Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne Part 6


And on and on I continued, hoping to horrify, berate andgenerally piss Miss Lavigne off. She never moved as Ispoke to her, but I knew that every penetrating wordfrom my mouth was like a dagger in her heart. I startedto whistle "How much is that doggie in the window" forher, as though I was paying some kind of twisted homageto John Waters. "Okay Avril, get those balls out of your cunt now. " Isaid. "Ol' Duke here is going to need every square inchof available real estate that he can find in there if hehopes to completely tie with you. "When Avril didn't initiate movement, I felt that somegentle reminders were in need. "Suit yourself, if you don't want to reach in there andgrab them, I'll be more than happy to shove my fist upthere and yank them out for you. I'm ambidextrous youknow, and I can prove it for you if you want. . . "NOOOOO!!!!!" said Avril quickly as she began todaintily try and pluck the balls out of her slimy pussywith her fingers. I snickered to myself as I watchedher digging around trying to get a firm grasp of them. "They, they won't come out!" said Avril pleadingly asher tiny fingers couldn't get a good hold of theslippery coating the balls had on them. "They won't huh?" I replied. "Lemme help.

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  . . ""Noooooo!!!! I'll do it!!" said Avril with renewedvigor. Finally she was able to push a third finger intoher gaping pussy and pull one of the balls out of her. It fell to the floor with a plunk, and Duke walked overand started to lick it with his tongue. Instantly, hislarge dog cock started to once again protrude from itshairy sheath under him. Avril was able to pull thesecond one out, and Duke again polished it off with hisrough tongue, tasting the pheromones of a human femalewho was ready, ready or not, to get her first taste ofMastiff-muscle. I wanted Amanda to participate a little in this, so Icalled her over, and like an obedient little puppy, shecame scooting over to my side. "Amanda, I want you to play with Duke's cock like youdid before, and this time, I want you to keep doing ituntil his entire cock grows to full size. It was so cute how Amanda's fearful face crinkled up indisgust at the thought of having to touch Duke's pinkveined cock again. However, we both knew that it wasmiles ahead of the alternative, the one facing Avril injust a few moments!Avril lay still, not moving, as I lustfully watchedlittle Amanda Bynes stroking the cock of a large dogthat weighed two times what she did. As she did that, Ipulled out my video camera and decided to play filmdirector. Avril saw that I had not been joking aboutcapturing this moment forever, and she called me areally hurtful name. "Oh Avril," I said, shaking my head, "You're so moodyand hurtful, but I get your point. "Finally, it was time.

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  I instructed Amanda to back away, and she happilyaccommodated my command. When I told Avril to get ontoher hands and knees in the classic doggie-styleposition, she surprisingly did, knowing that theinevitable was going to happen eventually anyway. Myown cock started growing again as I watched Avril'stight little rear end push up into the air, ready tooffer her delectably sweet pussy to a lower species ofmammal. Never having seen bestiality up close andpersonal before, I was completely ecstatic about thewhole thing. Butterflies swirled in my stomach as Ithought about how fantastic this situation was. Man,life was great!Duke must have felt that way as well, as he begansalivating at an increased rate. Slobbery doggy droolstarted to literally pour out of his mouth as he movedhimself up into position. Duke jumped up on Avril'sback, but luckily for her, he was taller than she was onher hands and knees, and the furry underside of hisstomach merely rested on top of her back. His mouth waspressed against the side of Avril's head, and drooldripped down onto her hair. Duke's huge cock started to poke and prod againstAvril's red puffy pussy lips, although his aim wasadmittedly not very good. His cock speared under, aboveand around the sides of Avril's bottom on strokes whenit wasn't bumping up against her. Duke's excitement wasgrowing as his hips started to move back and forth at aquickening pace, currently mounting only air. I could tell how much he wanted his utterly huge cock tobe thrust into something tight, warm and wet. I wasalmost jealous of Duke, and not just that his cock wasbigger in size than mine!You could tell that Avril's heart was beating at amillion miles a minute, and she had her eyes tightlyclosed, awaiting in horrible anticipation at the momentthat she knew would be arriving very very soon. "Amanda, don't you be turning away from this, I want youwatching!" I said sternly when I noticed that she hadbeen trying not to look at the monstrosity that wasdeveloping in front of us.

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   I made sure that the camerawas able to pick up both Amanda and Avril. Man, thiswas great. Finally, the moment had come. Duke's huge cock finallyfound its mark on a perfectly centered thrust. Sixinches of it went slamming up in between Avril'spainfully swollen pussy lips, causing the little rockstar to scream out loud. Avril managed to fall to hertummy onto the floor, before pulling out from underDuke. Damnit, now I had to get her back into positionagain. Leaping back to my feet, I put the camera down andeasily caught Avril before she could go running off intothe kitchen, and I had to slap her breasts a few timesbefore I could force her back into a passive submissionagain. "NOOOOO!!!! Don't hit me!!!!!" begged Avril as Ibackhanded and forehanded her breasts about half a dozentimes before I held her face up to mine, and breathed adire warning. "Listen here BITCH!!" I said with a vengeance. "If youfucking move away from Duke again, I will fucking tieyou up and fistfuck both your ass and your cunt for anhour and then let Duke fuck BOTH of your gaping holes,do you understand me SLUT?"Avril nodded in fear, a single tear trickling out of herleft eye and running down her cheek. I dropped her to the floor, and ordered her back ontoher hands and knees. Instantaneously, Duke plopped backup onto her back, and started to mount her again. Dukemust have been learning as his cock hit the mark so muchmore quickly this time. Smart dog!Avril cried out obscenities as Duke's cock once againslammed inside of her, but this time, she stood herground, keeping her body underneath Duke.

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   He waspushing forward so hard, that he managed to bump herforward inch by agonizing inch until she was against thebed. Avril rested her tummy ontop of the bedsheetswhile Duke fucked her hard, his front paws on eitherside of her on the bed, and his rear paws scraping thesides and backs of her thighs and calves from time totime. Duke started shifting into hyperspeed-mode as his sexualinstincts began to really take over, and the speed ofhis thrusts intensified. I had much joy capturing thisamazing sight from many different angles, and Icontinued to force Amanda to watch Avril get hammered,knowing that she was hoping that she would never have tosuffer through the same fate. Duke must have been ejaculating some sperm already, asclear-white doggy juice started to froth out aroundAvril's stuffed pussy, and began trickling down herscratched chaffy thighs. Yuck!Duke's huge knot at the base of his cock had grown toits full size, that of a softball, but it was so big,that I knew it wouldn't have a chance to get insideAvril's pussy now. Damn, I thought, there would be notie this round. I decided that next time, I wouldn'thave Duke's cock grow so much in arousal before themounting, so that the knot could get pushed into Avril'spussy before it grew to its goliath proportions. "Oh my God get him off me!!!" begged Avril patheticallyas Duke's huge body pumped and writhed all over herbackside. More dog semen started to leak down Avril'sthighs. It seemed like such a waste, and I justcouldn't have that. I ordered Amanda to start wipingthe leaking dog sperm up with her fingers, and then tofeed it to Avril while she got fucked. Amanda did as she was told, and it was obvious thatAvril hated having Amanda's slimy fingers rubbing allover her lips. For half an hour, Duke pumped Avril incredibly hard, inand out, in and out, releasing a continuous stream ofsperm inside of her sopping wet twat, before he finallystepped off of her, and walked away, totallydisinterested anymore. Avril collapsed onto the floorwith a thud, totally devastated that she had just beenforced to be fucked in her formerly sweet untouchedpussy by a dog.

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   And worst of all, to have it capturedon video for all eternity. "So Avril, was it really that bad?" I asked hermockingly, as I watched her flooded pussy pouring outsperm all over the carpet, making a total mess. Ididn't receive any response, nor did I expect to. Avrilwas too exhausted to even hurl more insults towards me. I thought to myself that she should have a well deservedrest. Dog fucking looked to be extremely tiring!She flinched as I gently began to stroke her hair, whileI shook my head back and forth. "Avril, you are really a trooper kiddo. You took Duke'scock with class. You deserve a break. " I said as I tookan old sleeping bag and laid it on the floor. I didn'twant her leaking dog cum all over the bedsheets, afterall, I had to sleep there tonight. "Why don't you take a nap for a few hours babe, youdeserve it. "I only had to say it once, and Avril crawled onto thesleeping bag and collapsed. I think she fell asleep inabout 30 seconds, her body completely exhausted from thetrauma it had to endure today. I then turned my attentions from Avril back to Amanda.

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   The beautiful look of fear returned to Amanda's eyes asshe watched me eyeing her lustfully. "Nooooo, please!" said Amanda as she looked at medefensively, afraid that I was going to somehow hurther. "Amanda my sweetheart, don't you remember what Ipromised you? Don't you trust me? I told you Iwouldn't rape you as long as you obeyed me. You havecertainly held up to your part of the deal, and so I amgoing to honor mine. " I said, trying to get her tobelieve that I actually wouldn't rape her. It wouldmake all of the other things I planned to do to her somuch easier. Unfortunately for her, it would also make my inevitablerape of her tight young pussy that much more unbearable,but hey, I'm only a man, and Amanda Bynes' sweet pussywas just too much to pass up. I sat down beside her, sensing how tense she was justhaving me so physically close to her. "You do trust me, right Amanda? I said I wouldn't rapeyou, and a promise is a promise. Okay?" I said as Igently lifted her chin up so that her face would belooking into mine. Amanda nodded frightfully, still not convinced. Ismiled at her as though I was some lovesick teenager,and I purposely spoke like a wooing lover. "Amanda sweetheart, I don't want to hurt you. I haveloved you since the first day I ever laid eyes on you ontelevision. Your beauty and innocence captured myheart, and I just knew that I would have to get to knowyou.

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   That is the price you have to pay for beingblessed with such attractiveness. However, I have Avrilhere to fuck, so you will have to settle for love. "I knew that Amanda would rather be anywhere else in theworld than sitting right next to me, but I continued tospeak gently to her, and to stroke her hair and cuddlenext to her. "I'm going to remove the balls that have been inside ofyou for so long now, is that ok?" I asked. "You. . . you won't. . . hurt me, will you?" asked Amandanervously. I smiled, and told her that I wouldn't, butthat she would have to help me out if we wanted to getthe balls out of her with as little effort as possible. It took a few minutes, and some probing on my part, somesqueezing on hers, but we managed to extract the ballsfrom her sweet young pussy. They were coated in juicesand I licked them off with my tongue, tasting Amanda'sarousal. Damn she was fine. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  "Amanda, you are so sweet. " I said as I then began togently kiss her lips so I could transfer some of herfluids to her own lips. Amanda made a few little mewlsand uncomfortable noises, but she didn't resist me atall. She was acting very submissively, and I knew thatthe fear she had for me was so strong, that she would bewilling to do anything, especially believing that Iwould not rape her if she just complied and didn't makethings difficult for me. I continued to kiss her for a few minutes, savoring herwet full childlike lips and her trembling body. Ipulled back and played with her hair while simplystaring at this gorgeous tiny creature that sat besideme. "Amanda, watching Avril get fucked has totally arousedme, and I want to do a 69 with you. I'm going to lay onmy back on the bed, and I want you sit on my face for awhile, okay?"Amanda nodded passively, and the two of climbed onto thebed. After laying down on my back, completely flat, Ilicked my lips and watched as Amanda climbed over me andsquatted her fantastic pussy down over my face. Instantly I began to nibble and lick all around herbudding vulva, her pea-sized clit and her tiny littleasshole. I was in heaven tasting her delicious sexorgans, and I wanted a little oral in return. "Amanda, you know what I want, and you know what you aregoing to do. " That was all I had to say, and Amandaleaned down over my chest and stomach and started toplay with my cock and my balls with her tiny fingers. Imoaned into her pussy and started to suckle on her vulvawith renewed energy, tasting every luscious drop of allher pussy had to offer to me. I loved feeling herfingers getting my cock to its full length, andgenerating a flood of sperm that was being prepared tolaunch outward.

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  "Oh yesssss babe, that feels so fucking good, now useyour tongue and lick my cock All over," I said as I usedmy hands to pull apart her tight ass cheeks so I coulddelve deeper in between her folds. Amanda began lickingmy cock as commanded, and the feeling was incredible. Ishivered with lust as my hardened cock was being bathedin extreme pleasure by this little virgin on top of me. Every inch of Amanda's pussy and asshole found itselfbrushed and licked by my own tongue, as I continued toeat her out. We stayed in this position for about a half hour untilmy cock couldn't hold out anymore. I ordered Amanda tostart to use her hands to jack me off as quickly as shecould. I warned her that I expected her lips to bewrapped around just the head of my fat cock and for hertongue to be flicking back and forth along the undersideof my sensitive head while I came inside her, or shewould suffer the consequences of a spanking a hundredtimes worse than what Avril gave her. Not wanting anymore pain in her world, Amanda did anamazingly great job of licking my cock head and jackingme off. Her hands were doing two strokes a second whenI finally couldn't hold off any longer and I spurtedviolently into Amanda's sweet mouth, pouring a flood ofwhite cum into her cheeks. She didn't move her head atall. What a good girl, she had been listening afterall. For a finally, I made her dribble my cum down the lengthof my shaft only to lick it all up again, over and overand over and over until it had soaked into her tastebuds and my shaft. Fuck that was good. As we finished, I had the strong desire to take a napwith my little Amanda spooned against me. However, Ihad to take precautions, so I tied Avril up with somerope, and in her heavy slumber, she didn't even awakenat all.

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   I then did the same to Amanda, tying her up sothat I could still cuddle against her with my stickycock pressed up against her pussy lips while I slept. Instantly, I fell asleep, my body bathed in pleasurefrom such a great orgasm, and I dreamed of my two littlesex slaves, and of all the fun we were going to haveonce Steve showed up. . . ***PART 7 COMING SOON!!!***Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails aboutmy stories. Your comments, criticism and feedback arealways welcome and appreciated. Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for yourgreat contributions. And to all readers out there,hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too. I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just alayman trying to give a little back. My belief is thateven poorly written erotic literature is better thannon-written erotic literature. And writing this stuffis not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot offun. So keep writing out there!Best wishes,Dave Haugen, dave_haugen@hotmail. com , msn messenger.

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