Harry potter sex storie (revisited) 11&12


Horny Halloween
Halloween was creeping up on them fast and they were no closer to finding the Horcrux than they were the first day. The seventh years were planning a big bash where everyone would be wearing masks. A warning was given that anyone wearing a death eater’s mask would get detention. Harry knew his costume already, a black dog in memory of his godfather, but he did not know anyone else’s. No one was supposed to know each other until the unveiling at the end of the night.
Harry awoke in the morning with great anticipation. He got dressed and went down for breakfast where the buzz among the older students plus some were inviting some sixth years. Harry looked around and noticed all the older girls were missing. He sat down next to Ron who also had a puzzled look on his face.
“Have you seen Ginny or Hermione, or any of the 7th year girls for that matter?” Ron asked him.
Harry just shrugged and looked around. The boys seemed to notice this to. Harry and Ron got up after breakfast and went back to the common room. It had been snowing and there was a chill in the air. All the girl’s nipples were sticking out where ever he looked. They sat down and played a couple games of chess.

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   After lunch and a snowball fight with the rest of the boys, still no sight of the girls, and Halloween diner was great Harry, Ron and the rest of the seventh year boys went and got dressed in their costumes.
They all set off to the great hall to where, to their surprise, all the girls were waiting. Yet were they, all the girls looked exactly the same. Same hair color, same mask, same outfit. Harry, or any of the boys for that matter, could tell the difference in the girls as they stood there. He looked around and noticed the teachers were absent also.
All the girls in one swift movement removed their robes and stood there naked. Although everything was the same, their bodies were different and Harry could tell right away which ones were Ginny and Hermione but gave nothing away to the fact. They all walked toward the boys and took the hand they wanted. Some girl with dark pussy hair grabbed Harry’s hand while another girl with the same body took his other hand. He looked around and noticed, although there weren’t that many people there were more girls than boys.
They lead him over to an open spot on the floor and removed his outfit leaving his mask on. Harry laid down on his back and both girls took hold of his cock and in turn and sucked on it for a few seconds each. They stood his cock up, licked on each side of it, and kissed when they went past the head. This beyond everything made Harry even hornier.

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After breaking apart from the kiss one of the girls lifted herself up and lowered her body onto Harry’s cock moaning as it slid in. The other girl got up, crawled up to Harry’s face, and shot her tongue into his mouth. Their masks seemed to move with their face. He kissed her as the other one bounced up and down on his cock. Harry reached out and buried his fingers deep into the girl’s pussy as he kissed her. Harry really enjoyed this especially since he had two girls after him.
After breaking apart their kiss the girl got up and lowered herself onto Harry’s mouth and he licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. The room was filled loudly with moans and groans that Harry could not hear his own girls moaning. He reached up, put one hand on each girl’s breast, and messaged them gently. Harry felt the girl on his cock tense up and cum all over his cock. She collapsed and rolled off him.
The girl on his face wanted the rest of his cock and slid down until the head was pushing at the opening of her pussy. She slowly pushed down on his cock until the head popped in. She slowly slid down the length of his cock until he was bottomed out in her. She slowly rocked back and forth, on his cock moaning as he put his hands on her breast rolling her nipples in between his fingers.

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   He gently squeezed as she fucked his cock.
Harry could take it no more, grabbed her hips, and buried his cock in her as he came deep. It seemed to last forever and when he finished she collapsed on top of him. While she lay on his chest, she lifted her head and planted a deep kiss on his lips. She then lifted her head, removed her mask, and revealed she was a Patil twin. Harry looked over and noticed that her sister was lying right next to them and reached up and pulled off his mask. Harry smiled at them both as everyone got up and looked around.
Hermione was standing next to a big black kid from Ravenclaw and Ginny was with a mixed boy Harry knew only as Jake from Hufflepuff. Ron however had two girls with him, one was a small white girl named Amber from Ravenclaw and Lavender Brown. Everyone seemed pleased with his or her decisions. Harry noticed even a few Slytherin were there with a couple Gryffindor. Everyone got dressed as the music started playing. Harry went over and grabbed Ginny pulling her into a deep kiss as they danced.
The party lasted until well after midnight where everyone drifted off to bed. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all drifted off to the common room together.

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   Everyone headed straight for bed after the long and tiresome night. Harry awoke early in the morning and went down to the great hall for breakfast. He was early so he decided to stop off at the room of requirement. After a half hour search Harry came across something unusual.
He picked it up and turned it around in his hand examining it carefully. It was small round and flat almost like a Fanged Frisbee but it wasn’t. Harry stowed it in his pocket and headed off to breakfast where everyone was waiting for him. He sat down and explained what he had found in the room. He said he’d show it to them after breakfast while alone.
They set back off to the room of requirement and he pulled the disk out. Hermione took it from him to examine it closely. She turned it around and pointed her wand at it but nothing happened. She tossed it in the air where it hovered for a second then fell right back down into her hands. She handed it back to Harry.
“I can’t find anything special about it Harry.

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   I don’t think it is what we are looking for. ” Hermione told him.
Harry shrugged and threw it to the side and they left to go visit Hagrid. They knocked on his door and he let them in. Hagrid looked a little down so they asked what was up. He told them it was nothing but they pressured him until they told.
“It’s been years since I’ve bin with a girl. ” Hagrid said, “Maxine is not that type of woman, she wants to wait. ”
The four of them looked at each other; Hermione stood up and walked over to him. He was still standing so without much effort she reached out and pulled his cock out of his pants. It had to be twelve inches long and two inches wide. Hermione opened her mouth wide and was only able to fit the head in her mouth but Hagrid did not reject. Hermione stepped back and remover her robes. Hagrid placed her up onto the table in front of everyone else.
Hagrid took his massive cock into his hand and pointed it to her pussy.

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   Harry had the idea there was no way she could take it but in one slow continuing thrust he was buried inside of her. Hermione cried out in both pain and pleasure at the same time as Hagrid thrusted into her. Harry thought for sure she would rip open but all the recent sex loosened her up.
This turned Harry on so he lifted Ginny up so she was standing and removed her robes. Harry released his cock and guided her on top of him. Ron, not wanting to be left out, reached over and took Ginny’s breasts first in his hands then in his mouth. Ron stood up, as Harry pounded her pussy, and shoved his cock into his sister’s mouth. Harry heard everyone grunting, Hagrid the most, which was a real turn on. He liked solo sex but he liked orgies so much better.
He heard Hagrid groan really loud and after a second pulled out of Hermione. When he looked, he saw cum flowing out of her pussy like a river. Harry could not take it anymore and exploded into Ginny’s pussy. Afterwards Ginny stood up and Ron pushed her over onto the table so her face was above Hermione’s breast. Ron quickly slid his cock deep into her pussy as she took Hermione’s breasts into her mouth. He grabbed her hips and pounded her pussy while Hagrid and Harry sat back and watched.

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   Ron was pounding hard into her pussy that she was having trouble keeping the breast in her mouth so she gave up and leaned her head back toward him.
He grabbed her hair into his hand with one hand and pushed and pulled at the same time to burry his cock deep into her pussy. Ron groaned and gave his donation to her pussy. When he pulled out cum flowed out of her as it did with Hermione. After getting dressed and cleaned up they went back up to the castle for an uneventful day because they were all exhausted, especially Hermione.
Thankful Thanksgiving
Week after week, they searched the room of requirement and had a few close calls with items but none of them panned out. Harry awoke to the smell of pumpkin pies the morning of Thanksgiving. Ron was sitting up to and they both climbed out of bed. They went down to the common room and sat in their usual chairs waiting for the girls. The four of them set off to breakfast then take a day off and roam the grounds.
After lunch, they headed back up to the common room to play and wait for diner. They passed by Firenze’s classroom when they heard grunting. Curious they all peered inside to see what was going on. He was on the back to a female horse trying to mount it. When Harry looked closer and noticed it was actually a plastic horse used for hunting.


   They stepped their heads back out the room and looked at each other. Ginny and Hermione had sad, sympathy look in their eyes.
Everyone knew he must be lonely since he cannot be with his own kind. Hermione and Ginny walked in first and as Firenze looked at them, they disrobed Hermione walked over as he backed away from the plastic. She dropped down to her knees and took his massive horse cock in her mouth, Harry couldn’t tell who’s cock was bigger, his or Hagrid but they were close in size. Ginny meanwhile climbed up on his back and started rubbing her pussy along his back. He twisted his top half around while the bottom half stayed still and took her breast into his mouth.
Harry and Ron just stood back and watched them going at it while they stroked their cocks. They had a great view of the insides of Hermione’s pussy as she sat on all fours sucking his cock. Harry walked over and climbed up on Firenze while Ron sank behind Hermione. Ron sank his cock all the way in without missing a beat. Harry slightly raised Ginny and sunk his cock in her ass as Firenze sank a couple fingers in her. Both girls were moaning loudly so Harry put his charm on the door so they would not be heard. He them grabbed hold of her hips and pounded her ass. Looking down he saw Hermione magicing a small table out of the air and put it under Firenze.

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She lay upon the table, took hold of his huge cock, and placed it at the opening of her pussy. Ron helped her slowly slide it in her pussy. It seemed to stretch her even after having Hagrid in her. She winced her eyes as if she was in pain but continued along anyways. Her pussy stretched to meat his cock. She moaned and cried out loudly as he sank all the way inside of her. Ron placed his cock into her mouth as she fucked the cock now ripping her apart.
This turned Harry on even more and as Firenze bucked his hips, Harry slammed into her as harder and harder. He grabbed hold of her hips and pressed his cock deep into her as he exploded his cum in her rectum. They climbed off to watch the rest of them go at it. Ginny sat on Harry’s naked lap and watched as Hermione received it from both ends. Ron pushed his hips deep into her mouth and Harry could see cum seeping out of her mouth. He came over and sat down taking Ginny’s breast into his mouth.
Harry and the others watched as Hermione got pounded rapidly. She had her eyes close and her mouth open as she enjoyed the pleasure.

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   Firenze tensed up and filled her with so much cum it oozed out of her pussy. Hermione just laid there as if she passed out. After a few seconds, she got up and they all got dressed and went back to the common room.
Diner was great especially after they spent all their energy earlier. Harry ate half of a pumpkin pie all by himself along with some turkey and stuffing. By time they were done, they were too tired and went off to bed. The day after Thanksgiving the uproar was about going home for the holidays. Harry and Hermione were joining Ron at his parents’ house for some holiday fun.
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