Thats So Raven


It was the last day of High School for Raven, Chelsea, and Eddy. Pretty soon they would be going off to College. Different colleges i might add. Raven would be going to UCLA while Eddy would be going to Ohio State. Chelsea wasn't the smartest in the world and she would only be going to a community college while working part time at the local Supermarket. Anyways. . .

"We got to everyday this summer ladies" Eddy said

"Ya, my parents are taking my brother to the movies tonight so come over for a few movies" said Raven. So later that night Eddy and Chelsea came over and they made popcorn and sat down to watch the first movie. It was about half over and the three kids where getting bored. "This is boring" said Raven. " I have an idea. Lets play Poker. I don't have any chips so lets play a new game. We all get a card.

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   The person with the highest card gets to ask to person with the lowest card anything they want. "

"That sounds like fun" Eddy and Chelsea agreed. Raven went and got the cards and dealed. Raven got a 6, Eddy a two, and Chelsea got an Ace. After arguing for about 10 minutes about whether an ace is high or low the finally agreed that it was high. "OK Eddy. I want to know, how many times you have had sex. "

"Ummmm. . . . " Eddy was to ashamed to say that he was still a virgin while he knew that his friends where not. "I've slept with 3 girls" The next round Raven asked Chelsea he color of her bra and Eddy was getting a little hard when he found out. On the third round, Raven dropped her card and had to bend down to pick it up which lifted her shirt in the back exposing the top of her red thong. Chelsea saw it too and then looked at Eddy who had a full hard on now looked away.

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   Chelsea saw it to and then whispered to Raven about the lump in Eddy's pants. Eddy didn't know they knew so Raven and Chelsea decided to tease him. Raven then dropped Chelsea's card so she bent in front of Eddy giving him a full clear view of her 32C cups. Raven was starting to get a little horny herself and told Chelsea about her idea to have fun with Eddy.

"Hey Eddy" said "I like the bulge in your pants" Eddy, embarrassed of this put his hands over it to hide it. "NO, NO, don't hide it Eddy. Where home alone and where not going to see each other very much anymore so lets go out with a bang! Literally. " She then went over and put her hand over Eddy's pants and rubbed it.

"Lets see how big it is Rae" Chelsea said. They pulled down his pants so be totally shocked. They had never seen a cock this big. It was 9 inches and it wasnt at full boner yet. Raven then put her mouth over it and only got down to 3 inches. Chelsea tried and she only got 5. "Shove it into my throat" said Chelsea.

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   She than lied on the couch and Eddy shoved all 11 inches into her throat. Even though she gagged he shoved it in there until it was fully in. "Holy Shit Rae you got try it. " So she did. As she did, Chelsea was getting horny so she started to take off her shirt and pants. Raven saw this and then did the same and then went back to sucking Eddy's massive cock.

"I need this in me" Raven said. She took off her bra exposing her 36DD breasts. She then took off her thong showing her pussy. She went and then sat on Eddy's cock. "O MY GOD!!!" she screamed. "This is amazing. " Chelsea then went and sat on eddy's face, letting him eat out her pussy. "I'm gonnacum" Raven said. She then cameall over Eddy's cock and Chelsea came all over his face.

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   It was Chelsea's turn so she got on her hands and knees and eddy stuck his massive cock inside her. She then came as Raven sat and played with herself. Eddy then took his cock out and shot a massive load all over the faces and tits.

Needless to say, they spent a lot of time together that summer. .
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