The Leasing Agent


It was my first day running my new business. I had just opened the doors for business in the huge downtown office building and after a long first day, I was beat, but satisfied. My three employees departed for home. I was headed down the hall to my office to finish up a couple of things and wrap up day one. I sat in the plush chair and instead of working, did what I had waited so long to do. I leaned back in the plush, ergonomic office chair, kicked off my shoes and put my feet up on my desk. I leaned back, folded my fingers behind my head and smiled a smug satisfied grin. I musta been beat because as I daydreamed I must have drifted off a bit. I was disturbed by a gentle knocking and a voice.

"Hello?" I opened my eyes to see a woman's face leaning around the corner from the hall and poking into my office. "Hello! C'mon in," I said to the woman. I wanted to try and play it off as I had been hard at work, but she saw me sleeping in my chair so I smiled. "Tough first day?" she smiled. My eyes adjusted to take in the sight.

The woman was in her 50's, just a bit full bodied but undeniably huge titted and not all too pretty. She was a classic "butter face.

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  " Not ugly mind you, but her body, for a chubby chaser like me, was incredible, whereas her face was average at best, although she did have incredible blue eyes and a great smile. She strode into my office as I sat up properly. She shoved out her hand as she approached me "Debbie Baseheart" she said. I stood and took her hand "Evan Michaels" I replied. "Pleasure to meet ya Debbie. So, ya need tech support for your company?" I fished, trying to get a new client if nothing else.

"Maybe" she smiled back, "but I stopped by to welcome you on your first day. I am the VP of the leasing company and I just wanted to do a short intake interview with ya if I might?" "Sure Debbie," I replied and ushered her into a plush seat across from my desk. She sat and as I resumed my seat I took in the entire sight. She was wearing a blue floral print dress, one piece, with some sort of a decorative metal belt with bangles or something hanging from it. The neckline was only a tiny bit plunging but the belt pulling at the waist really accentuated her fantabulous tits. Did I mention how big they were?

As she sat I also noticed the slit up the side of her dress. She adjusted in the seat and crossed her leg, the slit revealing thigh aplenty. She had very nice legs too. I was a bit disconcerted, what with being so tired and sleepy, but nothing will shake me from the doldrums quicker than awesome thighs topped by even more so in the way of hooters, and damn if Debbie Baseheart wasn't all tits for sure.

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She pulled a pad from her bag and asked me a dozen or so questions. The usual stuff. . . was my leasing agent courteous, helpful, etc. Of course I was effusive in my praise of her employees because they were very accommodating and because if ya wanna get to know a woman, ya need to make her happy and comfortable, and I was going the extra mile to accomplish that end. I am rather sure she caught me spying her bod, as I was more interested in what was going on under the dress than anything she was asking me.

"Care for a drink Debbie?" I asked. I rose and crossed to the small fridge across the room behind her. "Now that the interview is over, sure!" she replied very happy to accept my invitation. I made us to drinks and handed one to her and instead of going back behind my desk, I sat in the plush office chair opposite her. We made the usual small talk. I could see she wore a wedding ring and naturally we talked of various things. She told me she wasn't married, which of course piqued my interest because of the ring.

She saw me notice it and held up her hand.

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   "This?" was all she said. I smiled and she shot me a sly grin "Keeps the wolves from the door and prevents the conversation from drifting to less business-like topics," she smiled. I nodded my understanding. She then smiled and warmed a bit "But since it's after business hours, don't let it concern you," she smiled. I detected a warmth and almost hopefulness in her statement and body language.

"I'm divorced, my two kids are grown, and I am a grandmother!" she proudly announced. "A grandmother? Jesus Debbie!" I exclaimed. "What? Old woman?" she asked. "Ahhhh. . . no, not at all. In fact when ya said you're someone's grandmother, I was wishing grandmother's looked like you when I was a kid!" I flirted. She picked right up on it and did not seem to be bothered a bit. In fact, she seemed to like it.

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   "Pardon me, but you are not far from being a 'kid' are you Evan?" I grinned. "Actually, you're right! I'm 28. " She smiled. "Well then, you're a rather successful young man," she flattered me.

"Well, that and lucky too!" She smiled at my reply. I took in the sight of this woman who was opening up and allowing herself to be charmed by my antics. "And you? Married? Kids?" "No to both!" "Oh, you sound adamant about that," she offered. "Not so much, just is what it is. I almost got married two years ago but it didn't work out, so here I sit in my old man spinsterhood!" I teased. "Bet you aren't lonely a bit, now are ya?" she probed. "I don't know. . . you'd be surprised Debbie. I don't warm up too awful well.

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   I don't do BS so well and that is such a huge part of the male/female game. I just hate playing that game, if ya see my meaning. " She nodded her agreement.

"Oh, I know. That's why I wear this ring. If I want to protect myself, I wear it to keep the dealings on a business level. If not, I hide it or take it off, but never at work. Dating in the workplace gets way too messy. In fact I lost one of my best employees last year because she was dating a fellow leasing agent and when they ended their relationship she left for another firm. "

"Ready for another?" I asked of her, hoping to refill her glass and carry on this little flirtation. "Please?" she smiled warmly. When I took her glass from her our hands touched and there was definite electricity for sure in our touching. Her smile was rather lingering and flirtatious. I made us two more highballs and handed hers to her. "Hungry Debbie? My treat?" She looked at her watch and frowned. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   "It's a little early for my dinner, but thank you. Perhaps I should let you go home now. . . " she offered. "No, I'm good. I was trying to be a gentleman. " "Gentlemanly manners duly noted," she smiled.

We chit chatted a bit more and she and I were loosening up quite nicely. I found my eyes wandering and staring at her more and more and she noticed. Clearly I was flirting and she seemed to go right along. "Am I keeping you form something else," I asked. "Not at all Evan. I waited until the end of the day on purpose. It's easier to get to know a client after hours without all the pressing concerns of the business day.

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  " she smiled. "Good plan. You seem to have thought of everything. The only thing missing is a Welcome Wagon bouquet!" She smiled "Duly noted - again!" We chuckled and continued on with the small talk. Problem was now all I could think of was those tits and that body.

Debbie was warm, friendly, welcoming and very alluring. She had confidence and poise and was very feminine as well as clearly one sharp cookie, so I confess between the alcohol and this Heavenly woman, I was a bit smitten. My cock was bulging in in my slacks and I had to rub it a time or two, unnoticed under my desk, so I thought!

By the time the second highball was in us we were lossey goosey for sure. I decided she wanted it so I made my feelings known. I looked dead in her eyes and point blank asked "So Debbie, would you be uncomfortable if I admitted I am rather attracted to you? And if not, do you go out with younger men?" I smiled my flirtatious best. She smiled back. "I was wondering when you'd get around to feeling me up. . . I mean out," she joked, a bright and very sexy smile on her face as her eyes danced and sparkled.

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I rose and she just stared as I crossed the three feet between us. I extended my hand and she took it and I lifted her from her chair. She looked up at me from 12 inches away and her eyes and expression said it all. I leaned in and kissed her and she returned it with vigor. Her hands went around my waist and I pulled her generous body to me and kissed her like I meant it and she was every bit as hot for it as I was. She put her hands behind my neck and we kissed and ground against each other. This old broad could kiss.

Our kissing very soon eroded into fondling big time. I held her generous ass in my hands as we kissed and she began to moan softly as I fondled her ass cheeks. Naturally my cock was growing and she could feel it. "Ewwww!" she squealed. "Seems you're having a HARD time Evan!" That was all it took. I tuned her and gently pushed her back against my desk. She let her ass find the top and she leaned back against it. I took a chance and let both hands wander to those incredible tits and she hissed in pleasure as I kneaded them.

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   I could feel her nipples harden distinctly as I fondled her fleshy jugs. She hiked her dress up and pulled me to her. My cock was trying to rip my slacks and she slid her hands down and rubbed my cock as we kissed.

I leaned back and smiled "Half a sec, okay?" She cocked her head to the side and I ran out into the hall to lock the office door to the hallway and then returned and locked the door to my office. By the time I could return my attention to her and flip off the overhead light in my office, she had the look of a tiger in her eyes, and I was the meat she was about to pounce upon. I doubt any prey animal on Earth was more in favor of being consumed than I was at that moment.

I began to unbutton her dress as we resumed our kissing and she was working on freeing my cock. I had her unbuttoned to her waist and her black bra retained what had to be some of the most glorious tits I had ever touched. They were covered with freckles from the Sun and her cleavage went on forever and ever. As I was enjoying her tits she freed my cock and cooed her delight. "Nice!' she huffed in my ear as she rubbed my almost hard cock. I leaned down and freed her right tit from the industrial strength bra and sucked her nipple to her seething delight. "Oh yeah Ev. . .

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  . : she sighed. "You sure do know how to treat a woman's nipples. "

"Shit Deb, if ya liked that, hold on tight" I said, assured in my own sexual prowess and cockiness, pardon the pun. To my delight I looked down to see not pantyhose but a black nylon garter and hose. I was around the bend at that. She lifted her ass ever so slightly and I pulled her panties from her and they slid down her leg and landed at my feet. My cock was bobbing in the air at the same level as her cunt. She looked down, took it in her hand and rubbed the head on her wet pussy lips. That was all it took. I leaned in and let my cock penetrate her quim and her wetness swallowed my main vein.

She locked her hands behind my neck again and I drove into her to the hilt. She slid forward a bit for me to get better purchase and I fucked her like there was no tomorrow. We kissed and fucked, fucked and kissed. At some point I lifted her form the desk and moved he to the back of the chair.


   guiding me. She bent over it and I got behind her and drove all the way home. She squealed when I hit bottom and she reached back and held my ass. The she pulled for me to plunge back in and she established the rhythm and I did the driving. Her first orgasm happened as I was pummeling her hole form behind her. I looked and she was holding both her own fat tits in her hands as she came.

She came a couple of times as I bounced off her big, beautiful ass and I withdrew and turned her back to me and sat her back on the desk. As I did so she undid my tie and helped get me completely out of my clothes. I loved the feeling of my bare chest pressed against her huge tits as I slammed my cock back into her from the front. We kissed and she came again as I pinched her nips. Then I began the filthy talk she seemed to enjoy.

"Like that baby? Like this young cock fucking your very hot pussy?" "Oh fuck yea," she replied, closing her eyes and leaning her head back. I then took both nipples into my mouth and she purred her delight as she began to bust another nut for me. "Oh fuck baby, I'm gonna cum in you and fill you up!" I breathed into her ear. She held my shoulders and laid her forehead on mine, and looking in my eyes she began her own filthy chatter.

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   "Oh God damn Ev. . . fuck me! Oh God that's so good! Slam that fat cock into my pussy!" I pushed on her hard and she started to cum again. As she came I pulled her to me and really buried myself in her. Her orgasm was powerful and she began to shake as she came explosively.

That was all it took. I began to cum in her and I mean cum really hard. I hadn't had any pussy for a week and had been so busy working I hadn't even jerked off all week so when I came I flooded her pussy. We climaxed in unison and slowed to a gentle in and out that trailed off. She held onto me tightly and whispered in my ear. "Now that was one helluva an intake interview!" "So, do ya welcome all your new clients like that, or was I given the special treatment?" She leaned back and looked at me very sincerely, "I can assure you this is the first time this have ever happened in my working career. " I smiled, "Well that does make me feel special," I sincerely replied.

She looked shocked. "You are the first man I have had sex with in almost two years, so you should feel special!" "Tow years!" I gasped? "What, trying to grow a new hymen?" I teased.

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   She broke up laughing and held onto me even tighter. "Wow. That was something," she said as she broke her grasp on my neck. I pulled back and collapsed onto the chair, my half hard cock still bobbing in the air. "Did I wear ya out?" "Hell yeah, ya did," I flattered her. The truth was I could have fucked her 5 more times before I would be technically spent, but I wanted to flatter her a bit and in truth was fishing for another round, if not now, in the near future for sure.

"Well, it's nice to know I can do that to a young, good looking hottie. " she smiled. "Oh, I'm not the hottie here. . . . that's you Debbie. You are an incredible woman. So sexy and alluring," I said, and I meant it.

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   She was a hot little number. Her warm smile was my post fucking and flattering reward. I stood and still naked with a half hard cock, I helped her re-situate her clothes. I gently placed each huge breast back into their cups and slowly rebuttoned her dress, telling her how pretty and sexy she was. I reached down and handed her her panties, which she threw onto the chair instead of putting them back on. She stood and smoothed her dress. I was still naked.

"So, should we part separately so no one gets any ideas?" she asked. "I have a better idea Debbie!" I excitedly offered to her pleasure. "Let's just split together like it's no big deal. I mean if we had done nothing we would not act like we had anything to hide, right?" "Smart man," she smiled. "Will you walk me to my car. . . .

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  it's getting dark. Do you mind?" "Whahcha mean, do I mind? Of course not. But ahhh, does the evening have to end so early?" Debbie smiled warmly and was pleased. "Really?" she asked like an excited little girl. "Really! How about we go have a light dinner and maybe a glass of wine or two. I might have plans on trying to take advantage of ya, so I need to be plying you with alcohol. " She grinned. "That's a very nice invitation. So after dinner, then what?" she teased.

"Well, if I have my way, I will ferret you off to my lair and spend the next few hours hoping to explore every inch of that glorious body you hide so strategically beneath a thin layer of nylon, but don't let on ya know what I am up too. . . seduction and all that!" I grinned. She was using her very sexy little fingertip to trace over my still naked nipples. "But ya might wanna let me get dressed first or we will really attract a lot of undue attention, don'tcha think?" She looked down at my cock and gently stroked it.

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   "Yeah, good idea. I wouldn't want to have to share ya just yet," she smiled, arching her eyebrows like Groucho Marx did when making his lewd comments in the old movies.

"Ewwww! Sharing! I like the sound of that," I smiled as I dressed. "I love it when people share!' She smiled, helped re-tie my necktie and cinch it up and we left for a night of raucous sex.

And most happily, in the morning when I arrived at work there was my bodacious receptionist/secretary Donna with a huge bouquet on her desk. "Look Ev," she effusively cooed! "Welcome Wagon sent us a bouquet of flowers! And there is a private envelope for you that says 'Business. Private. '" She smiled as she handed me the sealed envelope. "Hmmmm. . . wonder what this could be?" I said out loud, playing it up. "Prolly a secret admirer or something Boss," Donna joked. "As if," I replied and headed for my private office. I went in, turning to close the door and said "Don't disturb me unless it's a client or something. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  . . I have to make a couple of private calls. Thanks Donna. " Sure Boss. No one gets past me!" she teased.

I plopped behind my desk and opened the sealed envelope. All it said was "Welcome Wagon welcomes YOU! What a night! Repeat performance welcomed anytime!" and there was her private number along with her office number. I called and she answered. "Morning tigeress!" I eagerly said. We were together until about midnight when I left her neat and tidy little home for my pad. "Morning Stud! Get my note, did ya?" "Oh yeah. . . .

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  and wondering about that repeat performance offer. I mean, I am not so busy with my schedule that I don't have free evenings, and I was just gonna go home and abuse fantasizing about this incredibly sexy woman I met last night, I mean unless ya wanna deter me from abusing myself. Feeling sorry for me, are ya?"

I could hear her smile on the phone followed by a strong chuckle. "Well, far be it form me to allow a poor young man in need of attention to have to abuse themselves. My house? Say 6:30? Maybe a nice welcome followed by a little home cooking? Then who knows?" She teased. "Can't wait. See ya then Sexy, promptly at 6:30. " "Great" she replied. "I'll be looking forward to it!" "Oh, me too Madam, me too!"

I hung up the phone and daydreamed about the coming evening. Seems this mature and very sexual woman had me smitten, and I was good with it. The coming night was one for the ages. . . . stay tuned!.

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