The Kidnapping of Justin Timberlake Pt. 3


"Oh Justin! Oh babe! Your cock! It's so good to me!" I found myself blurting out loud. Justin began to moan out loud as his hands tried desperately to fee themselves from the handcuffs. I could tell he wanted to just put his hands all over me, touch me, feel me. "Let him cum in you!" Priscilla yelled out. The thought of Justin cumming in me was so thrilling. I kept moving my pussy all over his throbbing cock waiting for him to cream all in me. "Your going to make me cum you fuckin' slut. " Justin cried out trying to hold back his pleasure. "Yes! cum in her. Fill her up with your cum now you motherfucker!" Christina demanded as she slapped Justin in the face. Justin's face turned bright red feeling embarrassment and pleasure at the same time. I felt his cock tighten inside me. "Fuck! Oh you bitch! Ahhhhhhhh!" Justin's body was shaking madly now. I felt his hot cum pump in me. I bounced faster on his cock as his continued to shoot his cum off. His eyes were shut tightly as he moaned.

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   Christina kissed him hard to shut him up. I kept his cock in me until he calmed down. "OK Christy, let's toss that coin now. I pick heads. " Priscilla said as she began to toss the coin. "Oh please land on tails. " Christina mumbled to herself. We watched the coin go up in the air as I began to climb off Justin's still hard cock. Christina and Priscilla looked and saw the coin landed on tails. "Yes! I get to fuck him next!" Christina rejoiced. Priscilla looked at her in envy but said nothing. Christina took no time she quickly climbed on top of Justin and began banging his cock. Justin squealed in a high pitch voice as Christina roughly fucked his cock. "You fuckin' skanky slut. Get off my dick!" Justin yelled out.

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   Priscilla walked over to him and slapped his face again. "Don't say that to my friend you stupid asshole. Your loving her pussy on your cock aren't you?"Justin couldn't hold back his moaning, but his face showed animosity. "You'll pay for this you whore. " He said breathlessly to Priscilla. "Prissy shut him up. Put your pussy on his face. " I called out just before Priscilla was about to slap him again. She automatically climbed on his face and began to slide her pussy on it. Christina and Priscilla moaned simultaneously as they got their own satisfaction. I just stood there watching my friends get their gratification. Justin was surrounded by pussy and pretending not to love it but it was impossible. He started cumming inside Christina. "Ohhhhh Arrgggggg," was all you could hear in Justin's muffled voice as Priscilla continued to fuck his face. "Fuck! Your fuckin' hot!" Christina gasped as she recovered from her orgasm.

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   Christina pulled Justin's cock out of her pussy waving it around showing it to Priscilla. "Hey Prissy, ready to fuck this?" Priscilla's face lit up and she got off Justin's face making her way towards his cock. Christina stepped off to the side and rolled up a joint. I just continued to watch my babe get gangbanged. Priscilla slid her pussy on his cock making Justin shudder. She started to fuck him fast and hard. Her titties were boucning around everywhere was she banged his cock. Christina sat on the floor smoking out and I went to join her as we both watched this incredible lovemaking. "Oh fuck shit this is gonna hurt!" Justin cried out. "Nooo it's going to feel so good!" Priscilla moaned. I felt my body relax with the joint and I felt my pussy begin to ache once again for Justin's cock. Priscilla continued to fuck him and finally she was making him cum. His cum this time was a bit weaker since he'd came in me and Christina already. His poor cock was hurting from cumming so much. "Ow! Shit! Fuck!" Justin called out as she came small drops of cum in Priscillas cunt.

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   Priscilla kept her pussy on Justin's cock for a few seconds and then joined me and Christina for a joint. We were all tired and so satisfied. A few moments later we heard Justin begin to snore. He'd fallen fast asleep after his being fucked by all three of us. We all crawled up on the bed and slept with him. We fell asleep til the break of dawn. It was now early Sunday morning. I would have still been asleep if the doorbell hadn't waken me up. All three of us woke up startled and Justin jumped up with hope of seeing his rescuers. Christina and I quickly got dressed and I grabbed the gun. Christina and I walked downstairs quietly our hearts racing with fear. As we got to the door I looked through the window and saw two heavy set black girls waiting outside. "Who the fuck are they?" I asked Christina. "Oh shit I forgot. That's Tami and Brandi, they are the one's who lent me the video camera to tape the blackmail shit.

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  " "What? I thought you got that camera from your parents?" I asked furiously. "I'm sorry Jess. I told them about Justin and they wanted some action too. I didn't think you'd fall in love with Justin. " I sighed in frustration. "I'm not in love with Justin! Why does everyone say that?" Christina just went to answer the door. The two big girls walked in anxiously. Tami was heavy set but Brandi was even heavier! They wore still managed to wear tight dresses looking as if they just got out of a dance club. Tammi's dress was bright red and Brandi's dress was dark purple. "Ok! Where that white boy at?" Tammi asked licking her thick lips. "Welcome ladies. This is Jessica one of my best friends and the girl who came up with the kidnapping scheme. " Christina said introducing us. "Hey nice to meet ya. Good idea kidnapping this white boy.

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   He'd be good to fuck. " Brandi expressed as she looked upstairs anxiously. I felt my blood pulsing through me. I didn't want these girls to do anything with Justin. They'd probably break him! Christina led the girls upstairs. Their footsteps were loud as they were ready to go fuck my babe. They both walked in the room as Priscilla was putting her long t-shirt on. I saw Priscilla's eyes widen not knowing who the fuck these two big girls were. "Don't freak out Prissy, this is Tammi and Brandi. They are the ones who lent me the video camera. They wanted some of Justin too. I heard Justin gasp in fear. His eyes showed horror. The girls looked down at Justin and laughed wickedly. "Hey now look the white boy is scared shitless!" Brandi said loudly.

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  "I wanna fuck that cute sweet little face of his. " Tammi said moving closer to Justin. "No! Get away from me you fat ass!" Justin screamed out loud. "Oooh girl he's talking shit to you! Sit on his face!" Brandi hissed. Tammi picked up her red dress and pulled down her big black panties. I heard my bed creak as Tammi got on top making her way towards Justin. He began to kick his legs madly wanting this to stop. Priscilla and I exchanged looks of horror. Tammi placed her big pussy on Justins face covering all his face. His face was buried all under Tammi's fat pussy. His muffled cries were all you could hear. "Oooh yeah! That's right! Lick me. " Tammi moaned as she swayed her hips around. Justin's kicking and squirming began to slow down as Tammi fucked his face. She rose herself up to let him breath and then sat right back down on his face.

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   Christina looked shocked at this display of sickness. All three of us just stared speechless as Tammi was almost comming to an orgasm. "Oooh fuck this white boy sure can eat some pussy!" Tammi began blurting out. To make things worse we all saw as Brandi began to take off her big white panties and watched as her eyes wondered towards Justin's limp cock. "Yeah! I think I'll fuck his cock while you cum on his face!" Brandi cheered. Her big body was now climbing my bed. She grabbed Justin's cock and Justin tried his hardest to keep her away. He kept kicking around as she tried to hold him down. "Keep still you fuckin' honkey!" Brandi roared. I heard my bed begin to creak more and more. These two fat girls were going to break my bed! I was just about to step in and try to get Brandi off, but it was too late. My bed broke and Tammi's fat ass really buried Justin. His muffled cries were now hysterical. "OOOOH! Ahhhhhhhh!" Tammi cried out as she came on Justin's face. Brandi was now on the floor as my bed fell in a slope form.

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   She was trying to cover her fat pussy as she tried to pick herself from the ground. "Oh shit!" Christina said laughing out loud. Tammi slid off Justin's face slowly trying to take her fat ass off of him. Justin's eyes were closed and he was no longer kicking. My biggest fear was becoming reality. Had this bitch suffocated my babe? I ran over to Justin trying to feel his pulse. No pulse! His breathing had stopped. My hands now shaking like crazy. I had no intentions of doing mouth to mouth on Justin since he'd just eaten out this fat bitch's pussy. "You fuckin fat bitch! You killed him!" My eyes full of tears now I was running over to beat the shit out of Tammi. Christina and Priscilla held me back while Brandi was still struggling to get up. I was so furious. I know Tammi could have killed me but I didn't care at that moment. She'd killed Justin Timberlake! The man of my dreams! "Bring it on slut!" Tammi called to me as my friends kept trying to hold me back. Suddenly I heard Justin begin to cough.

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   I quickly ran to him. He was alive after all! Oh my God! My heart began to feel relieved. I held his hand as he looked down to me. "I thought this was a nightmare. I guess it's reality. Please let me go. " His eyes were sad and he could barely speak. "I'm sorry about this Justin. If you hadn't been such an asshole to me maybe this would have not happend. " I whispered softly to him. "I need a doctor. I think that girl damaged something inside me. I feel my head hurting so bad. " His words were weak. "I'll call 911," Priscilla said running to the phone.


   I knew this was over. I was going to jail for kidnapping and attempted murder now. The two black girls were starting to put their panties on when I heard some footsteps comming up the stairs. Oh my God it was my parents! Shit they were home early!"Shit! Jess! Your mother and father are here!" Christina yelped. We all tried to run and hide but it was impossible. My parents walked in to see us almost half naked and to catch Justin handcuffed to my now broken bed completely naked. "Hi Mom. Hi Dad. " I said in a trembling voice. "What the hell?" I heard my father scream out. "You've got a lot of explaining to do young lady!" My mother yelled at me. It was just awful. My fantasy was now a nightmare. I heard helicopters outside and saw a big rescue team come to get Justin back. "I called - " Priscilla froze as she saw my parents.

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   The word had gotten out quickly as everyone now knew I was Justin Timberlakes kidnapper. I looked at Justin as his eyes met mine. I saw his lips move as he said "I love you. " only to me. I wanted to touch him at that moment. As I was reaching for him I felt someone hold me back. It was the police. I was being arrested. I tried to fight the police off and run to Justin but it was impossible. . . . . RING!!! The telephone woke me up. I was there laying on my bed.

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   I woke up feeling shook up. I had been asleep forever it seemed. "Hello?" I said in a raspy voice. It was Christina at the other end. "You ready?" "Ready? For what?" I asked. "For the Justin Timberlake concert!" She squealed. "Oh shit it's tonight!" I looked down and saw I was already dressed. I'd fallen asleep!"yeah I-I'm ready. " "Jess? You ok?""Yeah I'm fine. I gotta tell you about this crazy dream I had!" I said sighing. "Can't wait to tell you about the dream I had too. " The End.