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Next Door Beauty Seduced me
By Skyclear

A true story which happened a few years back, I was residing with my family in Silvassa, we lived in an apartment, on each floor there were 3 flats, most of the people were either Gujrathi, Marwari or Maharashtrians.I was so involved with my work that had no time to know people around my flat, I used to go early in the morning and come back in the evening and have dinner and watch some tv and went to bed.The factory where I worked had to be closed down for a week for maintanence that is when had free time and was at home, my wife Shilpa made it a point to introduce me to all our neighbours, I was shocked to meet them since most of the women were of our age and they were having kids of the same age as ours and most interesting thing they were looking very nice and were attractive, this made my inner sexual instincts awake, that is when I thought as to what I was missing in life and how to get closer to the women.The immediate neighbour lady's name was Seema she had a son who was in LKG, she asked me to come inside her house and me and my wife entered her house & then we started chatting, I came to know that they were Marathi speaking, I knew some marathi so she liked me conversing with her in the same language, she said she will prepare tea and went inside, and went inside her buttocks revolved when she walked which was also exciting, after a while she called and said that the gas had got over and needed to change, I said will help her change and went near the cylinder she was trying to remove the regulator but could not that is when I tried to open the regulator my hands felt hers, there was a shock passing through my body after some techniques I could open the regulator and change the cylinder and as I turned around she was just behind me watching & lost her balance and crashed on me her whole body touching mine, she shied away & I said sorry but she just smiled and said it is ok that is when I observed herwith keen interest, she was pretty & exciting, she must be around 5 feet 4 inches fair having wheatish complexion, long hair and had a gorgeous figure, her breasts were firm & shapely, she was wearing a blue chiffon saree which showed her sweet navel and also her complete body structure could be felt.

Then we had occassions of having lunch or tea or dinner in both houses Seemas husband Rakesh also had become a friend, our closeness was becoming more of a routine, whenever I could get a chance of touching Seema here and there would never miss the chance, she also never objected, Rakesh was attracted towards my wife so he made it a point to come to our house on some pretext or the other and would start chatting with my wife Shilpa I would go inside the kitchen where my wife and Seema would be cooking on the pretext of searching something or the other would try to feel her body by going near her or then would watch her cutting vegetables sitting down which would show me her globes, one day late in the evening we all had to go for a function in the society where a pooja was organised, since I was late from office all had gone, as I changed my dress and was about to go heard some noise in the next door houseI rang the bell it was opened by Seema who was wearing a nighty which was totally drenched on the top her nighty was touching her breasts, I enquired why she was not in the function she said she will be joining very soon after completing her work, Seema noticed that my eyes were wandering on her drenched nighty, she asked me to come inside and asked me to wait so that she could get dressed, she went into her bedroom and was removing her dress, I tiptoed towards the door and was watching she had removed her nighty and was only in bra and panties, wow she was great, she was damn sexy, she was trying to remove her bra which was sticking to her body but could not do so that is when I entered and unhooked the bra, she was shocked and shouted at me and said get out but I had seen her breasts totally nude which had made me mad I kissed her boobs and pressed it she shouted again to leave the room but leaving a damsel that too when the chance was ripe just embarassed her and started kissing her, she was reluctant but under my force she accepted the situation and responded to my kisses my hands started roaming on her back she started struggling to get out of my grip and requested me to please leave her so that nobody doubts the late arrival at the Puja, but I told her how could I leave the mangoes unattended without being tasted, she said not now and I left she came dressed with a naughty look and said lets go that is when I caught her and kissed her and made her promise not to tell this incident to my wife, she agreed and we left for the function that is when asked for Rakesh she said he will come late today as it is month end and work was too much, we went to the function there was Ganpathi puja going on and lot of people were sitting on the ground, I looked for my wife but she was in the far corner with her and seema's kids, we both sat next to each other where we got a place, all of a sudden lights went off, this waas another opprutinity to fiddle with Seema, my hands started roaming on her waist she did not object , it looked like the lights were not coming, I lifted her saree and started inserting my hand inside to feel her thighs, she objected and asked me hold my advances, at that same time lights came on and the fun had ended.

My wife had to go to Mumbai to meet her cousin for a week had to leave her and come, after I returned Seema was eagerly waiting for me and asked me to join for dinner, I took bath and went to Seema's house, Seema opened the door she was wearing a teeshirt and a jeans pant which I had never seen her wearing, I admired her beauty and her dress sense Rakesh was already there, he offered me drinks and as we were sipping, Seema came with some Pakodas, we all sat down and were chatting, that is when I said Seema bhabhi you also have a peg, the atmosphere will be good, I made a peg for her she took it and started sipping that is when I said Rakesh why not we play some game of cards, he agreed and Seema brought cards, Rakesh said who ever wins will ask the other 2 persons to remove one of their dress, it was agreed and we started to play, the first game was won by Seema, myself and Rakesh removed our shirts, then again we started to play this time Rakesh won the game, when he won he took a peg, this was his 4th peg I removed my banian and Seema removed her teeshirt, my god she was just in her black bra, the atmosphere was getting hot, again we played this time it was Rakesh who won, I removed my pant, my dick was trying to pop out of the undies, the atmospherehad become quite hot, Seema removed her jeans and then again a game took place and now I won Rakesh removed his pant, and Seema removed her panties, Seeing Seema
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