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So here I am walking into the MTV Music Awards with my dad Billy Ray. If I may introduce myself I am Miley Cyrus better known as the little Disney girl Hannah Montana. I have always been known as sweet, kind, gentle but I have a little devious side to me too. As a young rich and independent girl I have always kept my innocence but as a little virgin I wanted to get out and explore the world and my secret sexual fantasies. Being guarded, rich and a star never left time for me to go out date even kiss (except for on-screen made up stuff). I just never thought that today I would go as far as I did and with the person that I did it with.

Ok so back to the MTV Awards! Here I am walking with my dad as we take our assigned seats. MTV kind of had all of us arranged by genre. Like country singers were around each other and R&B were with each other etc. So I sit and enjoy myself as people are performing. Me and my dad kind of dance in our seats, smile and joke while the whole thing is going on. I saw a great performance by Justin Timberlake. Next, Simple Plan performed their song When I’m Gone. Some awards were given out. Then Chris Brown gave a great show. The whole crowd was up and moving, dancing.

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   That did it for me, I had to go use the bathroom. I kindly ease my way into the aisle and leave the audience area entering into the platform area where a bunch of performers are standing and talking.
I kind of brushed up against this guy when I heard an “excuse you” I turned and saw this hot looking black guy all flashy smiling at me I said sorry. He said SORRY! honey you’re anything but sorry. And you are? He asked, “I’m Miley”, I said. Hi Miley I’m Lil’ Wayne but as you can see by all of these diamonds I’m anything but little.   I looked him up and down and said, “Hmmm I bet. ” Ok well I didn’t actually say it but I was really thinking it. He then grabbed my hand kissed it and said see you soon Miley. I kinda played it off and said maybe you will, maybe you wont. He laughed and said “Well if I don’t, it’s your loss. ” Looking at him his soft black lips kissing my tiny white hand I got a different wetness in my panties. I almost forgot I had to go pee. So after I used the bathroom I take my seat back with my dad as we enjoy the show.
Then I hear the crowd go nuts as the speakers echo “Here’s Lil’ Wayne”.

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   Him and some of his boys took the stage singing a song about money, making it rain and fly away. I didn’t care what the song was, I was just memorized by this dark, tattooed, flashy black boy. He was up on stage and the lights hit his hot little body with the sweat pouring off of his forehead, abs and his scratchy voice making all of the girls crazy. It was then that I wanted him. I wanted him now and naked. I didn’t know how but I prayed that God would somehow put us together. Some minutes go by when someone announced “Miley Cyrus!” the crowd is clapping going wild when my dad says “Go up there and get your award honey”. I couldn’t believe it I won an award and I didn’t even know that I was nominated for. So my dad goes up there with me as I thank my fans, family and God. As I started to walk back stage, who do I see still there but (you guessed it) Lil’ Wayne. I ask my dad to leave me and I will meet him back in the audience to sit. He gave me a kiss, I gave him my award and he left.

Me and Lil’ Wayne talked back stage it seemed like hours. He really knew how to make a girl feel special. I was giggling like a little schoolgirl.

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   Heck, to him I was a little schoolgirl. He asked where was I rooming at, I told him the Comfort Suits. He got on his cell phone and immediately called and reserved a room. Before I knew it, the awards show was over. Me and Lil’ Wayne exchanged numbers and went our separate ways but I immediately told him he couldn’t just leave me without giving me a hug. He agreed and grabbed me by my little waist while I had my hands around his head and shoulders. I just held him for a while and inhaled his scent. I asked him what’s that smell? He said weed! No stupid, the other smell. Oh the cologne it called Dolace & Gabbana. Mmmm, it’s nice.
Wayne was like well maybe later you can wear some. I said oh you’re going to spray some on me. He smiled, winked and said no later I could lay some on you. With that he left with his boys and I just stood there like a lost fan waiting for his autograph. I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Oh dad it’s you!” You ready to go honey bun? Yah dad lets go.


   We arrive at the hotel and it’s like almost two in the morning. My dad and mom go into their room to sleep or whatever when I get a ring on the telephone. I answer the phone “Hello” Yeah it’s me! Me who? Weezy F. I knew who it was but just love to hear him say that. He said what’s up for tonight. I told him that my dad and mom is occupied so I’m up for anything. He said well how bout a dip in the pool. Ok, I'll meet you at the pool in 10 minutes. I change into this hot little 2 piece bathing suit and go down into the pool area. He’s already chillin in the pool as I go to the side of the pool he swims up and I about faint from the look of the water on his body. Muscles, abs, tattoos oh good lord. He looks up at me and asks what’s taking me so long to get in.
I immediately join him in the water. We play around and dump each other’s heads in the water when I decided I was going to have him. I dunked his head when he came up for water I kissed him before he could get a chance to wipe the water out of his eyes.

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   This was amazing as our tongues explored the other’s mouth. He wiped his face and came back for more kissing and licking on my neck when all of a sudden he moved his hands between my legs. His hand was moving in a fast circle on my clit while his soft black lips kissed and caressed my white skin. I was moaning in his ear I have never felt anything like this. I played around a couple of time but this was different, really different. Lil Wayne moved down and pulled out my tit. I looked at him thinking he was not going to like me because I was far from the grown ladies he probably usually has sex with. I was more like a delicate little untouched girl. But Lil Wayne just smiled, looked at me and took my little pink nipple in his mouth.
This took me over the edge seeing my white skin mixing with Wayne's dark complexion along with calmness of the water plus his fingers were still caressed my tiny clit. I started shaking wildly and had my first orgasm. I was practically stuttering when I asked him “Ex-Ex-cuse me, but let me return the favor. With that I disappeared in the pool, reached in and pulled out his black cock from within those swimming shorts. My hair was floating on the water as I gave this black hunk the business sucking his pecker for all its worth in that pool. Lil Wayne held my head but not forcefully.

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   He would bring me up for air and kissed me then I went back into the pool and sucked his cock some more. It tasted great, I have played around before but this was definitely not a cock to play with. I kept pumping more and more slurping pool water and cock juice. I could tell Wayne was close when he tried to pull me up I kept hold of his black cock and milked it for what its worth.
He finally gave up and I saw his legs shake as he let out spurt after spurt of his black babies in my little white teen mouth. I swallowed some while I could see some of his liquid kids swimming in the pool next to me. I then came up and kissed him with a little of his cum still in my mouth. He didn’t even care. As a matter of fact, he seemed to kiss me even more passionately. I decided that this oral sex thing wasn’t enough. I wanted cock inside me pounding my little innocent cunt. That’s what I wanted, little Miley Cyrus wanted to feel the cock of the hottest blackest rapper Lil Wayne inside my innocent pussy. I told Wayne lets go back to his room because I didn’t want to disturb my parents. He told me that he had his boys in his room. “Fuck it, we’re rich” Wayne said lets get a room together.

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   Wayne went to the front desk and came back with a key to a suite. I didn’t mind if it was a closet as long as today would be the day that I got my sexual desires filled. Soaking wet, hot and horny me and Lil Wayne burst into the suite panting and moaning. It seemed like a scene right out of a movie.
He was holding me rubbing me pinning me up against the wall. We were hot in lust but still cold from the pool. What do I see? I pulled Wayne over to the hot tub. He turns on the bubbles and starts to kiss and rub my pussy again. I stopped him and said enough of this, I want you now. With that he pulled off my panties and immediately went down on my bare pussy. It was a hot scene looking down at this black Zeus looking guy from another world licking and sucking my tiny white pussy and licking my clit until it started turning red. Oh fuck, Wayne starts saying yeah Miley cum, cum on baby doesn’t that black tongue feel good on your little pussy. Oh FUCK Yesssss! he stuck a finger in me and that did it. I started shaking and my little toes curled as I felt my pussy squeeze-open-squeeze and open. I didn’t know it but I was practically running away from him while moaning in ecstasy.

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   Lil Wayne then aimed his huge black pecker towards my virgin cunt. I stopped and said umm protection. Protection? He said. Ok baby I’ll put on a hat. He went down to the lobby and came back with a pack of the cheapest rubbers I’ve ever seen. He tried to put one on but it broke. He placed another one on and the rubber band ring came off the top. He finally got to the last one and it went on.
He guided his cock towards my awaiting hot cunt. Ill be gentile he said. He put the tip at my little pussy and managed to get the head of his cock at my tiny cunt hole. I closed my eyes real tight from the pain. Damn you're so fuckin tight, he said.  Relax baby because if you’re tense it’s gonna make it worse. I relaxed.

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   He spit on my cunt and licked it to get it lubed. He lined his huge black pecker against my little hole again. His head was in a little more. He leaned in and started kissing me sticking letting his tongue explore my mouth agin. As me and Lil Wayne kissed he pushed inside of me. I heard a pop but said and did nothing. I let out yelps and moans with our kiss as my body began receiving this black invader deep in my little white teenage innocent pussy. He started to pump more rapidly as my pussy started accepting more of him inside of me. I started matching him thrust for thrust. I couldn’t believe it, me (little Miley Cyrus) was getting fucked by the black rapper Lil’ Wayne.
I was in total horny bliss watching him looking at the color difference in our skin thinking of racial harmony when I was shocked to see that his condom had broken and he was inside of me without any protection. Now my dad never talked to me about birth control because I wasn’t supposed to be having sex and with my busy schedule I normally wouldn’t have any time for sex anyways. Wayne looked down and said damn, do you want me to stop. He was still pumping in and out of me slowly when I said no keep going baby. He then threw off the torn rubber.

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   I looked in amazement and lust as his black unprotected pecker lined up to enter into my little once innocent pussy. We looked great together as I saw his cock pound my insides. His black dick glistened with my vaginal juices as I made a mess on his cock.   He started playing with my clit as he pulled out to the head then shoved his meat back into my pussy. I put my legs up on his shoulders. Lil Wayne took my tiny feet in his mouth and started sucking on my white pale toes as he kept pounding me. I never thought having your toes sucked would trigger a feeling like this but nevertheless, I came so hard I bout fell in the hot tub.
My toes damn near clinched onto Wayne’s tongue. That’s it Miley cum on the cock Milley cum on that black cock Miley oh your tiny pussy feels sooo good on that black cock Miley. I couldn’t take it the feeling of him and his exotic words took me over the edge as I came. My pussy must have worked his cock because by the look on his face he was close too. I started to talk back to him. Yeah Lil Wayne cum baby. Give me your black cum. Squirt it baby, I want your hot jizz inside me.


   He flipped me on top of him as I rode his cock. Wayne moved his hands back to my little pink puckered asshole and he rubbed a finger over my little asshole. He managed to work a finger into my hole. This too was a different feeling for me I couldn’t hold back as both my ass and pussy holes clinched, I was cumming again and the hardest ever. He felt me cumming through my asshole and this took him over the edge. I leaned over and told him to cum inside me. Oh yesss Lil Wayne cum in me. Oh Miley I’m gonna cum. Give me that cum Wayne. Oh Miley I’m gonna give this cum to you baby.
Oh yes Wayne shoot that hot load in me from your black cock deep inside me. Oh Miley here it is baby. With those words I leaned in and tongued his mouth. I could feel his cock spurting his black baby seeds deep in my tiny white vagina. My pussy was hungry being fed his jizz as the pulsating of my pussy helped milk his cock dry.

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   He was shaking like a wet dog under me. Jerking like a little scared puppy and I too was shaking as we were in unison as one both cumming together. I fell into his arms for about an hour with his cock still inside me as we were exausted from today's events. I finally got up off his cock and watch the puddle of cum leave my once full pussy. I almost wanted to save this cum inside me as a reminder of this day.

I left to film another episode of Hanna Montanna the next day while Lil Wayne continued his career as a successful black rapper and businessman. I thought he may have forgotten about me until I got home and seen this huge black teddy bear with (what else) but some Dolace & Gabbana attached to it.
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