Wizards Of Waverly Place Justin Blackmails Max


Just Justin and Max Russo were home and Justin was studying for his
wiztech test while Max was iun his room on his computer. He then
decided since Justin was studying to get his 4 1/2 inch cock out and
started to slowly stroke and he got faster and faster and then all of a
sudden Justin walked in his room and saw him. Max quickly tried to
cover himself but it was too late he'd already seen Max asked Justin
to not say anything to their dad Jerry. Justin replied on one condition
what's that Max said. That you have sex with me, Justin said.

Max then shouted what I'm your brother Justin said Yeah I no that's why
it's be even better. Max said no way, but Justin said that he'd have
to tell their dad so Max annoyingly agreed. As Justin slowly
walked over to Max he told him to take his pants off. He hestitated and
agreed. Then he said and your underwear. He nodded then did as he was
told, Justin's jaw dropped when he saw how small his cock was and then
knelt down on the floor and started to slowly suck his cock as they
continued Max eventually cummed in Justin's mouth and he swallowed it
all. Max then realised he had really enjoyed it and wanted more.

So then Justin told him to suck his cock, Max then agreed. Then Justin
pulled down his pants and underwear in a flash and Max just jumped at
how big it was it was about 8 inches long! Max then started to suck
off slowly then really fast Max enjoying as much as Justin was now
and after about 5 minutes Justin cummed down his younger brothers
mouth, Max tried to swallow it all but he couldn't take it all and had
to release Justin's cock and he got the rest all over his top. But
he didn't care but at that moment Justin asked Max if he could fuck
him anally. Max then agreed eager for it as much as Justin and he the
bent Max over and inserted his 8 inch cock up Max's arse Max screamed
with pain but after a while he started to enjoy it more and more
but Max's cock kept hitting his chest but even though he had not pubic
hair he was still doing it with his brother and he was having the best
time of his life.

sweidish harmony 

   Justin cummed in Max's arse when he had got it all
out he started to lick out his arse until it was clean.

Then their sister Alex walked in the room and took a picture of them,
when they had realised she was in the room they quickly moved apart
and told her to not tell anyone or she'd tell thier dad what she did
with Harper (Alex's Best Friend) so she decided to not tell their dad
because other wise she would be in as much trouble so they carried
on for days in a row when no one else was in the house.

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you think i could add or if I should do another story THANKS 4 READING!.