Katie Interviews Mark


[ This story is entirely a work of fiction and is not meant to imply anything about the habits and preferences of the people involved nor is it derived from any personal knowledge. ]


The Today Show on May 19, 2003 went pretty much as usual for a Monday morning. Katie was scheduled to do a live interview with Mark Wahlberg, to plug his new movie, "The Italian Job. "

Mark was already seated on the set in one the easy chairs facing each other as the camera crew prepared to go live in Studio 1A. Katie walked onto the set as her personal assistant, Melissa, hovered around her to make final adjustments to Katie's hair. Katie beamed her usual bright smile at her guest and said, "Good morning Mark, I like your sweater. " She was wearing a plain sleeveless tan colored dress. As usual, her attire did little but tantalize her many admirer's wildest fantasies. Her legs are the only part of her body that she willingly but sparingly displays. A flash of her thighs is all you get, if you're lucky.

"I like it too, especially in this cool studio," replied Mark as he watched his gracious hostess sit and cross her firm and shapely legs. He caught a brief glance of her creamy inner thighs before she tugged down at the hem of her dress as she usually does.

"I know. It's usually warmer in here, but it is a cold morning for May. I have my dressing room at a constant temperature. .

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  . . and it's much more comfortable. "

Mark smiled back at Katie and responded, "I've usually made out with just an old trailer dressing room. I'd like to see what Katie Couric's dressing room looks like. And I bet I could make out just fine in there too. "

Katie laughed nervously, "I'll be in my dressing room for an hour during Regis and Kelly before I have to be back in the studio for the second segment of the show. " Then with obvious innuendo, "I can give you a tour then and see how you make out, Ok?"

Then the crew backed away and the cameras went live. Katie got to the subject of the interview, "I haven't seen your new movie, "The Italian Job" but I've seen a couple of your previous movies. "

Mark interjected, "Really? Which one do you like best?"

"The last one I saw was ‘Planet of the Apes' with Helena Bonham Carter. But, ‘Boogie Nights' with Bert Reynolds. . . . .

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  . wow!"

Mark asked, "What did you think of that movie? It didn't fare very well, but it was a fun movie to work on, what with all the sex scenes involved. "

Katie replied, "At first I watched it with mixed emotions. I understand that the premise of the movie was to portray the tawdriness of most movies made in the porn industry. "

"That's right, Katie. The criticism was that it was a cheap movie with bad acting. But, that's how it was intended, a lot of cheesy characters, bad acting, and sex. . . . mostly sex. Except this movie wasn't cheap and it was written to give the audience the feel of the early days of porn movies. "

After the interview ended Mark and Katie continued their discussion of "Boogie Nights" for a moment and Marked asked, "What was your favorite part?"

"The end of the movie. . .

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  . . where you're getting dressed in the bedroom and you look at yourself in the full length mirror. " Katie leaned forward toward Mark and continued, "You unzip your pants and let your cock hang out. " Smiling still, she continued, "I replay that part it every time I watch it. "

Softly, Mark replied, "I'd really like to replay the scene for you in person. . . . . . "

"Katie's toothy smile beamed at Mark as she said, "OK, see you then, in a few minutes. . . .

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  ," uncrossing her legs and letting them part momentarily, but enough to give Mark a quick flash of her smooth, white thighs. Mark felt his cock stir in his pants. Katie stood, turned her back to Mark to let Melissa unhook her mike. Mark could see the fullness of Katie's hips and rounded buttocks close enough to touch. He wanted to reach out and run a hand up under her dress and feel her thighs. "Jesus!" he thought, "I'd like to stick my cock into that beautiful behind!"

Almost lovingly, Melissa removed Katie's mike and smoothed the material of Katie's dress. Her hands patted here, and there, then moved around to the back of her boss's dress and gliding quickly, dropped her fingers just to the top of Katie's buttocks. Melissa quickly became aware of Mark's eyes and glanced nervously at him and then directed her eyes to the bulge in his crotch.

As Melissa walked away, Katie turned back to Mark, still sitting in the easy chair. She looked to see that none of the crew was within earshot and leaned close, resting both hands on the armrests and whispered, "You'd better sit there a minute while that bulge in your pants goes down. You're liable to get Missy all excited and horny," pausing momentarily, ". . . . .

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  . . . . . also. " Then she turned and walked away swinging her tight little ass more than usual.

After a few minutes, Melissa returned to the set and asked Mark to follow her to Katie's dressing room. As he followed Melissa out the studio and down the hall, Mark, natural man that he is, took advantage and studied the young assistant's ass undulating in front of him. "Not bad, either," he thought.

When they reached Katie's dressing room door, Melissa opened it, "Please come in and have a seat. Katie will be out in a minute. " She poured a glass of white wine for Mark then disappeared into the changing room.

Mark took a seat on one of the easy chairs in the room facing another larger couch. "It's a very nicely appointed and private area for Katie.

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  " he thought sipping at his glass.

Katie come out with Melissa close behind her. She was wearing a terry-cloth robe and her famous smile. The robe parted slightly as she approached and sat across from Mark on the couch revealing even more of her shapely legs as she crossed them comfortably like she does in front of the cameras.

"There now Mark, isn't this much more comfortable than the chilly studio"?

"This is a very, very nice dressing room. . . . . . . if you can call it that. It's more like a. . .

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  . . . a studio apartment, that's it, a Studio 1A apartment!" They both laughed at his pun. Katie and Mark chatted amicably for a few minutes as Melissa, standing behind the couch, massaged Katie's bare shoulders under the collar of her robe.

"That feels so good, Missy," Katie said to her assistant. Katie's robe loosened as the girl worked her fingers further down revealing more and more of Katie's breasts. "You don't mind if Missy does me while we talk, do you Mark?" Katie uncrossed her legs and stretched them out, crossing them again at the ankles, then leaned back to rest her head on the back of the couch. She closed her eyes. The robe fell open held only by the belt around her middle. Mark could clearly see a white thong . Her mons was prominent beneath the white cloth and he could also see the cleavage down the middle created by the star's labia.

"No, no, of course not, Katie. I don't mind at all," Mark croaked and swallowed hard as he watched Melissa's hands penetrate further down the front of Katie's shoulders to her breasts, gently kneading Katie's erect nipples with her fingers. Mark shifted slightly in his seat to give his swelling cock a little more breathing room.

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   Melissa looked at Mark and smiled.

Still relaxing with her eyes closed, Katie asked, "Do you like Missy, Mark? Don't you think she's pretty. . . . . . and hot too?"

"Yes, she is. And she really seems to enjoy doing you, Katie. " Katie did not miss the obvious double entendre.

"Yes, she does me very well and she'll do anything I ask of her. " Katie opened her eyes to see the difficulty Mark was having with the very obvious erection in his trousers. .

"Missy dear, be a good girl and go and make Mark more comfortable. "

"Oh, yes, Katie.

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   Thank you!" Then quickly she walked around the couch toward Mark. The girl knelt on the carpet between his knees and reached to loosen his belt. He watched her unbutton his pants and pull his zipper down. Holding his fly with one hand she reached inside to fish for his cock. She found it immediately and gently pulled it out of his pants. It was certainly a hand-full. She smiled as she stroked it and got a good look at it before she opened her mouth wide and swallowed as much as she could. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and pulled back so that only the head was in her mouth. With both hands wrapped tightly around the shaft, she sucked on the head and stroked, and sucked, and sucked.

Mark tossed his head back, eyes closed, "Oh, god, that's good!" He opened his eyes to look at Katie. Her robe was wide open. One hand was at her bare breasts, the other massaged her cloth-covered mound. Katie's legs were still crossed at the ankles. Katie was concentrating on her assistant's technique as her hand slipped under the thong and her fingers delved into her moist folds.

Looking up at Mark, "She's good, isn't she, Mark?" Katie kept fingering her clit as she watched the pair across from her.

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   "Get him good and hard, Missy. Don't make him cum, though. I want him at full mast when I put it in me. " Katie uncrossed her legs and brought her knees up placing her feet on the couch and spread her legs. She pulled the thong aside and revealed her shaved pussy lips to Mark. "Does this look good to you, Mark? Do you like my pussy? Missy likes my pussy, don't you Missy?"

Melissa removed her mouth from the cock in her hands to turn and look at Katie. "Don't stop sucking, Missy!" Melissa gagged when she opened her mouth and tried to swallow more of Mark's cock than she could handle.

"Jesus, Katie! I'm gonna blow my wad in her mouth pretty soon. Bring that sweet ass over here!"

Katie stood and the robe fell away revealing her luscious breasts, legs to die for and the white string disappearing between her bubble-butt cheeks just like Mark had envisioned.

Katie smiled at Mark and said to Melissa, "Take his pants off, Missy. " then moved to stand between Mark's knees when he was naked from the waist down. Bending at the waist she grasped his glistening prick with both hands.
    "God, almighty, that's a beauty!" She turned facing away from Mark and straddled his knees. She tried to guide his hot tool to her pussy. "Help me, Missy.


       Don't just stand there rubbing yourself!"

    Melissa snapped her hand away from the front of her dress and fell to her knees between them. Katie steadied herself and spread her legs over Mark's knees. Melissa then grasped Mark's cock poking up at Katie's pussy and held the head to Katie's exposed clit. Katie lifted slightly and Melissa slid the head down between her boss's cunt lips.

    "Right there, Missy! Hold it while I try to get it in. . . . . . . dear god, what a tool!" Missy held Mark's cock as Katie inched down little by little. "Oh! Oh, god. . .

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      god, give it to me Mark! I want all of it in me!"

    Melissa could see Katie's pussy lips part for Mark's cock. They folded inward and disappeared around the huge hard-on. She leaned forward and smelled the aroma of cunt and cock melding into one. Missy licked at Katie's clit, and as her boss rose to reveal her labia and Mark's cock she licked at it too.

    Katie rose slowly till the cock in her was almost completely out of her dripping cunt then slowly sat back down on it till it disappeared again. "Oh, Mark. Oh, oh, oh! Fuck me, baby! I love your prick, Mark. It's so big! Missy! Suck him when I come up again. " Katie rose till she felt the emptiness then looked down to see Melissa cover the joystick with her mouth. Katie held Melissa's head in both hands and pulled it down to Mark's cock. Melissa reached to put her fingers to Katie's pussy.

    "Ok, that's enough, Missy. Put it back in me, quick!" The faithful assistant broke the suction on Mark's cock with a pop and guided it to Katie's wet pussy lips again. Katie let it slip back up her throbbing tunnel till she was resting on his lap, cock buried in her to the hilt. She rocked on it enjoying the feeling of being filled so tightly and licked so expertly at the same time.

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       Then she lifted again and fell back on it. . . . . long slow strokes. Then faster. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, f-f-fuck me! Suck it Missy! Suck my clit, baby!"

    Panting heavily, "Katie. . . . Katie, let me fuck you doggie. I gotta see your beautiful ass while I fuck you. "

    "Oh yes, Mark! I love it from behind! Slide down off the couch but stay inside me. " As they slid to the carpet, Katie knelt with Mark still lodged within her.

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       She knelt forward on her elbows and arched her back as she looked back at him smiling all the time. Mark placed his hands on her buttocks and pulled them apart to see her nether hole. He pulled his cock back and placed the head at her asshole making it wet from the juice on his cock head.

    Katie looked back at Mark smiling, "I'd like to accommodate you sweetie, but I think you're much to big for me there. I do love a good ass-fucking, but Regis is the only guy I can handle back there. Now put it back in my pussy and fuck me silly. "

    "I wasn't going to put it in, Katie. I just wanted to see how my cock felt and looked there in your beautiful ass. "

    "Missy! Grab the digital cam and take a picture for Mark. " When Melissa had taken a picture of Mark's cock resting at her back door, Katie said to her, "Come, Missy, underneath me. " Katie straightened out her elbows and Missy crawled under, her face up looking at Mark's cock disappearing between Katie's cunt-lips. Melissa still had her dress on but never wore panties per Katie's instructions. Katie pulled Melissa's dress up and lowered her head to her assistant's pussy. Melissa's tongue was already slathering at the cunt and cock above her. She placed her mouth at Katie's clit and felt Mark's cock slide past her lips at the same time.

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    Mark was fucking Katie like there was no tomorrow. She was moaning loudly her cunt throbbing, and was headed for a wonderful orgasm when the door opened and Kelly Ripa walked in, eyes wide open and said, "What the fuck!"

    Katie looked up at Kelly, "Not now Kelly! I'm there, let me cum!"

    Katie watched Kelly walk in toward them. Mark was still fucking but watching Kelly as she kicked her shoes off and said to Melissa, "Move, Missy. Let me in there. " Kelly dropped to the floor and replaced Melissa underneath Katie. Kelly was astonished at the sight above her, "It sure looks better in person, Mark!" Katie rolled her eyes at Melissa. Then pulling Kelly's dress up and panty crotch aside she lowered her mouth to Kelly's pretty pussy.

    Before she started licking Katie and Mark, Kelly said, "I want to fuck him too when you're finished, Katie!"

    When Regis walked in looking for Kelly, she was sitting on Mark's lap as Katie had done before. She was admiring Mark's cum as it oozed out of his cock. Katie and Melissa were locked in a heated sixty-nine on the couch.

    Throwing his arms up in the air, he said, "Holy mother of god! Nobody tells me anything!"


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