Working overtime with my boss Dawn pays off


It had been a long hard week… in the build up to Christmas, my company had been relocating to a new premises and a small bunch of us had the soul responsibility to ensure everything was working for Monday.


There was the 2 tech guys ensuring the servers and IT infrastructure was in place and my boss Dawn and me who were to oversee the whole transition of everything else! This meant a lot of running back and forth and a whole lot of evening work.


Saturday night in the new office and me and Dawn were finally at the last leg of having everything ready, just a few more finishing touches and that was it. We were stressed, tired, hungry and feeling giddy at the same time.  


We have a great working relationship, she never acts like the boss, more like one of the guys which is probably why I feel comfortable talking and joking without any worries. Dawn also has a dirty mouth which is shocking to hear when someone as hot as her comes out with shit that just makes your mouth drop, either way she gets the guys in the office and outside for that matters attention. And rightly so, she's fit!


In our newly created recreation area, Dawn was working up a ladder putting some xmas decorations around whilst I was busy installing the last couple of whiteboards in the other part of the office. She called out to give her a hand, I grunted out I was busy but she just said get your ass over here!


I dropped what I was doing and went to her, she was high up on the ladder and she said that it was shaking and asked if I could hold it steady. I walked over and held the ladder, tired and not paying attention I didn't notice that I had an awesome up skirt shot just above my head. Dawn asked for a decoration and as I reached into the box and went to pass it to her, my eyes transfixed onto the glorious view before me. I paused, mouth probably dropped to the floor and stared motionless for a few moments. . . Dawn said something which I didn't hear until she chuckled and then loudly said, "Hey, can I help you?".


I apologised, shaking myself out of it pretending I didn't see anything but it was blatantly obvious. Dawn laughed and just said "Men!".

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   I replied saying that it was hard not look when it's literally staring me in the face.

Dawn said, "well I guess thats true but the first time is free, after that I charge". I laughed and passed her another decoration which I  slapped against her ass before handing it to her. She giggled and said cheeky bastard, what would your wife say if she knew you were spanking your boss' ass!?


I shook my head, looking at her with a half amused grin and said, she wouldn't as the Mrs would probably kick me in the balls then go after her… or it might go another way and she gets turned on by it I laughed.


Oooh Dawn said, that would probably be better. I replied aren't guys supposed to be the ones who always want threesomes? Dawn said that women are much worse than men and that she was more like 100 times worse. I chuckled and said yep you do strike me as a bit of a slut, she threw the star hitting me on the head calling me an asshole. I bowed saying, "only for you" as I stood up again looking briefly up her skirt and continued, "oh wait, theres the other asshole" slapping another decoration against her ass.


She turned around on the ladder to face me,  "WATCH IT YOU, I may not give you a raise in your next review!" I smiled and said that's ok as I was getting one with the new view! Dawn closed her legs, blushed like crazy, turned around and came down the ladder.


I stepped back as she climbed down, turned around and approached me face to face pointing her finger on to my chest and said "You. . . behave or else I will have to sort you out!".


That made my cock twitch as she had a new look in her eye, I replied wittingly that I had a dream that my boss had to 'sort me out'! Dawn shook her head bitting her lip at the same time, "so your admitting that you fantasise about your boss, you know I can report your ass to HR!" I said that it would be worth it if I even did half of what that dream was about but that wouldn't happen as she's no where near as daring as the one in my mind!


Dawn blushed, looked down then looked directly into my eyes… her stare felt like it froze time with me frozen me in place. " What did we do then?" she asked softly.

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   I smiled saying i'd rather not say but can show you if your still interested? Dawn just nodded, still her eyes piercing me as I took her by the hand and sat her down on the sofa. "Trust me" I said, Dawn just nodded and was beginning to breath heavily not fully knowing what I had on my mind.


A new confidence had come over me, I was feeling brash and certain that my next moves would be welcomed rather than rejected, so I moved right up to her face, our lips almost touching, our breathes short and fast, I rubbed my face softly against hers gently brushing then moving over to the other side, as I did our lips briefly touched each others making her sigh. I began to stroke her hair, my fingers then began to work their way down onto her neck, I moved back in front of her lips and again brushed against them, this time we kissed for a moment, short but heart stopping. Her eyes opened and looked deeply into mine, "We shouldn't be doing this" she spoke softly as she leaned in and kissed me slowly but fully. I replied stop then and returned the kiss sliding my tongue softly out against hers, our bodies trembling from the slow controlled touch of one another.


I pulled away, her posture still frozen from our kiss. I moved back to the corner of the sofa and began to undo my trousers, Dawn's eyes opened wide and she gave a look of doubt for a moment but I broke her thought by telling her to move back to the other corner of the sofa and undo her bottoms.

Dawn was curious by this action as I had not jumped her or tried to touch her anywhere erogenous, "trust me" I told her softly but commandingly. We then began to take off our bottoms leaving both of us in our underwear, my cock was fully erect and bulging almost out of my briefs. Dawn had on a sexy black frilly pair on knickers which she was not letting me have too much of a view of, her legs were smooth looking and slim, all I wanted to do was jump her and fucking the living daylights out of her but I wanted to push the envelope.


With trousers off I starred deep into Dawn's eyes, wanting / needing to feel her connection with me, I began stroking my cock through my briefs as our stare still held. She did not react at first, I suppose unsure what was happening or how to proceed / whether to even but to my delight, a sparkle in her eye shone and she began very cautiously touching her breasts. Her legs parted slightly which made me grip my cock harder, this worked backwards as well as Dawn slid her hands downwards onto her legs and began rubbing up and down her inner thighs ever so softly.


Our eyes were now totally transfixed on each other, our bodies were now interacting with each others even though we were not physically touching one another.

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   Dawn then bent her legs up, stroking them as moved and then parted them nice and wide for me revealing part of her pussy lip for me to gaze upon. Our stare broke for a moment due to this and when I realised, Dawn just looked at me and smiled blushing sexily at me. I knew that now I could take things to the next level and began to slide my hand into my briefs and stroke my cock up and down inside, Dawn then lost her gaze for a moment and her fingers moved automatically onto her pussy. I didn't want her to stop looking at me stroking so I quickly stroked my cock so that the tip of my cock poked out of my briefs, Dawn's eyes widened and her lips parted for a moment, this was my moment to complete the act, with my other hand I pulled down my briefs over my raging cock then over my balls where I rested my hand on.


Dawn looked up at me, it was a confusing look, one that was of excitement and shock at the same time. I smiled reassuringly at her and looked down at her hand which was now very much stroking over her wet knickers, Dawn looked down at herself and then gave me what I had so yearned to see, with one hand resting just next to her pussy lip, the other hand moved her knickers fully to the side to reveal her sweet, shaven hot mound. She looked up at me, I think my mouth had hit the floor as she bit her lip and then slid her finger onto her clit, her pussy lips splitting effortlessly.


I began stroking my cock faster and faster as she began to stroke her pussy more and more, our gaze had once again resumed as we both leaned back comfy into the sofa and masturbated in front of each other intensely. Our breaths were now loud and fast, our smell was now musty and intoxicating in the air, we were now stirring in our seats, transfixed on each other, transfixed on stroking ourselves for our partners pleasure. My cock started to leak precum which made Dawn stop for a moment, I said she was driving me crazy. Dawn smiled and said I had made her very wet. I smiled still transfixed on each her, "I want you" I said calmly, well as calmly as I guy stroking his cock in front of his boss could say.


Dawn shook her head, "hmmm you want this" as she toyed with her cunt hole. "Yes" I replied almost instantly. Dawn then stood up breaking our frantic stroking session, she walked to my end of the sofa and leaned down and we kissed passionately.

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   Dawn pulled away and then pulled off her top revealing her red frilly bra which to my delight was taken off only a moment later, allowing me to feast upon her amazing perky lil breasts. She leaned down again and we kissed again, as our lips touched, her hand grasped around my sticky hard shaft and she thumbed the tip of my cummy cock. I groaned out in pleasure from her surprise touch as we tonged frantically.


With my cock at her mercy, Dawn stood up breaking our kiss and split her legs either side of me and squatted down onto the tip of my swollen cock. I grunted out in pleasure as she engulfed the tip of my cock, she didn't slide down at first, rather rocked her pussy with the tip of my cock just inside her, it was driving me nuts, her hand holding firmly on my shoulder and eyes now on fire as she looked deviously at me and then sank her pussy fully down onto my cummy shaft in one go. We moaned together.


Her pussy wasn't tight like I imagined but it was eating my cock for everything it was worth and felt like heaven. She leaned down grabbing the hair on the back of my head and yanked it back, then swiftly slid her tongue in my mouth frantically… all the while moaning as our tongues slid over each others.


My fingers dug into her ass and gripping tight pulled her forward towards me pushing even more deeper, Dawn moved back and we began frantically rocking and grinding… I was hungry for those tits and had one in my greedy mouth in an instant.

She moaned and said, "Fuck you feel so big, fuck me harder!" Not a problem and I did what my boss asked of me, I picked he up and with my cock still firmly crammed in her cunt and laid her on her back parting her legs wider and pumped my hips full speed deep into her… she grunted out loud in pleasure and her hands gripped my ass for dear life as I went into warp speed.


After what felt like ages of fucking in rampant bliss like this, I was loosing my breathe and Dawn knew it was her turn to work on me. She told me to lay down, which I did collapsing onto the sofa sweating and cunt soaked. She knelt down between my legs and devoured almost all my member in our go, which took me by surprise. My eyes rolled back into my head as she ate my cock like nothing I had ever experienced before, she was creating a suction and yet her tongue was wrapped around my member, lapping up all our juices. I gripped her hair and pulled it around which she clearly loved whilst looking up at me with cock in mouth smiling, I continued to face fuck her for a couple of minutes till I told her I cant hold it any longer if she continues… so she pulled away but just before, she bit the tip of my cock making me moan out.

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Dawn then mounted me in seconds, it was clear that pussy and cock were meant to be as locked together instantly and she began giving me the ride of a lifetime. Time seemed to have stopped and we were both moaning out so loud, our fuck scent filling the office air, we were both in another world of pleasure and sin, her beautiful cunt was swallowing and holding me tight inside her, my cock twitching, dying to release its seed inside her… hoping to God to cum inside her.

As she bounced up and down my balls were sticking and being bashed be her frantic bobbing, I looked up at her and said I cant hold it, i'm going to cum baby… she opened her eyes looking at me still pounding away and leaned in gripping my hair from behind kiss me, our tongues lashed together and she said dominantly, "don't you stop, i'm going to cum too".


I held her hips as I thrusted upwards to meet her thrust… she groaned out "Oh God!…FUCK!!!" I did this a couple more times, the cum in my balls was now at boiling point… "Fuck! Cum baby" I shouted.

Dawn screamed and said "YES! i'm coming… Cum!!!" With that I shot the hardest load of cum into her pussy, spirt after spirt sending my body into spasm along with her… our juices were overspilling as our orgasm hit its pinnacle moment as we screamed out the building. Our orgasms started to settle, my seed still twitching and filling her overfilled cunt up… Dawn had now collapsed onto me and was panting loud and was glistening with our sweat.


We stayed like this for a while catching our breathes, embracing one another, feeling the ecstasy of our insane love making/fucking session subside. Minutes passed and finally she moved her head and looked up at me and gave me a very content and sexy smile, "I'm so light headed" she said, "But that was amazing" as she leaned up and kissed me softly as we both enjoyed a calm sensual kiss.

I replied saying I loved every second with her and didn't want to let go. Dawn replied "Don't ever then" and we kissed again and stayed in each others embrace falling asleep for the next few hours.


When I awoke, Dawn was looking up at me, staring and playing with my chest hair. I smiled and kissed her forehead and stroked her hair… I asked what the time was and she said she didn't know but I didn't care at this stage what the time was, my wife was probably fast asleep at home and with any luck, I'd be back home before she woke in the morning. She looked at me and said, "Do you have to go?" I said no, i'm all yours if you want me and with that she smiled and leaned up to kiss me passionately on the lips, my cock twitched springing into life again which Dawn noticed instantly and wiggled her hips on me. "Looks like someone wants more!?" she said playfully at me, I leaned up pulling her back and said only if my boss wants to give me a raise!


And with that, my boss pushed my hard cock back into her used cunt and said, "oh your gonna get a raise alright, plus extra benefits!!!"…


The End


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