Wizards of Waverly Place Inescapable Lust Chapter 5


Happy Halloween ladies and gentleman. The Halloween special is here at last and my god it took to long. Apologies for this but Fallout New Vegas was released last Friday and i could barely tear myself away, but somehow i managed it. Hope you all have a good time celebrating the holiday whatever it is you're doing. Rate and comment as usual and although I have a few ideas about the next few chapters i would love to hear how you all think the next part of the story should turn out. That said enjoy.

Chapter 5

Almost two weeks after detention and Alex and Justin hadn’t had much opportunity to explore each other. Jerry their father had been sick with flu so everyone including their youngest brother Max had to pull extra shifts at the substation. The substation was also roped into providing part of the catering for the upcoming Halloween dance. Justin kept the promise he made in Mr Larry Tate’s office, and that night Alex was finally happy that Justin wanted her as much as she wanted him. They tried to find the time in between shifts and school but having almost been caught a couple of times they decided to try as hard as the could to cool off there desire for each other.

Alex had been making sandwiches in the back all day with Teresa and Justin had been waiting tables with max. When they passed an order to each other there was a significant glance and a smile but the inability to express their physical desire for one another was driving them both insane. They both lied to their parents Alex saying she would spend the night at Harper’s after the dance and Justin said he would stay over at Zeke’s, so they could finally have a few hours to play. They had gotten themselves a room at the Red Cherry motel, which is a little higher end than the name suggested. They would go to the dance mingle a bit and then slip out around 9 pm meeting at the room.

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   Alex decided that they should not tell each other what they would be dressing up as, though since Alex recently gave back Justin’s light sabre and cape she had a pretty good idea of what he was going to be.

It was finally time for the shop to close and after they finished and stored the rest of the sandwiches for the dance the next night Alex and Justin said they would lock up and wipe down the tables. After they finished cleaning they snuck back behind the counter and into the kitchen. Alex dragged Justin to the back wall and he stood leaning against it as she pulled down his pants and boxers. “I’ve been waiting all day to play with my favourite toy”. Justin watched as Alex dropped to her knees and hungrily sucked his length. He placed his hands on her head as he thrust himself in and out of her warm wet mouth. She in turn grabbed his ass to steady herself. Justin bit his lip trying not to moan too loudly as the echo of the sound might work its way upstairs, alerting the rest of the family. Alex’s muffled moans were exquisite, each one causing Justin to thrust a little faster. He thrust and thrust closing his eyes pretending she was his favourite weather girl. Fantasy in mind it didn’t take long for Justin to shoot a load down his sister’s throat, which she obligingly swallowed. Justin moaned as the hot creamy liquid was sucked out of him. “Is there anything I can do for you Alex”? He asked with a smile. “ There will plenty for you to do tomorrow night, so make sure well rested and ready”, she said promisingly.

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It was the night of the dance and both Alex and Justin were excited beyond belief. Neither of them had dates, at least to everyone else it looked that way, so Justin left early with Zeke and Alex said that she would catch them up after she got changed and met Harper. She saw Justin was dressed as a Jedi from one of the Star wars films and he said Zeke was going to be dressed up as his apprentice. No matter how much Justin begged Alex refused to tell him what she would be wearing. She teased him saying that it would be conservative yet revealing at the same time and he would have to obey her every command when they got together later. He promised he would and gave her a quick grope and a kiss when no one was looking and left for the dance.
Alex was getting herself ready in her room when Harper came up to join her. Harper was dressed in a Princess Leia slave costume in an attempt to win Justin’s affections. “Wow Harper what on earth are you wearing”? Alex pretended to act surprised. “When I heard Justin was dressing up as a Jedi I couldn’t resist putting this on, what do you think”? Alex looked her up and down, the metal string bikini top pushed Harper’s breasts up and together nicely, the length of fabric attached to the golden belt covered the matching briefs and exposed her long legs and the gold chocker around her neck elongated it perfectly, topping the whole outfit off with gold sandals. Alex would never let Harper know that in that moment secretly she wanted Harper to be her obedient little slave. Harper’s question however forced her thoughts back to reality. I think you look really good, but aren’t you going to be cold”? “Not if I can get your brother to warm me up”, she replied with a big grin. “Ew”! Alex exclaimed pretending to not like the thought. “Are you almost ready Alex”? Alex was dressed in a black satin corset that had small red flowers all over and suspenders holding up her fishnet stockings.

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   The matching thong was hidden underneath a pair of black wet look PVC shorts and she was also wearing a black satin chocker. “Almost, pass me that red and black waistcoat over there”. Harper obliged and threw it to Alex who slipped her arms threw the holes and buttoned the gold buttons all the way from bottom to top fully covering her corset. She zipped on a pair of thigh high black boots and finished it all off with a pair of black elbow length gloves and a black top hat that had a red satin strip just above the rim. “What do you think of my outfit Harper”? Alex asked shaking her body a little. I’m not sure what you are supposed to be”? Harper stated. “Oh hang on there we go, what do you think know”? Alex again asked the question this time having beforehand bent down and reached under her bed in a rather unladylike fashion, picking up a small leather whip. “Oh I get it know, you’re a circus announcer person” Harper struggled to find the word. “Ring Mistress, Harper”.

Alex showed up at the dance with Harper and both were attracting looks more so than they would have on a normal day. Alex didn’t mind the attention but Harper was feeling a little self conscious having regretted not wearing more than a bikini, Alex sensed this. “Harper relax you look hot, go work the dance floor and have fun” Alex said with encouragement. “Yeah your right thanks Alex”. Harper made her way across the room and slowly lost herself in the crowd. Alex looked around for Justin but she couldn’t see him.

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   There were too many people dancing and she only had a rough idea of what he would look like. The schools gym was as one would expect, badly decorated with ghosts and plastic monsters lining the walls, fake cobwebs in the corners and draped orange, purple and red tissue paper hangings displaying various characters like Dracula, Pumpkins and the always present Wolf man. Alex finally spotted Justin and Zeke by the refreshment tables and feeling a little parched herself Alex decided to go and join them. She made her way through the sea of bodies, Pirates and fairies and skeletons and even a rather naughty looking Batgirl. As always there are the hardcore girls who like to dress in lingerie and animal ears, having navigated her way through the crowed Alex tapped Zeke on the shoulder startling him a bit. “Aah, oh Alex it’s you, you scared me”, Zeke exclaimed over the almost unbearable 80s music. “Oh c’mon I don’t look that scary do I”? She asked presenting herself. Justin stood agape at his sister paying particular attention to the leather whip wrapped round her waist. “Alex you look really well”, Justin couldn’t find the right word for how she looked. “You know Zeke, Harper told me that she really wanted to dance with you, go see if you can find her”. Alex said in an attempt to get rid of him. “She does alright”! Zeke high fived Justin and was about to rush off when he turned and asked, “Hey Alex what is Harper dressed as”? “Oh, what’s that character in Star wars who got turned into a slave”? “Princess Leia”. Yeah she dressed in her slave costume”. Zeke panted heavily thinking about Harper in a slave outfit and practically ran to find her. “So Justin you haven’t told me what you think”, Alex said whispering in his ear. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   “I think I can’t wait till I get you alone in that hotel room, you’re really going to see how much I’ve missed your body”. Justin spoke with such confidence that Alex was a little taken aback by how far he had come, from the stammering unsure guy who was coming to her for advice and support, she had watched him grow into a confident young man sure of his body and ability. Making sure no one was looking she rubbed a gloved hand over the growing length, “Mmmmm is that your light sabre, or are you just thinking about spanking me”? “Alex I will tease and spank you so much that you’ll be begging to have your tight little slit full of me”. “Oooo save your sweet talk for later tonight honey, I’m going to go and dance, you should come to”. Alex got her self a drink and ventured into the mass of bodies. Justin being human hid his erection as best he could till he thought it away and then joined in with the other dancers.

Several bad song later and Alex was stood staring out of the window. She sighed as she looked outside, the clear moonlit sky let the stars shine with transcendent beauty. Her mind wandered to thoughts of Justin and their pre arranged night together and her pussy started to tingle, aching to be satisfied by her brother’s cock. . She decided to go to the ladies room to satisfy her self, half way down the corridor she reached for the door handle and without making contact it opened slowly and Harper walked out. “Hey Harper are you having a good night so far”? “Yeah totally, you’ll never guess what Alex”! Harper had a smile on her face, “Zeke asked me out and I said yes”. Alex’s face lit up at the news, “Harper that’s fantastic! So have you kissed him yet”? Harper looked a little embarrassed but shrugged it off, “No not yet but were heading back to my place a bit later, my parents are out of town and we’ll have the whole place to ourselves”. Alex smiled and un wrapped the whip from around her waist, holding it out to Harper, “Here you can use this if he decides to get a little naughty”. Harper looked at Alex, “Don’t be silly I’m not going to whip him on our first date, he’ll have to settle for a spanking”.

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   They both laughed and Alex gave Harper a hug wishing her good luck, making sure there was no one else in the room Alex went into one of the Stalls and scratched her soaking wet itch. When Alex was done Scratching she made sure that her outfit, makeup and hair were all perfect and then she left the room. She was on her way back to the hall when she heard Justin’s voice from behind her. “Hey Alex there you are I’ve been looking all over for you”. He approached her holding out a cup of juice witch she took. “You didn’t add anything… special to this did you”? Justin stared at her with a puzzled expression. “No I didn’t add anything to it, why would I”?Alex sipped at her juice and licked her lips, “because you’re a bad boy and you know I like to drink your juice”, Justin looked bewildered for a moment and Alex continued to drink her drink. “Sorry sis if I had known you’re that thirsty I would have”. Alex yawned, her eyelids feeling heavy, “I know you would, I need to sit down” Alex slumped against the wall and slid slowly to the ground. “Close your eyes sis, rest for a moment, all that dancing seems to have taken it out of you”, Justin said in a slightly sadistic tone. Alex closed her eyes dropping the cup beside her, drifting off to sleep.

Alex opened her eyes slowly, her limbs aching she took a good look around the room. She noticed her Ring Mistress outfit on a table across the room, looking down at herself she realized she was naked and chained in place. There were restraints around her wrists that held her arms out just above her shoulders. Two more restraints held her ankles, though the chains were loose on the ground, and there was a leather harness around her waist, two strips of leather ran down the side of her waist and around her thighs where she noticed two other chains running up from the harness to the ceiling on a pulley system but she didn’t really know why.

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   “Mmmmm, Alex tried screaming for help but realized that she was ball gagged and couldn’t speak. “I hope you don’t mind being gagged sweetie, but I couldn’t have you magicking you’re way out of my little surprise”. The voice came from behind her, feeling a cold fingertip run down her back to her ass Alex shuddered, her restraints keeping her in place. The voice was all too familiar but Alex didn’t want to admit to herself who it was that had bound and gagged her. “We didn’t want to leave Waverly Place without saying a proper goodbye, I say we, for know it’s just going to be you and me”. Alex squealed as a firm slap landed across her ass, she heard her captor walking away, after a few seconds the mysterious woman appeared in front of her walking to the table. The woman placed a few objects on the table, a hand mirror, a long rattan cane, a black leather flogging whip, a large blood red strap on dildo, and two tubes of something Alex couldn’t make out.

The women turned around to face Alex who looked on with a mixture of shock and lust. Juliet leaned against the table, dressed in a sleeveless fishnet body stocking that was exposing her tits and pussy, black leather knee high boots and black leather gloves. She also had a chocker round her neck with a small silver ring hanging down, probably for attaching a lead to. She had both nipples pierced as well as her pussy. Juliet walked over to Alex swaying her hips from side to side making sure she showed off every inch of the well endowed beautiful body Alex wouldn’t be allowed to please. Juliet placed her hands on Alex’s tits slowly massaging them, occasionally playing with her nipples, pinching and squeezing them. Alex let out a little moan as the soft supple leather gently caressed her bare skin, forcing her sex to swell up and her juice to start lubricating her. “Well I guess we can get the boring stuff out of the way, Mason and I are leaving Waverly Place, but we couldn’t go without finishing some old business.

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   Since its Halloween I decided you should get a very nasty trick. When you spoke to Justin in the corridor that was me. The more gifted among us vampires can change our form to make us look like other people. Justin is fine by the way, when you hinted at drinking his juice it got me wondering, I know you plan to meet him tonight and I know you two, brother and sister, are lovers”. Alex looked worried as Juliet spoke moving one of her hands up behind Alex’s head. Juliet leaned in and kissed the gag in Alex’s mouth as if there lips and tongues were dancing with each other while she continued to rub and caress Alex’s tits. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, and between you and me knowing you two are fucking makes me a little horny”. Juliet brought her head round and know both girls were staring at the table, see all those toys over there, some are going to give you pleasure but not till I make you sorry for calling me, what was it, oh that’s right a fucking whore. Juliet used a hand to slap Alex’s pussy and this made her squeal and jerk against the restraints, her arms starting to ache. “All those toys that are going to give you pleasure, they wont come until im satisfied with your punishment, prove that you can be a good girl and you will get those treats, big juicy treats”.

Juliet retrieved the flogging whip and returned, standing in front of Alex, “first I’m going to start by giving you a light flogging, does that sound good Alex”? The closest Alex had ever come to BDSM was Justin calling her a naughty slut and spanking her. She pondered for a moment wondering if it would hurt, taking to long Juliet reminded Alex of her presence, she grabbed Alex by her jaw and asked her again in a more demanding and dominant tone. ” I said do you want to be flogged bitch”? Alex was startled and even though she was frightened she was far too horny to turn down the promise of pleasure after the pain. Alex nodded hesitantly and Juliet took a small step back. “Push your chest out so those nice hard nipples point to the wall.

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   Alex arched her back as best she could. Juliet teased swinging but not making contact, letting the cool air rush over Alex’s skin. Without warning the leather tails smacked across Alex’s left breast, leaving stinging tingle in there wake. Alex squealed but did not move. Again the tails came down and struck her right breast leaving the same sensation of pain. “Your being a very good girl, most first timers jump and scream, you’re certainly going to earn your first treat if you keep this up”. Alex felt her self getting wetter as she wondered what sort of pleasure her captor would bestow upon her. Juliet saw Alex’s juice start to trickle down her thighs. She smiled sweetly seeing Alex was enjoying her self. Juliet flogged Alex another 4 times on each breast, Alex squealed with each hit but she was getting used to the pain. Juliet again complemented Alex. “You are being a very good girl Alex”, she said stepping up to her, Juliet nuzzled Alex’s neck while she used her free hand to rub her soaking wet slit, “Mmmmmmmmm”, Alex moaned at the touch of her vampire mistress, licking her hand clean Juliet sank to her knees and breathed a shallow breath on Alex’s pussy, the sudden rush of cold air against her warm skin made Alex squirm. Juliet leaned her head forward and ran the tip of her tongue up and down Alex’s wetness, savouring her new toys essence. She planted a tender kiss on Alex’s sex, letting her tongue find its way down Juliet made sure she liked up all of Alex’s juice before she got back up and moved around behind her. “You taste really good, does Justin like tasting you as much as you like tasting him”? Alex nodded.

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   She placed a hand on Alex’s firm ass, squeezing it gently. “Does Justin like playing with your ass”, Alex nodded again. Juliet placed her hand on Alex’s back and pushed her forward making her stick her ass out. “I’m going to play with this ass now. It’s my ass you understand”? Alex nodded in agreement and Juliet let the flogger’s tails trail over Alex’s back, ass and thighs. “It’s almost unbearable isn’t it, not knowing when it’s going to happen”. Juliet swung down with the flogger and purposely missed letting another surge of cold air run across Alex’s skin. “Should I start with the right or the left cheek”? Juliet spoke aloud to herself letting Alex wait a bit longer for her punishment to continue. Juliet stepped in close and put her free hand on Alex’s breast, letting the flogger tickle her thighs and pussy. “Does Justin like you to suck his cock”? Alex nodded. “Juliet backed away slowly and with a crack she struck Alex’s right cheek, Alex squealed. “Only a filthy cum craving slut would suck her own brother’s cock”. Again the instrument of torture came crashing down and again Alex let out a sharp cry of pain. “If you can have each cheek flogged four more times without making a sound, you can have you’re pussy licked, would you like to be licked to orgasm you filthy kinky slut”. Alex nodded, her pussy aching to release her juice.


   Juliet planted a series of soft slow kisses on Alex’s left cheek, moving over to her right Juliet kissed it softly. Juliet struck Alex’s left cheek, then her right. Alex let out a gasp of breath biting down on her gag, but no sound. Juliet struck again and again and again and again, Alex felt the stinging pain intensify as Juliet struck the same spots but Alex was still silent. “One more Alex, if you can keep quiet just one more time you get to make all the noise you want”. Juliet spoke with softness in her voice almost willing Alex to stay silent. Juliet toyed with Alex for a little while before finally bringing down the last strike of her first punishment straight across both cheeks. Alex jerked her body not expecting the strength or precision of the strike. Alex remained silent the only sound she made was that of her bonds as they rattled. Juliet placed the flogger on the table and went back to Alex. “Very good Alex, I’m surprised that you managed to stay quiet but I’m also glad. Because now since you were a good girl and you obeyed me, your pussy will be pleasured”.

Juliet released Alex’s arms and thighs letting her sit down on the cold floor, “I know it still stings honey but the cold will help your ass I promise”. Juliet sat behind Alex, using her arms and legs to keep Alex’s arms behind her back and her legs spread. Juliet whistled and a wolf walked into the room and sat in between Alex’s open legs, staring into her eyes.

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   Alex couldn’t understand why but she saw something familiar in the animals deep yellow eyes. Alex looked on at the beast, wondering why its mistress had summoned it. The wolf yawned bearing its fangs and showing off its tongue. Juliet pulled Alex back, the movement forcing Alex’s dripping wet pussy to become more easily accessible. “Lick”! Juliet ordered and the beast obliged her request walking forward till it was within reach, lowering its head Alex shuddered. “Its okay he won’t bite, I’ve already had him lick me and it was fantastic. ” Without warning the beast licked Alex’s slit causing her body to surge with pleasure, the wet gentle roughness of the beast’s tongue was unlike anything Alex had felt before. “Mmmmm” Alex’s moan seemed to please the wolf as it savoured its first taste of familiar juice. It licked again long and slow as if to tease Alex even further. Alex responded by pushing forward and the next lick parted her lips and entered her pussy. “Mmmmm mmmmm”. Alex felt all consuming pleasure envelop her body as the long pink tool continued to lap up her essence. Juliet moved one of her hands to Alex’s chest, pinching her sensitive nipples, Alex leaned her head back onto Juliet’s shoulder and Juliet licked and kissed and sucked on her neck. Alex closed her eyes and let her self be taken away, moaning and moaning she imagined Justin tied up and helpless watching as she was being pleasured. Alex moaned louder and louder and her body started shaking.

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   Juliet knew this meant she was ready to explode, “open”, Juliet commanded the beast and it stopped licking and sat patiently waiting for its reward. Juliet rubbed Alex’s clit, still kissing her neck Juliet’s touch and the feel of her breath on Alex’s neck pushed Alex over the edge. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, her orgasm was intense. She watched as her juice welled out of her and was swallowed up by the obedient obliging wolf. When Juliet was satisfied that Alex was finished, the beast licked her pussy clean and sat waiting for its mistress’s next command. “Sit next to the table and watch”! The wolf walked away and sat next to the table staring at Alex.

Both girls stood up and Juliet once again secured Alex’s arms and thighs. “The second part of your punishment is as follows”, Juliet spoke as she made her way to the table. She picked up the cane and again stood in front of Alex.
    Juliet swung down with the cane letting it whoosh past Alex and the distinct whipping sound of it cutting through the air instilled a quiet fear in her mind. “This cane is going to hurt a whole lot worse than the flogger did, I expect you not to hold anything in like last time. You will receive 31 strokes in total, 5 on each breast, 5 on each ass cheek, 5 on each of your thighs and then one wherever I choose. It will sting and burn and leave a delicious red marking on your sweet teenage flesh, a constant reminder that you don’t call me a fucking whore ever again, and I wont stop until every stroke is administered. ” Juliet moved behind Alex and again told her to open her legs and stick out her bum. Alex hesitated but obeyed knowing that anything she did to fight against this would only make it worse.

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       Juliet counted each stroke and strike of the cane. “1”! Alex heard the whoosh of the cane and the slap as it hit her bare tender flesh, for a split second nothing, then an unbelievable burning and stinging enveloped the area of the strike. “Mmmmmmmmmmm” Alex screamed in agony, barely having any time to adjust the second strike came down in exactly the same spot. “2”! “Mmmmmmmmmmm” Alex felt the same pain in exactly the same spot. She felt the tears start to well up in her eyes, the pain of her punishment almost too much. The third strike landed on her other cheek. Alex didn’t expect this and again cried out in pain. The wolf watched on from his position beside the table as again and again Juliet punished Alex’s firm tight ass. After all ten strokes Juliet wiped the tears from Alex’s eyes. Juliet returned to Alex’s rear and told her to part her legs a little wider. Juliet moved the cane up and down Alex’s thighs teasing her a little before she caned Alex. Alex closed her eyes and braced her self for the forthcoming pain. “1”! The strike smacked her left thigh and Alex screamed. “2”! The second strike hit her right thigh. Juliet continued to alternate her strikes between left and right and Alex screamed louder and louder, the pain intensifying with every hit.

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       After all 10 Juliet moved to Alex’s front side and told her to open her eyes. “I want you to watch as I punish you, if you close your eye’s before every stroke has hit you, you will suffer another 31 and you wont get you’re reward, understand”? Alex nodded. Knowing all too well the pain that the implement can cause it didn’t help her any that she would have too see it. Juliet again commanded Alex to stick her breasts out. Alex obeyed and waited with cold dread for her punishment to continue. Juliet raised the cane up and Alex tried to turn her head away. Juliet used the cane to make Alex face forward again and then struck. “Mmmmmmmmmmm”! Alex screamed at the sight of the cane and the mark it left behind. “Seeing it is a lot worse than just feeling it isn’t it Alex”? Before Alex could respond Juliet struck the underside of the same breast. Juliet struck twice more and the once straight across Alex’s nipple causing her to cry out in pain every time. Juliet repeated the process on the other breast and every strike forced out a scream from Alex. “One more strike honey, I think I want it to land…” Juliet moved all around Alex letting the cane trail all over her body, letting Alex wait in anticipation. Finally reaching Alex’s front Juliet trailed the cane up and down her thighs. “Straight across your pretty pussy”. Alex turned her head away, hearing the sound of the cane ripping through the air, but no contact no pain no nothing. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

       Alex too afraid to look round waited for the strike and the feeling of pain, which was replaced by a clod wet feeling instead. Juliet now with bare hands was applying a lotion to Alex’s body, gently rubbing it in over all the places Alex had been hit. “This will help to numb the pain, eventually getting rid of it completely. I never intended to strike you’re pussy, that’s too cruel even for me, besides I will need it intact when I give you your treat”. Alex moaned, the sensation of Juliet’s touch and the cooling and soothing of the lotion was welcomed by Alex, letting her body relax she felt the sensation of the stinging pain fade away.

    Juliet left the room and came back a few minutes later. Though she didn’t hear anything Alex could tell that by the way Juliet was smiling she must have been fingering herself. “So Alex are you ready for your surprise”. Alex looked at Juliet remembering the sweet promise of pleasure and praying that the wolfs tongue wasn’t all she was going to get. Juliet took Alex’s silence to mean yes and called the wolf over to her. It walked over to Juliet and sat beside her. Juliet bent down and cuddled it giving its belly an affectionate little rub. “You’re a good boy Mason yes you are, yes you are. Juliet walked over to Alex and turned to look at the wolf. “I bet you didn’t know Mason, you’re ex Mason was a ware wolf did you”? Alex shook her head.

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       “Transform”! Juliet spoke the command and Alex looked on in complete shock as the wolf changed. Its hind legs grew till it could stand up, Its chest puffed out, rippling muscles replacing the furry underbelly, forelegs became long powerful arms, and the head looked like that of a wolf but more monstrous. It looked just like one of the wolf men from the Halloween decorations at the gym. Alex once more stared into its eyes and saw the same familiarity as before, though she didn’t want to admit it this beast was Mason. She looked him up and down taking in the full extent of his transformation and that’s when she noticed his cock. The cock she had sucked a few weeks ago, was know the same size limp as it had been erect. Alex looked at it and knew that must have been the treat Juliet promised. She felt an uncontrollable sense of lust and wanting, her already wet swollen slit ached for a good pounding, but Juliet had something else in mind. “Come” Juliet spoke and the beast obeyed his mistress walking over till it stood in front of Alex. Juliet took the other bottle and the mirror from the table and walked up to Alex. Placing the mirror on the ground she opened the bottle, which Alex could now see was lube, and stroked Mason’s cock. Alex watched as the beast’s member grew and grew to a good 11 inches in length and was about as thick as her wrist. Mason let out a low satisfied growl and his breath was warm and steamy against Alex’s skin. Juliet poured about a quarter of the bottle onto Masons cock and massaged it in making sure he was nice and slippery, so there would be very little resistance. Juliet then inserted 3 fingers into Alex’s slit and massaged her pussy.

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       Alex moaned in absolute ecstasy. “Feels good to have a little pleasure after all that pain. Mason’s cock is ready for you, but its not going to pleasure you’re pussy”. Alex looked wide eyed and confused. Juliet pulled her fingers out and inserted one in Alex’s ass. “No it’s going to be pleasuring you’re ass instead”. Alex couldn’t believe this. Even if he was lubricated surely there was no way she could take him. “You have been thoroughly cleaned and I promise he will fit”. Juliet’s words offered very little reassurance but Alex was in no position to argue and very soon she would be in no position to move.

    Juliet walked over to the wall at the far end of the room and took a chain in one hand. Alex noticed it was the chain that led to the ceiling, the same one attached to the harness round her thighs. Juliet pulled the chain and all of a sudden Alex’s legs were pulled out from under her. Instinctively her hands grabbed a hold of the restraints round her wrists as her legs were raised. She was now suspended in mid air as if she had squatted down on the floor, her legs spread wide by the now fully tensed chains round her ankles, her tight virgin asshole exposed by her parted cheeks.

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       Juliet secured the chain and slipped herself into the blood red dido, then walked back to Alex. She picked up the mirror and told Mason to get into position behind Alex. He moved around Alex and held her thighs from underneath. Juliet positioned the mirror between Alex’s legs so she could see the large throbbing head hanging outside her hole. Making sure Alex had a perfect view Juliet commanded Mason, “Mount”! Mason carefully thrust his large member, the head encountering some resistance. Alex moaned but not in pain, it was just a feeling of extreme pressure. Finally Mason managed to penetrate her ass and Alex watched as her ass hungrily swallowed up Masons cock. The feeling of it sliding up her forbidden passage was unlike anything else she had felt before, it wasn’t her clit or the feeling of a cock in her slit but more like a strange combination of the two. Alex moaned at the sense of extreme pleasure till finally all 11 inches were deep inside her. Juliet put the mirror back on the table and came back. Alex saw the dildo Juliet wore was the same size and shape as Masons cock. Though it looked smaller from a distance up close she could see it was the same size. “Thrust”! Alex felt Mason pull out of her, almost all the way and then push back in. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, the combination of the beasts breath on her back and the cock sliding out and in caused Alex to squirm, Juliet circled Alex’s swollen clit with her fingertip and Alex could only stand a minute or so of duel pleasure before she felt herself erupt and looked on as she sprayed cum all over Juliet’s stomach and cock. Juliet continued pleasuring Alex’s clit and using her other hand she inserted two fingers into Alex’s slit and massaged it tenderly.

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       Alex closed her eyes and lost her self in another land of pleasure. Mason continued to thrust. The feeling of the fur on his arms tickled her warm skin, his cock still going at the same slow pace, in and out. Juliet continued her massaging and Alex managed another orgasm. Juliet rubbed the head of her blood red cock over Alex’s slit. Alex begged as best she could for the sweet feel of a cock in her pussy but as before it came out as a muffled moaning. “Mmmmmmmmmmm”! “Of course you can sweetie”. Juliet positioned the head at her slit and as Mason pulled his throbbing monster cock out Juliet thrust hers in. Both timed there strokes perfectly and Alex felt as though one long throbbing cock was being thrust through her body. Juliet kissed Alex’s neck and massaged her tits. Alex moaned and moaned, resting her head on Masons shoulder, the low slow growl and the warm breath was comforting, as was the fur she was resting on. Alex’s pussy clamped down around Juliet’s cock and both stopped thrusting letting Alex orgasm again, this time what juice was left trickled along the blood red member and dripped onto the floor. When Alex loosened up again both continued. Alex was in heaven wanting her captors to continue pleasing her all night. Their thrusting continued and Alex moaned cuming three times more.

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       Mason was starting to feel himself reach orgasm and he let his mistress know by raising his head high into the air and howling with excitement. Juliet pulled herself out, stepped away and signalled Mason to increase his speed enough to cum. Mason thrust in and out quicker than before, the low growl of his voice was like music to Alex, his musky scent intoxicating, his throbbing member pounded away at Alex’s soaking wet slit. Mason thrust in and out of Alex his panting and growls counting down the thrust it would take for him to achieve his release… and he did. Mason again raised his head into the air and growled louder as he shot what felt like a gallon of hot sticky cum into Alex’s body. Mason pulled himself out and Alex looked down between her suspended legs watching in amazement as Mason’s juice poured out of her forbidden hole, no longer forbidden anymore. Alex’s body hung limp and heavy, quickly they both unshackled her, Mason holding her in his arms as Juliet undid the restraints. They lay Alex down on the table, watching as she retreated into a deep slumber.

    The next morning Alex awoke, the surrounding room looked unfamiliar. Her limbs felt like led weights. Still feeling a little groggy Alex found the strength to move, throwing the thin bed sheets from her body she checked every inch of herself, no marks no signs of the restraints, the feeling of being flogged and caned was gone, but she still felt as if she was full of cock. She yawned loudly and rubbed her eyes looking around she saw her outfit and Justin’s scattered around the room. Justin came out from the bathroom and climbed onto the bed forcing Alex down on her back and he kissed her long and deep. “Finally awake honey” Justin spoke full of energy, she hated that he tended to be a morning person. “Yeah, morning Justin, what happened last night.


      ” She asked still groggy. “You must still be a little out of it, what happened is we met up here like we were supposed to and we fucked. Don’t you remember”? “I’m sure I will”, Alex spoke reassuringly secretly not having a clue about anything he said. “I’m going to have a shower Alex Ill be waiting for you to join me”. Justin left and Alex lay still for a few moments before hearing a knock at the door. Walking over to the door not even bothering to put clothes on she concluded that her torture and threesome was just a dream. She opened the door and a hotel porter stood holding a box gawking at her. “Can I help you?” “Oh right em, I have a package here for an Alex Russo”. “Yeah thanks” she said taking the package and closing the door in the shocked porter’s face. She sat on the bed and opened the box. It contained a letter underneath which was a very large blood red strap on dildo. She looked on in confusion, it was the same as in her dream, does this mean that it wasn’t a dream. She opened the letter and read. Trick or treat, thought you might like a parting gift, love Juliet and Mason. PS you’re brother is a really good lay.

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       Alex put the letter back in the box and closed it up. She knew it wasn’t a dream and decided she needed a long hot shower.

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