Mrs. Smith Cheats


Mrs. Smith Cheats
Mrs. Smith has been going through a difficult situation in her life. Her oldest daughter, Heather has been in college for a couple of years and now has decided to join the National Guard. Heather used to be a good girl, however, when she got to be a senior in high school she became a slut that liked to party and was very preppy.

Her youngest child, Steven was only 14 and entering his first year of high school. Usually things would be going well for her, except for one thing, her husband and her had been going into a rocky patch and had considered to get a divorce. Bruce, her husband and moved out of the house, occasionally Mrs. Smith and her husband would sit together in church, or a sporting event and things appeared to be better, but in a couple of days the fighting would start back up.

Mrs. Smith was a MILF, she was everything a guy could ever want in a woman, she was mature, she knew what she wanted and she was stunning. She had blonde hair that went past her shoulders, she was a great height of 5’8”, her breasts were D-cup, sagging some, but still very nice to look at. She had thick thighs and a wonderful ass; everyone wanted her, young and old.

I went to school with Mrs. Smith’s daughter, Heather. Heather was always the preppy-attractive-cheerleader type; her and I never really hung out all that much.

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   But since the town was small Mrs. Smith knew me, she would smile and wave to me and acted like I was a person.

I had wanted her for a long time, every since I was in the 5th grade I had sexual feelings for her, I also knew I would never have a chance with her either. I was never the popular kid; I was never the best looking. I was a smart guy and I was good at sports but it would never be enough to hook-up with her.

I’m only 5’9” with baby-blue eyes and medium length brown hair. I have an athletic body, lots of muscle, especially in the arms and slightly overweight. My penis was nothing special, very, very average at just 7”, but it was a good, thick size.

Mrs. Smith liked to walk around the town, especially when the weather was nice, and in the summer she would wear some revealing clothing, usually mid-thigh shorts with a white tank top that would completely cover her breasts, but make them look large. Her hair would be tied up and it would have me thinking about her for days and days, touching myself to her and thinking of ways I could be with her.

It was just another usual day for me, I was driving to go hangout with some of my friends when in the distance I saw a blonde haired woman walking. As I got closer I thought to myself, “Is that Heather?”
I smile as I was going to talk to her, but then as I drove past, I looked in my rearview mirror and it was Mrs. Smith! She looked as if she was ten years younger and I smiled and waved to her. She was talking on her cell phone, but noticed me go by and waved back.

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As I drove around I wanted to go back and talk to her, but I thought that would be really creepy and she would not want to talk to a guy like me anyway. But as I got farther along I said to myself, “Fuck it, I’m going back. ”
I quickly turned the car around and pulled next to Mrs. Smith and said, “Hey Mrs. Smith, how are you?” I ask with a smile on my face. To my surprise she walked over to car, leaning against the window and giving me a great view of her breasts. She knew I was looking at her; she gave me a stern look at the start, but then just let me continue to look at her.

“I’m not too bad, Freddy, thanks for asking. How about you? Have you seen Heather lately?” She asked in reply. “Well, no, you know I never really hung out with her too much. ” I reply back to her, just wanting to touch her body, but I could never do that.

Mrs. Smith did not bring up the divorce to me, she was probably still sour about it and wouldn’t want to talk to me about it. We had a small conversation, the entire time I was looking at her body and she knew it, she would even tease me a little. But, I finally built up enough courage for once in my life.

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   “Well, it’s getting late. Would you like me to give you a ride home?” I ask as spending some alone time in my car would be very sexy and a turn on.
She looked at me as if she knew it was inappropriate for me to ask, anyone could tell she was thinking it over and to my surprise she replied. “Yeah…sure Freddy, my legs were a bit sore anyway. ” She said as she hoped inside of the vehicle.

This was enough to get me an instant hard-on, I was so excited about this, even though it was really nothing at all. My heartbeat was pounding inside of my chest and I swore she could hear it. “Thanks for the ride. ” She said to me as I slowly drove off.

I continued to drive as slow as possible to her house without causing suspicion, I wanted to savor this alone time with her. “Well, it’s no trouble for me at all. But I must say. ” I hesitate, gulp and blush red. “I must say that…well…you are looking really good. ” I say to her, not looking her in the eyes.

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“Aww, well thank you Freddy, you are looking great too. ” She replies to me, it made me smile, but my immediate thought was she was just saying that to be nice to me. We were getting closer to her house and she said, “I appreciate the ride, but ever since Bruce moved out I needed my television set moved, can you do it?” She asks, I could not believe my ears. “Oh! Of course I can help you!” I reply to her, not hiding my childish eagerness.

We got out of the car and entered in the house, I followed her the entire time, watching her ass from behind and noticing the thong she was wearing. She pointed me to the television and where it needed to go. “I need to change, I’ll be back. ” The job was easy enough, I had it done easily and I looked around for her.
I walked around the house and saw the bathroom door open. There Mrs. Smith was bending over, taking off her thong. She was naked, her bare ass exposed to me, I needed this, this was too much for me to pass by. I entered into the bathroom and leaned down, quickly burying my face in her ass and licking her asshole and her pussy.

She gave a quick gasp, “Mmm. What the fuck?” Her first reaction was of pleasure, she looked over her should to see me.

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   “Freddy! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” She shouted at me. I knew I was in some trouble as I got down on my knees in fright. Her hands were covering her body, her breasts were not completely covered and neither her shaven pussy.

“Don’tyou ever fucking do that again! What the fuck?” She was shouting at me, she was pissed. “I-I’m sorry. ” I manage to choke out. “Get the fuck out!” She screams at me, I thought my life was done, so I quickly explained. “Look, Mrs. Smith, you are an attractive woman! I’ve wanted you for so long, I saw you today, I wanted to flirt, I then come in your house alone with you and was so turned on, I see you naked and I had to have you!”
Her look had changed, her eye-brow was raised up, and she was licking her lips. “Oh really?” She asked, dropping her arms so to expose her again. She probably had not had any action in a long time, and definitely not oral sex. “Fine, then, you can finish this, but that’s it. ” She says looking down at me.

I was stunned, my eyes had wide, I barely heard what she said because she showed her body to me. Before I could say anything again she had moved to me and grabbed the back of my head, forcing me to eat her out.

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   I obliged using my tongue over her clit, she was getting wet every moment. My hands moved to her ass to grab and play with it, I thought I was dreaming.

“Ooo Freddy!” She moaned loudly, she leaned her head back in pleasure and grabbed onto my hair, pulling it roughly. I loved the taste of her pussy, juices were flowing from her and I wanted more. My tongue worked all over her pussy, working to taste it all, darting in and out.
My tongue was going everywhere; I started to eat her delicious asshole out. “Freddy, you dirty fuck! Lick that ass baby!” She said, looking down at my eyes, I was looking up at her as two fingers found their way inside of her soaking wet pussy.

“Fa-fa-freddy!” She screamed loudly and started to shake, I had been eating her out for a decent amount of time and she couldn’t take any more. She did the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, squirted and she squirted all over my face. I licked everything I could and kissed up her body, stopping only to play with her breasts and suck on her hardened nipples.

I was hoping she did not want to stop there, I kissed her neck, then her lips, letting her taste her own orgasm. “Oh…my…god. ” She said catching her breath. She knew it was wrong, but now she didn’t want to stop as she grabbed my crotch. We began to make-out as she put her hand inside of my shorts and started to jerk me off.

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   “Is that for me?” She asked as her hand teased my head.

I nodded my head, I couldn’t speak. I watched her push my shorts and boxers off as she went to her knees and began to lick my cock. Her tongue was teasing my head; she was looking at me in the eyes, teasing me.
I took my shirt off as she took more of my length in her mouth; her hand was stroking what she didn’t have inside of her mouth. “Mmm, ooo!” I was moaning and groaning, I loved this, I put my hands on her head in pleasure.
She worked my cock like a professional, bobbing her head up and down and stroking me hard. She worked more inches inside of her mouth until my balls were against her chin. Everything had happened so quickly and I was so hard I did not last long as I shot a load in her mouth. She, of course, swallowed every drop and showed me her tongue that it was all gone.

Was I really going to get to fuck the legend Mrs. Smith? Did I really get to eat her pussy and did she really just give me head? It all seemed like a dream, I was in nirvana. She only gave me a couple of moments rest before she was on her feet and stroking my cock off again. I thought I was not going to be able to perform, but luckily I was growing hard again.

I cupped her breasts and began to suck on them again while she stroked me off and kissed and bit down on my neck.

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   She pushed me onto the counter of sink and straddled me. My hands went to her fleshy ass and grabbed onto it. She was stroking my cock, but the head was hitting against her clit, she slammed her hips down and I entered inside of her.

The inside of her pussy was amazing, I could never describe it but it was wet, tight and a perfect fit for my cock to go inside of her. She began bouncing up and down on me, my fingers were entering her ass as her breasts bounced up and down. “Mmm fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, she missed the feeling of a cock.

She scratched on my shoulders, digging into them, pulling my hair, doing anything to rough me up. I started to thrust my hips into her while she went up and down on me. “Mmm, ooo!” Her moans were filling the room, she loved a finger in her ass and she moved harder, taking punishment out on my dick.
We began to kiss, biting and sucking on each other’s tongues and licking all over. My hands slapped her ass and her breasts, I started thrusting harder and harder, she was having multiple orgasms on my cock and she was satisfied. She hopped off of me and bent over the sink. “Fuck my asshole” She looked at me and spanked her ass.

Who was I to say no to her? I eagerly jumped off of the sink and went behind her, grabbing her ass as it stuck out and I slowly began to push my cock inside of her asshole. “Oh fuck, fuck you!” She shouted, it hurt her some but she loved it.

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Soon enough I had got every inch inside, she didn’t want to get used to the feeling as she backed her hips into me. I grabbed onto her hips and began to thrust into her asshole; it was so tight, constricting my cock.
I could only take a few minutes before I was about to cum, I had no idea where she wanted it. I stuck it back inside of her pussy. “Oh shit! Fill me up. ” It was like she sensed something. I pushed every inch inside of her and shot ropes of cum inside of her. “Freddy! Yes!” She shouted.

I had just fucked Mrs. Smith, I was going to want more but I was grateful for what just happened. Thoughts were rolling in my mind as I thought about what we did. Was I going to get more of her? Or was this a one-time-thing?

More to come.