobs.   Power Girl thought for sure it was the effect of the field.   Sex whenever or however you could get it but without compromising themselves.   Power Girl convinced the male guards to stay quiet on the subject so everything could continued.   The guards of course agreed but it didn’t matter because in a couple of days they the male guards were now feeling the same effects as the females.   Plus, no feelings of shame.   No shame, just sex.   She didn’t ever feel ashamed when she had tricked Zantanna up here and they had used the Joker’s chalk-white cock to ass fuck themselves.   Power Girl had loved the feeling of the Joker’s very long cock sliding deep into her ass while Zantanna had licked her pussy.


     Black Canary, Power Girl and Zantanna had all taken turns leading female heroes up here as well as making sure all the male techs had long assignments in the cells, all the better to keep the secret.   And now it was Star-Spangled Kid’s turn.

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    Power Girl looked up from jacking off the Gorilla to see that the young girl was now nude from the waist up except for her mask and Wonder Woman was intently molesting her small tits.


     Star Spangled Kid had closed her eyes and reclined her head back further into Wonder Woman’s tan breasts.   Her arms had reached around Wonder Woman’s slim waist and her hands were massaging the older woman’s muscular ass cheeks as Wonder Woman continued to fondle her much smaller tits.   She was so lost in the sensations she barely hear Wonder Woman speak.

     “Don’t close your eyes yet child.   Your show has begun. ”


     Star-Spangled Kid opened her eyes to a sight she would never forget.   Power Girl, almost completely nude and sweating, giant tits capped with large, erect, pink nipples jiggling around as she jacked off the biggest prick she would ever see.   Star-Spangled Kid’s eyes couldn’t focus on everything at once, they would go to Power Girl’s devilish smile, her huge breasts, her nude cunt and her hands not being able to fit around the monster cock as she jacked off the gorilla.


     Power Girl stopped pulling on the massive, throbbing tool and looked down on it with pride before returning her gaze to the half naked teenage girl and grinning.   “It’s all yours sweetie.   Blow it out. ”


     “What?” Star-Spangled Kid muttered.


     The older, naked, woman chuckled as Wonder Woman stopped pulling on the younger girl’s nipples and pushed her forward toward the massive, throbbing cock.   When they arrived to the side of the villains cot Wonder Woman placed one of Star-Spangled Kid’s small hands on the base of Grodd’s giant prick.




     The young girl had seen naked dicks before.   The costumes that the hero’s wore ripped often during battles and she had once fought a entire battle with Mr. Traffic’s naked, black cock totally exposed and flopping around.   But this.   This was the first time to ever touch a male’s dick.   It was so warm and felt like a iron rod covered with skin and meat.   Meat throbbing in her tiny, teenage hand.


     Star-Spangled Kid began to slowly jack the huge tool with one hand while the other continued to massage Wonder Woman’s muscular, tan thigh.


     “Kiss it sweetie. ”  Power Girl said breathlessly.   And then as an example Power Girl leaned forward, her giant tits swaying and bright, pink nipples hard as little stones, and gave the giant prick a long slow kiss.


     Star-Spangled Kid leaned forward and gave a little squeak as her tender young breasts scraped against the gorilla’s course hair.   The girl stared into the eyes of the older woman from across the giant, throbbing cock and then slowly placed her chap-stick pink lips on the prick.   The Star-Spangled Kid moaned as she tasted her first dick.   She slowly caressed the velvet smooth skin with her pink lips and tongue, covering the entire cock head and groaning in pleasure of her first taste of pre-cum.

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     Both of the super-heroes took their time and hungrily kissed, licked and sucked on the massive rod of flesh.   Star-Spangled Kid began moaning louder and louder as she suckled more and more of the gorilla’s throbbing cock.   Taking her little pink tongue she started at the furry base of the cock and took a long, slow lick up to the fist sized cock-head.   With a sudden cry of lust the teenage girl jumped straight up, causing her tits to jiggle on her chest and began tearing at her shorts, desperate to shed them and free her burning, virgin pussy.


     Wonder Woman came up behind the desperate young girl, enveloping her smaller frame into her nude, larger body.   “Here child.   Let me help you. ”


     Wonder Woman grasped the side of the Star-Spangled Kid’s shorts and got down on her knees, placing the teen Kid’s ass right at her face.   Wonder Woman peeled down the young super-hero’s tight shorts, baring her pale, pink ass-cheeks to her.   Wonder Woman placed a kiss on each ass cheek, causing a loud scream to erupt from the girl as she spread the Star-Spangled Kids ass and licked from her drooling pussy and up t her tiny, puckered asshole.   Wonder Woman pressed her tongue into the teen girl’s ass before releasing her.   “Go young one.   Go and enjoy your gift. ”

     Star-Spangled Kid wrapped both of her small hands around the base of Grodd’s dick and began jacking the massive tool as she began kissing, licking and sucking all over the massive cock.


      Power Girl and Wonder Woman both took a step back and watched the young girl fondle her first dick.

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    The girl leaned farther over the table and tried to fit the massive cock head into her small mouth.


     “It… it won’t fit.   Diana, Karen, it won’t fit. ”  The young Kid pleaded.   Star-Spangled Kid let go of Grodd’s dick and turned to look at Wonder Woman and Power Girl.   “I… I want it in me.   In my mouth.   I want to feel it, taste it.   Please help me suck his cock. ”  The young girl continued to plead with tears in her eyes.


     Wonder Woman walked over to the young girl and took her into her arms as Power Girl walked around the cot to join them.


     “It’s o. k. child. ” Diana told the Star-Spangled Kid as the sexually frustrated girl sobbed into Wonder Woman’s naked bosom.

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    “Nobody without a super human physiology could possibly fuck that massive tool. ”


     Power Girl walked up and placed one hand on the teenager’s lower back.

  “She’s right Whitney.   Diana is the only one so far to fit that giant cock into her pussy. ”


     Star-Spangled Kid wouldn’t lift her head up from the valley between Wonder Woman’s tan tits.   “R… really?”


     Wonder Woman stared stroking the young Kid’s hair as she felt the Star-Spangled Kid begin to lick and nibble at the tan flesh of her chest.   “That’s right child.   And even then I could only fit the first few inches in. ”


     The Star-Spangled Kid began sucking on one of Wonder Woman’s hard, brown nipples as she reached her hand around her waist to grasp the Amazon’s muscular ass cheeks.   “Mmmm, ummm. ”


     Power Girl cupped one of Star-Spangled Kid’s ass cheeks as she leaned down and whispered into the girl’s ear.   “This was just the start. ”


     Star-Spangled Kid began hungrily sucking on Wonder Woman’s firm, golden tit.   Since this was her first experience with a woman and she had almost no technique.   Instead  she was just nursing away like a hungry calf.

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    Star-Spangled Kid gripped and massaged Wonder Woman’s ass cheeks with the same inexperience, just squeezing and palming the firm, muscular flesh.   The young hero was lost to a sexual lust she had never thought was possible.


     Wonder Woman grasped the young girl’s shoulders and gently pushed her back a step and pulling her tit away from Star-Spangled Kid’s sucking mouth with a pop.   “The feel of your mouth on my breasts is wonderful, child.   But this is your birthday. ”  Wonder Woman bent forward and kissed the young hero and plunged her tongue in past the Star-Spangled Kids lips and into her mouth.


     Power Girl braced the Star-Spangled Kid as Wonder Woman continued kissing her.   The Amazon’s hands slid off of the young Kid’s shoulders and to her tits.   Wonder Woman caressed and massaged the young, firm tips as her finger’s found their way to the young Kids hard, pink nipples.


     Wonder Woman disengaged from the kiss and knelt down, placing the girl’s young, buddy tits to just below eye level.   Wonder Woman bent down and used her tongue to trace around each nipple without making contact.


     “Suck them.   Please, Diana.   Suck my nipples. ” Star-Spangled Kid pleaded with the older woman.

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     Wonder Woman took a moment to smile up at the Star-Spangled Kid’s face before continuing.   Wonder Woman used her lips and tongue to caress every inch of flesh surrounding Star-Spangled Kid’s nipple before moving on to the next tit.


     As Diana finished licking the teenager firm tit she looked up past Star-Spangled Kids head to see Power Girl’s face above the young Kid.   Winking up at Power Girl, Wonder Woman went back to the young girl’s chest.


     Wonder Woman placed one of her hands at Star-Spangled Kid’s hip and brought the other hand between the young girl’s legs to her hot, dripping pussy.   As Wonder Woman brought her hands up Power Girl grasp Star-Spangled Kid’s other hip.   Power Girl slid one of her fingers into her own burning pussy, coating her finger and gathering up her own juices.


     Power Girl took the finger coated in her juices and brought it up to Star-Spangled Kid’s puckered, little ass hole.   Power Girl could feel the young Girl shiver as she whispered into Star-Spangled Kid’s ear.   “Happy birthday sweetie. ”


     All at once Wonder Woman sucked in one of Star-Spangled Kid’s nipples as she plunged her finger into the young Kid’s virgin pussy and Power Girl plunged her finger into the young Kid’s virgin ass.


     “OH MY GOD YES!” Star-Spangled Kid yelled out as she came.   She has never felt anything like this.   It was a hundred times better than any of the hundreds of times she had masturbated.   Better than anything.

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    Star-Spangled Kid’s pussy clamped down on Wonder Woman’s finger as her ass clutched at Power Girl’s finger.


     With a quick rub of her finger Wonder Woman rubbed Star-Spangled Kid’s g-spot and caused the young girl to cum again.


     “YYYYEEeessss!” Star-Spangled Kid yelled out as her entire body shuddered and her muscles gave out.   She would have collapsed to the floor if the two older woman hadn’t supported her but she was safe, snuggled between the two older women’s nude bodies.


     The two heroes laid the young girl down onto the floor and snuggled up next to her, one to each side of her.   Star-Spangled Kid’s body gave the occasional twitch as she came down from her sexual high.


     “That was… Fantastic!  Thank you.   Both of you. ” The girl said to her two older lovers.   “I never knew sex could… I mean I’ve made myself… you know.   But that was… Awesome!”


     “I am glad you are pleased child. ”  Wonder Woman said as she softly stroked one of Star-Spangled Kid’s breasts.


     “Any time sweetie. ”  Power Girl said as she caressed Star-Spangled Kid’s belly.


     “There’s just… well.

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    I mean it was great!  With you two and everything. ”  Star-Spangled Kid was stumbling with how she wanted to say what she had on her mind.   She didn’t want to offend her new lovers.   “I just… you know.   With Gorilla Grodd and everything…”  She let her voice trail off.


     “I understand sweetie. ”  Power Girl sat up, causing her giant tit’s to slosh around on her chest.   “You want cock. ”


     Star-Spangled Kid’s eyes lit up at Power Girl’s words.   “Oh yes please. ”


     Wonder Woman sat up, bracing herself with her elbows and showcasing her own large tits.   “It’s perfectly understandable.   I myself was currently debating between the idea of Power Girl’s tongue or Gorilla Grodd’s dick inside of me. ”


     Star-Spangled Kid couldn’t stop staring at Wonder Woman’s and Power Girl’s tits as she spoke.   “And which did you choose?”


     “Oh child.

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    Why choose. ?”  And with a wave of her hand Diana gestured to the open door of Grodd’s cell.


     Star-Spangled Kid tore her eyes away from Wonder Woman’s jiggling tits to see one of the male technicians, completely nude and erect, standing in the doorway.


     Star-Spangled Kid stared with wide-eyed lust back and forth between Power Girl and Wonder Woman as Power Girl spoke.   “Help yourself sweetie.   It’s your birthday. ”


     The young hero leapt up and ran over to the nude technician and knelt down in front of him, grabbing the base of the ridged prick.   In one swift movement the Star-Spangled Kid shoved as much cock into her mouth as possible and locked her lips around the swollen shaft.   Moaning deep in the back of her throat the young girl began bobbing her head back and forth, sliding the cock in and out of her mouth as she ran her tongue all over the veiny shaft.


     Exhibiting the same lack of technique with the technician as she did with the heroes, Star-Spangled kid was simply content to let the strange man grasp the sides of her head and fuck himself in and out of her mouth.   All she was concerned about was the feel and taste of her first blow job, and she craved more.   The Star-Spangled Kid hungered for the taste of this man’s cum filling her mouth and sliding down her throat.


     The technician felt himself readying to cum.   The simple thought of being the first man to fuck a sweet, blond teenaged girl was nearly enough to make him cum right of the bat.   And here she was, naked, on her knees, sucking hard at his cock, bobbing her head back and forth and moaning in pure delight.

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     Looking down at the young girl swallowing his dick, the technician jerked his hips as he came, unleashing shot after shot of thick cum into this young superhero’s mouth.   He could feel the girl swallowing but her mouth filled up too quickly and his cum began dribbling out of the corners of her mouth.   With a grunt the technician finished relieving himself inside the girl’s mouth and pulled her cock out, still hard.   He had simply been too excited at face-fucking a teenage, virgin, superhero to last any longer.


     “Wow.   Well honey.   How was your first blow job. ”  The technician panted.


     “Delicious. ”  Star-Spangled Kid answered as she stood back up.


     Both of the other nude women made their way over to the naked teenager.   As they reached her, both Power Girl and Wonder Woman bent over Star-Spangled Kid’s chest and began slowly licking up the technician’s cum.   Star-Spangled Kid moaned as she raised her hands up and cupped the women’s heads to her chest.


     The technician began slowly jacking his cock as he watched both of the women nursing at the girl’s tits and both of their hands wondered down the Star-Spangled Kid’s body.   As Wonder Woman and Power Girl’s hands made it to Star-Spangled Kid’s pussy they both inserted a finger into her cunt and began slowly sawing their fingers in and out, filling her pussy, stretching her.

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     Wonder Woman removed her finger after several minutes of finger fucking the young girl and knelt down on her knees in front of Star-Spangled Kid.   Power Girl removed her finger from Star-Spangled Girl’s pussy and moved around to the back of the young girl as Wonder Woman grasp the teen hero’s hips.


     Wonder Woman took a moment to admire the view in front of her.   The Star-Spangled Kid’s pussy was practically drooling with her juices spilling out of her swollen pussy lips and trailed down the insides of her thighs.   Wonder Woman started licking at the juices running down one thigh, licking up every drop until her tongue was barely a inch away from the girl’s pussy before continuing on to the next thigh.   With the first lick the Star-Spangled Kid began panting and with every new lick she would pant faster and faster.   By the time Wonder Woman was done she was afraid the girl was on the verge of hyperventilating.


     Wonder Woman stopped licking and stared up to Star-Spangled Kid’s face.   “And now child.   I believe you were interested in a cock. ”


     Star-Spangled Kid continued panting as she stared down at Wonder Woman.   “Can’t you finish first?  Please?”


     “There will be plenty of time for that afterwards child. ”  Diana slowly licked her lips, making sure she got every drop of the Star-Spangled Kid’s juices.


     “Yeah, sweetie. ”  Power Girl said as she backed away from the naked teenage girl.


    “It’s time for your next present. ”


     As Power Girl and Wonder Woman backed away Star-Spangled Kid was left staring at the naked technician.


     The technicians stepped forward and took the young girl’s hand in his.   “O. k. honey.   Wonder Woman and Power Girl told me that this would .

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