Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Seventeen - The First Task


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Seventeen – The First TaskDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mf, mf, cream pie, grope, magic, oral, unif, voy 
The First Task of the Triwizard Tournament was now upon Harry Potter; and although he had finally figured out how he was going to complete the task, he was utterly terrified about facing a giant fire-breathing dragon.   Hermione had been kind enough to help Harry out in the final couple of days; aiding him master the summoning charm, which would be needed to beckon his firebolt to his aid.   Ron on the other hand, was still pissed at Harry, and for good reason; not only was Harry stealing all the glory again, he had humiliated him by fucking his sister and blowing a massive load all over Ginny’s face for him to see.  
With Hermione spending all her time with Harry; Ron had been getting jealous, knowing full well what Harry was probably thinking about when with her.
Ron was right to worry; Harry fully intended to get a piece of Hermione’s tantalizing ass, but as the First Task approached, he was keeping his cock in his pants, needing Hermione’s unfettered help to survive the task.   Harry wasn’t yet willing to turn Hermione into a cock-craving slut until he was sure he didn’t need her help.   But as the final day came upon Harry, the strain and pressure building on both him and his libido were overwhelming.   That is why, with hours before the event, Harry went to his room, took out the Spellbook of Desires and perused the pages for a helpful antidote for his stress.   He was lucky enough to find a new, less intrusive method for relieving his stress; one which wouldn’t draw any undue attention to himself.   The spell was an enchantment, which could be placed on any object.
The spell read:
An enchantment which can be placed on any object; able to alter the sexual inhibitions of whoever holds or wears the enchanted object.   Visibly, the effects are non-existent and don’t alter the holders frame of thought.   The amulet only takes real effect when touched by the caster of the enchantment.   The amulet then makes the holder extremely receptive to sexual advances from the caster only.   The holder will have no memory from the point the object is activated until it is taken off.

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    Warning!  The amulet will continue to effect the sexual inhibitions of the holder until removed.   Constant contact with the amulet is necessary for the enchantment to remain active!  There is also a small possibility of residual effects from the enchanted object and may take several hours to wear off.  
The spell was perfect for Harry; he could give Hermione an enchanted necklace to wear for helping him with the First Task, and then activate it whenever he needed some sweet release.   No one would be the wiser and Harry would get what he wanted, and that’s all that really mattered.   The enchantment was fairly complex, but after a few practice attempts, Harry successfully cast the spell on a cheap golden necklace of Ginny’s he had found under his bed after fucking her weeks earlier.   With only a couple of hours before the beginning of the task, Harry quickly found Hermione and gave her the enchanted necklace.
‘Here Hermione… For all your help!’ lied Harry, hoping beyond hope that she would take and wear it without question.
‘Oh thanks Harry!  It’s beautiful!’ Hermione said, hugging Harry in the process.   If Hermione had been paying attention to Harry, she would have felt Harry’s hardening shaft press up against her thigh as she squeezed him tightly.   Harry considered touching the amulet to activate right then and there, but knew he needed to prepare for the First Task.
‘I better get ready… Could you let me go Hermione’ Harry said, really not wanting her to let go.   Hermione let go of him and Harry ran back to his room to change for the task.   As Harry made his way down to the Champion’s tent, the rest of the school made their way down to where the dragons were located.   Harry was the first one to make it to the Champion’s tent and was all alone.   Harry was extremely tense and nervous as he paced the tent, cursing himself for not using the amulet when he had a chance and relieving some of his stress.

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    To his utter surprise and delight though, Hermione had followed him down to the Champion’s tent and had entered without anyone knowing.
‘Hermione… What are you doing down here!’ Harry said, delighted to see the sexy little witch.
‘I just wanted to say good luck before anyone got here’ Hermione said, hugging Harry again for added luck.   Not wanting to miss another amazing opportunity, Harry acted without thinking about any consequences; he took hold of the amulet around Hermione’s neck, activating it in the process.
‘Hey Hermione’ said Harry, feeling brave now that the amulet was apparently working.   ‘Why don’t you get on your knees, pull out my cock and suck it’
‘Sure!’ Hermione said, without even contemplating any other possible choice.   Harry nearly laughed at how easy it was to influence her now that she was wearing the enchanted amulet.   She quickly got on her knees as Harry watched her pull down his pants and underwear in an effort to reach his throbbing and extremely hard five inch cock.
‘That’s it baby! Suck it hard!’ Harry murmured to Hermione, as he felt her lips press up against his swollen member and engulf the tip of his cock.   As Harry felt Hermione’s hot wet mouth begin to move up and down his throbbing shaft, a bug flew by his right ear and landed on top of Hermione’s head, unnoticed.   Harry had no idea that the bug had landed on Hermione’s head as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Hermione’s wet tongue wrapping around his shaft.   Every so often, Harry felt Hermione pull off his cock for a few seconds to catch her breath, lick his balls and give his shaft a few quick rubs with one of her hands.   ‘That feels so good Hermione’
Wanting to please Harry as much as possible, Hermione began taking more and more of Harry’s shaft into her mouth until the entire length was firmly lodge in her throat.   Harry took the opportunity to grab both sides of her head and face-fuck her as fast and as hard as he could.   Hermione began to gag due to the lack of oxygen, but Harry had no intention of letting up.

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    Harry brutally used Hermione’s mouth like his personal fuck-hole, with his balls slapping against her chin for a good two minutes until his balls began to tighten up and the desire to release overpowered him.
Hermione gasped for air as Harry pulled his cock from her throat and began rubbing his shaft as hard and fast as possible, pointing the tip directly at Hermione’s face.   Hermione dutifully looked right up at Harry’s sweating and exasperated face as he quickly approached his end.
‘God Hermione… I’m gonna cum!’ cried Harry, jacking himself off as Hermione stared up at the tip of his cock.   In a moment of inspiration, Hermione took the initiative to use her little tongue to quickly flit over the tip of Harry’s throbbing cock.   The sensation was overwhelming for Harry, and he grunted in satisfaction, ‘UNGHHHHHHH!  UNGHHH’
Harry’s cock jerked just before unleashing a massive hot load of cum onto her waiting face.   Weeks of frustration and stress, as well as the desire to have his way with Hermione, produced a sizeable amount of warm semen.   Hermione tried to gobble down as much of his warm seed as possible, but Harry was making it hard for her, spreading his donation around as much as possible.   By the time Harry finally finished, Hermione’s face was splattered.
As Harry admired his handiwork and pulled up his underwear and pants, he heard some footsteps in the distance and knew instantly that the other champions were on their way.   ‘Scourgify’ whispered Harry, pointing his wand at Hermione and siphoning his remaining cum from her pretty face into thin air before ripping off the necklace he had given her, and returning her to her normal state of mind.
‘What just happened Harry?’ Hermione said, struggling to her feet looking queasy.   She could feel a slimy and warm tasting substance at the back of her throat, but before she could postulate her current circumstances, Harry responded.
‘I don’t know Hermione… You just sort of collapsed’ Harry lied, concealing Ginny’s golden necklace, hoping that Hermione wouldn’t notice that it was missing from her neck.   ‘Get out of here Hermione… You’re not supposed to be here and the other champions are on their way’ Harry urged her, pushing Hermione from the tent as the other champions approached.

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‘Okay… Okay… Good luck Harry!’ Hermione said, as she was unceremoniously pushed from the tent.   Harry wanted to say thanks for relieving the stress, but knew Hermione wouldn’t remember and wouldn’t be too pleased that she had been fooled into sucking his cock and receiving a warm load of his sticky cum.
The champions and judges entered soon after.  The rules and task were then explained in short order to all the champions.   Harry already knew he would have to get past a dragon, so instead of really paying attention, he decided to stare at the gorgeous Fleur Delacour, who was wearing the sluttiest clothes he had ever seen.   Not only was her skirt extremely short, but she was wearing the skimpiest thong, and a top which barely covered her perfect tits.   Clearly Fleur was hoping to stun the dragon with her amazing body and steal the egg without the dragon even noticing.   Harry had trouble not wanting to root for Fleur to win the whole damn thing.   Harry also noticed that the rest of the champions, as well as the most of the judges were also probably thinking the same thing as everyone stared at the part Veela beauty.
The First Task went very well for Harry and after completing it and receiving medical treatment from Madam Pomfrey, Harry was pleased to see Ron waiting there for him and hear his apologies.   He apologized as well for fucking Ginny in front of him and before Hermione could sound her disgust, Ron started giving Harry a play-by-play recap of Fleur’s tactics.   Apparently, she tried to put the dragon into a trance with her sexy Veela dance, but instead of lulling the dragon into a deep trance, she enraged it, causing it to breathe fire at her and burn off what clothes she had on.   Even though Ron had already had his way with the sexy French temptress, Harry could tell that there was a little tent in his pants as he described every inch of Fleur’s perfect teen body.   Hermione was disgusted by Ron’s loving description of Fleur’s body, and started to feel jealous as she noticed Ron’s cock slowly growing.
Harry noticed Hermione’s interest in Ron’s cock and wondered if the enchanted necklace had left any residual effect on Hermione’s usual icy demeanor. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

    Knowing how much Ron wanted to fuck Hermione, and deciding that letting Ron have his way with her would help repair their fractured friendship, Harry whispered a plan to Ron as Hermione continued to stare at Ron’s bulge.
‘Good one Harry!’ Ron whispered back to him after listening to his well-conceived plan.
‘Hey Hermione!  Why don’t you and Ron write Snuffles about how I did… I won’t be getting out of her anytime soon!’ Harry lied, winking at Ron as Hermione’s eyes remained glued on Ron’s fully-formed bulge.   Hermione nodded her head in approval as Ron took her hand and led her through the crowd of champions, professors and judges.   Ron didn’t even wait to hear Harry’s scores as he led Hermione out of the back entrance of the tent.   Before he could start walking back to the school and to more privacy, Hermione stopped him by grabbing his hard cock through his pants.
‘Hermione!  God you want it bad, don’t you?’ Ron said, shocked but pleased by Hermione’s advances.   He would have liked a little more privacy then behind a tent full with professors and students, but if Hermione was willing to fuck him, he’d do her wherever she wanted.
‘Ohhh Ron… I want your cock in me so bad!’ Hermione purred, ripping off her skirt and top in the process and pulling down Ron’s pants seconds later.   Ron removed Hermione’s bra and panties as she made out with him.   In a few more seconds, they were both completely naked and kissing each other with ferocity.  
‘God Hermione! You’re so hot!’ moaned Ron into Hermione’s mouth as her hand moved down to his shaft and began to rub his six inch cock.   Ron could hear the people inside the tent, but instead of worrying about it, he started to rub Hermione’s small but firm breasts and squeeze her perfectly shaped ass.   They both moaned in pleasure as they continued to feeling each other up for the next couple of minutes.
‘I need you inside me, NOW! Hermione whispered into Ron’s ear, just before he threw her down onto the soft grass, moving over top of her seconds later.

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    Ron and Hermione didn’t even notice Harry peeking through a small hole in the tent as Ron positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance of Hermione’s pink slit.   Ron didn’t even hesitate as he drove three inches of his shaft into her tight opening, causing both to groan in pain and pleasure.   Although Hermione had been being fucked constantly in the past few days, her hot teen pussy was as tight as ever, as Ron’s cock delved into her well-used cunny.
‘FUCK… You’re tight!’ groaned Ron, as the last couple of inches disappeared into Hermione’s trimmed pussy.
‘I love when you talk dirty’ moaned an extremely turned on Hermione, who loved the sensation of having a cock fill her again.   Ron leaned down and began to kiss her as his hips began moving up and down, impaling her with his six inches in a steady rhythm.
Harry watched with interest from a hole in the tent, as he remained relatively unnoticed by anyone else in the tent.   Both Krum and Cedric were standing near Fleur, helping to rub some burn lotion on her delicate and naked body, with the rest of the judges and professors enjoying the show.   Fleur obviously had no problem with showing off her great body or letting any of the other champions rub lotion on her.   Harry had a hard time choosing who to watch, but because it looked like Ron and Hermione were getting on fine without him, Harry decided it was best to help spread some lotion on the injured Fleur.   It was the right thing to do; Harry knew that if he had been burnt, he would have wanted Fleur to rub him down with some soothing lotion.
As Harry made his way over to Fleur to help ease her pain, Ron and Hermione were moving at a blistering speed.   Ron’s cock was moving like a piston in and out of Hermione’s tight pink pussy, with both of them moaning and groaning in heavenly passion.   In a move of inspiration, Ron flipped Hermione on top of him as he rolled onto his back, letting Hermione take control of the rhythm and speed.   Hermione was more than willing to ride Ron’s throbbing cock, as he took a little breather.

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    He had been drilling Hermione unmercifully for nearly ten minutes and was exhausted when Hermione took over.
‘Keep fucking me Ron!’ moaned Hermione, as she leaned over and kissed him again.   Ron was exhausted, but upon hearing Hermione talk like a slutty whore, his stamina picked up and he got his second wind.   Ron grabbed hold of her juicy ass and began to thrust up into her as she bounced up and down on his lap with unbridled force.   Hermione’s entire body jiggled as Ron began to pound up into her with more and more force until Hermione finally exploded into orgasm.
‘AHHHH!’ moaned Hermione, as Ron’s cock was driven up completely into her.   She arched her back, grabbed her small breasts, moaned in pleasure and collapsed on top of Ron in exhaustion.   She began to kiss Ron passionately while she let him finish up.   The lubrication of Hermione’s juices now running down his shaft and balls allowed Ron to pick up his pace and pant in anticipation of release.
‘Not inside me Ron… I want it on my face!’ groaned an exhausted Hermione, noticing Ron’s reddening face and frantic humping.   In truth, she didn’t want another wad of potent seed injected into her fertile womb.   It wasn’t so much that she wouldn’t want a little Weasley bun in her oven; it was because she didn’t want to ask for another pregnancy potion from Madam Pomfrey.
‘UNGHHHHHHHH!  Unghhh! UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’ grunted Ron, as Hermione sighed with disapproval.   She quickly felt Ron’s long thick stands of hot cum paint her insides.   As his cum spurted up into her vulnerable teen womb, Hermione went through a second orgasm, just from the feeling of Ron’s warm seed fill her pussy full.

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‘Ron… Unghhhh… Not inside…. Unghhhh… It’s so hot!’ moaned Hermione, as the sensation of Ron’s hot cum filling her pussy full, overpowered her displeasure of potentially being impregnated.
‘Sorry Hermione…’ panted Ron, ‘I couldn’t help myself… You’re just so hot, I couldn’t pull out!’ lied Ron, who had fully intended to plant his seed as deep within Hermione as possible.
‘It’s okay Ron… You can cum inside me anytime you want’ sighed Hermione, as Ron’s orgasm finally subsided and she felt Ron’s hot seed run down her leg and onto Ron.   Hermione kissed Ron one more time before getting off of him and removing his softening cock from her cum-filled pussy.   As Ron’s cock popped out of her, his cum began to ooze out and run down her long legs.   Just as Ron admired his handiwork, both he and Hermione heard footsteps approaching the back exit of the tent.
‘FUCK! Run Hermione!’ Ron said, picking up his clothes, before he and Hermione ran off towards the castle buck naked, with smiles plastered on their faces.
As Harry finished rubbing down the beautiful Fleur Delacour with Victor Krum and Cedric Diggory, Ron and Hermione had put their clothes back on had and made it up to the hospital wing, where they stole a pregnancy potion and left without being noticed.   Madam Pomfrey was still down at the First Task helping to heal the champions as Hermione gulped down the entire vial of pregnancy potion before following an extremely satisfied Ron back to the Gryffindor common room to help plan a surprise party for Harry. .

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