The Unexpected Fuck For The Cutest Little Duff!


After a day of shooting, and posing for cameras Hillary entered her apartment, and headed to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Hillary set the tea pot on the stove, and took another shower. When she came out the pot was steaming, so she turned it off, and poured some in a cup. Ms. Duff took the cup into her room, and set it down on the table. She got dressed into her silky pajamas, then pulling the covers out. Hillary climbed into bed, and turned on the tv to see what was new with America. She changed the channel a couple of times until it was talking about the infamous Britney and Madonna kiss. "Eww. . . how could they do something so discusting?" Hillary said, aloud. She turned the tv off, and then the light. Pulling the covers upto her chin, she felt as if something wasn't right. But, Hillary ignored it, and dozed for a little while until she felt like someone was watching her. Hillary's eyes flew open to a man she couldn't recognize.

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   She tried to scream, but she had duck tape on her mouth. Hillary was handcuffed naked to the bed. "Don't worry Ms. Duff," the man smirked. "I'm going to make you feel all better. " The man had unzipped his pants, and was ready to break her cherry. Never once in her life did Hillary want to have sex with someone she didn't know. She just wanted to live life, and when it was time she got married, and have childern, well, then that was when she was willing to do it with the man she loved, not some overly horny rapist. The man ripped the duck dape off of her mouth, and said "If you scream I'll fucking kill you!" "Please don't do this!" she cried. Her legs were spread, and her pussy wasn't even wet. She never got horny, not once. The man rammed his 8 inch cock into her. Hillary screamed in pain, but the rapist covered her mouth so no one could hear her. The pain was absolutely horrible! It was not a good feeling inside her super tight clit. He pumped in and out of the celeberty, rapidly, making her 34C tits jiggle very fast.

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   "Stop please!" Hillary screeched. "Not until I get atleast three loads into you!" the man pumped, more and more. He grabbed a whip, and whipped her tits with it. Suddenly, the man stopped, and pulled out. He unlocked her handcuffs, and pushed her onto the bed as she tried to get away. "I don't think so!" he sneered, grabbing her waste. The rapist got on his back, still holding the weak young celeberty, and shoved his cock back into her clit. This time Hillary began moaning in pleasure, and bucked her hips. It actually felt good! The pop-star let this man fuck her like any whore off the streets. "OH! YES!" Hillary cried. "MORE! MORE!" Suddenly, she felt this warm liquid fill up inside of her, but she ignored it, and kept fucking the rapist. Her clit was having a good sensation by then, and she felt herself about to come as well! Hillary then cumed, and after a few moments of rocking, her clit's walls were still closing in on his dick. "I love your dick!" she moaned, as he pulled out of her. "Good, now get down on your knees and give me a blowjob!" he shrieked. To Be Continued.

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