Lady Dentist!


Lady Dentist!
Hi! I am Sasha (name changed) from pune. I am a dentist by profession and am 30 years old. I have my own private clinic. I am married and have a 5 year old daughter. My husband is also a dentist and is currently in UAE for a 2 year assignment.
I stay here with my in-laws. I am fairly good looking and always like to stay modest. I usually dress up in jeans and tops. So being a good looking professional coming in touch with many people everyday does have its problems.
Patients are always having a good look at me. But that’s a part of my profession I have to accept. As long as people do not say or do anything, I don’t mind. I was also very much satisfied with my husband as far as sex was concern.
Even though he was in UAE, we used to have hot phone chat and do ourselves 2-3 times a week. I had no intention of cheating my husband. Until.

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  . . . One day I had a patient by the name of Mr. Amol Kulkarni. He was 43 years old and software professional.
He was originally from Mumbai. He was here for a company assignment. His family was in Mumbai only and he used to stay here in company flat. He was very handsome, tall and very fair and had a well-built body. But for me he was just a normal patient as any other.
One of his friends was my patient and he had referred him to me. Anyway, I started his treatment and everything was going normal. Although, I noticed that Mr. Amol used to stare continuously at me whenever I was treating him.

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   I was used to that so I dismissed it.
Once he accidently (that’s what he said) touched my breasts and said sorry to me. Still, ok. One day it so happened that his was the last appointment. I had finished all my patients. My assistant was on a leave so I was alone in the clinic.
Amol came for his appointment and I could see the excitement in his eyes when he saw I was alone in the clinic. For the first time that day I felt as if his intentions were something different. He straightway said to me, "Oh, Doctor, I am very much tired today.
Can we skip the treatment part and just chat for a while. It will be very much refreshing for me. Please don’t say no. " Well how could I say no? For the next half an hour we chatted pretty innocently and that’s when we discussed with each other our family back grounds.
He dropped the first googly saying, "Well my dear Doctor, isn’t it an irony that you are so beautiful and yet so lonely. What are friends like me for? What do you think?” I was shocked and said in an irritated manner, “Excuse me, Mr.

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For your information I am not at all lonely. You are having misconceptions about me being alone. So please drop the issue and I am sorry I have to leave. " He remained calm and said, "Well that’s your modesty speaking madam.
Anyway, you have my phone no. You can call me anytime you want any help. I will always be there for you. We can be just plain friends you know. And I still think you should not waste your beauty like this. You don’t know what an affect you are having one me.
I wish this treatment doesn’t get over and I have the pleasure of seeing you every day and maybe share your friendship. " I got angry and said, "Now Mr. Amol, Will you please leave now. You are crossing the limit.

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   And I don’t think I can continue with your treatment.
You can go to some other dentist. Maybe you will find a more beautiful one. Bye and thank you. " He just said "Bye madam and thing again" and left. I was very much shocked that night. I was thinking of telling it to my husband but he would have just worried.
So as I slept on my bed, the face and the words of Mr. Amol kept coming in front of me. I had a mixed feeling of anger and wonder. Slowly my hand went down between my legs and I fingered myself to a nice orgasm. I was in an utter state of confusion.
Next day I called up Mr. Amol and said, "I am sorry about yesterday. I will do your treatment but strictly as a doctor-patient relation.

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   I don’t want any talks like yesterday. Is that clear?" He said, "Ok madam, no problem at all. No need to say sorry.
Everything is fair in love and war. " He again dropped a googly. Anyway for the next 20 or so days, his treatment continued smoothly. He behaved very well after that. But he started sending me sms. He used to send at least 20-25 sms everyday.
They were all types - comedy, romantic, naughty, jokes, inspirational etc. Initially I ignored them. But later I got used to them and liked them also. I used to reply sometimes. Unknowingly I was getting attracted to him. I started liking his personality.

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On the last day of his treatment, Amol opened a box and placed a beautiful watch in front of me and said, "Dear Doctor, this is a token of appreciation from your humble patient. Please accept it. “I refused but he insisted and so I accepted it.
He said again, "One more thing, will you please join me for a movie tomorrow. I have passes for its premier and I would want it to waste it on anyone else than you. " To this also I politely refused. H said, "ok, I will not force you but if still want to come I will be waiting for you, just sms me, one thing is for sure I will go only if you come with me. " He just gave me a cute smile and left. But I could see the disappointment in his eyes. Actually Amol had behaved like a perfect gentleman after that incidence. I was in a big dilemma whether to go or not.
Back of the mind I knew about the risk I would take if I said yes. The question was whether I was ready for it or not. After thinking for whole night, I said, what the hell I will have some fun. With a little shaky hands I smsed him yes.

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He replied saying he knew I would come and asked if I would like him to pick me up. I replied no and that I would meet him at the multiplex gate at 3. pm sharp the show was of 3. 30 pm. I got ready like I was going for a first date.
I just did not put my make-up so my in-laws would not suspect anything. I put on a sleeveless white top and jeans. I put a jacket over it. I told my in-laws I was going for a movie with my doctor friends like I usually did. As normally they called me on my mobile,
There was no risk involved. On my way, I stopped at my clinic for some make-over. I removed my jacket and reached the multiplex just in time. Amol was already standing there. He was also looking very young. He was wearing a nice pull-over and jeans.


He had a large bouquet of flowers in his hand. He gave it to me and said, "Some flowers for my beautiful friend and smiled cutely. " I kept it in my car and he hoped in and we parked the car in the multiplex parking. All the time he was staring at me.
I knew what I was doing was not correct but I knew I had kept all my thoughts behind when I said yes to him. While going to screen, Amol said to me, " Sushi, (yes or friendship had gone to that level, that on sms or when we aware alone he used to call me Sushi, otherwise, Doctor or Madam), you are looking the most beautiful woman in this world. I am very happy that you came with me to the movie. I love you. Yes I love you Sushi and whether you accept it or not, it is the fact"
I just looked at him and did not say a thing. Maybe boldened by this he took my hand in his hand as we walked. We sat on our chairs and after sometime the movie started. Ours was a corner seat. Amol boldly kept his had around my waist and inserted it in under my top.
He started to caress my waist. Actually his intentions were somewhat known to me.

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   But I had also started liking him so much that now I did not care that we both were married and were cheating our partners. After doing it for some time, Amol took my hand and kept it on his rock hard erection. But I whispered to him, "Not here Amol, I am not comfortable here in the public. He just caressed my hand and whispered, "Then let’s get out of here. Shall we go to my apartment and have some wine?"
Shyly I just nodded. We got up instantly and left the theater. He had his bike. He asked me to follow him. I said to him that I will enter his apartment separately after 10 mins and asked him to keep the door open. He said ok. In 10 mins we were near his apartment.
I waited for 10 mins, parked my car at a distance and smoothly went to his flat. I took the flowers with me as I could not take them home. I reached inside his house and Amol quickly shut the door and bolted it from inside. He had already changed his clothes.

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He was now wearing a Bermuda and a baniyan. His hairy chest was looking hot (I like hairy chests of men!). He had lit some candles and had put two glasses of wine and a bottle on the table. He took me in his arms and gave a hot passionate kiss on my lips.
I just melted in his arms. Just then Amol opened the cup-board and took out a red sari. Handing it over to me he said, "Sushi Darling, please wear this sari. I had bought it for my wife, but now you are its owner. Please wear it for me. "
I said, "But dear, I don’t have a blouse now, how can I wear it?" He just winked at me and said, "Precisely that’s what I want. I want you to look sexy! Not a sati-savitri!" I got his message. I went in the room next to the hall and changed in to the chiffon sari.
I removed all my clothes and just wrapped he sari around my naked body. It felt hot on my skin. I kept my hair open and applied red lip-stick.


   As I looked in the mirror, I myself could see my figure perfectly showing in the sari.
As I went in the hall, Amol was stroking his cock in anticipation of the time we were going to have. He had removed his baniyan. He was looking hot too. His hard muscular hairy chest was making me wet (I must admit he was more handsome than my husband).
I went and sat near him, a little shy. Amol took a glass of wine and asked me to sip it. I took a small sip. He then took the same glass and he himself drank it. He winked at me again. He then took another sip and brought his lips to mine.
He kept his lips on my lips and kissed my lightly. Slowly he opened his lips and transferred the wine he had drunk to my mouth. Ahhh! It tasted so good, the taste of the wine plus his saliva. I was getting very much wet now between my legs.

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Amol now held tightly my bare waist and gently squeezed it. I moaned "Ouch" Amol did it again and again. I liked it very much. I placed my hand on his hairy chest and started caressing it. Amol gently raised me and kept on his lap.
I had become his "Laptop"! Now I could feel his erect penis pushing me. He parted his lips from mine and started kissing my neck, shoulders, arms etc. I caught his penis from outside his Bermuda and started pressing it. This time is given out a loud moan.
After kissing and caressing me for a few minutes, Amol turned his attentions to my breasts. He started kneading them over my sari. My nipples had already become as erect as his cock. Amol said to me, "My sexy darling, you are so hot. Your body is just made for fucking.
It’s a pity it has not got company since last 1 year.

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   Your mangoes are so ripe; I just want to suck them. I want to drink your juices my darling" On hearing those words I became hot and rained Amol's face with a thousand kisses.
Amol then stood up, took me in his arms and took me to his bedroom. He placed me on the bed and in an instant removed the top portion of the sari and bared my breasts. He then took a few flowers from the bouquet he had given me and sprinkled their petals all over me and the bed.
The bed was looking like being made for "Suhaag-raat". Amol then poured some wine from the glass on my breasts. The coolness of the wine had a hot effect on me. Amol then started licking my breasts and in the process licked the wine. I was caressing his bare back and his hair.
Amol was sucking my breasts and nipples like a hungry baby drinking milk from its mother. He was just making me go mad. After a few minutes, I asked him to remove his Bermuda. He did so promptly and his fantastic example of manhood sprang to life.
It must have been at least 8-9 inches when erect, about 2 inches longer than my husband's and it was also a bit thicker.

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   But the best part was that it was very straight, unlike my husband's which was curved.
I immediately grasped his manhood and felt its rock hardness inside its velvety soft sheath. What a fine example of a man's pride it was. I got up and took his penis in my mouth. I love to give my husband a blow ‘job every time we make love and so why should Amol be any different.
I love the way men submit themselves to you when you are blowing them. You are totally under control for some time. Amol gave a loud moan and said, "oh yes you bitch, give me a hot blow-job. You are a whore, you are a total slut. Fuck you raand. "
It was like a got a boost of energy on hearing those words. I found them very erotic. I started taking his penis in and out of my mouth. He also was now totally stimulated and started fucking my mouth vigorously. In 5 minutes or so he shouted out loudly
And unloaded his sperms in my mouth.

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   Wow they tasted so hot. I held his penis in my mouth and drank all the juices. He then took me in his arms and kissed my mouth tasting his own sperms. He kissed me for a minute or so and then
I said to him, “now common dear, do me some favor. My pussy is all wet and waiting for you. fuch your whore, do something you bastard!" In an instant he got up and removed my remaining sari and made me completely naked.
He parted my legs and inserted 2 of his fingers in my hole. They went easily inside as I was very much wet. Amol now started rubbing my clit vigorously. I threw my head back and started moaning loudly. Amol then put his tongue on my pussy.
Oh! What a feeling it was. I was in heaven. My husband was always reluctant to do this to me. I caught Amol's hair and thrust his head in mu pubic area.

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   Amol raised his head and said, "This is what you wanted no, you bitch. Takes this, enjoy the pleasure my whore. "
Oh, fuck! what a sensation Amol was giving me. After 5 minute so this sexual torture, the pleasure became unbearable for me. I screamed to Amol, "Oh darling Amol! That’s too much. Now I want your penis in my pussy. Fill me with your manhood.
Insert your rod in my hot wet pussy and FUCK me!! Fill my pussy with your sperms. Now don’t waste time, come here and fuck me darling!" With this encouragement Amol, got up and slept over me. I took his erect cock in my hand and positioned it on the opening of my pussy.
With a massive thrust Amol inserted his cock deep inside my pussy. OH! God Help Me! What a sensation it was. I was experiencing a cock inside my pussy after such a long time. And that too such a manly cock. AMol now began thrusting inside me.

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He put his lips on my and started kissing me passionately. He was also playing with my breasts. My body was moving beautifully along with his each thrust. My pussy was so wet; I had no problem in receiving the monster cock.
Once in a while his penis would slip out of my pussy and then again I would adjust it inside my love-hole. We both were now wet with sweat. His sweaty aroma was extremely arousing for me. Then after at-least 15 mins of banging me,
Amol screamed and emptied his sperms inside me. And due the force of his ejaculation, I also had a mind-blowing orgasm. Thank god, my periods were over just 2 days ago, so I had no fear of pregnancy. My pussy accommodated all of his love juices.
We kissed each other and sucked each other’s tongues. As I saw in the clock, it was 6:30 pm. My god! I called up my clinic and told my assistant to handle all the appointments. I was in no mood to leave my lover and go to the clinic.

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We rested for some time. We were both naked all the time. We had some refreshing wine. Then we headed for the bathroom and had a nice hot shower. We fucked each other standing. We come out dried each other’s bodies and once again made love in the bedroom.
It was now 8 o'clock and it was time for me to leave. Amol gave me hot good-bye kiss and kept my panty with him as a soveniour of the evening. After that we a had torrid affair for the next 4 months. We made love many times.
Sometimes, in the car, sometimes at my clinic and once even at my house! After that Amol flew to US along with his family and my husband also came back. Our hot little affair ended. But we do keep in contact on email and phone. It is unlikely that we will meet again.
He has promised to come to pune when he comes in India.


   Let’s see. Let me make it clear. This was a nice change in my otherwise boring life. But I am not a slut who will sleep with anyone for some fun. Amol was a unique person and our affair will remain the only one in my life. Thanks Amol Darling!


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