My trip with Jena – Part 2



All the stories I write are true and happened to me. The names are changed as well as the place and location I worked. This one has little of each of cheating, oral, anal, and public sex.


We had dinner with the crew, then started home Jena was up front with me and Pam was in the back. It was dark by the time we got on the road. ÂAfter a couple on minutes, Jena turned around to talk to Pam. Doing that she moved closer to me. Slowly she put her hand out and started rubbing my leg. Pam couldn’t see because the seats are so high, so Jena got a little braver and started stroking my dick through my paints. It was thrilling have my rock hard dick stroked and Pam not knowing a thing. I had button fly jeans on, and Jena started to undo them. It took a little while just using one hand, but she finally got my dick free. She started stroking it and rubbing the pre-cum over it. About that time Pam asked me how long it would be before we got home. I managed to croak an answer. She asked what was wrong with my voice.

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   I told her in a stronger voice that I just needed some water cause my mouth was dry. With that she said that she had a bottle of water and leaned forward to give it to me. Jena and I knew that we were about to get busted. Pam leaned forward to hand the water when she saw Jena jacking my exposed dick. She yelled, “How long has this been going on”. I didn’t know what to say, but Jena, who never stopped jacking me, said it started last night. She told her everything we’d done, and begged her not to be mad and tell our spouses. It was something that just happened. Pam thought about it, at the same time watching Jena jacking me. She said she wouldn’t say anything if she could change places with Jena and have some of my hard dick too. Well, I was the happiest one in the car, and Jena slid over the seat and Pam mover up front. Pam leaned over and started sucking my dick right away. She was on her knees like Jena had been the night before. Jena not wanting to be left out, sat forward, lifted Pam's skirt up and started rubbing her pussy. I was driving 70 miles an hour with and orgy starting in the car, and I was hoping we would live thru it.

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   Pam decided that she wanted to fuck. We saw that there was a rest stop a couple of miles away. We pulled in and parked as far away from the other cars as we could. We all got in the back seat and Pam pulled her panties off, faced me and pushed my dick into her very wet pussy. Jena opened Pam’s blouse, pushed her bra up and started sucking her nipples. I couldn’t believe we were doing this in a busy rest stop, but it was too much fun to stop now. Pam started to cum and her pussy started griping my dick. She came and sat up to fast and hit her head on the roof of the car. She leaned down and told me that she wanted to shot my cum in her pussy. As soon as she said that, she squeezes her pussy hard around my dick, and I started shooting deep into her cunt. ÂShe got off me and Jena leaned over and started sucking the love juices off my dick. Pam leaned back and started fingering the cum out of her pussy and sharing it with me. As Pam and I started catching our breath, Jena said she needs to be serviced too. Pam leaned over and got her shoulder bag off the floor. She then pulled out two rubber dildos.

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   My jaw dropped. I never would have guessed that she would be carrying those around with her. Thank God for a large back seat. She gave one to Jena and then they both leaned back and started to slide them into their wet pussies. I’m sitting there with them on either side of me, and my dick gets hard again looking at them. Jena see me sitting there stroking my dick and leans over and starts sucking it even harder. Pam starts having an orgasm and when it subsides, she pulls the dildo out and said she’s had enough and her pussy can’t take anymore. She moves over as far as she can, and then tells us to get into a 69 with me on top. I’m not sure what she’s got in mind, but we do as she asks. With my face buried my Jena’s pussy and her sucking my dick, I then feel another set of lips on my ass. Pam is licking my ass! She starts working her way to my ass hole where she is now sticking her tongue in my ass. Never have I had anything like this. All of the sudden she pulls her tongue away and I’m disappointed. Then I feel something else there. Pam has her dildo and she’s trying to get it in my ass.

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   Since I like that, I relaxed, and she put it all the way in and started pumping it. I’d forgotten that I was eating Jena’s pussy until she started to cum. Her orgasm started mine and I was shooting a load of cum down Jena’s throat. Pam pulled the dildo out and took my dick from Jena’s mouth and finished it up. Well, there we were naked, all wrapped up around each other, in the backseat of a Town car with other cars going by! We all sat back and started laughing. We couldn’t believe what we’d just done or where we’d done it. We got home a little latter they what we planed, and I was real happy that my wife was asleep so I could shower before she could smell Jena and Pam all over me. I’m hoping that we have another trip SOON!


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