Tomb Raider:The Braid of Aphrodite pt. 001


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. And feel free to post this on any NON-pay sites, just let me know where. Please feel free to comment. And please feel free to comment.

Lara Croft:Tomb Raider
The Braid of Aphrodite
By Muhabba

Lara Croft, the media dubbed “Tomb Raider” hated this part of her chosen vocation. As a world famous archeologist she traveled the globe searching out the mysteries of the past and bringing them back for all the world to study and see. She had travelled to the four corners of the world and covered every terrain possible. She had encountered hidden tribes of proud warriors, thugs only out for a quick buck, assassins who would stop at nothing to stop her and creatures out of the fogs of myth. And she had never failed. She always brought back the very objects she had sought. And now she had to pay. Pay at the opening night of the museum’s new exhibit “The Lost Tribe of Aphrodite”. The only thing that could make Lara cringe, “Gala Parties”.

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It had taken Lara most of a year of research and 2 months of hard trekking before she had found the Lost Temple of Love. A group of ancient Greeks had set sail for new lands in order to worship Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, exclusively. Finding a lush land they settled quickly into two camps: Male and Female. Each camp worked independently of the others and each camp had it own warriors, it’s own hunters, its own farmers and it own leaders.

Each camp was entirely self contained and had nothing to do with the other except for twice a year. On one occasion during the year both camps would meet for a month long orgy. And for a full thirty days both camps would engage in every wonton sex act imaginable. Nothing was taboo and all in the name of the goddess Aphrodite. Any child born later would then be sent to their respectively gendered camp.

On the other occasion during the year both camps would meet and send out raiding parties for slaves, in order to keep the bloodlines from intermingling too much. Only the most beautiful people were kidnapped and brought back to the camps. The males took the females and vice versa. The slaves were raped repeatedly until a child was conceived and when the child was born the slave would be freed. But the thing Lara found intriguing was that none of the slaves left. They preferred to stay and from what Lara had found, none had ever rebelled.

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  They preferred their new lives. Outside of a ritual involving a golden knife said to be made from a braid of Aphrodite’s hair. Lara hadn’t been able to find a reason why.

After Lara had found the temple she and a team had explored every nook and cranny. In fact, Lara should be there right now, their work was barely half done but the museum had insisted on mounting the exhibition early with a gala opening and Lara Croft, the “Tomb Raider” was the star.

Although loath to admit it, Lara could understand why people were always paying attention to her. In spite of the fact she was one of the top archeologists on the planet, she was always drop-dead gorgeous. Lara was taller than average with long, smooth and muscular legs leading up to toned thighs and round hips. She had a tight, athletic ass with a small waist and firm stomach. Lara had a large chest with wide, graceful shoulders and a almost swan like neck. Lara’s face was warm and inviting with full, pouting lips and a cute upturned nose and wide, soulful eyes. Lara’s eyes were the same chocolate brown as her hair which was usually pulled back from her face in a long braid flowing down the curve of her back and to just above the dimples of her ass.

Lara knew that her striking features and body were enough to turn the head of almost anyone, but she knew what her best features were. Lara was blessed with the firmest 38 DD breasts that she had ever seen. They were in fact her one vanity.

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  Lara kept her tight, toned body maintained through exercise for her extreme activities but her breasts were maintained with loving care. She used only the finest body wash to clean her breasts and only the softest of clothes. She could easily spend an hour lightly running the warm, sudsy cloth lightly over the wet skin of her breasts and nipples. Her favorite treatments for her wonderfully massive breasts always came after the shower, in bed.

Lara always slept nude, loving the feel of her silk sheets rubbing against her naked body. She would lay back on her bed with only a single candle flame on her bedside table. Next she would gather a small amount of imported lotion in her hands and slowly cover each of her giant mounds. Her puffy nipples were nearly always hard and she enjoyed running her slick finger tips around each one. Lovingly caressing each large orb and making sure each breast was covered entirely. Often her loving ministrations excited her and she would begin massaging her tits and scraping her hard nipples across the palms of her hands. It wouldn’t take long before she would begin squeezing, nearly mauling each large tit in a sexual fever, the tan flesh nearly oozing out from between her fingers. And then she would cum, her thighs clamping together as her pussy throbbed. Lara was proud that she could make herself cum from just having her breasts played with and enjoyed the sensations nearly every night. Her special gift to herself. And that was exactly what she had planned after this tiresome party.

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Lara had arrived at the party in her own limo and exited from the rear of the vehicle to the excited flash of cameras. She had worn a simple black, high heeled shoes that tied around her ankles and added a few more inches to her all ready long legs. Lara also wore black, sheer stockings that inched up her legs to just a inch or two below the junction of her tan thighs. Her panties were a transparent thong that matched her stockings and kept a panty line from showing threw her dress. The dress itself was a simple black, silk dress that came almost down to her ankles with a slit up one side that ended only a inch below the top of her stockings. The top of her dress came up to only a few inches above her always erect nipples and were held up by two slim straps and showcased a great deal of tan cleavage. Lara’s hair was pulled back in its usual braid and left her striking face bare so everybody could see the smirk running across her plump lips.

Since she was going to have to endure this tedious party before she could engage in her little nightly ritual, Lara decided to treat herself by going braless. Now with every slinky step she took, a small ripple went through her vast expanse of tan cleavage. The seer, naughty thought of all these people staring in lust at her nearly unbound, jiggling tits caused Lara’s nipples and pussy to positively throb as she made her way up to the red carpet. Lara didn’t usually do interviews but tonight she stopped and chatted with only the shortest reporters. Having to bend down to reach the mics was nearly causing her massive tits to spill out into the cool evening air each time she answered a question.

Finally making her way inside Lara faced the elite of England and their families. She wasn’t sure she approved of bringing children to a exhibit about the Goddess of Love considering what the followers had done but it appeared that the museum and kept the exhibit pretty tame.

Making her way through the groups of people waiting for the tours to begin Lara greeted the guests, shook their hands and flashed her cleavage whenever the naughty impulse took her.

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  At one point Lara noticed one of the children stumble into one of the displays and she rushed over to save it. The display was the “Braid of Aphrodite”, the knife used in the ritualistic rapes of slaves which nicked one of Lara’s fingers and drew a small about of blood as he caught it.

The display had been set off in a dark corner and no one had noticed yet what had happened as Lara sat kneeling and holding the boys shoulder with one hand and the knife with her other. She was lucky she had only been a few feet away when she had noticed the boy trip into the display, he may have broken it otherwise.

“I’m… I’m so sorry mum. I… I just wanted to look. It was so pretty. I… I just tripped was all. I didn’t mean it. ”, the boy stammered before falling into sudden silence.

Lara reached pass the boy and righted the stand and knife, “No harm done this time. But you should be more careful. ”

Kneeling down further to finish speaking to the boy, Lara noticed what had caused his sudden silence. Having moved so quickly to save the knife Lara had run and lunged and the quick movement had caused her large, silky breasts to fall partly out of her dress.

Lara’s large tits were eye level with the boy and her erect nipples were pointing straight at him.

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  Lara's usually suntanned topless and her brown orbs gleamed under the special party lighting.

A warm, loving look came over Lara’s face, “What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever seen a woman’s breasts before?

The boy barely shook his head no.

“Then I honored to be the first. ” Lara said as she slowly scooped her massive tits one at a time completely out of the front of her dress.

The boy stood transfixed at the first pair of breasts he had ever seen and possibly the best pair he would ever see. Each heavy orb hung perfectly without even a hint of sag.

“And since you have never seen a woman’s breasts it would be safe to assume you’ve never touched a woman’s breasts. Is that correct?” Lara asked as she grasped each of the boy’s wrists and brought them up to her chest.

The boy could barely shake his head as he felt Lara’s tits fill up the palms of his hands. The skin was so warm, firm buy yielding and so very smooth. The boy slowly ran his palms around and around Lara’s hard nipples as he lovingly, reverently, caressed her tits.

A coo of satisfaction escaped past Lara’s moist lips as she asked, “And since you have touched a woman’s breasts we can safely assume you have never tasted one?”

The boy couldn’t move his head to answer as Lara placed one of her hands behind his head and pulled him forward as she used her other hand to raise one of her heavy orbs up to the boy’s lips.

The young boy immediately latched on to Lara’s massive tit and began to suck. The boy’s lips encircled the hard nipple and areola and began sucking like a infant. A shiver ran down Lara’s body as her dripping pussy convulsed with an orgasm.

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  The boy sucked harder and harder, his worm tongue lashing back and forth and his saliva dripping out of the corners of his mouth. Both of the boy’s hands gripped onto the sides of Lara’s tingling tits, pushing them together and smothering his face with the warm flesh.

The boy was sucking so hard and loud that it reminded Lara of the sounds a calf would make while nursing. Another sudden orgasm tore through Lara and her pussy gushed when the boy accidently bit down a little on her throbbing nipple. Smiling, Lara removed the hand she was using to hold her tit to the boy’s mouth and gently reached down between the young boy’s legs to this groin. Lara felt the small bulge of the boy’s hard little dick and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Lara whispered to the boy, “Cum for me. ” And the boy immediately began humping his little dick against the palm of Lara’s hand.

Lara had never thought of using such a young child for sexual gain before the having this young boy nursing at her giant tit and dry humping the palm of her hand sent Lara over the edge again as and a third orgasm pulsed through her, completely drenching her black thong. As the aftershock rippled though Lara’s body she gently cupped the boy’s groin more firmly and felt him shoot his first ever load of cum into his pants.

The boy pulled his mouth away from Lara’s heaving tit with a wet pop and looked up at her with wide, doe eyes.

Lara smiled at the boy as she bent forward and plunged her tongue into his mouth for his first, real, kiss. Pulling back from the boy with a wet strand of saliva stretching from her mouth to his before it broke off and landed in her tan cleavage.

“Tell you parents you need to use the restroom and then meet me in the last stall. We’ll get you cleaned up the, O.

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  k. lover?” Lara said as she ruffled the kids hair before wiping his saliva from around her nipple and placing both of her large, golden orbs back into her dress.

The boy’seyes continued to stare at Lara’s tits as he quickly nodded and ran back into the crowd of people. Lara smiled as she watched the boy before standing up and making her way to the men’s restroom. Quickly checking to make sure the restroom was unoccupied Lara made her way to the sinks to make up some wet washcloths and then to the last stall to wait.

Only a few minutes passed before Lara heard the scuttling of little feet and the stall door opened. “Quickly. Get inside lover. ” Lara grinned as she pulled the boy in by his bow tie and latched the door shut behind him.

Lara got down on her knees and deeply kissed the boy again. Her pink tongue quickly pushing past his lips and into his warm mouth. “Hmmm. You’re going to be a good kisser one day. ” She smiled as she quickly unbuckled and unfastened his pants. Lara quickly pulled his pants down his skinny legs and lifted his feet up one at a time in order to pull them completely off.

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“Up on the toilet lid boy. Up you go. ” Lara grinned at the boy as he tried to jump up on the toilet lid, nearly losing his balance until Lara place her hands on each of his tender little ass-cheeks in order to balance him. Lara quickly used the damp wash rag to clean out the inside of the boy’s now sticky under wear as he stood on the toilet bowl facing her and his proud little prick point straight at her.

“Oh my. ” Lara cooed, “What a pretty, little prick you have lover. ”Lara reached up to the straps of her dress and pulled them down her broad shoulders and released her massive tits completely. Lara smiled with pride as the boy’s eyes widened and his jaw went slack at his first unobstructed view of her impressive chest.

Lara pulled the top of her dress down to just above her waist before raising her hands up to the boy’s groin. The young boy’s prick was erect but still small because of his age and with only a couple of fingers she began to lovingly massage his hairless, cum filled balls while she used the first two fingers and thumb of her other hand to slowly jack him off.

Lara stared up at the boy’s wide-eyed face and whispered, “Cum for me lover. Cover my tits with you love. ”

The boy suddenly shot his load. Thick, creamy spurts jetted out of his hard little dick, covering Lara’s heaving mounds. As the first shot of the boys cum landed on her tits Lara yelled out as another orgasm tore through her body.

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  Her pussy and nipples pulsed with sexual excitement at the feel of the boy’s illicit cum covering her massive tits.

As the boy’s small cock began to slowly soften Lara released her delicate grip on his privates and smiled up at him. “Did you enjoy that lover?”

The boy shivered every time she called him “Lover”. “Y… yes mum. ”

Lara looked down at her exposed chest. She loved the way her tits looked covered in the boy’s cum. “Well lover. It seems came in here to clean you up and instead made a mess of me. ”

A blush of shame covered the boys face as his lower lip pouted outward.

“Don’t worry lover. ”Lara whispered as she leaned up a bit and licked the boy’s trembling lip. “We’ll get everyone sorted out. ”

Lara raised herself up until her breasts were nearly level with the boy’s face and lifted up one of her large tits to just in front of him. Lara bent her head forward and extended her pink tongue, lapping at the boy’s pearly white come covering her tit. Lara used long, slow strokes to lick up the boy-cum, moaning low in her throat at the taste of the boys silky cream.


  Extracting all the cum off the first tit Lara slowly used her tongue to slowly circle the hard nipple, shivering at the sensation before starting the whole process over again with the other tit.

As Lara gripped the boys slender white hips, “Now hold steady lover. ” And bent forward. Opening her mouth Lara used her tongue to catch the boy’s balls and drew him into her mouth. With the boy’s small size both his cock and balls easily fit into Lara’s mouth. She immediately moaned low in the back of her throat at the feel and taste of this young boy’s most private parts.

Lara used her warm, pink tongue to massage the boy’s cock and balls. First running her tongue lovingly across each of his balls. Next she traced the underside of his prick, following the big vein and ending at the head of his prick. Lara did this several times as she took one of her hands away from his hips and began using to maul her tits. She squeezed and kneaded the firm flesh of her tits, pinching and squeezing first one nipple and then the other as her pussy drooled it’s juice down the inside of her thighs.

With a sudden grunt the boy lost all sense of self control and began humping his groin like a jack-hammer into Lara’s face. Lara smiled in satisfaction as she reached both her hands around the boy to grasp his tender little ass-cheeks to steady him and keep him from falling off the toilet. As Lara squeezed each tender little ass-cheek the boy finally erupted in the gorgeous woman’seager mouth with his thick, hot cum. Another orgasm tore through Lara as she hugged the boy’s groin to her face, swallowing every silky drop of cum as he continued to shoot into her mouth.

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After a minute of sucking down all the boy’s cum Lara pulled away from the boy, her chest heaving as she sucked down every drop of cum and saliva from his spent and softening dick and deflated balls. The boy nearly fell as he collapsed buy Lara caught him and held him lovingly and sweetly to her tan breasts. “Oh that was good lover. Such a good little man you are. ”She cooed to him.

Lara hummed a child’s nursery rhyme as she sat the boy on the toilet and used the wash cloth to clean him even further. When she finished, Lara helped him get his pants back on and made sure he looked presentable.

“Now you be a good boy and return to your parents. Make sure you don’t tell anyone about this. ”Lara said as she started to fuss with his hair.

“I won’t mum. I promise. ”The boy beamed at Lara.

“I noticed you were here with two adults with a little girl. Are they your parents.

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“Yes mum. And the girl’s my sister Lucy. ”

“Would you like to visit me at my estate…” A confused look spread across Lara’s face. “I’m sorry. I never asked your name, love. ”

“Alex, mum. My name’s Alex. ”

“My lover Alex. ”Lara finished with Alex’s hair and leaned forward to kiss him, running her tongue past his lips and caressing his tongue. “Would you and your sister like to visit me at my estate Alex. ”

“Yes, mum!Very much, mum!”The boy exclaimed.

“Good then. Head out to your parents and make sure you don’t tell anyone about what’s happened. I’ll follow along after a bit to talk to your parents. Remember, to tell no one about this, o.

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  k. ?”

“Yes, mum. It’ll be our secret, mum. ”

“Good. Now run along, my little lover Alex. ”Lara smiled down at the boy. Giving him a gentle squeeze on his little ass Lara stood up to readjust herself as Alex ran out of the stall.

Alex made a sudden stop as he exited the stall before resuming and running out of the restroom.

Finally containing her bountiful breasts Lara exited the stall and saw the reason for Alex’s sudden stop. A security guard had entered the restroom while she had been molesting her young, new lover and he now simply stood against the row of sinks with a shocked look on his face.

To be continued…