Mrs. Smith Cheats Part 3


I had her bent over, my cock fully inside of her, my hands at her hips and railing inside of her. Heather’s muffled moans were filling the room while she ate her mother, Mrs. Smith out. Mrs. Smith had her hands in her daughter’s hair, spreading her legs wide and leaning her head back, letting out little whimpers as she enjoyed oral from her own daughter.

One week ago if you would have told me I would be having a three way with Mrs. Smith and her daughter it would have been the funniest thing I could ever her. It wasn’t long ago before Mrs. Smith and I had sex, then her daughter caught us and joined in, this is the 2nd time the three of us have got together to do this.
Mrs. Smith was cupping her breasts while she was receiving oral pleasure, Heather was using her tongue on her mother’s pussy and asshole, and she loved eating her own mother out. “Mom, you taste so good. ” I she squealed out as I penetrated Heather’s pussy harder.

In high school Heather was the preppy-cheerleader bitch, all the guys wanted her and she was so popular. I never thought I would be with her, but now I am I am taking years of sexual frustration out on her and she loved it.
I was getting bored with her pussy, a couple days ago I fucked her ass until it bled, and she liked it at the end but probably didn’t want it for awhile.

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   However, for all her shit I put up with I needed it again. I thrust my fat cock inside her ass hole as tears began to fill her eyes. “Fuck no! NOT MY ASS YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” She shouted at me. A smirk came over her mother’s face as I violated her asshole. Mrs. Smith had trouble with Heather since the college years and loved me getting back at the little bitch for her.

My cock was violating her ass, Mrs. Smith turned around and started to eat Heather’s pussy out while Heather ate her out, and it was hot to see. Tears were still flowing out of Heather’s eyes as she was moaning from the oral sex. “Eat my pussy, little bitch!” Mrs. Smith said to her daughter, since Heather was struggling in pain she gave up on eating her mother out for a bit.

Heather began moaning after minutes, she loved her ass being violated; she just couldn’t stand the beginning pain from it. “Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” She screamed and started to devour her mother’s cunt while I poked her asshole. Heather was shaking uncontrollably and began having multiple orgasms.

I pulled out of Heather’s ass and made her suck my dick, having her go ass-to-mouth was a huge turn on.

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   She was sucking like a slut, her face didn’t make any grimace as she could taste her ass. She couldn’t take a cock in as good as her mother though. Mrs. Smith was playing with her clit while watching her daughter suck off her lover.
“Heather, suck more of it. ” She said as she pushed Heather’s head into my crotch. Heather was gagging and choking, she just couldn’t do it. After several attempts Mrs. Smith said to her daughter, “Let me show you how it’s done. ” She said as she devoured my cock, taking it all in on the first suck. “Oh my god!” I moaned in pleasure. This is why I love older women, they know what they’re doing and they know what they want, and Mrs. Smith damn well knew what she was doing.

“Don’t be afraid to eat that cock. ” She said to her daughter, they both began to lick on my dick, their tongues ran over it and they licked and kissed each other while they were down there.

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   It was a site to see, my knees could barely keep me up. Heather began bobbing her head up and down on my cock and she was getting better, after watching her mom she was taking more and more in.

Mrs. Smith got on the floor and stuck her ass in the air and said, “Okay Freddy, stop fucking Heather’s throat and come fuck me. ” She was wiggling her ass around at me. I quickly came over to her and penetrated her pussy. “Oh! Good boy!” She remarked as she felt my tool go inside of her. Heather went under my legs and started sucking my balls and licking her mother’s clit while Mrs. Smith got fucked hard.

“Mom, your pussy tastes great, it tastes even better on Freddy’s dick!” She moaned out while she was playing with herself. I would fuck Heather’s throat for a little bit, then go back to her Mother’s tight pussy.
“Freddy, my ass needs some attention too, hun. ” She said and wiggled her hips even more as I push my dick into the depths of her anus. “Mmmmm” She tensed up, but she loved it. “I’ve never done anything with another girl until my daughter.

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  ” She let out as I began pumping inside of her asshole.

Mrs. Smith could take it in her ass more easily than Heather and she moaned loudly and took it good. “Yes! Yes. ” She moaned and started squirting on her daughter’s face. “Mom, what is that?” She asks as her face is covered.
“Just eat it up sweetie. ” She moaned out. I pulled out of Mrs. Smith’s ass and lined those two up, I came on their faces and they started swapping the cum around in each other’s mouth before swallowing it up. “See you two tomorrow right?” I ask as they nodded their heads in agreement.

I will keep going with this story as long as I get a 5 of 6 and get some good comments.