loving a vampire the right way (part 1)


i do not own Stephenie or her or her book only kellan or Emmett

i walked into the Cullen house as usual Esme lets me come here every so often or drather i say every day i want to now that Rosalie has left Emmett i come here several times a day just to see him
i am Esra i love Emmett I'm not a vampire though i want to be i am not i walked over to Bella and Edwards room tidding up i am not a maid i just help them out because i like to be helpful i walked out of theirroom only to be surprised but a half naked Emmett
Emmett what are you doing here. . .
Hi Esra I'm sorry i starled you i was about to go to the fridge just kidding i was going to get my pants but i guess there in my room. . he said in a teasing tone
i looked at his abs and his very sexy face but then i snaped out of it
Its okay Emmett i was about to clean your room whens rose coming home
Shell be back later went hunt with Matthew. . . . Emmett said pissy like
Emmett you know you have people that love you here and you should move on i mean Esme loves you as her son carilsle the same Edward and Bella and jazz and Alice love you as a brother and well i love you man
Howdo you love me. . he said curiously
Well i love you with all my heart and soul but not like your family i love you as so much more i love you the way Rosalie should have
Well then i guess i should think about that then. . . he said walking away
i had to stop him to show him
i grabbed his arm
Emmett i love you as my husbund and my lover and my world
i turned him around with a lot of effort and planted my lips on his
kissing him felt like heaven i pushed my tounge into his mouth and moved it around with emmetts tounge fighting mine wanting domanice
i snapped out of it and looked up at him
Emmett please dont be mad i am sorry i didnt mean to i am so sorry
its ok i enjoyed it maybe alittle to much. .

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   he said rubbing my arms
i turned around to walk off to think about what i had done when all of a sudden i heard a sexy growl
Where are you going. . he said teasingly
I was going to leave since i find my self in the situation of wanting to fuck you right here so i will leave
Hmmmm why do you want to leave maybe i want the same thing.
    . . . . . he said grabbing my arm and pushing me against the wall
    i found my self in between a hard place and and my feelings
    Hmmm now to get you ready. . . he said in a very sexy vioce
    he took his hand running it down my arm and over my boobs sqeezing lightly
    my nipple imadately becoming erect
    Do you really want to do this Esra. . . .

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       he said looking at me with a passion hugry set of eyes
    yes emmett i do but i really wish we were dating or something before this happened but if you just want to do it i refuse
    i pushed him away lightly walking towards the door i opened the door and ran to my car wishing i would have stayed and fuck the hell out of him i pulled into my drive way not 15 minutes later only to be suprised by a very pretty looking alice and a stunningily sexy looking jasper
    Hey you guys i cant talk
    Es we know whats up and emmett has asked us to get you ready for a date. . . alice said giggling
    Jazz whats your part in this a new place to fuck alice you want to tear up my house
    NO i came as a escort for you to your date and well to see you and alice getting ready. . . jasper said looking smug
    translation i want to bionk her right in front of you. . . i was thinking
    Alice dragged me up stairs and started to dress me
    when she was done with me i had on a very short black dress and a black lacey thong as well as her and my favorite black stelltios she quickly put on her outfit and told me to get on make up i looked in the mirror when i was done i looked very sexy and well kinda fuckable i quickly looked at my outfit as a tool

    till i get more written which will be in a minute the sex is next.
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