Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne Part 7


Getting up slowly so as not to disturb Amanda's sleep, Iclimbed off the bed to check on my little Canadian, tiedup and fast asleep on the floor. Avril was in a deepslumber, her body certainly attempting to recuperatefrom the trauma it had just suffered in having a hugeMastiff pounding its tiny sex organs. I'm so glad Icaught that on tape for posterity. It would providegood jerk off material for a lifetime!Kneeling down for a closer look, I noticed the copiousamounts of thick, clear, congealed doggie sperm that wasmatted to Avril's pussy lips, and that had leaked downher thighs and ass while she slept on the sleeping bagbelow her. Man, that was a disgusting sight. If only Icould make Avril eat herself out, that would be great. Oh well, I'd have to play the ol' finger to mouthtransfer game I suppose. I assumed that there was stilla ton of congealed goop inside Avril's dogsperm filledpussy, and I'd have to make her eat that too, just forfun. My fun, not hers. Before waking my little toys up, I decided to call Steveto see what time he would be arriving tomorrow asplanned, however there was no answer. I was curious tosee how the media was reacting to all this, and I knewthat Steve would bring me all the papers from the lastfew days so I could catch up. The plan was to safelyrelease the two girls after our fun, and to hopefullywalk away from this unscathed. I made a few sandwiches for lunch, and brought them outfor everyone to enjoy. I woke Amanda up first, and asusual, she awoke with a startled, afraid expression onher face, however, I managed to calm her down byrepromising that she could avoid being raped by simplycooperating. I untied her and we shared a long drawnout kiss, although Amanda still wasn't putting anyeffort into it at all, however, she wasn't stopping meeither. As Avril slept, Amanda and I ate our lunch, andI went over the game plan for the next few hours,outlining in detail all the nasty things I had plannedfor Avril.

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   I saved a few surprises from her of course,but Amanda was still very well aware of how busy she andAvril were going to be as the late afternoon wore on. The nice thing was that Amanda didn't hesitate at all todisagreeing with the things I wanted her to do to Avril. I believe that she was in total self-defense mode,completely looking out for number one. And that wasfine with me, because that meant having a perfectlywilling, if inexperienced, little dominatrix on my side. In actuality, I knew that if I had switched the rolesaround, Avril would most likely be going ape-shit onAmanda's ass for revenge of all the nasty things thatAmanda never had to do. I loved toying with Avril's hottemper, and I was really going to be pushing things thisafternoon. All excited and ready to go, I woke Avril up by swattingher with my belt, right over her tight little ass. Sheawoke with a scream, which also awoke Duke, who waddledoff into the other room for some peace and quiet. "Rise and shine!" I said merrily as Avril wriggledaround in her bonds, now fully awake from the painsensors in her ass shooting nervous signals up into herbrain. "Amanda and I aren't in the mood to watch yousleep all day sleepyhead, we're in the mood for someplay, right Amanda?"Amanda nodded as she started to untie Avril. BeforeAvril could move, I forced Amanda to start digging herfingers into Avril's filthy pussy to scoop out some ofthe now jelly-like dog sperm that was slopped insideher. Avril started to put up a fight, but four wellplaced fingers of mine on her still sore nipples stoppedthe wiggling. "No don't!!!! I'm too sore there, please!!!" Avrilbegged as she breathed heavily in and out at the fingersthat were now all over her. "Hurts huh? Well it will hurt a helluva lot more cunt,if you keep fighting us. Don't you get it slut? I cando whatever the fuck I want to you anyway, so why fightit and make it worse? Because believe me, you haven'tseen worse yet.

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  " I explained. Avril pouted, and sat still as Amanda scooped a wholehandful of dog sperm into her dainty little hands. Godthat was disgusting! It looked like clear mushy tapiocapudding. I'm glad I wouldn't have to eat that filth. "Ok Avril, YOU made the mess, so now YOU are going tohave to clean it up. " I said happily to Avril. "Suck itall off of Amanda's fingers and swallow it. NOW!" Isaid. Without arguing, Avril submissively did as she was told. At one point she retched a bit, but she managed toswallow it all down. For the next ten minutes, I hadAmanda transferring that dog slime from Avril's pussy toher mouth until I was convinced that she did acommendable job in cleaning it all up. The look onAvril's face was priceless as she thought of how filthyher body felt all over. "Man Avril, you are one filthy mess. I think you need agood deep cleaning, inside and out! To the shower,girls!" I announced like some sadistic marine sergeant. Following both girls into the bathroom, I had Avril layon the bottom of the tub, with her legs and feet up oneither side of it.

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   I grabbed a shower head attachmentthat looked like a hollow vibrator with holes all overits sides. Taking my time, I worked the one and a halfinch thick attachment up into Avril until I wasconvinced that it wouldn't go up any further. Avril wasperceptively watching me, knowing full well what wasabout to happen, and I thought it was so cute how shegave the following request to me. "Please mister, don't use cold water, please. " beggedAvril as I moved my hand towards the taps. "Tell you what slut. Since I'm such a nice guy, if yougive me a nice long passionate kiss and whisper sweetnothings in my ear, I'll douche your pussy out with somenice warm water, how's that?"Avril looked really pissed, as the last thing she wantedto do was to show any affection towards the man whoseguts she hated so much right now. But in her brokenstate, and her desire to feel somehow cleansed, shenodded in agreement. "Atta girl. Mmmmm, I can't wait to see and hear justhow much you love me Avril. But we gotta take care ofyour rank mouth right now, there is no fucking way I amsticking my tongue into that doggy sperm filled hole! Amanda, grab a toothbrush and toothpaste for me. "Using a ton of toothpaste, I spent a good ten minutesscrubbing the insides of Avril's mouth out until I knewwithout any shadow of a doubt that it was squeaky clean. Every square inch of her gums, teeth, lips, cheeks andtongue. And just to be on the safe side, I made hergargle several mouthfuls of antibacterial Scope. Don'tget me wrong, I love Duke and all, but that love has itslimits.

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   :)"Okay slut, you're now clean enough and presentableenough to kiss me. So do it, and if I detect that youdon't mean what you're telling me, I'll fucking scaldthe shit out of your pussy with hot water. I MEAN ITBITCH!!!"Avril nodded frantically with fear, knowing full wellthat I was a man of my word. Good. Now for some nicetender loving care from Miss Lavigne to me. Ahhh, lifewas good. Avril sat up and began to kiss me as though we had beengoing steady for three years. Her tongue sought outmine, and we had a nice long passionate kiss, with lotsof oral action. I then listened as Avril whispered somesilly lines about how much she loved me in my ear,knowing full well that she would have jammed a knife inmy back had there been one there. "Mmmmm, nice work slut! I knew you loved me!" I said asI winked at her, and licked the side of her face fromchin to temple. Avril shivered and pulled away from mein disgust, horrified by the forced intimacy she hadjust given me. Little did she know that her morningexperience was going to be a thousand more timespleasureable than what I had in store for her. With great skill, I turned on both the hot and coldknobs on the shower to a nice lukewarm temperature. Thesheer force of the water came powering up Avril'sstretched open cunt, and immediately poured out betweenher legs. Avril started to panic, as it must not havebeen as pleasureable as she thought it would be to havea geyser erupting up her most personal of channels.

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   Shebitched and cursed the water out, but she took it forthe next five minutes. Finally, I yanked the showerhead out of her pussy and hosed down the rest of herbody. "Get on your hands and knees slut. " I said, andinstantly, Avril complied. I decided that just for fun,I wanted to see what would happen if I jammed the tubeup Avril's asshole. I shut the water down first, andthen I proceeded to touch the end of it to Avril's cutebut swollen sphincter. "Nooooo!!!! Not there!!!!! It fucking hurts!!!" Avrilblurted out, and I had to hold her down in the doggiestyle position. Man, she sure as hell didn't likehaving her asshole touched. Well today, she was goingto get her first cock up there, courtesy of yours truly. I wanted to get it clean though, I didn't think it wouldbe much fun to make things too dirty for my cock, afterall, he's been so good to me. "Hold fucking still cunt!!" I said as I swatted her assa dozen times before the pain finally caused her to stopsquirming. Once she held her position, I had Amandadribble a ton of saliva all over the shower head so thatI could properly lubricate it to cram up Avril's ass. Sadly, the tube was just too big, and Avril's tinylittle hole wouldn't budge. Fuck that was going to feelgreat, wrapped around my big cock. But first thing wasfirst.

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  "Ok Amanda, get me the thin attachment, we'll use thatone first. " I said as Amanda quickly returned with asmall, one inch thick attachment, similar in shape tothe first one. After being lubed up by some more ofAmanda's saliva, this one was successfully shoved intoAvril's ass. I was able to get about six inches insideof her before I felt some resistance, and Avril'spleadings let me know that was about as far as it wouldgo. I was going to fuck her with it, but even pullingit out an inch allowed me to see that there was someshit that had been squished into the inside of thehollowed out dildo like tube. Hmmmm, I could see thatthis could get messy. I'd better let Amanda handlethis, I thought. "Okay Amanda, this is where you take over. You are ondildo control, and I'll be on temperature and pressurecontrol. Under no circumstances are you to pull thatthing completely out of Avril's asshole until I tell youto, understand? And Avril, if you fucking get off ofyour hands and knees, I fucking swear that I will I feedyou so much dog food, that you'll be puking your gutsout and I'll make you eat that too, for hours, GOTIT???"In tears now, Avril nodded, hating the feeling of thatshower head jammed up her ass, and Amanda holding itthere. God that must have been humiliating for her. Never in her wildest dreams could she ever have imaginedthat any man would want to do these things to her. Andshe had it lucky, there were people out there that wouldbe doing a hell of a lot worse to her, if they had hercaptive, I thought. So really, I was doing the bitch afavor. Great logic huh? Yep, Philosophy 101 paid off.

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   Modus ponens. "Ok girls, get ready for Niagara Falls!" I said as Iturned on the water just a tiny little bit, so that itwould slowly leak inside Avril's rectum. I wanted tosee if her stomach would really balloon out as thoughshe was pregnant as the water filled her, just as I hadread in some of those sick stories you can sometimesread on the Internet. Avril looked very uncomfortable, and her forehead wasbreaking out into a cold sweat as she could feel theslow trickle of warm water filling up her rear cavitythrough her charming little asshole. After a fewseconds, I could see a trail of brown tinged shittywater leaking down Avril's thighs, and I decided tocrank up the pressure a little bit. "Oh my God, that's too much, it's hurting me!!!!" criedout Avril, although she wisely stayed put on her handsand knees, complaining and cursing. I wasn't in themood to try and tackle her down, especially with shittywater coming out of her ass. Turning the pressure oneven higher forced the water to come out with a greatervengeance, and Amanda looked really grossed out as herhand was getting covered in brown water from Avril'sass. Man, Avril's cheeks were totally red from theburning humiliation. She must have felt, pardon thepun, like shit. "Okay Amanda, pull it out!" I said, and Amanda gladlycomplied. The second she removed the plastic end fromAvril's asshole, it voided, sending a flood of shittylumpy water into the bottom of the tub, where it swirleddown towards the drain. "Pewwwww! What a stench!" I said as I backed off, andturned on the bathroom fan. "Man Avril, your ass smellshorrible! You had a lot of shit in there. " I said,trying to further degrade and insult my little rockstar.

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   Avril was now fully crying in tears, as I hadAmanda use the hose to wash all of the shit down thedrain. "I think we are going to be here for a little while toget such a dirty ass cleaned ladies. Time for roundtwo!" I said after watching the water that had beensquirting out of Avril's asshole trickling down to aminimum. Avril squealed as the nozzle was forced up herasshole again by Amanda. I cranked on the waterpressure, and again, Avril screamed out as the warmwater gushed into her rectum and her colon, filling herup, before I let Amanda pull out and let her release allover again. By the fifth time, the flood of water thatwas coming out of Avril's asshole was almost completelyclean. Avril really was enema-ed out. It took a whilebut the task was done. And yes dear readers, a tummy filled with water reallydoes distend somewhat. How cute! Avril hated it, butoh well. Going quickly to the kitchen, I pulled out a bunch ofnicely rounded ice cubes from the freezer and broughtthem with me into the bathroom. I used a plastic toiletpaper holder tube to push into Avril's asshole, thateffectively held her ass open about an inch wide, andthree inches deep into her cleaned out hole. Time tomake it a little dirty again. Standing into the tub, I lined my cockhead up againstthe tube, and forced Amanda to push Avril's shouldersdown so that her tiny ass stuck up way into the air. Ithen proceeded to piss down the tube directly intoAvril's ass!"Hey baby, you make a pretty good toilet!! I'm pissingright up your butt!" I said as Avril in her brokenstate, continued not to move.

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   When my piss started torun out of the tube, I started pissing all over Avril'sback, and Amanda's hands, watching as Avril's assholewas swallowing the piss down inside her, lowering thelevel down again. I continued filling up her ass andwatching my golden piss guzzle down inside of her, asthough I was filling a tank of gas. Once I was done, Iyanked the tube out of Avril's ass, and instantly, Avrilvoided her bowels, and my piss flooded out in a steadystream to the bottom of the tub and down the drain. "Don't cry slut, I could have made you drink it!" Ichuckled, although Avril was not laughing at my joke forsome reason. "Oh well, I thought it was funny. At any rate, we'regoing to have to get you all cleaned up again, soAmanda, get back here to help out. I forced Avril back into her hands and knees position,and then handed Amanda the bucket of rounded ice cubesand a tube of KY Jelly. "Ok Avril, Amanda is going to cool you down from allthat hot piss that warmed you up. Amanda, please put insome ice cubes into Avril's hot little ass, and don'tstop forcing them in until I tell you to. "FUCK YOU!!!!" shouted Avril with such a piercingshriek, that even I jumped back in shock. "Holy fuck, it doesn't sound like you want that baby. " Ireplied. "Nooooo!!!! Please stop!!!! I can't take this anymore!"shouted Avril in a mixture of growing insanity andrevulsion. "Well tell ya what, I'll give you a choice. You eithertake an ass full of ice cubes up your ass, or you lay onyour back on the tub, and swallow every inch of hot pissdirectly from Amanda's little pee hole.

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   You decide. " Isaid, whistling my Jeopardy music again. "You fucking pigs, I hate you both!!!" said Avril,making it clear that she was no longer seeing Amanda asa victim in this "complicated" situation. "Can't decide huh? I could make you do both. . . ""NOOOOO!!!!!! The ice cubes. " Said Avril in defeat. Fair enough. "Ok Amanda, you may proceed, and make sure you coat eachone with lots of KY, so that they'll slide up Avril'stight little ass nicely. Let's see how many we can cramup there!"One by one, Amanda began to pop the ice cubes up Avril'sshivering little butthole, and I watched with pleasureas her delightfully rounded ass swallowed them up. Bythe fifth one, Avril was begging us to stop, so I hadAmanda force about a pint of some very warm water intoher ass from the shower head. I shoved two fingers intothat nice tight hole that would soon be massaging thelength of my cock, and felt that although the ice cubeswere still there, just inside her sphincter, they werecertainly more than half melted, so I ordered Amanda tokeep shoving in some more. This continued for a while, and we finally had to stopat 25 ice cubes, before flooding them all out withanother pressurized shower head enema. What fun!It looked as though Avril had had enough of the bathroomfestivities, so I decided that we should move on to thenext bit of business.


   After having her take a nice warmsoapy shower to completely clean her all off, I hadAmanda towel the shivering rock star off, and then I hadher put on some slutty facial makeup, and do her hairall up for me while I watched and made some dinner. Tonight's meal would be a roasted chicken, some glazedbaby potatoes, and some rice pilaf. I decided to letAvril eat with us tonight, seeing as how she had beenthrough quite a bit today. Of course, while the foodwas cooking, there would be a whole new set ofadventures for Avril to endure. Once Avril looked really slutty with the caked on makeupthat I forced Amanda to lather all over her, I led Avrilto the bed, and threw her on her back. I tied herwrists to the headboard, and pulled each of Avril's legsback so that I could look directly into her gorgeouscunt and asshole beneath me. I had a firm grip of theinsides of her thighs, just beneath her knees, and shewas ready to pump!"Guess what slut, time to get raped again!" I said as Ismiled deviously into her worried eyes. "Why are you doing this to me??? Please rape her!!!"Avril begged, "I'll hold her down, I'll fuck her withthat sex toy, anything you want!!!"Wow, what a bitch. Ready to trade in her friend'svirginity for some cheap thrills. I had to see howAmanda felt about that. "Well Amanda, it looks as though Avril wants you to getin on the action. So again, it's your call. If you saythe word, I'll fuck Avril's little virgin asshole, andleave you alone. But, you can spare Avril's analvirginity by allowing me to fuck you. It's your choiceAmanda.

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  "Well, I was totally hoping that Amanda would give up hervirginity willingly to save her friend, but afterwitnessing first hand how painful it was to be fucked,Amanda uttered the words "Do her. ""FUCKING BITCH!!!!!! You are going to pay for that youCUNT!!!" shouted Avril loudly at a sad looking Amanda. I laughed as I knelt into position, my cock totally rockhard and ready for action. "Sorry Avril, but Amanda looks like she enjoys the oralaction more. Lube me up Amanda. " I said as Amandainstantly leaned down and began to suck my cock,lubricating it up for the next round of fucking I wasabout to force Avril to endure. Man, my balls weregetting sore from so much fucking and sperm generating. It would be good to have Steve showing up tomorrow sothat he could help me out with some of the duties. Leaning forward, I started to rub my thick cock head allover Avril's pussy lips, feeling her sticky lips slidingall over the bottom side of it. Fuck that felt good. I leaned further in and started to press my cock tipback inside Avril's tight pussy. It was like cominghome again on a snowy winter day. No matter how muchyou opened up these tight little virginal pussies frompetite women, they just magically tightened up again. And Avril's pussy was prime meat. Tight, wet, hot andrippled.

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   The insides of Avril's pussy was like a warmwet glove, trembling, clenching and clutching my cockbeyond her control. I started to increase the length and duration of mythrusts into her pussy, which was really juicing up, Iassumed because of some protective reflex rather thanarousal. Avril was anything but not aroused. Shehowled away as I kept up my frantic rutting with mycock. She cried and twisted and turned, but with herhands tied up, and her legs pushed so far back, and myhuge body over hers, there was nothing she could do. I raped her for a good ten minutes, having to stop onceas I was getting really close to flooding her cunt againwith some sperm. While I paused, I had Amanda lick offall of Avril's juices from my cock and my balls. Round two began, and with renewed energy, I raped mycock up her tight little slit for another ten minutes,before I finally decided it was time for a little analaction. "Ok Avril, it's time to have your asshole reamed out forthe first time. And to think, of all the men in theworld, that honor goes to me, isn't that wonderful? Anylast words before I take away something from you thatyou won't ever be able to get back?" I asked tauntingly. With her eyes tightly closed, Avril didn't say a word. That pissed me off, so I slapped her tiny breasts andgave her a particularly nasty thrust with my cock. Thatgot her eyes to open wide. "No!!!!" said Avril. "Fine.

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   But I want you to look deep into my eyes while Ifucking tear your asshole open with my cock slut. Andjust to make sure that you comply, I'm going to give youa little incentive. "I pulled out of her roughly, with a very quick yank ofmy cock that caused a cool sounding squelching sound toemanate from Avril's swollen pussy. It sounded so coolthat I did it a few more times before I finally stood upoff the bed to get my next implement of torture. Returning to the bed, I sunk back into Avril's fabulouspussy before showing her what it was I was planning onusing for coercive incentive. It was a little hand heldcrank-style generator that had two metallic clampscoming from the red and black wires connecting them tothe contraption. It looked like a little black Jack-in-the-Box. Even to an electronics novice, it was quiteclear what the purpose of the box was. "Allow me to demonstrate this little gadget cunt. " Isaid as I emphasized the word cunt by pulling my cocknearly all the way out of Avril's grasping pussy lipsbefore slamming back home to her mashed cervix. I thenclipped the nipple clamps onto Avril's nipples. Thatalone got her in a more compliant mood. "Ok ok!!!!! I'll look into your eyes, just take thosethings off of me!!" Avril begged as I smiled wickedly ather. Handing the box to Amanda, I instructed her toturn the crank a few times. Gently, Amanda did as shewas told, but when Avril let out a howling scream,Amanda dropped the box onto the bed in total fear ofwhat she had done.

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  "OH MY GOD!!!!" shouted Avril as the pain from thecurrent that had just surged into her nipples registeredin her petite air filled head. "FUCKING STOP!!!!! DON'T DO THAT!!!! I'LL DOANYTHING!!!" said Avril as her beautiful little breastsheaved up and down from panicking and breathing soquickly. "Good. And you know what it is that I want you to do. I want you to stare into my eyes and smile as I rapeyour asshole. I don't care if you cry or not, but Iwant no screaming, and I want that forced smile on yourface to stay put, even if it kills you, got it?" I saidas I relieved her sore nipples by gently opening up thevicious little clamps and releasing them from theirnasty bite. "Yes!!!!!" said Avril, as she started to smile and lookinto my eyes already. How cute!!! It actually lookedas if she was happy to have a cock my size be shoved upher tight little ass. Time to give the girl what shewants!Getting back in between Avril's legs, I held her kneesback to her shoulders again, and poised my cock aboveher pussy again. My plan was to totally lubricate mycock with Avril's juices before cramming it inside herasshole. Avril grunted, but kept up that silly smile as I poundedback inside her pussy again, and I had to laugh at howsilly she looked. I wondered if she would be able tohold that smile and her stare on me once I startedpushing my big fella up her rear end. It was time tofind out!Satisfied that my cock was all lubed up with pussyjuice, I pulled out and started to smear some aroundAvril's tight krinkled asshole. Avril started to reallytense up, and she was biting her lip, but she managed tomaintain that ridiculous smile. "Stop tightening up so much! You can do that once mycock's in there you little slut.

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   I gotta get my fingersin right now!" I said as I coated my fingers up withsaliva and literally jammed them past the barrier thatwas Avril's tight ass, and pushed them inside. Yeah, Iloved having my fingers back in there, she felt so tightand velvety smooth. And let's not forget cleaned out!"Oh yeah bitch, fuck yeah! Your asshole is so fuckingTIGHT!!! It is going to be fucking heaven having mycock up there. Yeahhhhhhh. " I said as I lewdly probedand prodded the inside of Avril's rectum, testing outits elasticity and its texture. She moaned andwhimpered but didn't flinch. It was time for some action!"Ok Avril, here we go. You're gonna love this. Well,no, you're gonna hate it, but who the fuck cares. Youare nothing more than MY LITTLE SEX TOY!!!!! My littleNapanee, Ontario, Canada sex toy!!!" I said as I loweredmy slimy cock to the tip of her asshole. The size difference was so immense, it was amazing thatanal sex was even possible with petite females likeAvril. I felt like Father Ambrose from 'Autobiographyof a Flea' as I lined up my cock and began pushingforward in slow concentric circles, feeling the tautoutside of Avril's asshole kissing the tip of mylubricated cock. Oh man, it was fucking great!Amanda watched with intensity as I pushed forward,eliciting some interesting squeals and moans from Avrilwho fought as hard as she could to keep looking into myeyes. I darted my stare back and forth between thefascinating spectacle of Avril's asshole being pushedinside her, and of Avril's pretty eyes staring up intothe face of the man who was about to anally sodomizeher, about to rip away what little shred of dignity thatshe actually had left, about to take away her last shredof innocence. I pumped my hips forward just an inch, and that wasenough.

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   In quicker time than it takes to say it, mycockhead was completely enveloped inside Avril's analsphincter. It gripped my head like a vise, and it feltfantastic. "Ohhhhhhh fuck. . . . . . " said Avril, as she twisted herface around in pain. I held her down as I commandedAmanda to reapply the clips to Avril's nipples. "Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Avril as she begged forforgiveness, "I'm sorry, I'm smiling, look!!!"Sure enough, she returned to her smiling stare, eventhough her face was all flushed, her entire body wastrembling, and tears were leaking out of her eyes. "Ok slut, since your tight asshole feels so good aroundmy cock, I'll give you one more chance, but only if youbeg me to fuck you HARD up the ass. Do it!" I leanedin close to her face, wanting to see and hear this upclose and personal. As hard as I know it must have been for Avril to saythose words, the fear of feeling that electrical chargecoursing through her nipples was so much greater. Sowithout any further ado, Avril said the words I sowanted to hear:"Please fuck me hard up my ass.

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  " said Avril. Yes, all was right with the world. "For you babe, anything. " I said with a smile as Ihumped two inches of cockmeat up Avril's ass, forcing itto open wider than it ever had to before. "OHHHHH FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!" screamed Avril, but shekept staring, and she kept smiling. Yeah, she wastough, I had to admit that. But that weird smile wasgetting lame. I wanted to see the pain she was reallyin, so I gave her a new set of instructions. "Avril, you can cut the smile out. Cry and bitch andcurse me now as much as you want, I don't care, but DONOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take your eyes OFF of mine,got it??"The smile vanished immediately, and the real pain thatAvril was truly feeling as her tender asshole was beingstretched open, registered completely onto her face. Itwas glorious. I managed to fuck my cock almost all the way up her assuntil I decided that it wouldn't go any further, andthen I began to pull out and push back in, to adopt anice in-and-out fucking motion that was pure pleasurefor me and pure pain for Avril. Avril called me names, started saying out random cursesand profanities, and sometimes just blubbered and cried,but she kept looking at me as I fucked her. I loved thefeeling of her tight writhing little body underneath mesqueezing my cock, it was terrific. I forced Amanda torub Avril's little clit as fast as she could with two ofher fingers, hoping I could get Avril to release with mycock up her shithole.

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  Just before supper arrived, I had a burst of adrenalineflood through my body when I saw the light go on in thekitchen that indicated that someone was at my door! Ilocked the girls safely inside the room they were in andproceeded to check out who the hell was outside. My heart calmed down when I saw who it was. "Steve???? What the fuck are you doing here man? Youweren't supposed to be here until tomorrow. ""Hey buddy," Steve replied as he came in. "I guess Icouldn't wait any longer. "I could tell by the tone of his voice that something wasdefinitely wrong. Just then, I looked outside and sawtwo huge black guys, I'm talking linebacker builds,getting some suitcases out of the trunk of Steve's car. "Whoa!" I said to Steve, "Who the fuck are they?"Steve shook his head. "Bad news buddy, I needed somehelp to cover up some major evidence that could havepotentially have given us away, and those two guysmanaged to help me out, but of course, I had to let themin on what we had. You can trust them Mike, they'regood guys, they just want a bit of the action that'sall. They can only stay one night, so it's no big dealright? We still got the girls all next week. " Mikesaid. A few days ago, this wouldn't have bothered me so much,but there was only one thought that was racing throughmy head right now. Amanda! I was actually thinkingabout Amanda and how I didn't want anyone touching herbut me. In fact, I was already having my own doubtsabout whether or not I would be able to eventually makelove to her.

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  "Hey, Steve, this was NOT what we had planned. " I said,thinking quickly about how to handle this. "Well buddy," Steve replied, "We don't have much of achoice. And like I said, they'll only be here for onenight, and then they're gone. We'll get the girls allcleaned up after that and they'll be good as new againonce the guys are gone. Besides, I'm kinda lookingforward to some oreo stuff. Look how fucking big thoseguys are Mike!" Steve said. Yeah, they sure were big. Two huge men. I couldn'tgive a fuck about them fucking Avril, but there was noway in hell I wanted anyone to touch Amanda but me. Was I in love?!?Before we could talk any further about the matter, thetwo huge black guys came up and shook my hand, grinningaway. "Hey. I'm Calvin, this is Lou. " said Calvin as he shookmy hand with a huge forceful handshake. "I hear you'vegot a couple of tv stars looking for some action.


  "I was chilled to the bone as I looked at the two menstanding before me. They knew exactly why they haddriven so many miles and risked so much to come all thisway. My heart started to sink. I had to think of a way to stop them from laying afinger on Amanda. . . she was mine, and there was nofucking way anyone was going to touch her. . . ***PART 8 COMING SOON!!!***Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails aboutmy stories. Your comments, criticism and feedback arealways welcome and appreciated. Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for yourgreat contributions. And to all readers out there,hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too. I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just alayman trying to give a little back. My belief is thateven poorly written erotic literature is better thannon-written erotic literature.

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   And writing this stuffis not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot offun. So keep writing out there!Best wishes,Dave Haugen, dave_haugen@hotmail. com , msn messenger.

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