loving a vampire the right way (part 3)


i released everything thing i had in me on his face going into complete bliss he smiled and crawled up my body and kissed me where i greedily licked off all the cum that was on his face off
mmmmmmm that was amazing i cant wait to see how you function in other way. . i said feeling hornier than i was when he started
i grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down on the bedkissing him with a lot of passion and lust
i worked my way down his body kissing every inch of him i wanted i ripped off his boxers to find a 11 inch brick hard vampire cock i smiled knowing very well i wanted it more than anything i had fantazied it but only it wasn't this big in my fantasies i began to stroke his already extremely hard cock then with all the force in my body i plunged it down my throat swallowing it to the base
Emmett groaned and i knew i was doing it right for him
i pulled up licking the shaft the whole way i began to bob my head up and down working his massive cock i was waiting to see what his spunk would taste like when all of a sudden i tasted a glob of precum it was very sweet and sticky i moaned wanting more i began to work faster and faster
Esra will you get on the floor and sit on your knees. . Emmett said
I've seen this in pornos but i have never gave head or been face fucked so i was skeptical
i got on the floor on my knees where not two minute later i was greeted by a very round and long cock being slapped across my face
Rosalie never let me have her face she said it was to pretty to be fucked but your hotter and more beautiful than her and you seem to want it so i will try it if you don't like it tell me. . . he said being sincere
i opened my mouth then he put his massive cock in my mouth and began to pump slowly after i had swallowed several times i knew he was ready to go faster so i pinched his ass as a sign to go faster he grabbed to back of my head and began to pump fast and hard
oh god yes Esra mmmmmm fuck yeah. . . Emmett said moaning
i moaned with him i was enjoying this
Emmett pulled out off my mouth to go to the bathroom to cumm
oh hell no that cumm is mine. . . i said licking my lips
i began to jack him off very fast then i swallowed
are you sure you want it in your mouth. . .

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  . . . . Emmett said trying to hold it in
i grabbed his balls and began to rub them
he busted in my mouth where i greedily swallowed it alland began to suck harder to get it all outhe began to gush in my mouth i kept swallowing when he was done he stopped moaning and went a little soft
i climbed on the bed and looked at him hungrily
his cock was soaking wet so i new it would slide in comfortably into my tight one time used pussy
i pulled him to the bed by his hand and looked at him
Emmett please make love to me i want you inside of me i have never had sex with anyone i have only used toys and i have never busted my hymen i want you to do it please be gently until i tell you to go harder and i promise i probably will. . i said wanting him on me in me all over me
i cant Esra ill hurt you. . . . Emmett said being cautious
i looked at him flashing him my pussy
he immediately got hard again
Esra if i hurt you tell me. . . Emmett said in a loving tone
i will i promise. .

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  . i said back
he slowly positioned him self at my entrance he slid the head in then he smiled at me
what is it . . . i said a little pissed he wasn't going any further
I'm sorry but i am about to hurt you. . . Emmett said cockily
i looked at him then realized what he was going to do i started to pull away
no please don't Emmett. i begged
oh remember you wanted it. he said getting ready
with that he wrapped his hand around my hips and slammed his cock all they way into me all the way to the base busting my hymen with a loud pop and hitting my cervix hard
owwwwwwwwwwwwwwpull it out pull it out please it hurts. . . i was begging
shhhhhhh i wont move it any and it will stop hurting in a few minutes baby. . .

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  he said comfortingly

part 4 coming soon


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