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This story is fantasy for your pleasure, I'm going to tell about how I slept with my married boss. My names Jake, I work in an office as a computer programmer I'm about 5'6 and 22 of age, crew cut hair style, a little overweight, I have an average 6in penis but pretty big balls that cums hard each time. My boss Michelle is 5'4, 35 of age, long blonde hair always in a bun, about a C cup breasts, she always looks professional in suits.

"Jake your work has been exceptional, how about we discuss a raise over coffee. " I been only working here 3 months, I couldn't believe I was getting a raise, so I agreed and went with her after work to this expensive coffee shop. We sat in the corner both with a latte, sitting in front of each other. If I didn't know any better I'd say she was teasing me, licking the crème with that sexy tongue and beautiful full red lips.

Trying not to get a hard on; "s. s. soo Michelle you were saying something about giving me a raise. " "mmhmm" -her heel Oh My God I can feel her foot raising up my leg inches away from my tent. -  Getting nervous and excited now I just sip on my drink, as I watch her eyes, staring at me with a little smile -god those full red lips are getting to me. - Our drinks now empty she comes up to me and hugs me, her breasts against me, her lips right at my earlobe, she whispers "Want to come to my place the mister isn't home", she then takes those lips and sucks on my earlobe.

The whole ride to her place her hands on my shaft teasing me causing shivers with each little touch. as soon as we leave the car, she pounces me kissing deeply. Our lips intertwine, our hands frantically moving around each other's backs, Michelle pulls away long enough to unlock her door; taking my hand and practically dragging me to the bedroom.

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   We start kissing feverishly again, tearing my and her clothes off until I was in the buff and she nothing but a black lace bra and panties, black stockings and her red heels, I admired her looking up and down her body; "God! it's been a while since a man looked at me with lust in his eyes, my hubby and I haven't had sex in years. "

she grabs my hard cock "are you going to fuck me with this hard prick?"; "Only if your good girl. "; oooh you bad boy" I push her down on the bed, holding her hands back, and start kissing her neck making her coo at me. As i start sucking and nibbling her neck, I unbutton her lace bra and throw it to the side. "mmm Jake I like that. " I scoot back a little while kissing down her chest, her body shivers with each little touch. I start working on her left pink nipple flicking my tongue over it, making her bite her lip as she runs her hands over my head. I run my hand over her right breast as I take her left nipple into my mouth sucking, causing her to arch her back and gasp " OOoooh" escapes her mouth.

Kisses down her stomach to her pelvis , "Michelle I'm going to eat your soaking cunt" her eyes widen at the dirty talk " Oh God  eat my juicy cunt Jake make me cum all over your face!!" I get down and slide her already soaking panties off,  -god her cunts so sexy its has a nice amount of hair but trimmed so it's not a forest . - she blushes "Jake your staring is embarrassing; it's alright Michelle I'm just enjoying the view. " I kiss her right foot undoing her shoe, kissing each toe individually, making her moan and giggle "Jake that's ticklish" I do the same to her left foot, now kissing down each stocking covered leg.


I pull her to the edge of the bed and she holds the sheets embracing for my abnormally long tongue. My tongue licks up the juices running down her inner thighs, nibbling on her inner thigh right where it connects . "mmmmm you tease" Runs my hands down her legs and groping her ass, as I put my face into her honey scented cunt, my hot tongue lapping up against her lips pushing between them. She gasps "ooooooh my!" Pushing my tongue into her twat curving it around feeling her cunt tightening around my tongue as if it were a hard cock.

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   I take my tongue and flicks her hard clit, putting it in my mouth sucking hard on it nibbling. "ooh ooh oooh Jake I'm cummming!!" wrapping her legs around me holding my face in her cunt, she starts squirting a steady stream of cum, I'm doing my best just to drink this tasty honey without suffocating . She blushes "I'm sorry I should of told you I'm a gusher" licking the cum off my face, "mmm baby its fine just got a little surprised. "

"Now bend over the bed I'm going to fuck your cunt the way you need it, nice and rough. "; "mmm yes please. " She bends over the bed holding onto it for leverage, I pull her hair clip out letting her hair splay out. I grab her hair and pull back and whispers in her ear  "are you ready for a good fucking Michelle?" All she can do is nod in anticipation watching my hard cock dangle near her cunt. I shove my cock balls deep in her cunt "OOh God Jake I'm so tight be gentle" i pull nearly out of her and shoves it back in as hard, keeping up a nice pace of pushing my cock in her harder, her protest turns to low grunted moans "Oooh Jake fuck your bosses cunt, she needs this so badly" I pull on her hair fucking her cunt in long fast jabs into her.

After about 10 minutes I pull out making her whimper in disappointment,  I lay down "Get on my cock and ride me slut"; "Yes sir!" She gets on my cock and sits down "ooooh" She puts her hands on my chest and start riding me like a cat in heat. she groans in deep low growls as she bounces up and down my cock. My hands squeezing her ass watching her beautiful small breasts bounce. As her breasts bounce near my mouth i suck on her nipples, making her riding me hard "oooh Jake I'm getting close again; Me to Michelle; oooh yes cum in me I want to feel your hot seed"  I grab her ass harder jack hammering into her cunt pushing her over the edge, her eyes roll back as her cunt tightens around my cock. Both of us Cumming her pussy gushing and my large amounts of cum nearly pushing my cock out of her "oooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuck; Gooood Michelle I'm Cumming" after our waves of orgasm end we both pass out my cock still in her -blacks out-

???:  Michelle your home early where are you? "oh fuck Jake wake up my husband's home!!; ummm whaat?"  Michelle throws my clothes into my hands and pushes me out the back door, -running down the road trying to get dressed, walking  10 miles to the coffee shop to get to my vehicle. - This was a start of many expeditions just this time it was my place, -you know I never got my raise;  grins-.





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