Submissive Girlfriend Insane Bull


So just to lay the ground work here our bull Mike has Three basic rules:
1. Jess(my girlfriend) cannot touch me sexually at all in his presents (that includes when he sleeps over)
2. Jess must always be naked when he is present
3. Jess must alway have something up her ass when he is around (usually her fav butt plug only to be removed when hes fucking her in the ass)

Rule #3 was made in response to my admission that ive only had anal with jess once and she hated it to which mike burst out into laughter explaining how he has had anal with jess more times than he can count and she love it even requests it often.

Me and jess are both 22 years old. She is 5' 105 lbs. d cup tits and a wicked ass i worship. Im 5'8 145 lbs and have5 inch cock. Mike is 28 he 6' 190 lbs athletic and has a 8 inch very thick cock.

So last weekend I arrived at my gf's house after calling ten mins earlier to make sure it was ok for me to drop by. I was greeted rather happily by Jsswho gave me a deep long kiss full of tongue (this was a little unusual for her) she then busted out into laughter which is when i noticed Mike standing there holding a cam corder laughing his ass off. Mike showed me what he had been recording and sure enough rewinding just second before Jess greeted me at the door was footage of Her sucking Mikes cock and then gargling a thick load. Mike is basically as random as he is crazy its not unusual for us to be watching a movie and randomly he will get up grab a cucumber and start seeing how deep it will go in jess's ass then give it to her to eat throughout the rest of the movie. I once convinced jess to give me a hand job while he was asleep but he caught us and freaked out Jess's begged him to stay and he decided as punishment him and his hockey buddys would gang fuck her while i wait upstairs. Hes had jess rim his ass till he bust in her mouth and then wake me up with a big kiss. Hes had jess cook me egg's for breakfast before work which i later find out hes cum in.


  Hes totally random and my little 5' 105lbs girlfriend LOVES pleasing him. In any event the gangbang is scheduled for next week and four of his hockey buddies jess and i have already met are commited. Mike intends to get Viagra for the special occasion so that him and his 4 friends can "make a Marathon out of using jess all night" Ive talked to Jess and although she seems a bit nervous she said shes very excited especially for Mikes friend Brandon who she think is really cute. The guys wont let me watch the gangbang go down but i talked them into video taping it for me in exchange for me waiting on them hand and foot during the night. I just found out that one of the guys Mikes bringing is Jess's younger brothers good friend who had no idea about the cuck lifestyle me and jess live but has promised ot to tell her brother if he can be part of the gangbang.


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