Olivia Benson undercover


Topic: Olivia BensonOliva Benson SVU goes undercover.
Det. Olivia Benson and her partner, Elliot Stabler had been investigating a series of rape/tortures at an underground night spot in New York. It seems several young women had been to the inside the “Club Sadismo” and reported being abused and tortured by several of the “customers” who paid well to be invited to the private shows. None of the victims however, were willing to file charges against the club owners or the customers involved.   
After several discussions with the Captain, it was decided that Olivia would go undercover in the night spot and observe the goings on and report back to the unit. Olivia, who took great pride in keeping herself in shape, was a solid 36-24-36 and showed no signs of sagging even though she was in her early 40’s. That night, she dressed in the sexist outfit she owned. It was a black leather mini skirt which barely covered her pussy and a black leather halter top which covered very little of her well formed tits. To finish off the outfit, she chose a pair of 6” stiletto heals which were the perfect complement to the slut look she was going for.   She arrived at Club Sadismo around 11:00 PM, the bouncer at the door got an immediate boner when she walked passed him and strolled towards the bar. The bouncer gave the bartender a wink and proceeded to watch this hot bitch sway through the crowd and sit at the bar. Once seated the bartender took her drink order, not wanting to seem skittish, Olivia ordered a double martini which the bartender had slipped “date rape drug into”. The bartender nearly broke his neck getting the drink to her with great haste. As she sipped on the martini, Olivia became very relaxed, not noticing that a tall well built young stud had seated himself next to her at the bar. The more she drank, the more relaxed she was.


   The guy had begun to strike a conversation with Olivia which led to more and more discussion of sexual perversions. As she finished her drink she suddenly became very passive to the point where the dude next to her had put his hand on her thigh and began to slowly massage it.
At this point, he suggested to Olivia that go into the back room where it would be less crowded and much more intimate, she attempted to gather herself and say no, but instead she winked at him and got off the stool and allowed him to escort her into the back room. As they entered the room, Olivia suddenly noticed that it was no typical bar backroom; this one was full of “equipment”, bondage equipment. This made her very uneasy, but the drug had dulled her senses and she merely stood there while her gentleman escort led her around the room. After a brief moment he marched Olivia into the center of the room where a couple of manacles where hanging from the ceiling with cuffs on the end of each of them. On the floor were a couple more manacles with cuffs as well. As she stood there, the prick stud suddenly spoke to what was previously and empty room but was now full of spectators. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our entertainment for the evening, the lovely lady who calls herself Olivia, well be available for anyone wishing to make a donation. Your donation will allow each of you 10 minutes to induce whatever you wish upon her”. With that hands went up all over the room. One guy bid $500 for 10 minutes with her.
As the barker acknowledged him, he led Olivia to the manacles over head and proceeded to cuff her into them without a fight. He then moved each leg into position and cuffed them as well leaving Olivia with hands stretched over her head and her legs spread open a full 3 feet wide. “Do you wish to have the lady naked”, he asked “most assuredly” was the reply.

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    He stepped up to Olivia with a pocket knife and proceeded to cut one of the straps on her halter top, this caused her tits to become more exposed and when he cut the second strap, the top slid to her waist revealing her perfectly formed 36C tits. As he cut away the top, the crowd was hooping and hollering with delight. “Let’s see if the pussy is as nice as the tits” one of the female members in the crowd yelled. He slowly took the knife to the side of the miniskirt and with one swift motion cut it all the way up the side and it fell off her and landed harmlessly on the ground. Olivia had decided before she went to shave her pussy bald and this drew even more yells from the now excited crowd.
Now strapped spread eagle and naked, Olivia remained oblivious to her surroundings. The first bidder approached her and grabbed both her nipples in his hands and twisted them around until Olivia’s face showed the first signs of pain. He then put alligator clips on each nipple and attached weights to them which caused her tits to be stretched almost a full 3”, she only reacted by moaning in a low guttural voice. After a couple of minutes, he moved behind her and without warning or lubrication proceeded to jam his dick in her asshole. As he penetrated, once again a docile Olivia could only moan and accept this dick into her orifice. His allotted 10 minutes were up and he pulled his dick out of her ass and removed the clips and took his seat in the audience.
The next bidder offered a whopping $1,000 for his 10 minutes. He was asked if he wanted her in another position and he replied “no, she is fine the way she is”. He walked over to the wall, and removed a 6’ single strand bullwhip. As he approached, Olivia still aching from the ass pounding and the nipple clips was unaware of what was about to take place.


   The well built man stepped back and hurled the whip at her which struck her directly on her nipples causing her to jump back but remain silent. He proceeded to continue the severe whipping for the entire 10 minute allotment. When he finished her tits were streaked and bleeding as well as her ass, thighs and belly.  
As the next bidder approached an elderly gentleman, he asked that she be lowered to a kneeling position which the “ring master” quickly took care of. Her legs were still shackled to the ground, but now her hands were free and she was instructed to remove the guy’s pants, which she did immediately. She was then told to take his 9” dick in her hands and give him a blowjob. As Olivia was blowing the guy, another guy approached from behind and jammed a vibrator into her juicy pussy. Olivia was having another orgasm when the guy unleashed his load in her mouth causing her to gag but swallowing it all none the less.
It was now closing time and Olivia was sent home in a cab with just an overcoat covering her. When she awoke the next morning, she was appalled to see the whip marks all over her body and the cum on her legs and her sore ass. She quickly showered and went to the precinct. Captain Krangan asked what she found out last night at the club, and all she could say was that she didn’t remember much after she finished her drink. She was brought to one of the interrogation rooms with a female officer and was asked to undress. As she did, the officer gasped at the marks on her body and called the Captain at once. Since Olivia had no knowledge of what had happened, the undercover surveillance was immediately dropped.

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   Olivia then decided on her own, to go back to the club the next night and try to remember what happened.

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