Mrs. Brown Left Town


It was a hot day outside in the Mid-Western part of the United States, temperatures were reaching over 100 degrees and the heat index made it feel like 110. I, of course, was sitting inside of my house, enjoying the air conditioning and staying cool out of the heat. However, my parents had been getting on me and told me to go find something to do. I was a college student, enjoying my summer off and only working a part-time job in the summer.

As I made my way outside I felt the burn of the heat immediately. I walked to my backyard, it was a good sized yard for living in town and I always had to park my car back there. As I was walking I noticed Mrs. Brown, my 26 year old neighbor who was married and had a two-year-old son working on her lawn.
Mrs. Brown is best described as a butter-face, everything is good, but her face. She is around 5’7” tall, small B-cup breasts, but long legs and a decent ass to make up for that. Her face wasn’t horrible, but she was not someone who you would call a MILF.

She was dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, working outside and sweating some because of the heat. Mrs. Brown and I have never really talked all that much in the four years we have been neighbors. We had known each other the entire duration she moved into town four years ago because she was a teacher at the high school.

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   However, I never had any classes with her and she also seemed very stuck up and preppy for not actually being it.
I’ve enjoyed checking out Mrs. Brown from time-to-time, especially her legs and her ass. She was a volleyball player so they are pretty toned; she still plays a little bit as she is the coach at the high school. Today was no different, her ass was facing me and she was bent over slightly, so I couldn’t help it.

As I got closer to my car I decided to say, “Hey Mrs. Brown. ”She turned around, smiling and with a wave said, “Hey there, how are you?” I was a little surprised she said more than a greeting. She seemed to be glad to be taking a break from her work and was probably looking for a reason to stop working for a moment.
“I’m fine, how are you? How long have you been working in this blistering heat?” I asked her as I obviously looked at her body. She must have been flattered or clueless because she did not gesture to it. “I’ve been pretty good, I’m not looking forward to the end of summer and the start of school. And I’ve been out here for ummmm, I’d say 2 hours. ” She said to me, taking a deep breath.

“Oh wow, that’s too hot to be working out here, need any help” I offered to her, but not expecting her to take any of it.

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   “Oh sure, but I’m done outside, how about you help me with things inside of the house?” She offered and I nodded my head. I made my way across the small street that separated our yards and I followed her in her house. She was alone so this feeling was very exciting.

“I’m going to dust off while you pick up some laundry, sound good?” She asked and went to work. Picking up laundry would be easy, and I would get to stay inside a cool house while doing it. As I started picking up clothes around the house and put them into a basket, I noticed one of her thongs. My heart was beating, this seemed very juvenile but for some reason it turned me on. I quickly brought the red thong to my nose and took in a whiff, I could smell her pussy on it. I decided I would have some fun with this as I went to find Mrs. Brown.

“Hey, is this yours?” I ask, holding it up to her, I was surprised I was even touch it, but it was so hot and the look on her face was of embarrassment and devastation. “Umm, yes, it is. Can I have that back?” She asked as I held it away from her.

She walked up to me and her body was pressing into me as she was reaching for it, but I continued to hold her thong away. “Hmm, I don’t know.

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   You told me to pick up the clothes so I did. But I bet your ass would look great in this. ” I said to her, she was looking even more surprised that I was saying these inappropriate things to her. “That’s very nice of you, but please, give me it back!” She urged on, but I just held it away from her.

“Oh I bet you look so sexy in a thong, if I saw you in one, I would have to lick your ass. ” I said once more, handing her thong back to her and looking at her embarrassed eyes. “You would, huh?” I nodded my head and she turned around. I licked my lips and thought about helping myself but she went to the counter and teased me but pulling her thong strap up and looking back at me. “Shouldn’t you be getting back to work?” She asked, with an innocent school-girl slut look on her face.

At this point I couldn’t not go through with my word, if I saw her in one I would lick her ass, and I wanted to. Sheturned around, expecting me to leave the room, but I got on my knees behind her, pulling her shorts and thong down and burying my face in her ass while my tongue found her asshole. “Fa-fa-freddy! You-you can’t do this!” She moaned and leaned her head back.

I was in heaven, I loved licking her ass out, darting my tongue in and out and showing her attention. “I’ve never had my ass licked before, don’t!” She said, but she wasn’t moving, she couldn’t believe she was letting me do this to her either. My hand found its way between her legs to find her soaking wet pussy.

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   I immediately slid some fingers in there while my tongue worked her ass.

She started pushing her ass into my face, I loved her taste and I knew I was going to fuck her, it was all but over now. While I was eating her out I started to take my clothes off, I started showing her pussy attention with my tongue a little bit as well. I then got up and spanked her ass hard. “Ooo!” She moaned out in pleasure of the spank and I went behind her and pushed every inch of my cock inside of her.

“You can’t fuck me, you can’t fuck me! Oh fuck me!” She moaned as I began thrusting inside of her hard from the start. Railing her against the counter and ripping her shirt and bra off to expose her small breasts. I pulled on her hair, smacked her ass and fucked her like a little slut for all she was worth. Her pussy was gripping around my cock tightly while I fucked her hard. She felt guilty for cheating, but wasn’t going to stop me.

My balls were slapping against her and I starting shooting a load of cum in her pussy. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” She screamed as I filled her up. “That was good Freddy, but you better go. ” She said, catching her breath. “Oh, Mrs.

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   Brown, it has been awhile since you’ve been in college. I’m not one and done. ” I replied to her as I stuck it in her ass. After all, if I was going to do this I might as well get what I want out of it. “No! No!” She shouted in pain as I stuck it in her. I was somewhat gentle, slowing pushing it inside of her and she was tight.

After she got used to it I began to slam my meat stick inside of her once-virgin ass. She started moaning after awhile, she loved it like a slut, but she knew she was being fucked like a slut, and she didn’t want that.
I pulled out of her, and shot a load on her face. She looked truly like a slut with cum on her face and oozing out of her pussy. “Glad I could be a help. ” I said to her as I got my clothes on and took her thong and put it in my pocket. It was good sex, I got what I wanted from her and she loved it.

That was the only time her and I ever had sex, it wasn’t long after that the Browns put their house up for sale and moved out of town.

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