Mrs. Smith Cheats Part 2


It has been three days since I was at Mrs. Smith's house, after we had our sexual encounter and after I came inside of her. All I could think about was her, how I saw her naked, how we kissed and how we could please each other. However, I did not tell any of my friends about what happened, I still had plans to continue to hook-up with Mrs. Smith, but I'm sure she did not want to.

After I had came inside of her she looked at me, shocked and stunned about what we just did. When I was fucking her it seemed like a whole other person was inside of her, a hornier, sluttier side to her. But after her orgasm and my orgasm she came to her senses and seemed to have felt guilty for what just happened between us. She stormed out of the bathroom and into her own room, at that time I left.

She has made no attempt to contact me, in fact, I saw her at the grocery store and she did not look at me. I could not take any more of this, I needed to at least talk to her again, even if she did not want to. I decided to take things into my own hands once again as I went to her house one afternoon.

I knocked on her door and she came to answer, my eyes lit up when I saw her, she was wearing sweat pants that were lose on her legs, but hugged her ass. She had a t-shirt on and appeared to be cleaning around the house. "Hey, Mrs. Smith.

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  " I said to her, but she had a stern look on her face, but she needed closure as well. "Come inside. " She replied to me as she would not look at me, she turned and walked into her house and continued her work, hardly acknowledging me.

She was cleaning the house, she was keeping her focus on her work instead of me. "Look, I'm sorry about the other night. I had thought you wanted it too, I mean, I haven't told any of my friends. " I said to her, but she only gave me a small glance of surprise as she replied, "Bullshit, you've probably told all of them what we did, what I look like and all that stuff. "

I got it now, she thought I had told everyone, and in a small town like this if a rumor like that got out to the public her life would be over, she could not take that sort of public humiliation, it would have be tough for anybody. "I'm serious, otherwise people would have given you bad looks. "

She walked up to me now, pushing me down on the couch. "Listen up, Freddy!" She said to me, pointing her finger at me as she talked. "What happened the other night was a BIG mistake, it should not have happened. I was horny, you took advantage of me and I made a mistake, do you understand that?"

The look she was giving me was killing me, it was like she never wanted me at all, like I was a dildo to her. "You know what Mrs. Smith? I think you did like it, I think you have been curious about me for a long time! I know you have seen me looking at you, and I know you have never came like that before in your life before.

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  " I said sternly, it was like I was Eminem, pissed off in one of his rap songs.

It caught her by surprise, she thought I would have just sat down and taken her words. "Don't get a big head! Yeah, it was good what we had, but it was not because I'm attracted to you. " She said, snobby like her daughter, Heather. I knew where Heather got her bad attitude now, from her mother.

At this point, I was tired of being ridiculed, like what I did to her the other night meant nothing to her. "Whatever! I think you want more and I'm going to deliver!"I said as I roughly grabbed her ass and pulled her into my lap. I kissed her hard and she shook her body, trying to get loose and punching me. I continued to grope her ass and grind my fully hard cock against her, she was continuing to punch and slap me, but she was kissing back, she was giving light small moans, "Mmmpfff!! Mmmpfff!"

She began to stop hitting me, she started to bite down on my bottom lip and grind her hips back into me while I did it to her. The last time we had sex it was in her bathroom, this time we were on the couch of her house, but I doubt she wanted to do it there because as I attempted to pull off her clothes she slap my hand away. She stopped kissing me and began to nibble and bite on my neck. "Okay, I get it. Let's go to the bedroom. " I managed to choke out.

She was still tentative about moving to the bedroom, I got the idea that is where her and her long-time husband had made love in the past, and though she had cheated on him and they were not getting along, that would have taken things too far.

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   “Let’s do it on Heather’s bed. ” I looked into her eyes as she sat straight up on my lap and slapped me across the face.

“That is my daughter!” She shouted at me, it appeared she did not like the idea, but to me it was a turn on. “Oh come on, we can do it on her bed. She is going away to the National Guard and pretty much has been living in her college dorm, she won’t know and she practically doesn’t live here anyway. She is a bitch to begin with. ”
She gave me another slap as she thought about it, probably because I called her a bitch, but she was. She did not say anything, she got up off my lap and took my hand to Heather’s room. “You’re right, Heather has been a stupid-spoiled, whore lately. She won’t listen to me anymore, or her father. ” She said as she pushed me onto the bed and climbed back on top of me.

I was a little surprised to hear that coming from her, but I was glad I wasn’t the only one that thought that either. Mrs. Smith took her shirt off and began grinding into me again. I started to work on her sweat pants as I had her in a bra and panties again.

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   She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “You know, I have been thinking about your big cock inside of me, I missed it. ”

She really had me going and I unclipped her bra and started to suck on her hard nipples again, gropping her large breasts and grinding into her as hard as I could. She took her panties off and began to finger herself. “My fingers just won’t work anymore, I need a dick! I need yours!” She said to me as she slid down my gym shorts and boxers in one motion to grab ahold of my cock and start stroking it hard. After a couple of yanks she started rubbing it against her clit, she was soaked already.

“Fuck me, Freddy, fuck me hard. ” She moaned out as she laid down on the bed and spread her legs for me. I got on top of her and put her legs on my shoulders and entered inside of her pussy. “Ugghhhhhh FUCK!” She shouted as I entered her. “Fuck me!” She shouted again as I began to thrust hard inside of her.
My balls were slapping against her and she was looking at me in the eyes and cupping and playing with her own breasts. Her moans were filling the room and the entire house. Heather’s bed was rocking back and forth and hitting the wall. Mrs. Smith’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she was shaking and hard her orgasm.

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   She wasn’t done quite yet, she pushed me onto the bed and hopped on.

“I need your dick!” She pleaded as she slid it back inside of her and began to bounce up and down. Her hands went right back to her breasts as my hands went to her ass. “Ooo Freddy, finger my ass please! I love it. ” She said to me, and I love how she likes her ass played with so I pushed a finger inside of her tight rectum.
We had been fucking for around twenty minutes, the focus was on each other so we were both surprised when Heather was standing at the door and said, “MOM! What the fuck are you doing?” She looked disgusted, there was her mom, cheating on her dad with a kid she went to high school with.

We had no idea how long Heather had been watching, she was probably pissed off we were doing it on her bed. She had came home for the week to visit her family, she wanted it to be a surprise, however, she got the surprise.

“Momma has needs!” Mrs. Smith said, looking ashamed but she did not get off of my cock. “Freddy here was helping me out, now you can let us finish. ” She said, but Heather was pissed. “You’re in my fucking room, on my fucking bed! What about dad, huh?” She said as she walked towards us.

Heather was a hot girl, even when she was pissed she looked hot. Mrs.

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   Smith and I just looked at her, there was no fucking going on. We were waiting for Heather to leave, but it was not happening. “Freddy, why are you fucking my mom. ” She asked me, but her eyes looked down at my dick, which Mrs. Smith was mostly off of. Her eyes wide, she was intrigued. “You can stay and watch, or leave. ” I said to her. Heather stayed, was she really the slutty whore we thought she was, was she enjoying her mom being fucked.

Mrs. Smith was bouncing up and down, we looked over to see Heather touching herself some, everytime we looked she took her hands off her body. Finally I grabbed Heathers ass and pulled her on the bed. I took her shorts off and saw she had no panties on, I had her sit on my face and began to eat Heather out while her mom was riding me.

Heather tasted great and I could hear her moaning, eventually I lifted her up some so I could watch her mom fucking me. Mrs.

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   Smith was horny, she started sucking Heather’s tits and Heather was moaning loudly.
It was so hot to see a hot mother playing around with her hot daughter and I was thanking Christ for letting me be involved in this. But I saw the hottest thing I would ever see in my life as they began to open mouth kiss. I watched their eyes closed and their tongues mingled. At that pointI came, I would love to tell you I made it through seeing that without twitching, but I did it, I came.

Mrs. Smith giggled down at me, she knew what she was doing with her daughter was naughty and turned me on. “Mmm, mom, it’s my turn. ” Heather said as Mrs. Smith hopped off and Heather got on. Heather started bouncing up and down on me, I was having a great time and Mrs. Smith was eating her daughter’s asshole, it was a site to see.

Eventually, Heather said, “Mom, show me how to be fucked in the ass, I saw how wide your asshole was, I want it. ” I was all for this, who was I to turn down that opportunity. “Teach me.

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  ” She said as she bent over. Mrs. Smith grabbed my cock and rubbed it against Heather’s virgin ass until she got the head inside. “Ouch!” Heather winced in pain. “Relax baby. ” Mrs. Smith said to her daughter as Mrs. Smith pushed on my ass and forced me to go in deeper.

Heather was crying and didn’t like this, she might have taken too much this time. “Fuck her ass hard, she needs to be punished for the twenty years of her shit I’ve had to put up. ” She said as she went around the front to have Heather eat her pussy.

I wanted this too, Heather was a little bitch to me in the past and this was a good way at getting back. Besides, I had motivation to thrust hard as I saw Heather eating her mom out. I began to rip apart Heather’s anus, she was whimpering but her mom was slapping her across the face when she did.

Heather’s ass started bleeding, but I fucked her right through it, as time passed she got used to it and started moaning, but she had to go through the pain first.

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   I was done though, I needed to cum and I wasn’t going to do it in Heather’s ass. I pushed Heather to her knees after pulling out and Mrs. Smith followed suit as I started to ejaculate in the directions of both of their faces. They took what they could in their mouths and then swapped it with each other.

I knew my sex life was never going to get any better than this, or was it. They both giggled and smiled at me. “Freddy is going to be coming over a lot more often, Heather. You should visit more. ” Mrs. Smith said looking at me, it put a wide smile on my face.