Miley Cyrus Home Alone or Is She? Part1


Miley Cyrus, was at home alone. As her Dad was sorting out so Record Deal for her latest up coming album release and she told her dad that she doesn’t know anything about the business side of music, so Billy said Miley could stay at home. Jackson was at a interview for college, and went out quite early. So Miley was home alone.

Miley was in her bedroom, and walked onto the landing, and peered, over the banister and shouted down the stairs “Anyone Home”
No one replied.
Miley, now knew she was home alone for sometime, and knew she could do anything she wanted to. She walked into the upstairs bathroom, and started to run a bath. When the bath was ready, she got out of her grey jogging bottoms and black t-shirt. She looked into the mirror that hung on the bathroom door, just in her yellow and red flower bra and black laced thong. Thinking to her self what she could do for the day. Whilst still looking in the mirror she slowly started to pull down her black thong, she was pulling a sexy pose at the same time, just like someone was watching her doing it. She slipped the thong off and kicked it to one side. Then she undid the metal clips on her flower bra, and let it slide off her arms. Looking into the mirror she started looking at her body in the nude, she didn’t have much Pubic hair around her untouched virgin pussy, then picking up her Perky C Cup tits in both of her hands and started to shake them a bit. She stopped looking at herself in the mirror and walked over to the bath and looked in,
She said “Sweet Niplets, I For Got The Bubble Bath”
She knew where it was kept, under the sink in the kitchen. But Miley was nude, and didn’t want to go downstairs, just in case Jackson or her dad saw her.

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   Then she realized, she was home alone, she slowly started to open the Bathroom door, and but her outside the door to make sure she was home alone. She slowly opened the bathroom door, and walked out with her left hand covering up her C Cup tits that had turned hard in her cold hand and her right hand covering up her innocent hole. She walked along the landing and started to walked down the stairs, taking her time, she slipped on a step. At this time her middle finger on her right hand brushed against the little pubic hair she had and into her untouched virgin hole. She screamed in shock of slipping down the step and then realizing the pulse of pleasure took over her body.

But Miley thought it was adrenaline, kicking in and though nothing of it. She got to the bottom of her and walked into her kitchen and bent over. Wiggling her bum in the air like she just didn’t care, she started to take a look in the cupboard showing her asshole to the Unknown Person. She picked up the bubble bath and went back upstairs and to the ready bath. Miley poured some bath bubble mixture into the bath, and climbed in, after about 10 minutes of being in the bath, she quickly looked up at the door as she thought she heard the stairs creaking, she stayed still for a moment. Listening, to heard another creaking step. But she didn’t hear anything and carried on having her bath. After being in the bath for an 1 hour the water started to go cold. She got out and dried herself off, she walked out of the bathroom, on to the landing and into her bedroom. Miley was looking for some clothes to put on, but she didn’t want to as she like the feeling of nudity.

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   So, she dried of her hair and went down stairs. Walked to the cupboard, and got out a cup and filled it with water. Then walking over the Sofa and sitting down. Miley flicked on the television, and a Porn Channel came up, she knew Jackson was watching television last night, while doing his college application. She was about to change channel, when she thought
“Why does Jackson Like These Channels?”
She press the menu button on the Virgin Box, and a list of Different Porn came up, she took a slip of water and placed cup on the desk next to the sofa. She looked at the available channels, Gay Porn, Lesbians, Group, Pissing, Asian and Solo Girls.
Miley thought Solo Girls would be the best placed to start, she clicked on the setting and a nude woman came up on the screen, sticking a Bright Red 6 Inch vibrating dildo in her pussy. Miley felt a sudden feeling of butterflies in her stomach.

Unknowing, a mysterious figure crept over to Miley’s drink and put a crushed Sleeping Tablet in. The Pill started to Fizz in the drink, put quickly stop.

Miley picked up the glass of water without the knowing of the Sleeping Pill, and drank the whole cup. As the butterflies started to die over, Miley thought to her self still watching the Women dildo herself. She could try that but she didn’t have a dildo, she thought hard, and placed her right hand on her head, and left on her pussy. She felt the butterflies kick in again and looked down at her hand next to her pussy. But, Miley didn’t know how to start Looked up back at the television.

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   Another woman appeared on the screen and she had just started so, Miley thought she would just follow the woman on the screen. The Porn Star on the television on the television started to rub her clitoris, Miley thought that was simple and slowly started to rub her clitoris, sending a pulse of pleasure over her body. She moved her hand slowly down closer to her pussy, she saw it was already wet. She placed her finger in front of her hole…….

Miley, had fallen a sleep, and The Unknown figure came into play.

About hour later Miley had woken up to find she had be gagged and tied so she couldn’t move. Her legs were in the air, with her hands strapped to her ankles. She looked up to see a camera pointing at her. Miley let out a great muffled scream of a great pain as she felt like her body was being ripped in half. She looked down at her Virgin Hole. Whilst looking down she saw a Red Metal Baseball Bat rammed into her Pussy, with all blood splattered on the sofa and up the Metal Baseball Bat, She looked back up again and saw a man’s figure in front of her. He had a black face mask on, so Miley didn’t know who he was. She carried on looking at the man and her eyes down, and saw he wasn’t wearing any clothes. Miley saw his 8 Inch Blood Veined Dick, Dripping with Pre-Cum. At this time Miley started to Cry.

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   The figure, told her to shut up, and at that moment she recognized the Voice.
“Jackson Is That You, Untie Me Now” She Said
The Man took of the Black Face Mask, to revel it was Jackson.
“What Are You Doing Jackson, Aren’t You Meant To BeAt a Interview??”
Jackson explained why he wasn’t at the interview. He had stayed up all night doing his application, He went to toilet and fell asleep. But, Miley still couldn’t understand why she was tied up, with her Virginity Lost To a Baseball Bat. He explained, when you was in the Upstairs Bathroom I was in my Bedroom looking in at you through a secret hole in the wall. Watching you play with you self. I Wanked off there, watching my Young Sister. I followed you down the stairs and saw you slip you fingers in your hole, I made me wonder if you was still a Virgin. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw you shaking your ass like no one was watching. But, I was. Then you bent over showing your ass at me. And at that I knew I had to make a plan to take you Virginity. And this is where we are now!
“Why The Fuck Is They A Metal Baseball Bat, In Me?” Miley Screamed
“Because Before I Fuck You With My Dick, I Want To Make You Pussy Wish It Was Never Born” Said Jackson
Slowly Jackson turned around to show Objects on the Table, which include: A brush, a Cucumber, Pants and Bras and a Toilet Brush.
“Miley, I’m Going To Put All These In Your Hole.

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And with that Jackson yanked the Metal Baseball Bat, out off Miley. Sending Blood Flying Everywhere, from her once Virgin Hole. Jackson Inspected the Hole, and
Said “I Think Your Wide Enough”
Miley, Just Looked at The Objects.
Jackson Picked up the toilet brush and placed it next to Miley’s Clit and slowly started to spin the brush so the bristles rubbed against her.

Myfirst Story, Its quite old so i don't know if ill do PArt 2. Please tell me what you think of it. .