Hermione vs. Troll


Hermione had finally found a place where she could be alone with her thoughts. Sobbing she sat down in a toilet stall in a bathroom deep within the dungeons of Hogwarts castle. As she was finally getting ready to leave the stall she heard loud heavy steps coming from outside. Intrigued she left the stall just as a large grey troll entered. Hermione inhaled sharply, how could a troll have gotten all the way here? Surely one of the many magical protections would have guarded against this. The troll towered over Hermione even in his small brain he figured out that the lonesome crying he heard from the hallway meant easy prey. He laughed as he lifted his massive club ready to squash the little witch. Hermione ducked and rolled quickly to here right as the heavy club tore through several bathroom stalls. Getting up she tried to run further into the bathroom but a piece of the twisted wreckage tore at her robes. Not caring she pushed onward tearing her robes to shreds. The troll stood erect and laughed again this little witch was fun he thought. Ignoring her clothes Hermione ran towards the showers she didn’t know if there was a way out but it was better than staying here.

The troll stood there momentarily stunned by  the sight of this young brunette running away in mere shreds of clothing, caught in the conflict his brain was now trying to process whether or not he should squash here or try and mate, even though that would be nearly impossible a trolls brain is not bright enough not to try. Hermione raced into the showers and let out a sigh of despair tearing off what remained of her clothes she turned around determined to try and run around the troll and escape, she didn’t need to get caught up on wreckage again. She waited as the troll slowly made its way to the showers, finding her again it roared and she screamed. The troll paused and when he did Hermione seeing her advantage ran and ducked to the trolls side trying to get past him.

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   Moving his foot in an attempt to stop her, she dove between his legs head first but he barely grabbed a hold of one of her feet. Laying there she looked up and underneath the trolls brown loin cloth she could already see a slightly stiffing 15 inch troll cock. She gasped in her studies she learned all about mythical creatures even the anatomy of most and even for a troll this one was larger than average. He picked her up and held her in one hand bringing her to eye level, she squirmed against his grip but he wasn’t letting go. Dropping his club he brought up his other hand and stroked her brown hair and laughed, pulling at her bra it snapped revealing her developing breasts to the massive troll. He lifted her to his face a licked her from her stomach up in one smooth motion. Mmm he thought. Hermione screamed again but she thought it might be useless as everyone would be in the great hall feasting she was at the mercy of the savage troll.

 With one hand holding Hermione the troll reached down and stroked his cock her soft skin in his hand and nubile breasts offering encouragement to his rapidly growing erection.

Now slobbering he pulled down Hermione’s panties with is thumb and admire you creamy white skin. Sick to her stomach from what was happening and the smell she barely noticed the troll stroking him but when she did her mouth dropped and her eyes went wide. Now nearly 19 inches long and with a 4 inch radius at its bulbous tip it was the biggest penis she had ever seen. She struggled again trying to get away but it was no use. With both hands on her now he lowered her and stroked his cock against her young body running across her labia up her stomach between her breasts and to her face her soft skin felt good to the troll. Hermione screamed again but she was slowly starting to realize how good this felt.

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   Her small breasts jiggled every time he thrusted, her nipples hard like diamonds and her young pussey was growing wet.

Thinking hard she couldn’t think of a way to get out of this alive except to do what the troll wants. Slowly she extended her arms around the troll’s massive cock and squeezed her breast together tightening her smooth flesh against his giant member. A deep growl of approve came from the troll. Hermione spit trying to ease some friction as the troll’s pre-cum greased her small frame. Then the troll set her on the ground with one large hand on her head. Knowing nothing better to do she stroked the shaft with her small hands and licked the tip of this massive cock. Loud slurping sounds of Hermione’s sucking echoed in the bathroom, once or twice she tried to take the head in her mouth but it was far to massive. Reaching down she stroked the troll’s huge balls as she sucked the shaft. Pushed forward by the troll her body was now pressed against the troll with her arms around it and mouth on the tip as it started to thrust forward again her body excited as every her cunt was dripping with anticipation of the troll cock. Suddenly with the troll’s cock head right at her lips she felt him tense and the roar as a massive load of cum rushed out filling her throat and pouring out of her mouth down to her small breasts.

Coughing up come she leaned back as another hot was of cum spurted out drenching her hair and body, then another and another.

 The troll released his grip on her and she fell to the ground choking on troll cum. groaning in pleasure he looked down at her covered in his juices and with one hand pinned her on her back. Still coughing Hermione didn’t notice the troll spread her legs.

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   However one the massive head was at her cunt lips she screamed through the cum knowing full well what it would do to her. The troll tried to thrust his cock into her but he couldn’t even get the massive head in. banging Hermione up in the process the troll quit and stood up again. Looking down at the young girl practically swimming in his cum he laughed one last time before leaving. Sitting there Hermione didn’t make a peep. Slowly she rose from the mess and washed herself off and quickly rushed to Gryffindor tower hoping to forget what had happened and change clothes.










** this was my first attempt at something like this please let me know what you think**