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 Ihave to admit that I was worrid that things would change in class.   Imean having an affair with the teacher and her aid was among one of thehilghlights of my life but there was always that fear of getting caughtand the news getting back to my wife.   But as I enteracted with themboth within the context of the class, I know that every thing was fine.

 Oneof the reasons that I loved to volunteer at the class was wo watch mydaughter and her friend that she had made in the class.   She and littleIvy got along wo well.   They would walk thorugh class holding hands.  They would hug each other as we got ready to leave.   The two wereinseperable.  

On average, I would take two of my kids to class.  But on this day, my son was not feeling well so I decided to leave himat home because we did not want to risk getting any of the other kidssick.   So on this particular day, Ivy and Lisa were two peas in a pod.

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   They followed each other from project to project.   It was so stinkingcute it was ridiculous.   After the class was over, Julie, Ivy's mom sawho much they were hanging out with each other.

"Wow, just look at our girls," said Julie.

"I know.   Can you believe it?  I have watched these two and it has been like that all day,"  I responded.

"Really, I have an idea.   How would you and Lily like to come over to my house for lunch," asked Julie.

"OMG,I think Lily would love it.   Let me check with my wife and make sure ifwe can come over. "  So, I call my wife and get the okay to go over toher house.   Then she proceeds to give me the directions to her house.  So, once the class in, I strap my daughter into her car seat and head onover.   I have to admit that my mind was blown;  It was a house the mywife and I had checked years ago but it was beyond our financial means.

Iwalk into the house and the amazement continues.

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    However, I try to becool because i I don't want to be so blatantly obvious that I wasfloored by the design of this house.   My favorite element was the hugebay window so that you can just look right out into the ocean.

"Oh I see that you like my bay window?  Isn't it absolutely beautiful?"

"Jamie,it is stunning.   I know that I would just sit here every morning andenjoy a hot cup of coffee as I looked to watch the waves crashing. "

"Looks like our kids are not the only ones who have something in common. "

"I would venture to say that you are correct. "

"Well, have a seat while I go and make the kids something to eat," said Julie.

I help the kids go into the bathroom to wash their hands and get ready to eat.

"Hey Julie, does it matter where they sit at at the table?"

"No, just help them find a place and I will bring out some food. "

Iget the girls settled in and you know that they insited that they sitnext to each other and how can you say no to that kind of cuteness.   NowJulie does not help the cuteness factor go down.   She brings everythingout on princess trays.   When she divies out the food, she places it onprincess plates.   Finally, they drink out of princess cups.   The two actlike little queens for the day.

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An  hour later, I tell Lily toget ready.   Right then, I Ivy runs at me and tugs on my pants.   I lookdown and again I see pur cutness.

"Can Lily stay and take a nap with me?"

"I don't know.

  I have make sure that it is okay with your mom. "

"Yeah, it is fine with me. I don't mind at all. "

Icall my wife to see what she thinks.   After grilling me for what seemslike forever, she finally gives in and allows Lily to stay with Ivy andtake a nap.   So Julie and I both go to get the kids down for their nap.  Did I say they were cute?  This moment was by far no exceptions.

Oncethe kids go down, Julie and I sit down in the living room to talk.   Wecover everything from sports to politics, from celebrity gossip toschool gossip and the list goes on.   As we are talking, Julie offers me atour of the rest of the house which of course I take her up on.   Andthen it happens, it is one of those moments that become instantly lockedin the foils of your mind forever.

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As we are walking by the pool,somehow Julie slips and falls in the pool.   I reach out to grab her andlose my balance so in I go as well.  

"Can you believe it," I ask.   "This is crazy.   I have never had anything likd this happen to me before. "

We both jump out of the pool and wouldn't you know it.   We both have our phones in our pockets.

"Hey,you can go in my room and use the bathroom in there to dry off.   Thereis a closet in there.   Open the door and you will see one of my husbandsrobes.   Take a shower to warm up and change into the robe so I canthrow your clothes in the dryer. "

 "Thanks Julie.   I am freezing.   But what about you, what will you do?"

"We have a guess bathroom.   I am going to change in there.

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    We always keep extra stuff in there.   I should be fine. "

Sooff I go.   Again, enjoying all of the perks of the house, I switch theshower head to it's massage mode and get the water as hot as I can standit.   I lose all track of time just living in the moment.   Right then Ihear the door open and Julie comes in to take get my clothes.  

"You okay in there Jamal. "

"Yes, I am okay just enjoying a massage. "

"Oh Jamal, I would have been more than happy to give you a massage. "

"Well, if I fall into the pool again saving your hide the I will take you up on your offer. "

Weboth die laughing as she walks out of the bathroom.   One I exit theshower and towel off, I see the robe hanging out for me.   This is when Irelaize that the apple does not fall too far from the tree.   You cansee how Julie's sweetness and hospitality has rubbed off on herdaughter.

As I walk into the living room, I see Julie and see isin her robe.

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    It is pretty sexy.   It is a silky red robe that barelycovers the bottom of her ass.   I remember thinking and hoping that Icould catch her bending over just to get a glimpse of her ass and to seeif she is wearing any panties.

"Would you like some hot chocolate?" 

"I would love to have some.   That sounds wonderful right now. "

I am watching "Hanna" on their television when I hear a commotion in the kitchen.

"Jamal, can you help me?"

I run into the kitchen to see Julie wrestling with a kitchen rod that had fallen off the wall.  

I jump in behind her and hold the curtaiin rod in place.

"Let me run and get a nail and hammer to hang this back up again. "

Sheleaves for what seems like forever which was actually five minutes.  She works her way back betwen me and the curtain.   What neither of usrealized is that while she was working her way in, my cock had poppedout through the front of the robe.   She continues to work on the curtainwhen a nail falls out of her hand.   She bends over to grab the nail andthat is when we both realize our compromising situation.

Somehow, my cock slips right between her legs, rubbing right against thefolds of her pussy.

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    That is when I realized the answer to my question.  No, she was not wot wearing any panties.   We both kind of freeze and mycock responds instantly.

"Mmmmm nice. " she says as she rubs back and forth on my cock.

"My husband has been on vacation a lot and I have not made love in a while. "

I respond in kind angling my cock to continue rub up against her pussy.

"We should stop and get this rod finished and hung up>"

"You are right Jamal.   You have a nice dick and I could get into a lot of trouble with you. "

So she steps back up and starts to nail the curtain rod into the wall.  

"Ahh, I think I got it. "

Andbefore the words are out of her mouth, it falls down again.   I lungeforward to catch it while she does the same.   I reach for the rod whileshe bends to catch the nails before they fall down the sink.   And somehow the clouds align because the head of my cock enters her cunt.

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"Ohmy, oh my, oh my. " Is all she can say.   I am stuck in this positionbecause if I let go of the rod, it will come crashing down to sink belowand we don't want to wake up the kids.

Julie decides to take advantage of my plight and pushes her pussy further back on to my cock.

"SorryJamal, I just can't help myself this time.   What are the odds thatsomething like this would happen.   I have to have your cock. "

Shepushes further onto my cock allowing me to enter further.   Her pussy isso tight.   It is like a vicegrip wrapped around my cock.   It is so tightthat it feels like my hand wrapped tightly around my cock when I jackoff.   By this moment, I have reached the point of no return.   By thistime, Julie has started to build a rythymon my cock.  

"Wow Julie, you feel amazing. "

Iwork the rod off of the other side and set the whole curtain down.

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    Ilook up to see the beautiful ocean right in front of me.   I grab Julie'sass and begin to fuck her to the rythym of the ocean.   I take nice slowstrokes in------out------in------out------in------out.  

"OhJamal, you are incredible.   Most guys would just grab me and fuck mylike there is no tomorrow.   Here you are making sweet love to me whilewatching the ocean.   Who does that?  Your wife is a lucky woman. "


"I can feel my pussy building.   I am going to cum all over your cock. "

Withthat encouragement, I push my cock in to the hilt.   I push my cock intoher until I can feel my balls hit her body.   Then, I pull out to thehead,

"Jamal, this is good but I want you to go faster and harder.   I want to cum on you.   Please Jamal, give me your sweet dick.

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That is all encouragement I need.   So I grab her hips and pick up the pace.  

"Oh yeah, that's it baby.   Give it to me. "

Iangle my cock so that it hits deeper into her pussy.   What she doesthat adds to the thrill is that she squeezes her cunt every time Ienter.

By this time she is pumping back against my cock, meeting me stroke for stroke.  

"Cum for me Jamal.   Cum for me. "

Faster and harder.   "That's it Jamal, give it to me. "  

"I could not have dreamed of betthing fucked better than this. "

"Jamal, I am about to cum. "

She starts to buck up against me.  

"Here I cum Jamal.


    Oh, that's it.   I am cumming.   I am cumming. "

Right at that moment, I cum into Julie.

"Oh Jamal, I can feel you cumming inside of me. " 

"I am cumming again"

Right then I pull out and my cum leaks out of her pussy.   I have not cum that much in a long time.  

"Jamal, you are an amazing lover. "

"Julie, you make it easy.   The way you reacted to my body and worked with me.   It was like a well oiled machine. '

Rightthen, we heard the buzzer to the dryer go off and knew that our momentin fantasy had come to an end and it was time to go back into the landof the living. .