Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Fifteen - Hogwarts Champion


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Fifteen – Hogwarts ChampionDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mf, mf, exhib, hand, grope, spank, unif, voy
The selection process for the Triwizard Cup had begun the night before, after the arrival of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students.   Any student over the age of eighteen and wanting to try their hand at being selected as Hogwarts Champion had only to throw a piece of paper with their name on it into the Triwizard Cup.   So far, Harry had heard that Cedric Diggory and Angelina Johnson had placed their name in the cup, but because the age restriction was seventeen, not many had put their names in.   Fred and George had tried to fool the age line Dumbledore had surrounded the cup with, but were rejected and thrown clear across the room.   Harry had no intention of trying to fool the cup, even though he knew that if he somehow was able to slip his name in and was chosen, he’d definitely get any pussy he wanted.   Getting pussy wouldn’t be much of a problem for Harry anymore because of his stealing back of his Spellbook of Desires.   After Ron’s little excursion to the bathroom and the strangely good mood he had been in after it, Harry had used his invisibility cloak to listen in on the conversation Ron had with Fred and George back in the common room.   After realizing that Fred and George had the book, he snuck up to their room and tried to force open their trunks to no avail.   Later in the night he snuck down to the restricted section and studied up on how to break powerful locking spells.   He found a few and after Fred and George left the common room early Saturday morning, he snuck back into their room, magically unsealed their trunks and found his beloved leather clad Spellbook of Desires.   After locking the book back in his own trunk and using several even more powerful locking spells to ensure the book’s safety, Harry had made his way back down to the Great Hall where he watched a few seventeen year olds place their name in the Triwizard Cup.
Harry anxiously waited for the feast that night and the choosing of the Triwizard Champions; secretly he was hoping Angelina would win, but his mind was largely occupied with what he was going to do next with the Spellbook of Desires.
After several hours of waiting around, the feast began and Harry could tell after spying over at the twins that they were clearly pissed off about something.
‘Wonder what they’re so pissed off about’ mumbled Ron, as he shoveled a large helping of mashed potatoes into his mouth.
‘Hmmmm!’ shrugged Harry, knowing exactly why they were pissed.

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    Harry, Ron and Hermione finished eating and after Dumbledore began the selection process, everybody was surprised to find that Harry had been selected as the fourth Triwizard Champion.   Harry had no idea how his name could have made it into the cup, but like all the other champions, he shuffled off to the waiting area behind the Great Hall.   As Harry walked into the back room, his eyes immediately focused on the beautiful and scantily clad Fleur Delacour, who was wearing only a thin blue top and a similar thin and very short blue skirt.   Her skirt was so short in fact, that Harry could tell she was wearing a thong.   Nobody took notice of Harry’s entrance, and Harry could tell why; Krum was staring directly at Fleur from across the room while Cedric Diggory was talking to her an absent-mindedly, staring down at her long beautiful legs every few seconds.   Fleur was obviously attracted to Cedric too; she couldn’t help but look down at his growing bulge when he wasn’t watching.   Cedric wasn’t the only one with a growing member either; Harry and Krum were both as hard as they could get from just looking at her.   As Fleur and Cedric continued to talk, Harry made to interrupt their conversation and tell them that he had been chosen as the fourth Triwizard Champion when he noticed Fleur move her hand down to Cedric’s raging hard-on and rub the tip of it.
‘What iz ze doing ere?’ Fleur said to Harry, lifting her fingers away from Cedric’s knob as she did so.
‘Dammit!’ said Cedric, obviously angry about Harry’s interruption.   Before Harry could say anything though, Dumbledore and a host of other people entered the room and discussed the circumstances behind Harry being chosen as a champion.   Harry felt guilty for some reason; even though he knew he had never put his name in the Goblet of Fire.
Harry walked back up to the Gryffindor Tower and was pleasantly surprised to be pulled into the common room by a number of hands.   Apparently Fred and George had put together a big party with almost every Gryffindor joining in on the fun and supporting the Triwizard Champion.   Seamus had snuck in some firewhisky and Dean had put up some posters.

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    Everybody forced Harry to drink to his future success and he did, sputtering and coughing after he did so.   All Harry wanted to do was to go and hide back up in his room.   Unfortunately he never got the chance and was even told off by Ron, who was obviously jealous of his success.   Ron left the party early on and went to bed alone.
‘Hi Harry!!!’ Pavarti and Lavender said to Harry as he passed by them.   Harry was receiving a lot of attention from the girls of Gryffindor during the party, which probably had a lot to do with his recent naming as a Triwizard Champion.   Harry had his eye on someone else though; Ron’s little sister Ginny who was quietly sitting in a corner with Hermione, knocking back several shots of the potent firewhisky.   Harry liked Ginny, and definitely liked fucking her, but his real goal was to get back at Ron and his snooty attitude towards Harry.   Harry would just have to pay him back by fucking his little sister in the bed next to him.   First he’d have to get her really plastered, but by the way she was knocking back the alcohol, she’d be drunk within minutes.
‘Oh hi Harry!’ said Ginny a little groggily, as she spilled some of her firewhiskey down the front of her shirt.   Ginny had been drinking hard and fast that night to work up her courage and ask Harry out on a date.   Little did she know however, that Harry intended to do her one better.
‘Hi Ginny… Hermione… How’s it going?’ asked Harry, strutting over to the two girls and sitting next to them.   Hermione was tired and instead of sticking around and making sure her heavily intoxicated friend didn’t do something stupid, she left the two alone and walked up to her room.

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    Harry probably could have closed the deal within minutes and gotten Ginny to follow him up to his room, but he wanted to make sure there was no doubt.   Harry could tell she was definitely craving his cock again and by they end of the night she’d be bouncing up and down on his lap like a little red headed whore.
Harry proceeded to get her even drunker by playing a drinking game with her, easily beating her every time and forcing her to drink several more shots of the strong firewhiskey.   By eleven o’clock, most of the students at the party were either drunk or dead tired and Harry knew that if he was going to make his move, he’d have to do it soon.   He had noticed that Fred and George had already left, making it far easier to sneak Ginny up to his room without anyone noticing.
‘You wanna have some more fun Ginny?’ Harry said soberly to Ginny, who was swaying in her chair by that point.   Ginny nodded her head yes and got up to leave with Harry.
‘Are you gonna take advantage of me?’ Ginny said in a drunken stupor, with an obvious smile on her face.
‘I sure am!’ replied Harry, grabbing Ginny’s tight little teen ass and guiding her towards the staircase in the process.
‘WHOOOOO… Go Harry!  Fuck that little whore’ shouted a bunch of rowdy Gryffindor students as Harry guided Ginny up the stairs and into his room.   It was extremely dark in the room and Harry could tell that Ron was the only one there.   Ron was awake with his eyes closed, waiting for his chance to tell Harry off again.
‘Oh look… Harry Potter’s tricked another whore into his bed!’ said Ron, snickering as he did so, turning his back to them in the process.   Harry covered Ginny’s mouth before she could respond and give away the little surprise he had planned for Ron.
‘Let’s play a little game Ginny… If you don’t make a peep, I’ll make sure you have the most fun you’ve ever had before’ whispered Harry into Ginny’s ear as he pushed her onto his bed and started undressing her.

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    Ginny nodded her head in agreement, smiling as she did so.   Harry pulled off her casual shirt and pants before climbing on his bed with her and pulling off his own clothes.   Ginny slid off the bed and got down on her knees, preparing herself to take Harry’s manhood into her hot wet mouth.   Harry threw his pants and underwear off in record time and swung his legs over the edge of his bed so Ginny could get to work on his semi-hard cock.   Ginny took hold of Harry’s soft shaft with one hand and began stroking both his balls and cock with both of her hands.
‘Ohhh Goddd!  That feels good!’ moaned Harry, making sure Ron could hear the fun he was having with his little red headed whore.   Ginny continued to work over Harry’s cock for the next five minutes, lightly groping his balls while sliding her cold fingers up and down Harry’s now fully hard five inches.
‘Mmmm!’ Ginny mumbled quietly, fantasizing about sucking on Harry’s delicious cock as she continued to give him a good handjob.   Harry had his eyes closed and was enjoying the sensation too much to notice that Ginny had actually made a sound.
‘Suck on it baby’ cried Harry, making sure again, that Ron could hear him enjoying the action he was getting.   Ginny complied with Harry’s request and slowly opened her mouth and began engulfing more and more of Harry’s member.   Harry moaned again at the soft yet warm sensation of Ginny’s wet mouth clamping down on his five inch shaft.   ‘Faster’ groaned Harry, as Ginny began to move her mouth faster up and down on his cock, nearly gagging every time she deep-throated Harry’s five inches.
Ron was forced to listen to the obvious fun Harry was having with some mysterious slut, clearly fucking Harry for the simple reason that he was a Triwizard Champion.   He couldn’t see who was making all the noise with him, but knew she had to be one of the biggest sluts in the school.

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‘Okay… Okay… I don’t want to cum yet!’ commanded Harry, extremely close to blowing his load all over Ginny’s pretty little face.   ‘Your turn I guess’ finished Harry, getting off the bed and making Ginny take his spot.   Ginny quickly tore off her bra before Harry spread her legs and removed her tiny white thong.   Harry inhaled deeply, absorbing Ginny’s wondrous pussy aroma before stuffing her thong underneath his bed and stuffing his face in between her legs.   Harry buried his tongue as deep into Ginny’s pussy as possible, making her coo quietly as Harry went to work on Ginny’s bald thirteen-year-old pussy.
      Ginny used her hands to push Harry’s head further into her crotch as Harry moved his hands up to her small but firm little breasts, where he began to kneed them and play with her tiny pink nipples.  
    Harry continued moving his tongue in and out of her pussy for the next five minutes until he felt Ginny squeeze her legs together and her pussy shudder in orgasm.    Harry could just make out a small squeak as she went through a massive orgasm and squirted a small amount of her tasty juices down onto Harry’s long tongue.
    ‘Time to fuck!’ said Harry, as he stood up and sat on the bed beside Ginny.   Ginny dutifully slid one of her legs over Harry’s lap so she was sitting on his waist and was looking directly at him.   Ginny gave Harry a long deep kiss, tasting her own juices on his tongue in the process before lifting herself up with Harry’s help and moving her tiny pussy towards Harry’s tall standing five inch cock.   Harry could just make out Ginny smiling before he dropped her on the tip of his cock, using her weight to help her sink slowly down on his shaft.   Both Harry and Ginny groaned at the tight fit, but endured the pain for the pleasure that would surely follow.
    Ron looked over at the two darkened figures sitting on Harry’s bed and knew that Harry was now fucking the slut.   ‘You’ve got a real slut there, don’t you hero!’ quipped Ron as he watched the mysterious girl move up and down on Harry’s cock.

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    ‘God… Have you gotten tighter since the last time I fucked you?’ asked Harry with pain plastered on his face.   Harry could barely move as Ginny tried her hardest to work more and more of Harry’s cock into her clutching pussy.   The tight fit and the constant friction was more than enough to push the easily excitable Ginny over the edge for the second time.
    ‘Mmmm’ groaned Ginny quietly, creaming for the second time, but this time lubricating Harry’s dry shaft with some much needed lubrication.   The warm and wet juices finally allowed Harry to fit his entire cock into Ginny’s spasm stricken pussy.   He moved her up and down on top of his cock using his hands on her hips to slam her up and down with ever increasing speed.
    ‘SMACK! SMACK!’ Ginny slapped her own ass a few times just as if she was riding a stallion.   Her ass quickly turned red and garnered the attention of Ron again, who was slightly impressed by the slutty and experienced pussy Harry had been able to lure into his bed.
    After five minutes of Ginny bouncing up and down on his cock, Harry made Ginny get off him and give his cock a quick cleaning before they continued.   Ginny again dutifully obeyed and sucked her own pussy juices off his cock while Harry stood up and got ready to change positions.   After quickly cleaning off his cock, Ginny was guided onto her back on Harry’s bed.   She then opened her legs wide so Harry could guide his five inches back into her again easily.
    ‘God I love fucking you!’ groaned Harry, as he moved in and guided the tip of his cock towards Ginny’s raw pink pussy.   He slowly slid the tip of his cock into her, sliding the rest in with relative ease.   Ginny again moaned at Harry’s deep penetration before Harry began rocking his hips back and forth into Ginny’s sweet teenage pussy.

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        Harry took hold of Ginny’s thin waist and began rocking his hips into Ginny’s with increasing speed.   He could feel his orgasm quickly approaching, but he wanted to get Ginny off one more time before he blew his massive load.
    ‘Ahhhhh!’ groaned Ginny, seconds later, coating Harry’s cock with her juices for the second time.   Harry had a special ending in store for both Ginny and Ron’s sake as he felt the pressure building in his loins.
    ‘Get on your knees baby!’ shouted Harry, alerting both Ginny and Ron to his approaching end.   ‘This one’s for you Ron!’ continued Harry, as Ginny got onto her knees, opened her mouth and stared up at Harry with her slutty little blue eyes.
    ‘I want it so bad… Cum on my face!’ moaned Ginny rather loudly, alerting Ron even more, who by this point was sitting up on his bed and trying to recall who that had sounded like.
    ‘LUMOS!’ cried Harry, pointing his wand directly up and illuminating the entire room in a bright light.   ‘UNGHHHHH!’ grunted Harry, pasting Ginny’s beautiful face and mouth with a massive amount of his hot sticky cum.   Stream after stream hit Ginny’s face and landed in her open mouth as Ron looked on in horror.   He knew he had recognized Ginny’s voice as soon as she had spoken, but now that Harry was firing load after load onto her face in rapid succession, there was little he could do to stop him.
    ‘GINNY!’ shouted Ron, as Harry fired the remainder of his cum onto Ginny’s rosy cheeks and looked over at Ron with a sneer on his face.
    ‘Thanks Ginny… I’m sure your brother enjoyed the show!’ Harry laughed as Ginny scooped Harry’s cum from her face and greedily sucked it off her fingers.   Ron, instead of jumping off his bed and attacking Harry, turned around and covered his head with pillow, thoroughly defeated.   Ginny cleaned up the rest of Harry’s cum before hugging Harry and leaving Harry’s room completely naked.

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        Harry ran out after her to cover her up from the prying eyes of the Gryffindor students still downstairs.
    ‘YEAH…. GO HARRY!’ screamed some adoring fans as Ginny stumbled out of his room naked with a satisfied look on her face and a little cum still in her hair.   She gave them a clumsy bow before Harry covered her up and helped her towards her own staircase, where she walked up the steps with some difficulty and disappeared into her room.   Harry gave a quick bow to his cheering crowd before running back into his room and crawling under his covers, thoroughly pleased with himself for fucking Ginny and showing Ron up for being such a stupid git.  
    ‘See Ron… I don’t even need that stupid book to fuck your sister!’ Harry said proudly as Ron tried to shut out the sound of Harry’s voice with his pillow.   Though Harry was pleased with the exhibition he had just put on for Ron, he was worried about the upcoming Triwizard Tournament and the first task he would have to compete in. .
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