J Lo Gets Taught, Day 1 Part 1


It was a cool April day, and I get out my crappy motorcycle. It was a pile of junk (only cost me 50 bucks), so I had no problem with never seeing it again. I suited up the gear I needed, hopped on, and began my journey to LA. 50 minutes later, I was watching J Lo going in to a beauty salon to get her hair done. Her limo waited outside, and so did I. When J Lo came back out, I noticed she was virtually alone. She had her bodyguard with her, and the limo driver in the front. I smiled as I prepared myself. The limo driver took off, and I followed behind it. After about 20 minutes of driving around LA, we were on a back rode going to J Lo’s mansion. I surveyed the area, notice there was nothing around, and got ready. The limo stopped at a red light, and I zoomed up next to the driver’s window. I signaled for the driver to roll down his window, and he did. “Excuse me sir, I seem to be lost, could you direct me to um…um. . ”With that, I reached into my pocket and pulled at my tranquilizer gun.

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   The poor guy didn’t know what hit him. I shot him once in the neck, and the sedative took effect. It gave a 4-hour period of sleep, so I was safe. I glanced back and saw J Lo and her bodyguard had no idea anything went wrong. I opened the door, closed it quietly, and began driving. After about 30 minutes, once we were in the desert, her bodyguard noticed. He rolled down the window, and asked, “Who the fuck are you?” With that, I grabbed the gun, and shot him and J Lo in the neck. Both were out, and my plan was going well. After another half an hour, we arrived at the shack. I made sure there were no phones in it before I left, so nobody could call for help. I dragged the driver into a small closet, and locked him in. Then I dragged the bodyguard down to the cellar, where I chain him and locked the door. I could take the driver in a fight, but the bodyguard was buff. No harm in taking extra precautions. I left the house, and gently carried J Lo in.

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   I didn’t want to hurt her soft body, as I would be using it a lot in the next few days. I set J Lo down on a bed, and stripped her off all her clothes. Her body was more amazing then I had ever dreamed. Her breasts were perfect, her skin a light brown and so smooth you could sleep on it. And then, her ass. I turned her over, and had to toy with it. This ass was the plumpest ass I have ever seen in my life. Just looking at it gave me instant wood. I rolled her back over, and went about setting everything up. Handcuffs were attached to the bedposts already, so I chained her in. I took the limo’s keys and hid them in a safe place. I also hid the tranquilizer gun for safety. I went into the living room, and read a book for a while. After about 3 hours, I heard a loud scream. I got up, and walked into the bedroom.

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   J Lo was fully awake, and was scared. Time to explain the situation, I thought. “Hello Jenny, my name is Tim. I will be your new master for the next couple of days. Your driver and bodyguard are locked away, and, if you behave, will get food and water every now and then. If you don’t, I will leave them to starve. ” J Lo’s face started to lose color. “Don’t be afraid, as long as you are a good girl, you won’t get hurt either. Just to inform you, don’t try to run, as I can catch you hours before you make it to other life. ”“What do you want from me?”“I thought you would be able to tell, what with your lack of clothes and such. ”“You sick pervert, you have no idea who you are messing with!”“Now, now, I guess it’s time to set up some rules. First, you will call me master, and only master. Second, you will never, ever curse at me in anger. Feel free to curse in passion, but anger is a no-no. Third, hurting any part of me is not allowed.

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   And lastly, trying to run will get you in deep shit. ”“What if I don’t want to listen to you?”“Well, good thing I thought about it. Every time you break a rule, you stay here a day longer. Right now, you will leave in 4 days. But, if you try and escape, there is a much greater punishment. Not only will both your driver and bodyguard go three days without food or water, but you will have to suck them off for 3 days straight, and you will get an additional day. Do I make myself clear?”“Y-y-y-yes master. ”“Good girl. Now, for day one, I will start you with basic training. Suck my cock slave!”With that, I pulled down my pants, exposing my 7-inch hard-on. I unchained my slave, as so she could use every part of her body freely. Hesitantly, she grabbed my cock, and slowly started licking the head. She moistened her mouth with some spit, and swallowed my entire cock. She began pounding her head back and forth, and gave my cock a feeling I have never felt. This was the best blowjob ever.

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   After a little bit, she began moving her head up and down, in addition to going in and out. In addition, she started spinning her tongue around my cock, making me feel as though I were in heaven. I could tell she was a pro. I noticed she was fingering her pussy at the same time. I never realized how dirty she was. While she was sucking, I said, “Another thing. You will take all my loads on your body. If you are a good girl, I will let you take 1 shower a day, with me of course. You can use this time to fuck me, suck me, and get clean. Understood?”Jenny looked up at me, and nodded yes. After another minute of her magic, I felt ready to blow my load. I told my slave to pull my cock out, and get ready her hand ready. As I pulled out of her mouth, she grabbed my cock and started rubbing me nice and gently. I titled her head back, and started to blow my load. I distributed the shots nicely so she would know whose boss.

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   One shot in each eye, one shot in eye nostril, and three shots in her hair. She screamed as the semen got in her eye, and then started choking with it up her nose. After a few seconds, I told her to wipe it of her eyes and onto her hair. Her eyes stopped burning, and she wiped the cum from her nose into her hair. “Now bitch, work that shit into your hair like shampoo. ” She did, and her silky smooth hair was now sticky with my cum. I started to feel my cock hardening again, so I said, “Good, you passes sucking 101 with flying colors. Now let’s see how well you follow directions. Lie on your stomach, spread your legs, and don’t scream. ” J Lo did as she was told, and I examined her asshole. It was so tight, you could tell she never tried anal. Which was amazing, due to the sexiness of her ass. I grabbed a bottle a lube off the kitchen table, and walked back into the bedroom, ready for fun. I lubed up her ass, and shoved my finger in to test. I could tell she wanted to scream, but like the good bitch she is, held it in.

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   I lubed my cock, and said, “This might hurt a lot. ” With that I jammed up entire cock up her ass. Her muscles tightened with pain, and she threw her face into the pillow. I pumped my hips as hard as possible, each time going deeper. I began to slap her nice, round ass, and then “robe” my slave. I grabbed her hair with one hand, slapped her ass with the other, and pounded my hips back and forth. I felt like I was riding a horse. I told her, “On the count of three, I am going to pull out, and you are going to let me tit fuck you to blow my load. Understood?” She nodded. “One, two, three!”In a matter of seconds, my cock was on her chest. She grabbed her nice B cup tits and pressed them together hard, sandwiching my cock. I moved up and down, and not 30 seconds after I started, but I blew my load. I shot my entire load over her chest, and once again made her rub it in. When she was done, I made her lick my cock clean. While she was doing this, I one again noticed her finger up her pussy.

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   I got off and said, “You can have an hour to yourself. Don’t wipe the cum off, leave it. When I come back, I will satisfy you. ” With that, I left an abused icon lying on the bed. .

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